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  2. Place is a sh!thole. Who cares.
  3. because the points leader is having ankle surgery... ??
  4. Case of water costs 4 bucks. $40 back gate and $20 profit per case of water. Nice scam.
  5. So far it hasnt been what I was expecting based on the forecasts. At least for northern New York it was hot but not totally unbearable today. If you have the ability to start late at your track that would get rid of a lot of the problems for the drivers. The worst part would be getting there at 4 and being out in the sun untill it starts to go down. I think the majority of drivers are willing to race but they also probably wouldn't be that disappointed to have a night off this time of year either
  6. I think the worst part is sitting in the lineup chute waiting. Looks like Ransomville made the right call not to cancel, rain came thru and cooled it down to 78. Good night for racing now.
  7. Pretty sure Ronnie Johnson will also be at OCFS for the full weekend.
  8. I raced Mini-Sprints in the late 90's out in Indiana. They were having a heat wave. It was around 105 degrees . I didn't notice it till i came in and got out of the car. Took the helmet off and the sweat ran down off my head like a river. I was luck there was a drivers wife that came over with a ice cold towel and wrapped it around my head. Driving it didn't bother me.
  9. Seems like we've been through this heat plenty of times before. It's just hyped more this time around. I remember a few very hot days last year. One in particular at Genesee where it was 90+ and our feature ran before the sun went down on a hammer down surface. We went green for 23 laps straight. Racers were tired and so were our engines, most came off the track 240+ on water temp. But we lived. 4th of July week this year was also pretty brutal...Wednesday of it at Can-Am especially. To me though, once you get air moving through the car the heat is barely a concern til you stop. I could imagine it sucks way worse in a closed-cockpit car. Mostly as crew, I've been to Utica-Rome plenty of times on 90+ degree days too. That place can be brutal if you don't have shelter from the sun. I gotta think most of these cancellations are business decisions based on expected crowds. But you can't count out the toll the heat takes on concession stand workers, etc. They're in a worse environment than anyone.
  10. dingwallmotorsports

    Too hot for racing

    I was going to say it doesnt seem like many people on here have sat in a racecar in over 100 degree weather. I am ok with racing or with them not racing because of the heat. This isn't most of our jobs and i would say a lot of us aren't in tip top shape lol
  11. Tremont definitely going to OCFS. I would guess Britten, maybe Delorenzo. Hearn for sure. Lebanon Valley is also show up points on the 17th.
  12. Gotta love french women😉
  13. Do we have any drivers on this site? I would love to know their opinion
  14. This back & forth bullshit between Rep & Dems can only be solved by throwing the whole friggin' bunch of them out of washington & forming a complete new government consisting of patriots who have divested themselves of ALL financial interests.......in my opinion......lock & load!
  15. No one forgot. You were just reminded that your supreme leader is a coward, too.
  16. Last I had heard is this will be a show up points evening for the modifieds at Malta.
  17. 80k, you won't be disappointed by Eldora. bring your lawn chairs in and set them up on the hillside early. walk around and check out different spots during practice, there isn't a bad seat in the place. enjoy
  18. If you’ve never been there you won’t be disappointed. Just an awesome track. Super fast and you can see the whole track. I’d love to go back some day.
  19. When I was growing up there was no "wind chill" or "heat index". TV invented that crap to be more dramatic. Bunch of pansies. Sincerely, Get Off My Lawn
  20. Thank but i meant which drivers. Anyone willing to give up a top 10 spot in points to run OCFS?
  21. Malta runs big block and 358 together. It's a matter of what you want to run
  22. Floracing also features Usac and Indiana Sprint Week, Classic a main at Gas City last night. Winner came from 18th and it was a photo finish. Now back to the regularly scheduled idiocy....
  23. I'm posting this, from the OCFS facebook page, to quell the misinformation and vitriol from the naysayers, rumor-mongers, and hateful malcontents : " Good morning race fans! Final update for now regarding last night's rain out. We have yet to establish a rain date but will continue to try. Until a rain date is either established or abandoned, online (ticketmaster) customers must wait. If a rain date is established, online customers will already have a ticket, if a date is not set, you will be refunded. If you do not wish to attend the makeup event, you may request a refund from ticketmaster, but not until it has been determined if there will be a rain date. If any of your fellow race fans have yet to see the news that they are eligible for refunds or that their ticket may be used as a voucher for any upcoming event (to be used as credit towards higher ticket price events), please let them know. Our weekly fans know that when we rain out after the start of an event, we issue rainchecks. Being that this was a SDS race, circumstances are different and while we weren't prepared to issue refunds on the spot, it was always our contingency plan to offer eventual refunds or vouchers. To be clear, any information you received at the event or online through unofficial sources that there would be no refunds is incorrect. Anyone saying we never intended to issue refunds until we were called out for not doing it, is just trying to stir the pot. We OBSERVE all kinds of overblown and dishonest reactions on social media, but we do not build our policies on the spot as a reaction to things said online. We have never been and will never be in the business of taking fans' money without delivering a show equal to the value of what they paid."
  24. With the lead up to the big race at OCFS we're looking to break up the trip and stop at Malta on Friday. All classes are running but the question is which mods will be there? Any Malta regulars running OCFS that Friday instead?
  25. lol. ummm ok. did we really land on the moon to?
  26. Just gonna set this here for a bit. Far superior athlete than 85% of racecar drivers and the heat still got the best of him. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Ex-New-York-Giants-Offensive-Lineman-Mitch-Petrus-Dies-Heat-Stroke-NFL-National-Football-League-512940801.html
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