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    To those of us who knew Mike's battle, this is the inevitable day we knew would unfortunately come... I last saw Mike on November 22nd at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. He was frail and weak but made it a point to get out of the house and spend time with my dad, whom he was best friends with in high school many moons ago. The table he sat at consisted of Mike, my uncle Chuck, my uncle Larry Groover (another former Modified standout), and their spouses. At first sight you would think there were some classic bench racing stories being spewed at that table, but far from it. The conversations I heard were more about their friendships, the passing of time, and the frailty of life. When Mike had left for the evening, Chuck commented to me that all the racing they did together back in the day didn't mean a damn thing at this point.... Anyone that knew Mike only from the grandstands knew he was one tough, aggressive, go-for-it racer. He got under the skin of most everyone at one point or another, lol.... but when you approached him after the race, you couldn't stay mad at him for more than a few seconds. Mike just had that way of brightening the moment even when you wanted to be mad. And he would be the first one to lend you a hand if you needed something in a pinch (although not many people ran Ford stuff so he was pretty safe in that regard, lol). Away from the track, Mike was maybe the nicest man I ever met. I heard countless stories from my dad about the hell they raised in high school, at cross country meets, and tearing up the back roads of Broome County as teenagers. In my early teens I actually raced Microds with Mike's sons Jerry and Mike Jr.... and in the summer when my dad traveled for work to the west coast, Mike would load three carts in the back of his white pickup and fly up Rte 81 so we could race on Wednesday nights at the old Cortland County Microd Club by the airport. We were all convinced that at some point, one of us was going to lose our cart on the highway when the bungee cords broke, but somehow Mike made it work, lol. He always had a way of getting the best from a situation... My sincere condolences to Lea, Jerry, Jenny, Joey, Mike Jr, Julie, and Jason for their loss. Also to the many who are children in-law, grandchildren, and racing family members like Tim Smith.... Mike was a great family man - God fearing, and willing to help anyone he crossed paths with. He will be sorely missed.... God Speed #51
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    After what he pulled with his nephews who would want to go there??
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    Can anyone translate what is going on here for me?
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    To say that Mike was one of the good guys would be a massive understatement. Thanks to the friendship that he and my father had forged over the past 40+ years, I got to witness what a great person he was, and what a great family the Colstens are, not just at the track, but away from it as well. Mike's courageous fight over the last several years is an inspiration and he will be deeply missed. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts at this tough time.
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    Something a little different for a change! No matter near or far, friend or foe, young or older, wishing each and every dirt car racing fan a Very Merry Christmas!!
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    I wish it was mandatory to have to post your name so I could put a name to some of the idiotic comments and accusations that have been made in this post Rob Hile
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    If you really want Racing to go back to the way it used to be where a Driver that had the skills and talent to win on any night with an EQUAL Playing field then I suggest this. Every team that is registered with DIRT, come up with a budget to run that car in all races for the season and list how much money is allocated to Your Engine program, your Suspension Program, Your tire program, and your Chassis program Et. Etc. Dirt then looks at each budget of each car and comes up with an average cost breakdown for each program that the teams have. Then they make a Salary Type Cap for each car to spend this much money for each program. The way to handle that money is that, each team has to put that amount of money into a separate account that can be monitored by DIRT for every car in the DIRT program. This will make every team and car equal as far as the MONEY SPENDING Goes. So now you have the same budget for every team and it is monitored by DIRT, this will put the high dollar teams on the same playing field as the low dollar teams and then the Drivers Skill Sets will determine who is the best. No one can say that they beat me because they had better Motor or better suspension bah blah blah. I know this isn't perfect, but some how some way this sport we love has to be regulated money wise to make it more competitive for everyone. There are ways to do this and keep it fair so teams DO NOT use any monies that aren't accounted for. Manufacturers Motor Builders and so on all have to be on board and have to report to DIRT the money spent for each team and car. That's my 2 cents and No its not perfect and things would have to be worked out to keep this fair, but something has to be done
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    After what’s he’s pulled with racers, teams, sponsors and series, what would make his nephews trust him to do business fair in the first place?
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    We at Accord Speedway just want to thank everyone that came out and supported the 2019 edition of the Gobbler as well as the track throughout the season. We hope you have a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2020. The Palmers
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    I told Dirt 5 years ago how to fix the problem with the crate motors but they don’t seem to worry because the numbers are there. There should be no fixing or repairing of motors. The way it comes from GM is it . You buy the motor through Dirt and ever motor is broken in and Dynoed. Numbers are recorded for later protest. Each track has a motor on hand to give a competitor that is protested or teched. Motor is taken to Dirt Dyno and rechecked to validate numbers. If a motor is in need of repair it can be traded in for a credit to purchase a new motor. Motor is repaired and sold to a street rodder or sold as is but never to be raced again on Dirt because block will be marked to designate it’s not legal for competition. You put the rule out now and starting in 2021 those would be the only motors legal for competition. Let’s be honest if you have to repair a motor it’s $1000 if not more. Granted I understand a new motor would be more but it eliminates tech issues 99.9 and puts everyone on a leveler playing field.
