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    Thunder Mountain

    Welcome to the DIRTcar family Thunder Mountain Speedway. Very cool!
  3. New York’s Thunder Mountain Speedway Joins DIRTcar Racing 358 Modified and Sportsman Modified divisions will be DIRTcar sanctioned in 2020 CENTER LISLE, NY – Nov. 22, 2019 – Thunder Mountain Speedway has officially joined the elite ranks of DIRTcar-sanctioned racetracks in the Northeast for 2020. The Southern New York speedway will sanction the highly competitive DIRTcar 358 Modified division as well as DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds
  4. Jackson Nationals to pay $100k to win to join the Kings Royal and Knoxville as 6 figure to win races in 2020.
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  6. I was never a fan of Brett’s. Because I was a big Danny Johnson fan. But when I got involved with Dirt video. I had several opportunities to talk with Brett. And he was always willing to talk with me. And he was always respectful with me. I wish him the best with his new job.
  7. DV App is coming. https://twitter.com/dirtvision/status/1197353239206879232
  8. Sorry John if you feel calling you a Democrat is calling you a name, hope this forum isn't your safe space or I guess I messed up there too.🤣
  9. Bob, you are correct about deer hunting not being easy, especially when you are after a mature buck. Many more of them out here but still not one behind every tree like most people think.
  10. Thanks for the congrats 4wheelin, lived and hunted in NJ all my life, started hunting in the midwest about 30 years ago and fell in love with it. Bought a farm and moved here a year and a half ago. Pretty much spent all my time since I was a kid between dirt modified racing and whitetail deer hunting. Grew up next to Rick Thum when he was racing so they started dragging me along in 1972 when I was 5, became a Jimmy Horton fan shortly after that, have worked with most of the drivers Thum's had including Alan, Danny, Paine, Horton, Pauch, Brightbill, Yeley, Swartzlander, Elliott, Cozze, Hoffman and Trombley. Never made it up to Woodhull the years they had the Van Pelts racing for them. Have helped people closer to home, most recently Jimmy Horton which I made it back for most of the big races this year.
  11. Maybe, but it is quite odd they are dirtcar sanctioned with completely different rules....somehow they have figured out how to keep it competitive....on second thought maybe the other dirtcar big block tracks should adopt the a/s rules and get more than 16 cars weekly....that rules package would increase car counts at every big block track....the spec head sportsman motor dirtcar mandates is not going to be competitive most nights at any big block track
  12. I hope not. I think it would be a bad choice
  13. Last week
  14. Not all humans are friends .....Yep I agree some lowlife just broke into my office 15 ft off ground with stolen ladder....Trying to decide bear traps or neck snares or hiring TopDog.....
  15. It's pretty neat when you get preseason trail cam activity showing Bullwinkle near your tree stand and finally get a chance to raise your bow or gun... even if you never shoot. And people think deer are defenseless. Like hell they are. I chased an enormous buck one year for the entire season and never got a shot at him. I saw him just about every time I went into the woods, but never close enough to take a shot. This buck was a smart deer and was always 2 steps ahead of us, no matter what we did to flush him out. He knew exactly where we were at all times. And now people are hand feeding deer in their yards like they are pets and don't think about the vulnerability they are creating for the upcoming deer season. Not all humans are friends, but the hand fed deer don't know that.
  16. I got laughing one year in Florida when one of the back woods rednecks was bragging about his deer hunting expertise. My older brother had an English Mastiff that was bigger than the deer down there.
  17. That’s crazy, the further south you go down the east coast the more the deer begin to resemble miniature goats.....there is an abundance of them especially in a lot of the neighborhoods where they know they are safe, but it would take 3 of them to equal some of our deer here in the northeast, and 10 to equate to those apparently in the Midwest.
  18. I don't know what it is about midwestern deer, but I've seen a few that are the size of elk. While working TV for the World of Outlaw Late Model series several years ago, one of our stops was in Huron, South Dakota. Some of the TV crew decided one night to go for a joy ride and headed north toward Aberdeen. There is no ambient light up there. No houses, no towns... nothing but pitch dark at night. Even with your high beams on, your headlights seem weak. Out of nowhere I see eyeballs glowing in the road so I stab the brakes. Good thing too. The legs on this deer were so tall, I probably would have hit him with the windshield of the SUV we were driving. Absolutely the biggest deer in the wild I've ever seen.
  19. Topdog, beautiful buck right there. We went to Kansas last year looking for a couple of them but couldn’t close the deal
  20. I understand and I think I should have clarified myself a bit better, while I’m not a hunter, I have zero issue with any of it. What I meant was, if one were to think people are out hunting just to kill an animal, they may have an argument with the guys spending huge amounts on “trophy hunts”. I do not feel that applies here. With that said, there is still a lot of hunting in parts on the world involving game that is endangered species or are heading that direction. There is no excuse for that, no matter who eats the meat.
  21. Wow, you compare selling crack to feeding people. You just told me all I need to know about you and if i had to guess your also a Democrat.
  22. So does selling crack in a ghetto.
  23. Not a local deer for you guys but this is my bow buck from my farm in Southern Iowa. Good luck to all you guys back east!
  24. rpm72x, the rich ceos that you talk about may or may not eat the trophy they shoot in Africa but that animal is 100% utilized by the local people. These people also work as guides for the PH who puts the hunts together so yes it may be a trophy hunt but that hunt provides food and money to areas that can truly use it.
  25. Larry and I were able to harvest a nice 8 and 9 point or the weekend. Very enjoyable weekend with friends and family. The stuff fond memories are made of.
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