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    Correct me if I am wrong fight for the rail but did the 76er not switch a few years ago to setting up their heat draws based on timed hot laps so that all the heavy hitters did not end up in the same heat race? I seem to remember reading that a few years ago
  3. 11 years old

    I'm all for 11 year olds getting the chance to race. .... ... Unless I see one who is sponsored by Tide.
  4. 11 years old

    Would they vote in favor if the kid kicked their asses around the track? I like your idea of a mock race or two, but I don't foresee a 35 year old guy approving of an 11 year old who consistently turns faster laps than him.
  5. Just to add to my comment that I posted on a Facebook page...Jessica is not committed to run at OCFS and Stew will only run when his schedule permits. There are also Saturday nights at OCFS that don't have the Modified Class running. However, even on the limited number of race appearances that Stewart Friesen can make will add to the excitement of the OCFS Modified season. Friesen had a solid 2016 season at OCFS and just missed winning the Championship by a few points without the benefit of a feature win. Although winless, it wasn't for a lack of trying....all this is just my opinion.
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  7. STSS

    Gary: Just wanted to personally say that while I prefer draws as a fan, I really respect your well-reasoned, thoughtful and reasonable explanations and the respect you show everyone on this board. Me, I'm just a ticket buying fan, but you're a guy who puts it on the line to entertain me. You add a lot to the conversation. Thanks for taking the time.
  8. STSS

    How are time trials catering? Isn’t that the most fair way to do it? Many people on here said low budget racers can hold off big budget racers in an 8 lap heat race, so why can’t they put down two competitive laps in time trials? Why cater to those who haven’t put as much work/effort into their racing operation? Everyone has the same opportunity to get sponsorship, some are just better at it than others.
  9. Don't forget there is motocross racing going on indoors at the Fairgrounds in Syracuse. I'm sure it a great place to meet up with some friends from the races and spend a cold day watching some racing. https://www.syracusestadiumcross.com/
  10. STSS

    So you think "TALENTED DRIVERS" should be catered to? Just like Big Business and their "CORPORATE WELFARE" so to speak. You prefer less passing and more stars.
  11. That's ok. It's been a heated topic in the past and never gets resolved is all. I don't think there is a cut and dry answer here. "Racing ability" doesn't come in a gift wrapped box on your 16th or 18th birthday, it comes with experience. Some kids (not all) have several years of experience by the time they reach 11 or 12 and have dominated races in every type of car they have driven. The people the kid would race against should decide if he is ready or not by watching the kid turn laps on his own, and then in a mock race against several established drivers. Come to think of it, that process would eliminate the need for a rookie sportsman division if ALL drivers had to pass some kind of an aptitude test.
  12. STSS

    I’d addressed weekly/weekend racing in my post. Fortunatley one of the tracks we race at has atleast 3 timed events (non-series races) throughout the year, which I think is great!
  13. 11 years old

    Sorry Bob, I'm kind of new to this forum.
  14. STSS

    What are your thoughts on weekly racing and the fast cars starting in the back? Weekly handicapping is even more welfare than a draw for starting positions -- but it also makes people want to watch. I actually do get the argument being made by the racers on here. But some of the other posters must really despise the 90+ percent of the Modified races that occur each season and do not put the fastest cars on the pole.
  15. STSS

    Gary, that is not accurate. The consolations at the Freedom 76 do not put drivers into the feature at all. The consolations just put drivers into the back of the Minuteman 20 B-main. The Minuteman usually qualifies 4-5 cars, and they start at the back of the feature. The consolations at the Freedom76 are drivers that finished in the back of the heats. The drivers that just missed qualifying through the heats move to the front of the Minuteman 20 last chance race.
  16. All divisions including modifieds and 602 crates?
  17. I really think it's up to the local tracks to set the required age ,will add I think also that racing series have responsibility in this as well. My opinion is that a driver should be at least 16 if not 18 to race in top tear divisions. Yes this debate opens up a HUGE Pandora box!
  18. That was Coleman Gulick I believe.
  19. STSS

    Thank you for stating the obvious! You could say the same thing for any sport. Now let’s look at this in the opposite point of view; you know who doesn’t like draws, TALENTED RACERS. If you don’t have racers - or if you only have very few - at the track, fans aren’t going to have much of a race to watch (I say this with the upmost respect for the fans as I am still a fan at heart). I don’t understand how you can’t comprehend how almost all drivers prefer time trials? You say that a low budget racer starting up front in a heat can hold of the bigger teams, so if they can do that for 8 laps, then why can’t they lay down two good laps in time trials and earn themselves a good starting position? Also, the reason why racers don’t mind the handicapped heats during a regular weekend show is that if you don’t make it into a “qualifying position” you are still going to start the show because there aren’t enough cars to need to go through a consi or risk getting sent home. Ill say this again; I will not travel 5 hours to risk pulling a poor draw and have an ill handling car(s) start in front and potentially damage/wreck the car and therefore waste a bunch of money and personal time. Let us time trial and determine our own destiny. I guess I’m just tired of this “Participation Trophy” / “Snowflake” Society that we live in today where everyone is given everything and not earning or working for anything.
  20. STSS

    As I have said, I prefer time trials, but I have no problem with the way the Outlaw 200 is run or the 76er at Grandview is run. My reason for this is because Fulton does a great job of providing a track that is raceable in the heats so if you're car is fast enough, you'll be able to pass. Also the heats are 10 laps, so there is time to be able to at least get into a qualified spot if you start in the back of the heat. The race is 200 laps, but it stops at halfway, so you basically have two 100 lap races to get to the front with a little bit of time to work on the car between them. And usually the track stays racey the whole 200 laps. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe all qualified cars except those from the Minuteman 25 redraw for the feature for the 76er at Grandview. So you could be the last qualified car out of the consi and still start on the pole. If I'm running for a series championship, while I know luck will play some part in it, I prefer to have the performance of myself and my team be the major determining factor on how well we do, and time trial races allow for that to happen. I know there are times when heat races lined up by time trials are follow the leader, I also know that there are other times where there is passing. I've also been in heat races where the draw determined the line up and it was follow the leader. Sometimes the track and the condition it's in has a lot to do with how exciting the heat races are. Obviously these are just my opinions, and I don't expect everyone to feel the same way about this as I do.We are fortunate that there is enough choices that a person can go see modified races where there are different ways to determine the way the cars line up.
  21. Here we go with this topic again...
  22. And there is a very big debate on that too. More so than racing. Should have included youth football. Let's be honest. The brain is very fragile. More so at a young age. No matter what you are doing. A hard hit is not good.
  23. 11 years old

    Like playing Football?
  24. STSS

    The drivers that want time trial shows will find a way to justify going to a draw show (Outlaw 200 for example-$$$$$$$), but it appears that although Brett's purses were good enough in the past for people to support a draw format, now 5K to win and $400-500 to start is not good enough (at least on the Southern part of the tour). I hate to be the bearer of bad news. This is how it starts as we're on our way to all time trial shows and a requirement for higher purses to get support. As I said before, all you have to do is look at PA Sprints and you'll see where this is going. And, the promoters aren't going to be happy about what they will have to pay to get who they want at the track.
  25. Isn't this why we have kart races?
  26. Bachetti put on a show last year coming from the back. So the track can be very racey when they put the time in to it.
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