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    Many positive things going on with the hiring of The Jet... Heats are back and timed hot laps are out... Trailer standing is back in the pits... A much improved schedule with an old school twist!! Hopefully this improves the attendance to the satisfaction of ownership.
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    Mike Gular Racing posted their 2020 racing plans on their FB page this morning...Mike and the team will be returning to OCFS weekly on Saturday nights, will run both the North and South STSS schedule, race the Thunder On The Hill races, and WILL BE adding weekly Friday night racing in 2020 at the Big Diamond Speedway...They will be starting the season at the PPB Motorsports show and then will head south to compete at the All Tech Speedway for the STSS Sunshine Swing races. Mike has been super fast and is up front every time he has raced at BDS the past couple of years...He becomes an instant contender for the championship and to park his hot rod multiple times in BDS victory lane next season...BDS already has one of the most talented and competitive weekly modified fields around, and now the addition of Mike Gular just takes it up another notch...April can't get here fast enough.
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    For Immediate Release Re: 70th Season Opener 70TH CONSECUTIVE YEAR OF RACING SET FOR SATURDAY, APRIL 4TH WITH ANNUAL GRIT CRATE SPORTSMAN SERIES “COLD CRACKER” EVENT. KIRKWOOD, NY…The historic quarter clay oval at Five Mile Point Speedway will begin the 70th consecutive year of racing on Saturday, April 4th. The annual “Cold Cracker” for the GRIT Crate Sportsman will headline the opening day of racing. Saturday night weekly racing will continue throughout April and the summer months featuring the Big Block/Small Block Modifieds, Crate Sportsman, Factory Stocks, 600 Modifieds, Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinders and Junior Slingshot/600 Modifieds. Approximately 16 races are on tap with a full schedule to be released in the weeks to come. A big calendar of events and special promotions will again dot the schedule upon it’s release. The 70th Anniversary Season will also see some former stars from the past returning to competition. Fan-favorite, DIRTcar Hall of Fame Member and one of the original 50 Greatest Driver’s at Five Mile Point Speedway, Carl Nagel has recently announced he is expecting to compete in several Modified races this season. This year would remarkably ear-mark his eighth decade of racing at the speedway. This is believed to be a national record. Three-time RPM National Promoter of the Year Regional Award winner Andrew Harpell will return to lead the operations of the family owned landmark speedway. Harpell brings a wealth of experience to the speedway for this big anniversary season. For additional information please log on to www.5milepointspeedway.com. You may also email the speedway directly at fivemilepoint1@aol.com. Five Mile Point Speedway – “The Home Speedway of the Southern Tier” where kids 12 and younger are admitted FREE to every race event! -30-
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    Im sure everybody can name a promoter that they feel somehow screwed somebody over in some way or another. I have seen some great racing at FMP and I am looking forward to attending a show or two this upcoming season. Why bash a track that seems to be walking a tightrope between staying open and selling to a real estate developer? I like the way the track sits and seating is good. Concessions and admission prices are good. I would strongly suggest checking it out if you have never been there. I would attend more often than 2 or 3 times a year if I lived closer.
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    Safety isn’t the place to whine about money.
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    Has anyone heard why the sudden change from NASCAR trucks to full time at Middletown? No haters please
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    You can rest assured that any criticism you have about WRG will be reported by him to his immediate bosses at WRG......I know from experience
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    I love when people say they “told Dirt” this, “I told Dirt” that lol. It always makes me laugh. Being a ice cold ML drinker, I once told Anhueser-Busch to make Bud Light taste like Miller Lite, it didn’t pan out in my favor.
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    I think DIRT did the right thing with these rules. With the latest trend towards rear coils, left side rear panard rods, and short radius rods, teams had to spend 1,000's of dollars to keep up. And in the end most modified pit areas are filled with cars that have basically the same rear suspension again, but the teams have less money in their pockets. DIRT actually had the foresight to see what was coming next and decided to put an end to it.
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    At this time of the year…all of the historians here at Auto Racing Research Associates – ARRA - would like to wish the merriest of holiday seasons to racing’s fans – promoters – members of the press – Series directors… teams and track workers. We are all members of one of the greatest families there is…..the auto racing fraternity! Fred Voorhees – President/Co-Founder Bill Braga Jr. – Co-Founder Bill Hanna – Co-Founder Steve Barrick – Co-Founder Bill Skinner – Member Jeff Ahlum – Member Jay Mooney – Member John Nelson – Member Larry Jendras – Member Tom Schmeh – Member Ken Parrotte – Member Kevin Eckert – Member Guy Smith – Member Bob Mays – Member Steve Bubb – Member Mike Monnat – Member Michael Sessler – Member Alan Brown – Member Dennis Clapperton – Associate Member Jeff Zimmerman – Associate Member
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    Teams will be allowed to stand on their haulers in the infield again, too.
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    5 mile always produces awesome racing, just make sure you bring some sealed goggles so you can see it.
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    And the return of the STSS...
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    Tyler Dipple to run full time in the Bill Pascual # 3
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    That's because they want the sportsman out because most of the people from deyo show stay for the mod and 358 stuff and they wouldn't have to move the pits around if sportsman are gone by Thursday. Actually a perfect idea