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  2. But will possibly have Lafrance back next year. I think they will be ok 15-20 mods is the norm up north
  3. Has there EVER been a race there that was directed properly?
  4. it was the worst race directed race that i have ever been too over 70 caution laps because they could not put racers in the correct positions it would take them over an hour to put heat and consi line ups on the board
  5. Awesome career! Loved watching him drive. He drove hard out there every week. A guy who eat, sleeps and lives racing. 14 time Brockville champ, 2nd all time in small block wins, gave 30+ years to this sport we love, supplies rads to a good chunk of NE cars, helps other racers out in his spare time, and a hell of a person. On a side note with Danny gone and I'm hearing Whitteker is not there weekly next year. Brockville will be losing 2 of their top 3 cars. Big hit.
  6. Why would someone bring Donnie into this?
  7. Today
  8. i'm not a sheppard fan but why does everyone on here have to bash him for everything. I guess it's the trump way bash bash bash cause you don't like they way things turned out why can't we all just be happy and get along.
  9. it is extremely difficult to post pictures on here, check your PM’s... I’ll email or message it to you Rob Hile
  10. westracing01


    This link might work... https://www.facebook.com/120718298036820/videos/1003145426559543/UzpfSTQxOTg3MzI3NDgxODIzMDoxMjA3MjAwOTE2MDg1NDU4/
  11. No lucky dog at my track, sincerely GLENN. 😂🏁
  12. Darrell Welty


    This might work: Lombardo In-Car edit Nope didn't work
  13. Gosh there are sure some Sheppard haters on here. Call the track and ask what happened if you're so worried about it. You'll never get your answer on a message board. Or at least know the rules before whining.
  14. You can find the video on LJ`s facebook page. I can`t seen to be able to post it here. That was 2 hard impacts for LJ and even more so for CG. Really hope CG gets on the mend soon.
  15. Oh please... you are missing the point! If you are going to advertise then make sure what you are stating is true! Guess you didnt get the message... NO POLITICS!!! Per Bob Miller!
  16. DowntheBackStretch

    Sheppard Finished 16th, Not 7th!

    I wonder how they compensate for that when using electronic scoring such as Mylaps or Race monitor? Not knowing about the lucky dog and looking at Mylaps I was left scratching my head wondering how they could make a mistake like that and have him finish up front when he came out of the pits a lap down and in 28th position.
  17. SaturdayNightSpecial


    It was LJ Lombardo who had the on board. Pretty scary stuff, LJ ended up with a broken rib from the impact.
  18. Scott Friers


    Again...why would you complain about a service you didn't pay for??? I wouldn't expect anyone to complain about a service/product they didn't purchase.....
  19. From the competitors guide: "The first car one lap down at each caution period will receive a FREE PASS. The driver receiving the FREE PASS at each caution period will be instructed by race director on the Raceceiver when to come around the pace car and join the lead lap cars. Eligible driver must wait until instructed or will forfeit the FREE PASS. The car that draws the caution flag is not eligible for the FREE PASS." Sheppard was the first car a lap down when Janiak and Godown got together. That is when he got his lap back as I was watching on race-monitor while doing updates and watching the race.
  20. he recieved the lucky dog just like hern did and several others
  21. westracing01


    Buddy sent me the link last night. Good Lord that was a nasty ride. CG hammered the opening, rotated in mid air and got hammered again by whoever's onboard it was. That could have been a lot worse. If CG had come back across another foot he would have caught the onboard car right in the cage.
  22. Superstock1

    Evans Mills Speedway

    We ran the few races at AIS and that was it. Not logical for our small budget team to drive the 3 hours to Spencer and to the other NYSS races that pay the top 5 and then everyone else $100. We got that for AIS.... they dropped the class at Evans Mills due to not having a set rules and guys constantly bitching to get the track to accommodate them. It made them feel like there wasn’t cars around when there is plenty. The Dinzlers have 4-5 they bring, brancrofts depending on the day has 2. Terry Gardner, Matt Mclane, me and there’s a others around that are just sitting waiting to race.... there’s a few modified guys but when tracks cater to guys with money it chases the small guys away..... if Evans Mills and Adirondack can get on a uniform set of rules and run the exact same classes they can revive the asphalt racing in the north country
  23. People come here all the time and complain that tracks don't promote enough and don't use social media enough, well here is a track doing both to reach a new area of potential fans and all most can do is pick everything apart. Here is a question for everyone. Has anyone not gone to a race track because it is smaller than the advertised length?
  24. I must've missed the days with the good ones, can't seem to remember them days ever.
  25. I don't know we're you seen that race monitor had him 7th and mike had him 7th in his final rundown.
  26. I'm Native-American. Elizabeth Warren
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