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  2. Pat Ward, Larry Wight, Billy Dunn, Tim Fuller, Jimmy Phelps, Alan Johnson, Gil Tegg, Jimmy Phelps, Dave Marcuccilli, Peter Britten, Justin Haers. I'll throw Justin Wright and Derrick Podsiadlo in there too because both are former feature winners. Now tell me how you slide in Chris Hile over Jack Lehner, Dillon Groover, Rocky Warner. I can't wait to hear this.
  3. FFTR, every year I read your review and say I have to get down there at least once. This year I got to watch it on Flo and feel the same way. It was everything you've told us about through the years.
  4. You been watching races with horse blinders on ? Hile has been running up front for quite some time now. He was super impressive at the Centennial race last year at OCFS coming in as an invader . Not even slightly surprised he won last night and very happy for there team .🙂
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  6. No Paine or sons this year at Canandaigua. Perhaps just wishful thinking they would show up for the Haers event. Did not want to buy Hoosier? ? Not know Hile is always fast whenever I have watched him race. 2 feature wins at Brewerton in 2019. Most years he does not race at Canandaigua. But if I read it right 4 top tens this season at LoL in 4 starts? Based on who showed up and who did not. Hile was absolutely in my top five pick. No question
  7. Has Steve run Canandaigua at all this year? Maybe 1 or 2 appearances. Hile has been fast at Canandaigua before. Pretty sure he was top 10 at a series race last year or two years ago at LoL. He wouldn’t have been my first choice to win, but I also wouldn’t have been able to name 10 other guys that I would have picked before him. Certainly Fuller, Wight and Phelps. After that starts to really get to be slim pickings and toss ups. But no Rudolph, Williamson, Sheppard certainly opened up the chances of who was going to come home with the win...
  8. Gonna guess either spell check or chubby fingers interfered with what he was typing. 😀
  9. Surprising to me was no Paine(s). Not modified. Not sportsman. where were they?
  10. Hile would of been in my top five picks after seeing who actually signed in. Top ten before that. You need to get out more
  11. How many can honestly say if you were given 10 or 15 guys (even 20) to pick as the winner last night prior to the event that one of yours choices would have been Chris Hile??? Nothing against him but but his name never entered my mind. I was seriously shocked when I read that he won. Totally an upset in my mind. Great for him though. Hope he wins the October race as well. Is awesome to see someone different win a big race for a change.
  12. No doubt. Hile has been a contender though for wins. Each and every time he races Brewerton and or Fulton. Multiple top finishes and a few wins. Those two tracks have just not opened this year. Was the Hile win a little surprising? Yes Simply because Hile has not raced much Upset of year? No sure about that? But the list of events to choose from?? ? Not many big events this year. SDS has been non existent it seems Other tracks besides the LoL do exist Personally I was happy to see Ronnie Johnson run well too Although the 14j is still my favorite 👍
  13. People don't understand how tough it is to go into a place you don't race at much and beat the regulars. No matter what class.
  14. Not sure if Albany Saratoga is running again this Friday. Tracks running "Fall series" races haven't made it easy to find the dates they intended to run, so that's a grey tentative on this week's. Streaming Calendar - 9.20.20
  15. He has only run Canandaigua a handful of times and not with the greatest results. Jimmy Phelps had a stranglehold on the lead. Fuller ran second most of the event, Dunn ran 3rd and Alan Johnson ran 5th. Ronnie Johnson was bouncing around in the top five quite a bit of the way. An upset is a compliment. I'll also bet if you ask Chris what his favorite track is, Canandaigua is near the top. The track fell right in his lap. He blew by Phelps like he was tied to a tree and then pulled away to mire himself in deep lapped traffic.
  16. My thoughts exactly. Hile is always fast wherever he goes including the handful of times he has run canandaigua. His hard earned win was not even an upset let alone the upset of the year. Congrats to him, and I’m glad Rauscher is ok. I was filming in turn three and that was a hard lick he took.
  17. I know its your home track and such, but why would you consider it an upset? Hile has had a lot of good runs the last couple of years. I think it was just a matter of time before everything clicked.
  18. This was definitely one of the best races of the year. Till the last 5 laps you really couldn't say who was going to win. The unique minutemen race is a cool change up compared to other events. To bad it was only a single camera show. But with four cars racing for the lead through the whole race you weren't going to get to see the charges from the back. The fans in attendance definitely got their moneys worth.
  19. I didn't know you were there. You should have sent me a message on here that you were definitely coming down. ☺️
  20. The final curtain will come down on the 2020 season at Fonda Speedway Sunday, Sept. 20, putting a period on a shortened campaign at the Track of Champions and you can watch it all live on DTD Tv! Our broadcast will begin at 6pm EST and can be purchased for $19.99. Mike Mahaney, Anthony Perrego, Billy Decker, Jeremy Smith and more have all announced their intentions on being at the track tonight. To purchase your pass to this event, click here.
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