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    Here's your bi-weekly reminder that you're allowed to be a fan of the STSS and the SDS! Hell, you can even be a fan of weekly racing, too! We've had so much good news this off-season, yet when every single announcement comes the thread on here gets hijacked. Everyone just uses it to knock this track or that; this series or that series. I can't be the only one that just gets excited when stuff like this comes out, right?
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    Who cares about working men or non working men... its Modified racing paying a decent purse... My god people whine about everything.
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    160 laps for $100K in cold cash is, in fact, the biggest cash payout in the history of BB Mod racing. Ergo, you can easily argue that this one race is the biggest race in the history of Modified racing. Others may have more prestige, but this is the only one of these there's going to be. How important is it to take a shot at a once in a lifetime chance? As for running it on a Saturday night, you'd be an absolute fool to run this on a weeknight. Saturday night means everyone can go and you have Sunday afternoon for a rain date if needed. I simply cannot imagine everyone and their brother who like Modified racing not being at OCFS for this one.
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    By being non-points no one is forced to go down. Just like the races at Volusia are non-points for the Super DIRTcar Series. If guys want to go they can, if they don't, they can stay home.
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    Who runs a $100,000 to win show on a week night? A hundred grand is not enough of an enticement? Perhaps a personalized invitation begging people to come for such a show is needed? WRG has no issue with trying to screw over OCFS and Modified racing's historic events, but now OCFS should turn around and cater to places running $2,000 weekly shows? That is a real suggestion? Amazing how effing track's big shows is ok on here -- as long as it is WRG doing it.
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    Why should it be show up points???? Make a choice either run for the money or run for a track championship.
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    I have said this before on here, but this board is bizarre when it comes to purses. Northeast Modifieds have run for $2,000 forever in Florida, yet posters on here try to take shots at a guy paying a minimum $5,000 every night for our cars.
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    The STSS , whether it is "working mans series" or not? The PAY is GOOD. So, regardless of how it started......How do you stop "professionals" from entering ? The pay is in many cases better than the pro series . so...……. ?🙄 I do however think in some cases the STSS can still be considered more of a related working man's series, as opposed to many other series/sanctions. Modifieds ,Sprints ,Lates , and other Regarding the STSS vs SDS 1, Both the North and South STSSs each have 8 and/or 9 races respectively? So, If a team chose to just run one region or the other?.... Less travel, less time off. A team can also follow either series. or both the entire North and South STSS, without going to OH ,Quebec, or North Carolina. Florida races are a wash for each series. Since all are no points 2, STSS no time trials. Opinions can differ on this... but it seems weekenders/smaller teams prefer draw 3, STSS the purse is spread out more evenly than the SDS is. More drivers get a piece. Not quite, but sorta ESS like? 4, No contract drivers on STSS. This goes along with number 3^
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    Doesn't DIRT purposely schedule SDS races against Saturday night tracks during the season; having the loyalists skip their Saturday night tracks. Does DIRT care if 10 big blocks are at every dirt track when they schedule a SDS race against their own tracks? Hard to question why OCFS, an independent track, would schedule a significant event on a Saturday when dirt does the exact same thing.
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    I agree with that sarcasm. I also agree with what Bob said earlier. The racers that choose to race at their normal Saturday night track should get points for that night. Racing is a grown-up's game and if 100g is worth losing a few points for the night, then that's your opportunity costs.
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    I agree. There are actions and reactions to everything we do in life. Loyalty should come with rewards, not penalties. It's not just about the drivers here, it's also about the fans. When you cut regular points to afford teams the opportunity to race elsewhere, it's a slap in the face to those who remained loyal to track points. And the fans get boned too because taking away regular points gives the green flag to the bigger teams to race at XYZ Speedway instead. I would imagine that Erick Rudolph, Jimmy Phelps, Matt Sheppard, Justin Haers, Alan Johnson, Billy Dunn and Justin Wright have all marked their calendars with the OCFS show along with the Canandaigua show on the same date. If Steve Paine stays home because he doesn't travel as much any more, this conflict date provides him a chance to draw in (or stretch out) his points. Those other guys opting for the big money now shouldn't be a penalty to Paine who decided to race closer to home. This is how my mind works. If I am Paul Cole and trying to promote to the best of my ability, I'm not going to strip my regular guys of regularly earned points for supporting that show. They earned them and they should keep them. But just to make things interesting, I think I might offer up DOUBLE points that night. That's not a shot at OCFS, it's giving back something to the regular teams and fans for their continued loyalty.
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    I use my real name to make posts ... too lazy to be creative. I’m not an employee of OCFS. You’re thinking of Chris Larsen. I’m just looking forward to OCFS Opening Night’s 71 lap race in honor of Carl “Fuzzy” Van Horn.
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    Horton’s 2017 Championship was worth $10,000. A multi millionaire “hundreds of times over”? Not sure where people get their info but it is entertaining
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    The nice thing about regularly attending Lebanon Valley is that you know what to expect. They have always offered a good night of entertainment and both ticket prices and food prices are quite affordable. They have been doing this since before I was born and I expect it to be the same long after I have been cremated and had my ashes spread at the Valley. Death, taxes and the Valley are the only things that seem to be guaranteed in life.
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    Every time a track promoter makes a regular weekend night a non points or show up points only....to accommodate a few big names that go after bigger money....it solidifies the fact that they are the only guys that are important to promoters....while in truth the other 18 guys that are there “filling the field” are doing more for the track....a track can run a show with 18 field fillers, but not with only 4 or 6 big names
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    STSS South Series has "timed hot laps" that determine starting line ups for heats.
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    As someone who belongs to a 'working man' team, we prefer the DIRTcar qualifying format over a draw format. We draw terribly and would rather determine our destiny rather than leave it up to chance.
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    Wait a minute. I thought it was okay to tow to Florida because it was a vacation in the winter time? Aren't working men allowed to take a vacation? J/K I don't think anyone has considered the STSS a "working man's" series for awhile now.
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    My personal feeling is 68 big blocks (not even sure if small blocks can enter). Just my personal thoughts here, but throwing money at a purse doesn't guarantee cars based on recent past big money shows. And I also think that some guys will stay away because they will view this show as the Brett Hearn retirement fund. Before anyone jumps on me here, be realistic. Who has won more than Hearn at OCFS? I'm not saying he is a lock, I am just saying that he will definitely be the heavy favorite as they introduce the starting lineup.
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    The schedule does not have an event listed against the Fonda 200!!!!! Thanks to the Utica-Rome Speedway management for deciding not to run against Fonda's event!!!!!
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    If Vrett is going to OC as many assume he will would it be possible that he is waiting to announce his plans until after he gets his point fund money from Howie just to assure Howie pays up?
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    Wait a minute... isn't the STSS supposed to be the 'working man series'? How is the 'working man' who can only afford to get to their local track on the weekend or only travel locally, suppose to support this Florida swing? Perhaps it's no longer the 'working man series'? I understand these races are non-points, but it seems to go against what the STSS is all about...
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    I am at home recovering from a Lung removal to rid me of lung cancer. I am here to tell you that as long as you fight, it can be beaten. Stay strong & keep a good attitude....it will get better!
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    I got to meet C.Bell at Volusia, he is a great guy and expressed a lot of interest in driving a North East Dirt Modified. I tried to get him to come try my car over at the North Florida Speedway. With the excitement building for the Centennial at OCFS, the purse and the track's connection to NASCAR it wouldn't surprise me one bit if we saw Christopher Bell and some other NASCAR talent finding rides for this show.