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  2. I see now that it is due to the quarantine requirements . 😒
  3. No you did not say it was, I did. I respect your point. The topic is more on the current place we are in. Or maybe I'm wrong. I get it.
  4. That’s how it works. It’s not a coincidence the companies that back trump got federal aide first
  5. It wasn’t nascar’s decision. Cuomo wouldn’t grant them the waiver they needed
  6. Well with the 14 day quarantine for a bunch of states (NC specifically), the participants crew etc. would have to come 14 days before the race.
  7. So was this a NASCAR decision to move the race to Daytona? A NYS government decision? or a Watkins Glen International decision? Are fans going to be at Daytona? Wondering if Watkins did not want it with no fans? NASCAR has held races with no fans in the seats this season for many events Seems odd based on covid data the news keeps spitting out, that NASCAR would feel safer in Florida vs NY?
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  9. I wasn't saying it was current. The reply was in response to a poster saying they'd "never seen one (casino) go bankrupt". Simply pointing out that I have, in fact, seen a casino go bankrupt.
  10. You must not pay attention, a whole slew casinos have gone bankrupt over the years. Several in Atlantic had to close a few years ago. The whole Caesar's palace chain had to declare bankruptcy. Several of the older Vegas casinos like the Riviera had to declare bankruptcy before closing. Contrary to what some people believe, casinos are not a lock to turn a profit in the long term.
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  12. Well I don't know about the Casino has, and it's owner did it 3 more times. great business man. You know in the 70's Glenn Donnelly petitioned the state to allow betting on the modified races at Syracuse.
  13. I have... https://abcnews.go.com/US/trumps-taj-mahal-casino-8th-world-closure-years/story?id=42762369
  14. I thought every ticket was taxed? Its just included in the price. I think casinos are doing pretty well also. I've never seen one go bankrupt.
  15. Nascar is racing on the road course in Daytona on that same weekend 😄😝
  16. I have to say, I find this attitude completely dumbfounding. Grown men (and women) are throwing legit temper tantrums about being asked to wear a simple mask. By the same logic, do you think we don't need to wear a seatbelt if speed limits supposedly work? Why is Andy shoving his seatbelt law down your throat every day - ANARCHY! More than a few of you remind me of this video of what Americans today would be like if we were on the Titanic: http://twitter.com/mattbooshell/status/1280933495674732544 I was saying to friends today that in the last 20 years of my life, the only times I can remember this country coming together for each other was after 9/11 and after the Boston Marathon bombing. That's it. One responded "You'd think a pandemic would warrant that level of unity though." And the truth is - that unity worked in Japan, South Korea, Germany and other countries that are much, MUCH better off than we find ourselves in here today. Yet we're all too selfish to step up. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Facebook and Fox News are the two worst inventions of my lifetime.
  17. Uh............................. Might want to take a look in the mirror? I do not have a problem with you disagreeing with me. That is fine. Not sure how you figure why you thought I was taking anything out on you? But it seems like you are the one who has the problem when others do not agree.
  18. I the masks are to protect me from you, why don't you tell the guys trying to run and reopen a track you won't wear one. The posts on here made it official for me. I'm not going to a track with people who are calling me a sheep for wearing one, pleding blind alligience to a guy telling them not to wear one. The irony is killing me. Imagine having to close your track because, " if I have to wear a mask im going to throw a tantrum" .
  19. The race this this past weekend was action packed at Outlaw. Big pile up between 1 and 2. Probably 10 or so cars. Birosh was definitely heated. Maybe he can chime in and offer some of his thoughts on here? He had to be towed away by 2 tow trucks. Super Matt was involved as well. He was able to drive away and head to the pits for some repairs. Paine involved as well. Once things got going again the battle was great between Danny and Matt. Matt taking the low side and Danny riding the cushion. I was pulling for Danny but Matt prevailed at the end. Matt offered his view of the officiating in victory lane in a tactful statement. Lol. Great racing action. Bob Miller caught all the best parts of the race.
  20. I know race tracks don't net a big profit and therefore don't end up paying a lot of taxes. I'm not so sure that Casino's net big profits either, even if they pay taxes. I think that may be just a myth?
  21. Watkins Glen has its Nascar race pulled. Guess Cuomo's playground doesn't get to make any money either!!! Eldora Truck race has been cancelled as well.
  22. I agree with you that there could or should be a balance. I would love to see more racing!
  23. My numbers are bigger than your numbers! na na, na na na... 60,000 new cases on Tuesday and more than 131,000 dead although Dr. T says the US is in a good place. Lmfao! Lets talk racing! Enough of the virus hoax and the 131,000 dead people. Its race season! The virus will probably just go away all on its own anyway. Will the 9s win again in Dundee? Will Paine step up to challenge him? Will the Doctor bring his bag of test kits and pick up the win? Wish they could allow fans.... damn it!
  24. I didn't read the email all the way this morning I guess. That changes some things. :) thank you
  25. Here is the latest from Orange County's facebook page. The July 11 program includes the United Rentals DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds, the slightly less powerful H.O. Penn Small-Block Modifieds, the unpredictable Sportsman, and the full-bodied Street Stocks in qualifying and feature races. While the grandstands remain closed, in the next step towards totally reopening, the Orange County Drive-In section will be open for same day ticket sales for each night at $20 per adult, $18 seniors, children 12 and under free, and a $1.00 car charge. All unreserved Drive-In slots are open. Fans wishing to reserve a particular Drive-In space must pre-register with the speedway office. Fans may also watch the races from the Infield Drive-In at $30. And arrangements can be made for reserving a table on the Party Deck.
  26. Also the Casinos are all following very strict rules on masks and gloves and other checks on all staff and have extreme air filtration systems. They have people constantly cleaning the machines and protective barriers between the dealers and the players.
  27. Yes I know, but the pits are very restricted to crew and personnel even to the media. It's expensive for one person to take a car to the drive-in. Embarrassingly I don't have any local friends, especially any that would want to go to the races. Since my wife passed away last year its been a very lonely time. It's kind of why I started posting on this site.
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