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  2. Both places will have atleast 30 cars, which is pretty good considering the logistics.....no matter the money being put up it’s still a large amount to spend for any team getting ready for the season and right after the holidays.
  3. I believe Danny johnson, Tyler Siri, Jeremy Smith, Darren Smith, Billy decker will all be at the deyo shows.....I would guess Sheppard as well
  4. He might wanna leave the Simple Green at the shop this time around.
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  6. scottnorwood

    DTD.tv Ouch !

    Ur basically paying the cost of a ticket. Seems reasonable to me. I might buy Friday or Saturday if the reports are good racing on Thursday and weather looks decent.
  7. I think you'll probably see full fields at both, maybe some more cars at Volusia but who knows... So far, Deyo has confirmed: Justin Haers, Billy Dunn, Robert Dutton, Russell Morseman, Rusty Smith, Scott Hitchens, Billy Pauch Jr, HJ Bunting, Ryan Krachun, JR Hurlburt, Clay Tatman, Jordan Watson, Brandon Grosso, Anthony Perrego, Matt Hawkins, Billy Van Pelt, David Shilling, Kyle Weiss, Scott Van Gorder, Stewart Friesen, Mike Gular, Larry Wight, Mat Williamson and Andy Bachetti. At a minimum I expect Haers, Dunn, Wight and Friesen (when available) to also be at Volusia. I've already confirmed Williamson will be in attendance at Volusia. As will Brett Hearn based on the news last week, and Dean Reynolds commented in a video on the front page (shameless plug) that Jimmy Phelps will be at Volusia this year. I think Billy Pauch Sr. is also planning on running Volusia. I think Mahaney is on record as saying he won't be at Volusia this year due to a vacation conflict. Florida car counts go in ebbs and flows... A few years ago they had over 50 at Volusia, which is a crazy good number. Last year they kind of dipped back down into reality. Personally I think the "Sunshine Swing" is going to lead to a bit of an uptick in car count at Volusia, but we won't really know until we get there on Tuesday. I'm just looking forward to seeing some great racing at both venues.
  8. Theres no news really. Mohawk took on the airborne street stocks. I doubt theyll be open but I'd like to be wrong.
  9. FondaFan16

    DTD.tv Ouch !

    Sorry that you feel that way. Our prices for the Sunshine Swing are consistent with our model for all other events even though we are incurring a much greater expense on our part to bring the action into your living room by bringing the team to Florida to cover the event. Airfare, rental cars & hotel rooms are not cheap, especially around 'winter break' time in Florida. We are offering a discount if you purchase a three day pass. That will get you all the action on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
  10. I really want to support DTD.tv and was looking forward to watching the All-Tech main event until I saw the cost. $35 ? ...... Sorry but that's way to rich for my blood , Good Luck in your endeavors.
  11. If the Dad wants his kid to "Get Noticed", take all that money and buy him a ride with a decent midget team and let him rip. If he shows promise there, he has a far better chance of going somewhere running a midget then a BB.
  12. Anyone have an update or hearing anything on Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway for 2020? I've enjoyed my two trips there once its been back to dirt and hope they can continue racing.
  13. Unknown , This is a first time for The All-Tech event.
  14. Who draws more modifieds in Florida? All Tec or volusia
  15. because thats what graham has for him
  16. Sometimes you win the lottery and sometimes you go from north east modified racing to nascar. It isn’t impossible but the odds are clearly against it happening. I think any dad can share the learnings outlined above. I consider that a basic responsibility that accompanies parenting. But I digress. I think what some, scratch that, let’s just say me, find hard in these examples to relate to is the money. I’m not a poor person by any stretch but even as a regular joe it’s hard to comprehend setting a 12 year old up in a modified program. I hear colleagues of mine from work talk about having their kids in AA hockey and travelling for tournaments, etc all year round and that’s a big deal. In some cases I have heard from some that they have spent $10,000 in one winter. And that’s a big damn number. But this is like 20 times that amount. So for a regular guy dishing out 200k on a 12 year old for a hobby is tough to wrap my head around. Lastly I suppose at the end of the day I hope it works and I mean that in all seriousness. The sport can’t afford not to have new faces and it is not cheap so people with money are what’s needed.
  17. Children should not be out on a speedway racing with 20-30-40-50 year-old drivers, no matter what the under-age skill level.
  18. Consider the fact that there are several modified drivers who have been handicapped to the front every race for years. The top drivers all know to use caution as they work their way to the front, as the handicapped cars fall back through the field. And as I said in an earlier post, qualifying a sportsman when 60 to 80 cars show up is not going to get you into the feature every week. Modifieds very seldom send cars home for not qualifying at Malta.
  19. I’m shocked billy Dunn went teo !
  20. On the Graham cars heard they were gonna buy from a new chassis maker and hire a new driver. (Definite sarcasm spoken here.
  21. You're right, Sammy was probably going a lot faster than 145.
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  23. Has there been any talk of new people following the tour this year? I know Godown and St Sauveur probably won’t be back full time. off the top of my head that leaves the series with Decker Wight Sheppard Rudolph Williamson Lehner Drellos Britten Phelps Mahaney? Smith? Dinkins? I’d really like to see Maresca follow the tour. Mueller and Lombardo would be good young additions too. Any news on the Graham cars? Who/where they will be running this season?
  24. So you want fellow competitors to put it to vote and decide who can race or not? Is that for racers of all ages? or just the underage ones?
  25. Dale Larsen

    Billy Pauch Sr.

    Billy Pauch is a beast with a heavy right foot ... it never takes him too many laps to figure the fast line around an unfamiliar track.
  26. The Tulsa shootout runs 600 Mods ... basically the Xcel 600 Mods, but they allow other manufacturers, too. The cars are supposed to be a 600 Micro Sprint with a dirt Mod body. They seem to be quite a bit faster than the Slingshots -- despite some absolutely wild wrecks, they have a pretty good safety record, although a driver did get burned pretty badly at Lanco a few years ago (I think Xcel has since added a fire shield to prevent that from happening again). I think the class is pretty cool, the cars are about $11,000 turn key according to the Xcel website. Locally, the Southern Tier tracks have them visit once in a while and they run an unsanctioned open 600 Mod class every week at Hamlin as well as the Xcel tour. I think they visit Accord once in a while, too? In Southern PA, they have the Xcel tour which hits the major tracks -- Big Diamond, Grandview, the Bridgeport inner oval and Linda's appear to be staples every year, but they have run at Lincoln, LANCO, Mahoning, Greenwood Valley and Suskie and Path Valley I think. They are great on 1\4 miles and actually do put on a pretty good show on the "bigger tracks" like Grandview and Lincoln. The Mod Lites are basically "dwarf/Legend cars on steroids," bigger, heavier (1200 lbs vs 900 lbs for a 600 Mod), with motors up to 1200 cc. I think the 600 Mods use chain drive while Mod Lites use a conventional front engine with drive shaft to rear end and axle, like a conventional stock car? I know there was a racer by the name of Stockman who posted on here years ago who brought his 600 Mod up to Evans Mills (Thunder Alley) when it was dirt, started last and won the race. Still, the 600s are a lot lighter, so I wouldn't want to be in one getting hit by a Mod Light.
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