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    Why hate on someone that is trying to help the sport? Whether you like her or not, she is doing a lot more positive things for this sport than those who constantly post negative things on here.
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    Nobody is saying they aren't, what people are saying is there aren't 8 more just like them competing against them like in the 80's and 90's.
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    Final checkered falls at 10:03. Good car counts, good racing, first time mod winner, a meet and greet and a huge crowd. What more can u ask for in a 3 hour show.
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    You want opinions? Let's see how far this one goes.... There shouldn't be a rookie class for a class that is already a rookie class to start with. Let me clarify that. The Sportsman class as a whole is already a rookie class for the Modifieds. The original intent of this class was to give guys a chance to get some seat time before they moved into the Modified class. This is my opinion. Jack Johnson, Frankie Schneider, Will Cagle, Dave Kneisel, Alan Johnson, Dutch Hoag.... the list goes on forever, but they are the all time greats who never had an entry level division to get to Hall of Fame status. They dived in head first and got both feet wet when they decided to go racing. I love the Sportsman division, I really do. I follow as many of the various series events as I can. There are nights when the Sportsman cars put on the best racing of the night. The downside in the class is the guys with overinflated egos who don't remember how bad they sucked when they first started. And for some reason, everyone who is financially able to buy a Sportsman car these days thinks they should be winning races immediately. It doesn't work that way. You should be earning your way into the regular Sportsman feature by qualifying. The wins you get in the Rookie class only means you beat other rookies. If you want a REAL sense of accomplishment, start last in your heat race and win it against guys like Marcuccilli or Warner.
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    I own DS Detailing that is on the 1/4 of Matt Janczuk’s sportsman car for the past 4 seasons and my wife and I just opened Primal Tee Shop last year that is the main sponsor on Willy Decker JR’s (the son) sportsman car. Each sponsor is different then each other. Matts we supply fuel tires and other expenses as needed. With matt he takes care of his equipment very very well. So very seldom do I get a phone call for help on a big issue. For Willy being a younger driver trying to make a name for himself we made a deal where we will make all his aperal (hats shirts sweatshirts stickers) anything that he could sell to friends family and fans to bring money in to help his racing funds. Plus a little extra things here and there. A lot of people say it’s the worst investment but it all depends on who and how they carry your name. DS Detailing has done sooo many race car trailers in the last 4 years because of Matt. We hope Willy carries the Primal name the same way. So go buy a Willy Decker JR shirt and tell me what you think. Plus your helping out a young racer.
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    We need to thank the tracks for putting up some high dollar events early in the season!!!!!!
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    The most important thing you said was that the stands were 80% full. Even if it was 60% that’s a good improvement over recent years at Fonda.
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    I don't understand the premise of the original post. The field had Matt Sheppard, Danny Johnson, Billy Pauch and Ryan Watt as outsiders. Those are quality invaders. Do you think those guys would have showed up for a $2,000-2,500 to win show? The Valley and OCFS were also racing.
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    He was involved in a crash on the backstretch and wasn't happy with how it happened so he got out of his car and decided to go after another driver still in his car while cars were still moving on the track around the wreck. He should be put down for the rest of the year not just DQ'd.
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    my home track is far from dying..Cornwall Speedway is totally engrained in our community.
