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  3. What a great post and great advice and encouragement. You obviously are a very smart businessman who is showing that using common sense and acting responsibly is working. That is a great example of how people should do their part to help control the spread of the virus and contribute to getting the economy out of this recession. I would enjoy coming in for a couple beers and putting some money into your cash register.
  4. I was on my way to Fonda Speedway 2 years ago. I was traveling in the westbound lane and was heading downhill right before passing over the Schoharie Creek and I saw flashing lights and cars pulled over towards the center guardrail. An SUV had rolled over several times and was upside down. There were 2 occupants I learned from reading about it in the news the next day. As one lane stayed open i slowed down to about 20 mph and there was a guy laying face down on the pavement and his arms and legs were twisted in all different directions. His body looked like a rag doll. And there was a pool of blood he was laying in and a thick stream of dark red blood running down the pavement. That horrific sight made my stomach turn. I needed a beer and a couple hours to calm down once I got to the speedway. I read the next day that he was the guy who got ejected and died.
  5. So laws don’t matter if you don’t like them? Even the ones there to prevent people from having to scrape your body off the road?
  6. The STSS points battle is tight as balls and will be decided this weekend and we’re arguing over the origin of the name of a candy bar. That gives me heartburn.
  7. No seatbelt? Lmfao... That pretty much explains the thought process behind all of your posts.
  8. GEORGETOWN, DE - A champion will be crowned in the Short Track Super Series South Region at Georgetown Speedway with a 44 lap (in memory of Tom Perrego) feature event paying $7,000 to win (with “Gamblers Fee) live tonight only on DTD Tv! Single day passes for this event are $31.99 Weekend passes are also available and include tomorrow's Small Block Modified and RUSH Late Model program rescheduled from Friday night for $49.99 Just click on the image above to go to www.DirtTrackDigest.tv to purchase your pass!
  9. I really don’t think you will see 30 cars show for these races. The SSMS had a race on October 11 at one of the tracks involved with these races and they had 9 cars and three of them didn’t start the feature. The big dollar teams that tow down there will run all over the cars from down there.
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  11. I don’t have a motorcycle. Seatbelt? No! Again, until the government makes my automobile payment, it’s my vehicle, my life, my choice.
  12. Yeah there's a lot of speculation, lol. As Matt said, the decision to outlaw the 4 link was done without talking to the chassis manufacturers. If it were still legal and became the "hot" setup, I'm pretty sure BRP would have no problem selling another 2 radius rods per car, a completely different birdcage for each side of the rear plus other odds and ends. It is still legal in the STSS, but anyone that has tried it hasn't had much success. When Glenn instituted the tire rule, the first tire manufacturer to get the contract was McCreary.
  13. Been thinking the same thing exact thing. In and around CNY at least. If tracks could have 25%? It really would not be an issue unless it was a series show or special event
  14. Wheels, most of the ones I know when they say it, regardless if they talking to a black or white guy it ends with er, and if it's said back to them it's taken in stride. No different than if they call me a cracker or honkey. Again it could be the group of people. No hard feelings either way
  15. Weren’t quite a few tracks regular shows only at 25% capacity on a normal week pre-COVID?
  16. Dr. Dipshit Fauci stated months ago that by and large he seen people doing the right thing and wearing masks. Once again, if even 50% more people wear masks today than in April and they actually work....numbers should not be spiking. It’s all bullshit. Most people who catch it don’t have symptoms so many if us have no clue if we had it, many of us don’t care. I won’t get tested no matter what....and if I die....I know what will be on the death certificate so there is no need to waste the test. Once again....1st time in the history of the world we test, quarantine and freak out over healthy non-sick people testing positive for something. Should have done this with aids....imagine how different that would have gone....don’t do it with herpes or any other disease that a person can carry/spread and not show symptoms. The world won’t go back to normal until people stop acting like fools.
  17. I'm open after 6 1/2 months EO I have table to sign in for possible tracing and alcohol based hand wash if needed I have plex glass with opening at bar /counter area 34 ft long with 50% seating and near 100% at tables spread out No one needs 100 % seating 90% of time Have one pool table open with mask required and distance Have outside seating which is about over and open 4 instead of 7 days and business is actually doing good with same numbers as pre C/19 on comparable days open ...All help front and back wearing mask You enter wearing but after sitting mask free but mask on to walk around and enforced No real complaints and everyone seems ok and glad to have place to go People today are soft and compared to our past WW2 for example lasted 5 plus years in tough times ....Suck it up and ADAPT ...This will hinder but not stop this country Move on be thankful what we have and we will eventually get back to where we were I've been at one location 40 years and this is challenging but workable Stay strong and keep moving forward .....We have best medical facilities in world and best Doctors and together they will rise to challenge .... ADAPT move forward ....
  18. If it helps getting back to normal sooner wearing a mask is such a simple thing to do. You make your own choices in life.......do you wear a seatbelt? Motorcycle helmet?
  19. It's actually true, kind of. If you look it up, the candy bar came out 17 years after Baby Ruth's death. But it also came out as Babe Ruth's career was rising fast. But the company that made the Baby Ruth won in court and was actually able to stop the sale later of a candy bar named for Babe Ruth. Because it sounded to much like their Baby Ruth bar. Is it true? Yes technically.
  20. If you want to continue living your life in complete & utter fear that you might catch something, that’s totally your right. If you want to wear a bubble suit every time you step out your front door due to your fear of germs, go right ahead. Forcing those of us who don’t live in the same fear of the world outside, to do the same, is retarded. I make my own choices in my life, others don’t do it for me. For god sakes man, go outdoors and breathe the fresh air, it’ll do ya some good!!!
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