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  2. Completely relevant . and you just proved my point. no he will probably not miss a race But in your post you were adding the 40k money into the race tonight at Canandaigua . By making it out to be just a 3k difference. and half the laps.
  3. Do you think Matt is going to miss a SDS race? SDS and STSS are his income. So realistically the 'rest of the laps' in the series aren't relevant to my point but I do what the saying.
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  5. Mike Mahaney confirms he will be at Fonda for the 200 tonight
  6. It’s like getting married. You signed the the paperwork and if you decide to play elsewhere after that you end up losing something or everything for doing it. 😉
  7. And STSS point fund money…. And thats based on dirt paying the full point fund.
  8. you are forgetting all the rest of the laps needed for that 40k. the SDS does not end tonight. but yeah 3k less than Fonda for half the laps 🙄
  9. I'm not sure it's about integrity versus $$. He has an almost guaranteed first place finish in SDS points. I'm not sure if they'll pay out the full 40k with the Canadian tracks being skipped this year but he's not going to chance it. So if he wins LoL tonight and first place in SDS points - that's 50k. 3k less than Fonda and half the laps. So I say if there was a better offer that netted him more money at the end, he'd ditch the contract he signed.
  10. Does Deyo-STSS require perfect attendance? If not, $500 seems like a waste of time. Were any points gained by running the heats?
  11. I did the same thing once when I was 6 playing with my Tonka dump truck in the sand box. Jammed my finger up pretty bad. Hopefully Gypsum driver fared better than I did.
  12. Honoring a contract you signed which results in missing out on a very lucrative event actually seems like a high integrity move.
  13. I sure hope the driver is ok, this kinda thing happens more then people know.
  14. I hope the driver had his belt on, otherwise that had to hurt.
  15. Who is shallow on integrity ?........ Utica is a Deyo track .
  16. Matt is in bed wth the almighty world racing group he is very shallow on integrity unlike Stewart,if you question Superman’si integrity ask MR Siri , funny how his money tree was at outlaw , now he is exclusively at utica ,sometimes deals are made in the bedroom, very shallow !
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