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    Counting Big Block wins only, the numbers don't lie... Alan Johnson's first BB win was on May 5th, 1975. His 100th BB win came on 9/4/82 at Canandaigua - after 8 years of competition. His 200th BB win came on 6/3/87 also at Canandaigua during his 13th year of competition. His 300th BB win came on 6/18/99 at Brewerton during his 25th year of competition. Alan's first Syracuse win was in 1983 - in his 9th year of competition. Brett Hearn's first BB win was on May 20th, 1978. His 100th BB win came on 7/8/86 at Drummond - also in his 8th year of competition. His 200th BB win came on 9/14/81 at OCFS - during his 14th year of competition. His 300th BB win came on 4/24/98 at Lebanon Valley - during his 21st year of competition. Brett's first Syracuse win was in 1985 - in his 10th year of competition. Matt Sheppard's first BB win came on May 3rd, 2003. His 100th BB win came on 6/9/12 at Canandaigua - during his 10th year of competition. His 200th BB win came on 9/1/16 at Lebanon Valley - during his 16th year of competition. Matt's current BB win total is roughly somewhere between 272 and 275 and COULD break 300 in his 19th year of competition. Matt's first Syracuse win was in 2009 - in his 6th year of competition. We've never seen these numbers before... In the 10 years from 2009 through 2018, he has racked up 245 BB wins. He is saying on his facebook page that he was undefeated in April of 2019 (I assume that means BB). The money he has won thus far this season in incredible at somewhere in the $40,000 ballpark. This is just the beginning of the season and he's already won at least 5 times. Had it not been for rain outs, he likely would be tiptoeing in the 10 to 12 range. I don't like the term "GOAT," because you can't use the same criteria fairly for all considerations. But when Matt Sheppard hangs up his helmet and retires from racing, it's entirely possible that people will look at him as the Tom Brady of Modified racing. I just want to point out 1 thing... I have been a fan since before Alan and Brett's racing careers ever started. Fans my age have always considered these two guys for being in the running for best ever and people from both sides have good arguments. But these numbers that Matt is racking up are not only on par with Alan and Brett in most cases, but ahead in some others. I really do think we are seeing something special here.
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    In the last 30 years of modified racing there is a top tier of drivers, these guys are not only incredibly gifted with talent, but they work extremely hard and have some of the best funding available. These guys are always going to excel and win more. Matt and stew are in that highest echelon of drivers. They seem to dominate the bigger shows consistently at higher rate than those before them because those guys had 6 to 10 of the greats all in their prime all together, only so many wins to go around. Where as now it’s seems to be the matt and stew show each time they unload together. If they were both set back 25 years ago, they would still win plenty of races, but so would bob, jack, alan, dr., Brett, billy, etc. Neither are cheating, both are probably more basic with their cars than anyone, they have no loose ends, and limited variables. Their driving talent overcomes a bit of an ill handling car, where most guys can’t get the most out of a good handling car. They rarely unload out to lunch, and they limit mistakes. That’s what the great ones do.
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    I have been attending Fonda as a 6 year old in 1953, a modified driver & owner from 1968 to 1972 & a fan after that & I'm here to tell you that the track has been rough thru 1 & 2 due to drainage problems ALL those years.....not anything new. Last nite was one of the best opening nite track conditions I have seen there
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    And look at the bright side. We got to see a race. If this was the last 3-5 years it would have been canceled at 7am. We complain if there isn’t full fields now we are complaining that there was more then a full field but not enough to send people home
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    I can answer that. It started when it became popular to jump on the "Hate DIRTcar" bandwagon and criticize everything.
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    I see we have a new Village Idiot.
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    Fulton has plenty of seats zero to few bad ones. I would not even consider paying for reserved. Heck You could show up at 8pm and find a good seat. I do get the old ones were much better. But getting the reserved was part of your issue. There is room to stretch out everywhere else. And no obstuctions. The track is below in a bowl
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    Every topic turns into a Matt Sheppard topic except the one about Matt sheppard
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    Ironically... thats what Perrego actually said in the post race interview
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    So, you're saying the only modified track still running as of now is Big Diamond?? This is going to be awkward for Uncle Tom...
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    I believe its five divisions Tuesday. But in my opinion, that is too much as well. Two divisions preferred, three tops should be the norm for midweek specials
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    I agree with a lot of that. Obviously, the best drivers would win in any era. But a generation ago, there were so many more guys out there that were capable of dominating or putting together big seasons. Many of the same stars of the 1980s are still out there today, except now they are old men. In 40 years of following Modified racing, I can't ever remember a time when it was seemingly so boring or predictable to me
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    If you run Hoosiers against A/R your guaranteed to have zero shot at running well, don’t bother showing up.
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    Ahhhh the official sign that the racing season is underway: A Creeden DQ.
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    Early in the year when literally every other track in NY cancels gives you a great opportunity to get a big car count because racers are itching to get out there.