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    Paul, Just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for educating all of the new and returning fans to Fonda Speedway last night. Your explanations of the divisions, handicapping and track procedures proves once again your professionalism and promotion of the sport. To take the time to run through everything and help all of the people understand what was going on and why certain things took place was a great selling point in having the new fans come back again and again. Of course the great racing put on by the driver's in all of the divisions made for a very exciting night. I'm very happy that you are the announcer at The Track of Champions and look forward to enjoying more races there the rest of the season.
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    Shouldn't need to be a rule, should be common sense.
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    Personally, weekly racing is usually better as a whole than a time trial format event. Time trials wont keep me away but i also know what to expect from each show. Honestly how can anyone say that a show with the fast cars starting up front is better than a show with the fast cars handicapped into the top 15, moving to the front?
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    They should run nothing but the modified class. Dump all the support classes just run 1 class. Skip hot laps and heat races. Line the cars up in the order they show up at the pit gate. Don't worry about a winners interview. Hand them their trophy while they are driving out the pit gate. Some fans don't have time for all the extra crap.
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    I can’t believe we need another post for this 🤦‍♂️
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    I’ll just stick to my weekly shows & let you guys argue about the specials.
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    They videotape everything Middletown does during the week, then do the exact opposite....
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    Maybe try pavement racing. Smooth and fast every week
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    They also could've cancelled at 2:00 pm and saved you the headache. Be thankful you got to go at all
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    The most amazing part is how many threads can be started about it.
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    Like I said in the original post, the only thing I'm confirming guys for is Saturday. Guys will get locked in on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday will be a complete show, so you don't have to be there the first 2 nights to qualify for the $100,000 to win show. It was announced at the start of the year Larry wasn't going to be at Fulton weekly. I understand what you're saying, but when would you suggest they run this show? There aren't any openings late in the year, and they already have their traditional ESW. If they run too late in the year they dilute that event. If they run the run the big race on a weekend you lose cars and fans that have to use vacation days. If you run on a weekend at the start of the year you risk cold weather and lose out on fans. This race was announced before quite a few tracks schedules were released. A lot of tracks are off that weekend or are running non-points. The biggest point funds I can think of pay $10,000 to win the title, this race pays 10 times that to win on this one night. I don't see anyone can even remotely argue having a $100,000 to win a race at ANY point in the season is "really awful".
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    Marc Johnson stealing one on the last corner at Albany Saratoga.
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    That is because they are not worried about trying to impress people on the Internet or caring what people think about where they do or do not race. It is a small, local team racing for fun. Dewease has won a hell of a lot of places outside central Pennsylvania over his career. He beat the Outlaws at Charlotte, has wins at Knoxville, Oskaloosa, Florida.
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    By paying admission, they are paying the bills....
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    Yes I did. Not everything in racing is dreadful, but you would never know that by some of the threads here. Too much of the content on this forum makes me wonder why I even bother coming here sometimes. I am going to start a thread like this every week in hopes of generating talk about the GOOD things racing has to offer. Your reply about the slicks on a wet track will make me look for video so I can see it too. That's exactly the idea behind this.
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    I def like the STSS format better. I find it more entertaining. The whole evening is entertaining. With the SDS, there is no sense showing up til the feature if your looking for action/passing. Yawn. I also get to watch a group of drivers that I don't normally get to see. More entertainment value & cheaper overall too.
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    Oh no, is this the end of a Matt Sheppard thread. How will we go on without constant news, opinions, and in depth discussion on the greatest man to ever live. O, yeah. Someone can start a couple more threads. 😉
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    Why travel hundreds of miles when you are making great money in your backyard.
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    Make sure to borrow DiamondDogs rose colored glasses for a flawless night of racing!
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    Marc Johnson catching Rocky without a caution and passing him on the last lap!
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    Whether it be STSS or SDS, these events for the most part are on weeknights and most people have to work the next morning. Don’t make these shows more than what they need to be. No support classes, save em for the regular weekend show, this is a special event. US Anthem only and first, sorry Canada, we’ll listen to yours when the race is there. No time trials. Top point drivers draw first for heat races. Make the heats worthwhile and give the drivers who got an unlucky pick a chance: 15 laps. Same for the consolation(s). No redraw. Start the feature according to how well you qualified. But invert heat order in feature. Example: Winner of first of six heats, starts 6th. 30 minute intermission. No long driver intro, we know who they are. Feature: 75 laps, cautions don’t count. Done. Make your 2-3 hr drive home safe, you gotta get a few hours of sleep before work tomorrow.
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    What did you expect when they line them up from time trails?
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    Dog, keep the updates coming. Ignore the BS. Keep posting the info.
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    KMG365. Anybody know if they have a re-rentry policy at Fonda?
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    I’m sure I’ll get bashed for this but here is my 2 cents! Glenn stepped forward and tried to replace something the state took away from the racers and fans!!! Glenn had commitments from NYS that didn’t go through. Glenn has to be one of the top people responsible for bringing the Northeast modifieds to thier popularity and numbers by establishing a uniform set of rules with a group of tracks to race on. Glenn didn’t need to do this to make a living a this point in his life , he did it because he loves the sport!!! So to say he tried to do this to take advantage of the state funding I think is idiotic. Ever see housing projects or office buildings get started and have trouble getting finished. This project can and hopefully will get done but it going to take positive thinking on everyone’s part. Negative posting don’t help . Who believed 10 years ago we could be looking at someone live through our phones? Glenn is a racer at heart!! He won’t give up trying. From what I heard there is someone else that has joined the group. Like Bob said if you think Carl, Bruno, Todd, and Gary got to be as successful as they are without being sharp business people I think your mistaken. Just remember Glenn doesn’t need this track we as racers and fan do!!!!