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    It’s not worth arguing with douchebags who can never see something as good. “Only 39 cars” “3 of 4 heats won from the pole”. What is your point??? That was a high quality field of cars. Brett put on a great show and the crowd was as electric as the finish was. To those who always feel the need to bash a track or promoter for no reason...shut your mouths and find a new hobby, you whine ass. And as far as the $5000 drawing 60 cars? This isn’t 1987 anymore. Things change. Get over it.
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    Sounds like you need one of her tampons.
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    Guess what... I saw Mike Mallett on July 3rd at Fonda and said that I was getting tired of some of the nonsense on the DTD Forum and that I was ready to do a thorough house cleaning. Enjoy your vacation and we'll see you a year from now when you get back.
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    Are you going to go on every OCFS thread and say this same thing? Yes, sight lines are tough, but without a complete overhaul of the property this is what we have to deal with. Maybe you could put up some of your hard earned money to lend your expertise and vision for the future of the track. I am sure track management would love to have such a positive, constructive player on the team.
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    These are the times I wonder why we even bother with the message board on DTD anymore... Why be so negative about an event that you didn’t attend RJO? What’s in it for you? Is it just to get a rise out of people like Scott? (Who by the way just finished raising close to $4,000 for the Bill Ag dash and chooses to promote the positive side of our sport.) Im honestly curious because I see a lot of it lately. Why are race fans (in general) so damn miserable?
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    That's exactly what I I expected from you... Packed house of fans saw an AMAZING race!!!!!!!
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    Letting people put down blankets day(s) before the race is kind of a crappy policy imo
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    I choose what tires go around this track. I can assure you American Racer has called several times to offer their wares and their tire money as well. I happen to believe Hoosier has a much better tire for the Canandaigua surface regardless of the money. That doesn't mean that AR's are bad or that other tracks shouldn't use them. And newsflash - I choose to be affiliated with DIRTcar because the member tracks work together to offer multiple facilities to race at with a standard rules package. Whether you like or dislike the rules as they stand, the reality is it provides stability for the investment of individuals and teams in their equipment. If every track had different rules all through the northeast, racing would be struggling horribly and tracks would be closing left and right from lack of attendance. Does that mean every track should be DIRTcar affiliated? Nope. Many do just fine in their niche markets and they shouldn't upset what works. Running a racetrack is a business. Running a race team is a business. In order to have success, not everyone can be the same. And as in racing there will be winners and losers. However, those who are doing well should be modeled after and those struggling should look in the mirror to see if they are in the right business. I do that everyday in all of my businesses. I work hard to provide paychecks and opportunities to my employees, our race teams, their sponsors and yes even to my bank account. You won't commonly find the customers of McDonald's getting on a forum and complaining about what Wendy's should do with their burgers. Why does it make it ok with attacking racetracks? I will be the first one, every time, to tell you support racing at any track. DIRTcar or not, Asphalt or Clay, Late Models or Sprints, Adults or kids, any season and temperature. There is plenty of opportunities to find what fits your racing desires. Running down others is just bad business.
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    New York tracks : shit holes Sincerely, Tim Fuller
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    I'll take a last lap pass for the win instead of what took place.....
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    I think Rudolph did bump McLaughlin making the pass in turn one to take over the lead, but it was very slight. Nothing anyone could call "dirty." And I also think some people here are way too critical of McLaughlin. The guy was going for his first ever Super DIRT Series win. Yep, he dumped himself and Rudolph. If his dive to the bottom for a major slide job had worked, you'd all be saying it was the most brilliant move you had seen in years. Instead, it turned into disaster. I'll bet everything I own that it wasn't intentional, it was just taking the one chance he had to regain the lead and it failed. Here is another thing... who apologizes for something they intended to do?
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    max part timer doesnt give a shit, got passed by a pro , then #6 had a melt down, wouldnt even been in the lead if he didnt draw p1 ,
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    Talk about staying on topic...….. your reply is the pot calling the kettle black. You managed to express your political views on a forum that would prefer that you didn't. Being a Trump supporter, I'd rather you be deleted because of your Trump comments, instead of RJO. Gotta go...… the president is about to give his "Salute to America" talk
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    I was sorry to see JZ's car break. She was really wheeling that thing
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    Poster child drove from the rear after a flat and drag raced the best in the business to the line. Yeah, totally sucked. What did you do tonight? Yell at kids who were on your lawn?
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    LOLR from the inside of a race car for the first time in a few years. . . .
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    Please keep your closed-minded political views to yourself. This is a racing forum. There are people of all political leanings here, and every driver has followers from each side of the political spectrum. If Stewie or Matt start a political party, we might have room for that bullshit somewhere on here. I doubt it though.
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    Drove two and a half hours from CT up for this race. Got word that Riverside Drive was a parking lot so bailed in Amsterdam and came down 5. No problems. Parked about back in Johnstown though... LOL. HUGE crowd. Place was a zoo which made the atmosphere even better. Walking in it had that big race feel to it and the field didn't disappoint with many of the big boys in town. 39 cars is nothing to sneeze at and it was a quality field. Track was rough to start and I thought we were going to be in for a long night, but they go it fixed and the surface for the feature was pretty solid. When the green flew I figured anyone in the top 8 had a shot at it but when Stewie got the lead I thought it was over, but in the span of 30 seconds the top two blew up and blew a tire which changed the whole race. The next 19 laps were stunning. I am so glad I was there to see it. Stew's drive back to the front was nothing short of remarkable. One well timed caution gave him a chance and he did the rest. Passing one of the best, on the last lap, around the outside of Turn 4, with the entire grandstand on its feet going crazy. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Friessen, Shepherd, Rudolph top 3. Three of the best in the business right now. I don't know how anyone could ask for anything else out of that race or complain about that show in the least. Yes, the track was iffy to start, but it came around and provided one of the best races you're likely to see anywhere this year.
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    Yes the track was ruff for heats. It seemed to smooth out pretty good for the feature though . We see this quite often at a lot if tracks no? Seemed similar to what I saw just this past Saturday at LoL If anyone did not like this race program tonight at Fonda? They need to find a new hobby besides going to the races. A very good race . Done at decent hour . Despite starting 15 min late to let people arrive. Yet a half hour into show the line of cars still stretched out to thruway. The crowd was huuuuuge. Damn near standing room only . I don't get here much . But Fonda and or Brett must be doing something right I figure .
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    You’ll have to cry about someone else tonight. Finished p3 in her heat.
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    its so he can text mandee forv the blog
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    This has to close to some type of record for time since we have had a Sheppard topic .... thank god we have another one
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    Promoters take note ... it's not about the back gate!!! 100 cars in 2 classes and on our way home at a reasonable hour (10:15) .
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    the best thing i saw all weekend was Vern Lafave get out of his burning racecar at Oswego. by far the scariest fire I've seen there in almost 40 years of attendance. the safety crew had the fire completely out in 45 seconds.
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    Just. Don't. Go. It will be fine without you and your negativity. The prices are what they are. Deyo's prices are what they are. You have a choice.