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    On the other hand, in some cases not having it may be the luckiest day of your life!😀
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    For the love of God... everyone please ignore the posts from pdracing and NHmodfan so this thread doesn't turn into a political debate (I use that term loosely, it's more just people calling each other names if they share a different view point), I was actually enjoying reading people debating about racing for once.
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    I believe the majority of the blame for no new track next to Brewerton goes to Glenn Donnelly , not Andrew Cuomo .
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    Jeff Strunk was not panicked at seeing upstart Grandview regular Brett Kressley roar from 20th to the lead in 24 laps Saturday night during Grandview's 50th annual Freedom 76. Kressley a three-time winner at the track this year, drove around the outside of some of the Northeast's biggest Modified names (Strunk, Bobby Varin and Matt Sheppard) to go from fourth to first. But Strunk had already won the Freedom 76 seven times prior to Saturday night, and he related after the race that he did not think Kressley's pace was sustainable for 76 laps. Of course, Strunk was right. Saturday's Freedom 76 went caution-free from lap 38 until the finish -- and Strunk drove past the fading Kressley for the $35,550 win in turn two 13 laps from the finish. Over the final 10 laps, Strunk pulled away to a half-straightaway margin of victory in an event that saw the top four finishers race through slower traffic in a tight bunch for the better past of 20 laps in the race's closing stages. After dominating much of the race's mid stages, Kressley faded from the lead to fourth over the final 13 circuits, dropping over $30,000 in the process. The top five finished as follows: 1. 126 Jeff Strunk (12th starting spot) 2. 9s Matt Sheppard (5th starting spot) 3. 2a Mike Gular (24th starting spot) 4. 19K Brett Kressley (20th starting spot) 5. 5 Bobby Varin (2nd starting spot) * Teenage pole start Briggs Danner led the event'a opening circuit before ceding control to Bobby Varin (Clay Realty No. 5). After Kressley powered to the lead on lap 24. he would officially lead until lap 64, when Strunk became the fourth and final leader. For many circuits following the race's final caution on lap 38, the top four cars battled nearly nose to tail through slower traffic. * Sixty-nine cars attempted to qualify for the event, which featured New York track champions from Fonda, Lebanon Valley, Orange County, Outlaw and Thunder Mountain speedways. * The feature was slowed six times by caution, all of which were single -car incidents of cars slowing or spinning. * Among the night's three biggest non-qualifiers were Billy Decker, Billy Pauch Jr and Ryan Watt (coming off a $17,000 Big Diamond (Pa.) win two weeks earlier). All three drivers were hampered by poor starting positions in one of the six heat races. Decker started last (11th) in the second heat, and could advance only to sixth. That placed him in eighth starting spot in the Minuteman 20 last chance event that qualified five cars to the feature. * The Minuteman 20 last chance race has traditionally been a crash-laden mess of mishaps that is often shortened to a time-limit conclusion. Saturday's Minuteman 20, amazingly, went non-stop for the second straight year. * Mike Mahaney, who owns one career Saturday-night Grandview feature win, was handily leading his heat race before going up in smoke. * One -time Freedom 76 winner Stewart Friesen was especially quiet Saturday night. After drawing 25th starting spot among the 27 drivers to draw for feature starting positions, Friesen was instead forced to start last in the 32-car field following a pit stop during the pre-race pace laps. Friesen ultimately moved from last to an eighth-place finish. * Six-time Freedom 76 winner Duane Howard was forced to the Minuteman 20 after failing to transfer by one position in his qualifying heat. Howard advanced from 29th starting spot to a sixth-place finish in the feature, and certainly would have benefited from a caution at some point in the final 39 laps. * Row three in the feature looked like an obvious place to find the race winner before the event began. Matt Sheppard drew fifth starting spot and did challenge for the top spot at various points in the event. Sheppard passed Kressley for second on lap 67, but gained no ground on Strunk over the final 10 laps. Eleven-time Grandview track champion Craig Von Dohren drew sixth starting spot, but was not much of a factor. Von Dohren was falling through the field before dropping from the event on lap 21 following contact with the outside wall. * Fonda champion Mike Maresca (Hirthler owned No. 117x) won the Minuteman 20, but did not make any progress from his (28th starting spot). in the feature. * Just from walking through the grandstand parking lot during the evening, lots of New York license plates were visible.
