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  2. It does not help these same Doctors were telling people last week not to wear them. Not to mention all their projections, models ,etc . Numbers they keeping spitting out that are not even anywhere remotely close to the ballpark of the actual figures I see day to day. (which is a good thing) https://www.google.com/search?q=coronavirus+update+usa&rlz=1CARJNJ_enUS775US775&oq=co&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l3j69i57j0j46j0l2.3198j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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  4. Ok so I'm bored out of mind stuck at home alone. Finished up watching the 1980 Schaefer 200 (125 laps). Watched a couple other Syracuse 300s (188 laps) and 200s (actually 200 laps). Then was digging around the internet. Read a lot about Langhorne and it's history. Then ended up on mid state antique racing or something like that. And was going through the races and drivers. Found a great interview with Chuck Akulis. In the article Mr. Akulis talks about a race in the 70's where he felt he didn't actually win the race and split the points and the money with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. “An article written during the 1977 season @ 5MP by Ron Grotke for the Sun-Bulletin which really shows what kind of person Chuck is. ‘Akulis would already have clinched this year had he not agreed to split purse money and points into thirds for the Aug. 13 feature with Dave Kneisal and Mike Colsten. Akulis was passed with two laps to go by Kneisal and Colsten, but a yellow flag had come out just before to confuse the issue of the restart. Kneisal, placed first by the scorers, said Akulis should go first instead and he held on for the win. “When we left the track I had won” said Akulis, “but I got to thinking about it later. Mike passed me too, and giving me first put him third. He probably should have been second. I called (promoter) Art Bonker and told him I didn’t feel I should win either.” As stated before, Chuck went on to win his first drivers’ championship at the Point that season.” Article Published in Volume 42 #1, January 9, 2007 in the Gater Racing News Jeff Ackerman From <http://www.midstateantiquestockcarclub.com/articles_chuck_akulis.html>
  5. Not according to the site I got the info from. But then again it was from https://www.thethirdturn.com/ And I've found sooooo many errors and incomplete data.
  6. Wait.....Marcel “the hammer “ LaFrance, didn’t qualify ??
  7. Blame it on people like Leroy, that can’t wrap his head around the concept of social distancing and how it affects the spread of this virus. Doesn’t help when the CDC, HHS, and both Doctors in charge of overseeing the mitigation of the spread of this virus suggest using facial masks when in a public forum and The “president”(not mine) refuses to abide to these suggestions and blatantly says that he will not use a mask or cloth shield ! UGH !!!
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  9. I don’t know. This is what needs of happen. The whole state needs to be locked down. The sooner we rip off the bandaid and just get on with it the sooner this can all be over. Otherwise all we are doing is extending this further then need be. And in the process we will drive the world into a prolonged recession. We can quickly bounce back from a bad quarter. It will take years to bounce back if the economy is shut down for 8-12 months.
  10. Just announced will be on again this time with Knoxville as the track. This Wed at 8pm.
  11. And he waited until today why? I think last week was no masks , and this week yes masks
  12. I think most people including me do get all that. There is also the understanding that confirmed cases do not represent deaths. The vast majority of confirmed cases people are at home with mild to moderate symptoms. I do not know about anyone else. But here is something I do not understand. NYC has most of the confirmed cases in NY. Heck I think NYC has more cases than the rest of the entire US? If this virus is so serious, why has NYC not been quarrantined? Should of been done long time ago. No. just tell everyone to stay inside. Because NYC is sending our sick to you
  13. Airborne vs droplet is a game changer. Talking is still droplet and this is why we need to be a minimum of 6 feet away while practising physical distancing.
  14. And today Dr. Fauci stated that it can be spread BY SIMPLY TALKING, in addition to sneezing and coughing.
  15. What does your wife do? Hard to comment on your post without further contextual information.
  16. Here’s what people don’t get and why this is so scary; you don’t need to have any symptoms to be a carrier. So unintentionally you are infecting others. And in the vast majority that won’t be a big deal. Maybe a season flu type symptoms for a few days. But in others it is fatal. So yeah there might be 1 confirmed case in Yates county but there might be hundreds of people walking around that are infected and by extension infecting others. The number of confirmed cases is a small portion of the actual number of cases
  17. Exactly why this won’t be over anytime soon. I fear many share this same attitude
  18. Its amazing some of the guys that didn't qualify. Charlie Castle, Brian Stevens, Carl Van Horn, Chuck Ciprich, Ernie Marshall, Tim Clemons, Dale Welty, Marcel LaFrance, Mark Fluery, Bernie Griffin, Butch Tittle, Rich Ricci, Roger Phelps, Bobby Gehart, Sr., Bentley Warren, Rick Hoctor, Pep Peppicelli, Joe Romer, Bob Savoie, Manyard Troyer, Roger Laureno, Johnny Birosh, Harry Behrent, Fritz Epright, Jeff Heotzler, Richie Eurich, Pete Bicknell, Carl Collis, Bobby Wilkins, Eddie Haenelt. And a lot more. Dave Lape didn't qualify but he was added to the back I'm guessing he probably won a series race, so he would of been added.
  19. Is this car and driver unofficial?
  20. Well they mentioned that he was small block driver. That's what through me off. There are a lot of guys that switched to Sprint Cars in the 80s.
  21. Kreitz Jr. did win two small block Modified features at Big Diamond before going Sprint Car racing.
  22. I thought he got in to Sprints that's all I remember him as is a Sprint Car driver.
  23. Don Kreitz Jr. briefly raced small-block Modifieds and big blocks before transitioning to URC and then 410 Sprints. Kreitz's father, Don Sr., was a staple in the Modifeids at the Reading (Pa.) Fairgrounds in the 1970s.
  24. Currently watching the last chance qualifier for the big race. Dirtvision must of got this race directly from ESPN. The quality is amazing just like it was originally broadcast. No tape wrinkles or anything. It is amazing how much misinformation they give when talking about the cars. I'm no DIRT modified specialist but I do know the history some what. Seems like who ever did the research wasn't listening very closely or the announcer didn't write it down correctly. I for got how good this last chance race was especially for the lead with Kappesser and Katona, to bad it all went bad for Kappesser after the restart. My memory sucks cause I didn't remember Manyard Troyer being in a race car that weekend. But man he must of had a hell of a motor, he passed so many cars down the straights. Wasn't Donnie Kreitz a Sprint Car driver?
  25. right? It’s like why do these sports have regular seasons
  26. I was thinking the same thing myself. Many families will struggle to keep their household going let alone a race car. I wish the very best for everyone.
  27. That's interesting...……………….my wife works for a large hospital system in NYS and is wondering why we are being lied to by the media and gov't.
  28. You catch on quick. I have been called a lot of things. But never a genius😁 I would rather be honest than bullshit But you do not have to get your panties all in a bunch. The track is closed tonight. So there is no worries about me getting infected or passing it along to others. I have seen many posts on various racetrack facebook pages from several different people stating they will support various race tracks if and when they decide to open. Only time will tell if those people are telling the truth or not By the way, as of today Yates County has one 1 confirmed case of corona virus.
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