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  2. Danny scheduled to be in the 66 today at Port Royal
  3. Brett had finished 6th in SDS points three years in a row now, 5th in points the year before . Agree
  4. Both the track surface and the racing very good yesterday! Two thumbs up. I have confidence today will be more of the same
  5. Today
  6. In the old “ I Love Lucy” show they would take a upstate vacation to Westchester. There’s Upstate , North Country, Western NY and The Power Lines of Buffalo
  7. Modifieds: 100gs to win at OCFS, 53,000 at Fonda and 50gs to win at Super DIRT Week, Eastern States Weekend. Sprint Cars: Knoxville Nationals, Kings Royal and National Open. and with that, any new track that I can get to this year. There is nothing like going to a track for the first time.
  8. Kutztown and Grandview for USAC Midgets, Grandview again for USAC Sprints and Williams Grove for USAC Silver Crown. Plus maybe a few of the other USAC shows if possible. Also next years Chili Bowl.
  9. The record number of people moving out of upstate NY year after year agree...just because a lot of people live someplace doesn’t mean they are all paying taxes.....but yes there a lot of different area distinctions in ny
  10. I just watched this a few days ago. Very sad story. What made it even more sad is what happened to Donnie Ray Crawford, the guy who literally saved her life. He ran into the flames and got her out of the burning car. Donnie Ray's grandfather shot him. An amazing person taken way too soon. Harli is a strong person and she's able to talk about it today but wow, what a story.
  11. Yeah, that's not accurate. NYC generates a lot more tax revenue that ends up being spread out across the rest of the state. Because, duh, tons of people in NYC and not so many of us in the rest of the state. There are actual designations for different parts of the state -- Hudson Valley, Capital District, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, North Country, Finger Lakes and Western NY. And to NYC Long Island and Jersey people, pretty much everything is upstate.
  12. Ocfs 100 Anniversary Fonda 200
  13. I heard it is timed warmups with top 12 locking in with redraw then heat races for the rest of the field. Let them come out with the announcements and do the awards tomorrow at the car show.
  15. I wasn't trying to start a arguement. Was just curious is all. I'm 6 or so hours away so it kinda didn't seem like upstate to me. Just wondering what the General conseus was, nothing more nothing less.
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  17. Inversions can be played, a redraw is the only way to insure of no game playing.
  18. Lol...ok....but let’s stay on topic
  19. You’re backwards with that common misconception but that’s not on the topic. Lvs is upstate New York. Considering it Massachusetts makes more sense then downstate NY
  20. The state can be divided into 2 sections, NYC, the part of the state that takes and spends all the money, and the rest of NY, the part of the state that works to pay for NYC.
  21. I was told by a NYC resident that upstate starts where the north bound subway ends.
  22. I was going to split my time between OCFS and Fonda this year on Saturdays but if they go with weekly time trials, I'm not so sure. There's already not a lot of passing most nights.
  23. I like the idea of the breaking it down into the Adirondacks, Capital district, NYC, finger lakes, etc. Such an expansive, beautiful state that it is far too general to just say upstate when you are talking about anything 100+ miles north of NYC
  24. I have lived in the Albany area my whole life and LV is definitely 'upstate' imo. There are many theories as to what is really considered 'upstate NY' but I go by the rule of everything above Poughkeepsie is upstate and everything below it is downstate/The City.
  25. If you ask someone from NYC or Long Island, anything above the Catskills is upstate... Capital District is probably the more proper term for LV putting it in with Fonda, Albany Saratoga and Glen Ridge for the tracks in that area...
  26. I can see it that way I guess. I was just curious cause the article on Hearn on front page said lv was upstate. Just seemed odd to see that worded upstate.
  27. Tickets are now available at JK Motorsports Concepts!!! Stop in and see Jeff Karabin and Brittany Nelson for your chance to win!
  28. If you live in New York City everything is upstate. Albany is upstate. But when I think of upstate I think of Massena, Malone, Plattsburgh, Watertown, Alexandria Bay, etc. I guess it depends on which lens you are looking through
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