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  2. Short Track Super Series will be on Flo this Friday-Saturday! Streaming Calendar - 3.7.21
  3. True, but that is mostly because there were not that many Dirt Tracks in and around CNY until around the early 70"s when asphalt tracks started to switch over to Dirt. If you wanted to race back then you almost had to have the capabilities to Race on both !!!! Todays Modified Drivers for the most part could not do both with all the new gadget items they have in their Racers!!!!
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  5. The irony of you saying you're vaccinated with software technology and mother nature smiling is quite the contrast... 😴
  6. You cannot find a better value in sports streaming right now. period. The amount of content you can get in racing alone makes it a bargain, and then add in the other 20 or so sports they have coverage for too...unbelievable deal.
  7. Signed up with Floracing today, very impressed and any Canadian thinking about it, it cost me $195.00 Cdn. I think it's a great value.
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  9. Alot of guys did back in the day. I know Merv Treichler and Gary Iulg and I'm sure many others just at Ransomville and Lancaster.
  10. I am a Buffett/Benjamin Graham value investor myself. I have some Merck and Bristol-Myers, each of which have drastically underperformed over the past year. Merck is not far off its 52-week low, and has dropped 10 percent since Buffett took a stake in the company. I know money has been piling into Bitcoin as an inflation hedge, but gold's drop has been surprising to me. I still think gold will ultimately go up sharply once inflation does become even more apparent. IMO, inflation is coming; there is no way it won't with all the money printing.
  11. Agreed. “Have to shut down to save the world......can someone please tell me when I can get into a racetrack with crowds of people ?” I believe some big quarantine crusaders have attended races in other states and made trips to Florida as well. The followers are the same as their leaders....do as I say not as I do.
  12. If there is any hypocrisy out there. It is the people thinking the whole shut down and social distance is/was. Such a great idea. Then coming on here , when’s the tracks gonna be open? When can fans get it? 😥😥. Boo hoo. Hoo
  13. I think this thread holds a new world record for going as far off the rails as possible !!!!
  14. I’m vaccinated so I’m hoping for an allowance of cross border travel shortly. I’d really like to hit CanAm. The April date is a month early IMO, but if Mother Nature smiles upon us I’d love to be there. If not I think I’ll purchase the dirt broadcast package. I really enjoyed watching the shows in Florida this winter. My one question is do they show the entire evening’s program or do you just get the modifieds?
  15. If someone was to die unexpectedly or without known cause they can be tested for Covid. I’ve never known someone who jumps out a window and commits suicide to be tested in postmortem. I get the reporting if prior to expiry someone was known to be covid positive and this is where they have gone back and revised reporting around the world.
  16. No nursing home deaths were under reported and covered up because cuomo directly caused a shitload of them. He’s covering his ass, his f*ck up doesn’t go for the rest of the country where anyone who said covid and died counted as a covid death.
  17. Since it's still produced by DTD TV,can I still purchase through dtdtv?
  18. Well....you might be correct. Liberals don’t have a cause of death on their death certificates apparently, so if it had one, a conservative filled it out. Story doesn’t add up though, most people living out there that die in tornados all live in trailers, the ones that survive when their tin can is blown away, buy another one and set it in the same shitty location. So in some ways your story was preventable also. Just like the obese guy that dies of covid, preventable.
  19. Nothing I stated is untrue. Cuomo has acknowledged that his nursing home death reports were inaccurate. His own staff blew the whistle on him, that's how this all came to a head in the first place. Cuomo has also secured a high profile lawyer - to plea bargain parking tickets? He is in deep doo doo because of UNDER reporting. And the Covid/hospital death reporting policy is used in all 50 states. The CDC determines who died of the disease and who didn't. Inflated numbers that were cut down by CDC twice in NY alone because heart attacks, suicides, drunk driving and common flu numbers were
  20. Deaths are either over reported or under reported on the whole; they are not both, depending on which thread a person is posting in.
  21. I would be willing to bet a bunch of money that both Friesen and Rudolph could get the job done in the same car if there were a series that raced on both surfaces.
  22. But Louie used to do it with the SAME car, unlike Rudolph & Friesen who used different race cars
  23. Nursing home deaths WERE under reported and has been admitted by Cuomo staffers. Cuomo himself has gone on record saying that he wasn't aware of the correct reporting policies. There is no hypocrisy here. BOTH scenarios are taking place. If a guy jumps out a window and commits suicide, he is tested to see if Covid is in his system. If so, it is applied to the Covid death rate, just like the video says. CDC makes the determination of whether or not that death stays applied or removed from the Covid chart and they have slashed the numbers in NY twice based on their studies.
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