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  2. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071942/ This one. I think the crew worker who gets hit crossing the track was crazy too.
  3. Same here. I watched the “1” documentary as well as the “quick and the dead” (I think that’s what it’s called) documentary and there is a lot of talk about Cevert as he was Jackie Stewart’s teammate and when he was killed during qualifying at the Glen Stewart retired rather than race his 100th Grand Prix. Thank God for the halo.
  4. I never heard of this movie so I did some investigation. You weren't kidding... 128312022_10158268165547772_2630407625379540528_o.jpg (1138×722) (fbcdn.net)
  5. Haven’t heard yet. I have a sneaking suspicion he’s going to AZ instead, time will tell.
  6. The crash reminded me of Francios Cevert's in 1973 at Watkins Glen. Ceverts Tyrell pierced the armco heading up to the Esses. He was instantly decapitated.
  7. The crazy part is quite a few modified teams are spending the same as many large touring series teams, yet racing for a fraction of the money. Our current purses are not that bad if saturday night racing was still for Saturday night racers. The big shows would be fantastic purses for a normal team. With that said, the big block purses weekly are nowhere near what PA pays weekly. And the 358 purses in NY are laughable.
  8. Yep. Hobbo and Steve Matchett were on Twitter both saying how fortunate it was that Grosjean wasn't knocked out and was able to extricate himself so quickly. He is extremely fortunate and I am still sick to my stomach thinking about how bad it could have been. That guardrail was shredded and the images of the car were surreal.
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  10. You weren't the only one. They didn't show a replay until they knew he was ok. There were a lot of things that had to go right for him to walk away. Fortunately they all did.
  11. 'The Hill 'just came on my radar this past season. Perhaps two? Word of mouth in the lots. I have not been there yet however. It is a track on the list of places I want to get to
  12. I know it isn't dirt but I am a huge F1 fan here. The wreck this morning in the GP of Bahrain was crazy. I cannot believe Roman walked out of the fire. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ7_En2xEm4
  13. Thank You for the clarification. 👍 . My point still remains the same
  14. 2 wheel - The doctor, Thr Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid....but that breaks my "no documentary rule".
  15. Absolutely the first one I ever saw at around 7 years of age. Thunder In Carolina. And iif I remember you'll see posters from local tracks in the movie (Ontario County Fairgrounds/Flemington/Reading).
  16. Updated! Added Tyler Courtney. Justin Grant has switched from RAMS Racing to RMS Racing for the 2021 CB & season. RMS Racing will bring a 5 car powerhouse with Thomas Meseraull, Spencer Bayston, David Gravel, Brad Sweet & Grant. https://speedsport.com/sprints-midgets/other-midgets/five-cars-for-rms-racing-at-chili-bowl/?fbclid=IwAR3U6mfRhNZpFkIHWSJ2qHJm4FT2W_JOczxGhVK0s-smoOFGfCEN7ZXpTQI
  17. 8 Big Block races? The schedule hasn’t been completed or announced.
  18. You could probably go to Williams Grove and catch Outlaw features on the way home.
  19. Outlaw's first event this season was June 5th - 1 day before Canandaigua opened for racing.
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