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    Haha, NODOORS... deep breaths, my friend. Nobody said anything about your originally post being concrete. However, you went into a tirade about "Why is it that someone always has to come out with some SMART A** Comment about an announcement that was made to maybe bring someones hopes up and have something to look forward too" (that's your exact quote) after Outlaw made his reply. All I'm saying is when the announcement comes out re-read Outlaw's response, see if you still think it's a "SMART A** Comment." You're getting plenty of clues on what the actual announcement is going to be... just be patient, settle down, and stop freaking out at those of us that are giving you clues. -Yours Truly, "The Bud King" Kenny Bernstein's #1 Fan that has a 6th grade reading comprehension level and doesn't know jack SH*T
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    Imagine if everyone Just wore a mask this spring and helped stop the spread of this virus.... the numbers would have been lower and maybe we actually could have gone and seen some racing this summer and fall. But some are hell bent on “their Rights” and not being told what to do!!! It’s not about your rights or your politics... it’s about health and a virus not spreading so we can go back to the race tracks we love as fans!! Something to think about for the 2021 racing season!!
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    Are you on a dial up connection by any chance?
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    There is a difference between traveling for races with equipment you already have and buying 15 tires (MINIMUM) that we will never use again. Do you have a card in the deck or just a fan asking questions and have not a dollar invested? Just curious Rob Hile
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    Promoters take notice. A four division show and the modified feature was on the track at 9:05.
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    I only work for Gypsum Racing 40 hours a week for the past 8 years and Spend the other 40 hours a week working on the family owned race team with my brother.... What would I know HAHAHAHA. ON a positive note I am glad Dirtcar and the tracks were able to come together and put on some late race shows together so we can go racing. Definitely has been a weird year. Looking forward to hitting all 6 shows with the 5H
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    It seems like they gave the folks from Rolling Wheels the password to their Facebook account with all the vague posts and weirdness. They posted another one that was just a map of NY with the Thruway outlined in red.
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    The Orange County Executive said that he is going to appeal to state officials using the model of the recently held Air Show, which had a drive in section and Seafood Festival which had a large turnout kept safely distanced. Its extremely frustrating to see these events held just down the road from OCFS and for some reason the state will not provide guidance and allow this track or others to conduct business. I certainly hope that part of the County Execs argument includes the economic impact tat Eastern States has to the immediate area.
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    Unlimited paid entry to the pits, at just about every dirt track in NYS, yet no one can openly sit/stand on the back of a truck or limited seating in the stands at any NYS dirt track. Toddler's to senior citizens photographed weekly all over social media and racing printings, yet "NO FANS" rule still in effect. A Banner at Syracuse on the last last of its history has ZERO to do with Gov. Andrew Cuomo being a complete piece of entitled trash! He has no clue what its like to be a "little guy" because he has always lived the entitled, do as I say, not as I do life. Its really that simple, as hard as it is for too many to understand. We where a bankrupt state before Jan 1 2020, yet many think that Covid-19 has caused our problems. They are some of the same that think speaking out against Cuomo has caused the tracks to stay closed. You could have hung a Cuomo for President banner at a dirt track in April of this year and there still wouldn't be racing at that track today, that's a fact that proves what kind of a human he really is. Change who is in charge of this state in all 3 levels and then all will see actual change for the better!! Happy Labor Day, rest assured all the labor unions of NYS still think the Democrats are the only choice when election day comes, the fact that they are destroying the very jobs these folks currently have, is a blind thought that even they cant see!!
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    I love the folks in the stands telling the racers why they're wrong and how many tires they'll need. Any other tips you have I'm sure Rebob would love to hear them.
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    The whole thing must be a smokescreen. There has not been a water truck seen in New York in decades. 😋😂
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    Like many have said before, it is WAY more fun to watch the fast cars come from the back instead of starting up front.
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    ...you're gonna regret this post when the announcement comes out.
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    its a 2 day show and there alot of unknowns... if you want to go there with a chance of winning you arent doing it with the 4 tires on your car and no spares. Are you going to need a 44 or 48 Right front...., 44 or 48 left rear..... 48,50,53,1B, 3B for the right rear? 4 inches of stagger or 7,these are the unknowns going to a track that is new to modifieds in long distance format.
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    DirtVision is taking over the Super DIRT Series for 2021, too. They'll show 100% of the Series schedule instead of the 60-70% we've seen via Flo.
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    Three big races on the same day provides a chance for someone not named Stewie or Super Matt to win one since those two can't be in three places at once!
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    What you know today as fact could be tomorrows rumor and could also fall apart in 24 hours thats racing...
