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  2. My nickname since Middle School. *shrugs*
  3. Well this topic went sideways quicker then a Fonda topic
  4. I was told to use my real name so that I'm not hiding behind a fake name and that it takes balls to do so. Ya know, for the ones who will look for you at a racetrack to fight you over something they didn't like on the internet. I'm still trying to figure out who Foster is so we can fist fight over my Danny Johnson comments. Let's just say he will need a real doctor when I'm through with him!
  5. PRI Theft

    Every stereotype I have ever seen about us northerners, we are a bunch of apologetic, puck slapping, beer drinking, syrup slopping, plaid wearing, beard toting, hunting/fishing, trailer park living folk. That seems to have been the standard background for all jokes since I can remember except on this site...... On here we are only thieves...... Makes perfect sense....
  6. Modified drivers seem to make pretty good Late Model drivers.
  7. http://dirtracinghistory.bravehost.com/2017ScheduleThurDec14.html
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  9. http://dirtracinghistory.bravehost.com/2018AustraliaWedDec13.html
  10. What I've gotten out of this thread so far is... Boone, Iowa isn't in the NY/PA Modified region. Port Royal doesn't race Modifieds. Best food isn't one of the 3 original categories. Tyler County doesn't race modifieds. Big Diamond over Weedsport in the facility category? Wow... The Attica in NY is best known for it's facility, but it's not racing that it's famous for.
  11. No need for Mallet and Miller to respond. They obviously were in the other line when they were handing out creativity and imagination. What's the story behind your DTD name? Sincerely, Used to be Kimmie
  12. There are also a lot of good cars entered that are marked TBA for drivers. There are a bunch of good drivers still missing from the list.
  13. PRI Theft

    Nope he means all us Canadians cause you know we steal Maple Syrup! LMAO
  14. .....and a late model motor in them, late model suspension on them, a late model driver in them, a late model pit crew working on them, and a late model track to run them on and they would be perfect!
  15. Kevin Ward Lawsuit

    I think you need a hug.
  16. Penn National if it still existed.
  17. Ya I think the 375 mark will fall too. Looking at the list, there's still a lot of drivers I expect to be there that aren't listed yet.
  18. The Dome

    I watched last nights telecast, and I am watching tonight's as well. Saturday I'm watching the USAC Midget show from DuQuoin. It was very cool to be at the first one, but I'm glad I decided to stay home this year. After watching last night, it reminded me why I made this choice. The facility is decent for indoor racing, but not for full size cars. It's more suited for Outlaw Karts, Micro's or Midgets. The Modifieds & Late Models have a very difficult time getting multiple laps completed in succession. It's ok racing, but it's not great by any means!
  19. OH , YA. I remember her lining up Jungle Jim back in the day at Englishtown !
  20. Anyone at the Dome for the Gateway Nationals this year? Will there be any coverage on DTD? Any picks to win? Was a great night of racing last year.
  21. Now we be "SMOKING!" I do believe there will be a new car count record for sure.
  22. Put an 8” or 12” late model style spoiler on them and it would help immensely.
  23. My vote is easily given to Bridgeport Speedway. Updated facilities to bring it to a "state of the art" destination, a second to none race track (week in and week out) to race on, and the people who run the place make it an absolute joy to attend down to thanking each patron for attending when the races are over !
  24. Home track Bias Aside

    The question was which track has the best overall of the three categories... NOT the best in each category. I would say Brewerton and Malta are tied.
  25. I only got to meet John in person once, at the Motorsports Expo in 2014. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him, but chatted with him on facbook a quite few times. He'd always message me a Happy Birthday (our birthdays were a day apart). I grew up watching him race at Weedsport and Rolling Wheels. He was one of my favorites, and he turned out to be a truly nice guy. RIP John.
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