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    I was slowly dying inside not being able to start any lists thus far, so, here we go! Getting a super late start on this, so hopefully I can get it going. I know I've got plenty of people on the "maybe" list that are very doubtful with Lernerville/Grandview/Outlaw all running that same weekend, but I kind of just copied and pasted my SDW notes from last year and added a few other guys off the top of my head. 100% Confirmed 02 Cory Costa 1 Billy Pauch 1J Jordan Watson 1K Rick Laubach 2 Jack Lehner 2 Billy Van Pelt 2A Mike Gular 2RJ Ronnie Johnson 3 Mat Williamson 3D Matt DeLorenzo 3G Brian Gleason 3J Joe Judge 4 Andy Bachetti 6 Danny Bouc 6 Matt Stangle 6c Josh Delea 9 Brett Tonkin 9s Matt Sheppard 11 Danny Hieber 12K Larry Wight 14J Alan Johnson 14w Ryan Watt 15 Danny Carlough 21x Eric Williams 25 Erick Rudolph 26 Ryan Godown 28 Mike Trautschold 29 Ryan Krachun 30 JoJo Watson 32 Brandon Grosso 33s Skylar Sheriff 34 Rusty Smith 35 Mike Mahaney 43 Jimmy Horton 44 Anthony Perrego 44 Stewart Friesen 51 Richie Pratt 51m Wade Hendrickson 55 Brett Haas 74 J.R. Heffner 91 Billy Decker 96 Billy Pauch Jr 97T Danny Tyler 111 Demetrios Drellos 126 Jeff Strunk 323ov David Van Horn Unsure/Need to Talk To X Chad Phelps 0 Dan Humes 02 Roy Bresnahan 06 Larry Mekic 1J Rocky Warner m1 Dave Marcuccilli 1NY Greg Atkins 1x Willy Decker 1z Jessica Friesen 3 Justin Haers 3 Chad Brachmann 3 Tyler Dippel 4 Billy VanInwegen 5 Nick Rochinski 5* Tyler Siri 5H Chris Hile 6D Dillon Steuer 6H Josh Hohenforst 7F Matt Farnham 7mm Mike Maresca 12x Dillon Groover 13 Rick Regalski 14 Kailee DiMorier 14NY Daniel Johnson B16 Alan Barker 17 Marcus Dinkins 17 Troy Palmer J17 Jeff Heotzler 19 Tim Fuller 19 Jessey Mueller 19jr Roger Henion 19K Brett Kressley 20 Brett Hearn 20 Max McLaughlin 20c Craig Hanson 21 Gary Edwards Jr 22 Brandon Walters 23 Kyle Coffey 27J Danny Johnson 28 Mike Trautschold 28p Eldon Payne 30 Craig Von Dohren 31 Ryan Riddle 32H Brian Hitz/Scott Hitchens 34 Dave Constantino 37 Alex Tonkin 37MD Jeremiah Shingledecker 38 Ryan Susice 38 Matt Hawkins 42p Pat Ward 43 Keith Flach 46 Jeremy Smith 48too Dave Rauscher 49 Billy Dunn 55 Kevin Sockriter 55 Allison Ricci 59 Ricky Davis 60 Jackson Gill 62s Tom Sears 63 Adam Roberts 65 H.J. Bunting 65 Rex King 76 Jimmy Blewett 83x Tim Sears Jr 84y Alex Yankowski 88 Dave Allen 88c Jared Umebanhauer 91 Carson Wright 93 Danny Varin 97 Bobby Hackel IV 98H Jimmy Phelps 112 Cale Ross 119 Brian Malcolm 121 Gary Tomkins 165 Rex King Jr 234 Adam McAullife 401 Frank Cozze 2020 Tyler Trump
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    For those who missed our broadcast from Albany-Saratoga on Friday night, track announcer Dan Martin made some heartfelt comments about Bob that I've documented to share here with everyone. Godspeed Bobco.
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    He drives a 2013 Higfab as well. Who says you need a Bicknell in order to win 🙂
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    That was paraded through the stands at DIRT Week at Syracuse? You know....tge one that said F*ck Cuomo? Hate to say it but this could definitely have something to do with the fact that there was hardly any racing in New York this season. That sign was so rejoiced in and praised and lauded. Not saying its true, but sometimes you reap what you sow. Hind sight sucks but maybe NY race fans can point the finger at those parading that banner through the stands as to why there hasn't been fans at NY racing events, or if there was...not for long. Just a thought.
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    OCFS in the 80's. Couple of guys with a few beers in them, but I don't think they were really drunk. They had a buddy in the expert street stocks. Well the family right in front of them had their father running in the same class. They also had some beers. Well the two drivers were running against each other and the father of the family ended up in the wall. The guys behind them got cheering and saying "take that you F***" and other similar obscenities'. Well the driver's daughter sitting in front of them got up, turned around, and punched one of the guys straight in the balls. Hard!!! He dropped like a rock, everyone was stunned for a second. His friends looked at her then looked at him laying down at their feet. They didn't know what to say. Everyone around them started clapping and then the two groups started laughing. They helped their buddy sit up. The girl turned around and kind of covered her face in embarrassment. It was definatelly a fun night in the half covered grand stands. The next week we went and sat back down in turn 1.
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    The numbers dropped in NYS and NYC because everybody left - GONE. Anybody that could, left NYC and NYS. Plus, he banned practically the whole country from coming to NYS. That's why the numbers went down. Less population equals less cases. He didn't do anything magical except make a lot of people go bankrupt and lose their livelihoods. Cuomo said and demanded the governors are in charge of their states. Now he wants to blame Trump. The guy is an egotistical maniac. I vote NO for communism.
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    It was hard but not impossible to pass at Port. Owens came from last to 7th, aided by yellows and guys having problems. TMac was up to 5th at the end, ran as low as 11th. Larson's car was excellent. Had he been 7th or 8th, he was still in with a shot. Satterlee was the show. BShep needed to go harder at the drop. Think some of those boys might have underestimated Larson and didn't go soon enough. There was a bottom, but it was HARD to keep it there. Timmy made hay down there but couldn't keep it pinned to the Armco and it was too loose up top. A day of testing and I think Larson would be right at the pointy end of the field in a Mod. I LOVE Port Royal. Ignore the fools who bemoan the Port track conditions. They all seem to want hammer down tacky. The hell with that. That slick they had allowed for racing and they were still fast. Port when it's gets slicked off is a track that will reward bravery to run up against the wall and punish you for stepping over the line. If you have limitless patience, you can run down on the bottom and make ground quietly while others are up the track making lots of noise not going anywhere.
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    Reutzel got Reutzel’d. Mess around enough you end up getting it back.
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    That damn governor of Iowa. What is he thinking? He must hate dirt racing.
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    The conspiracy theories get trotted out regularly on here that this is some kind of partisan vendetta against New York racetracks. When examples are given that show otherwise, there is either radio silence or doubling down on the conspiracies. Various leagues and events and conferences far bigger and more lucrative than New York racetracks have either canceled completely or are not allowing fans, and this board is still filled with nonsense that the governor of New York is the only person in leadership making such decisions.
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    Cuomo and many other democrat governors seem to want all family owned businesses to fail. It will be interesting to see how he comes up with revenue to balance his budget next April.
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    Big 10 football dwarfs New York dirt tracks in terms of money generated and fan interest and this board still wants to claim that it is only New York dirt tracks being singled out because something, something governor of New York. Who won the King's Royal in Ohio this year? Who won the Knoxville Nationals in Iowa this year? How big will the crowd be at the Indy 500 in Indiana this year? Is Cuomo the governor of Ohio and Iowa and Indiana and president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and president of Big 10 universities and Ivy League universities and MAC universities? Do the management teams at Eldora and Knoxville and Indianapolis all hate racing?
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    Why should it matter if Perrego had on the sail panels? It was still a modified or is it more because Varin is Fonda Hall of Famer? When the track record was first broke by a 80's style Gremlin modified did they note that in the record books? Did they note when Bodies changed in the late 80s? Perrego broke the record under the track rules. No need to add notes to anything.
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    Upset or not we will take it LOL. Thank you to Paul Cole, The Land of Legends Staff and also the Hears family for putting on such a cool event in Memory of a Great Man!! Justin called me on sunday and we talked for awhile and he was super happy we won it. Looking forward to Octoberfast in a few short weeks. Rob Hile
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    100% disagree. The signs had absolutely nothing to do with what is going on today. Since January, we have dealt with double talk, double standards and doubling back on promises. You kind of have to live here to know the whole drill. He says one thing on his morning tv show and repeats a clarification later on that day to make sure the wording was just right. He issues these new executive orders specifically aimed at auto racing in particular (only bars have felt the same wrath) and then reneges on previous promises for beating the number of hospitalizations and positive test cases (shopping malls come to mind here). There have been flat out lies about meeting goals that were achieved above and beyond any real expectations, and he has yanked back the reopening promises at the 11th hour because it meant relinquishing some of his executive power.
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    The senior citizens love the slots. What’s he trying to do, kill them all off?
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    Per Dean Reynolds, this will all be part of the FastPass deal.
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    You are just massively shitting on Dave Blaney, and I don't know why. Larson being a very good racer is not contingent on trying to cut down Blaney. Blaney's run in the original Teo Pro car was the most dominant Modified performance at Syracuse other than the Batmobile. He didn't win because the car broke while he was walking away from the field. Period. He also finished second in that race, what, three times? Whenever Dave Blaney ran a Modified at Syracuse, there was always a buzz around it.
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    I would love to see Nascar reinstate KYLE and Kyle say No thanks nascar i was just kidding!
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    Tires tear up front ends; walls tear up left front tires for the most part
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    you gotta think if Deyo had a 53k to win show at fonda last year...he could do it at the Port too.
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    Some places are and some aren't. This notion that dirt tracks are somehow being singled out or victimized while ignoring other sports forgoing billion of dollars in revenue is just silly.
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    I could see him trying to "save face" and allow super dirt week to happen.
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