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    I don't comment on here a lot, but we wanted to correct a few things. First off, the events in Louisiana, while using STSS rules, are not run by us. Brandon Hightower did offer the opportunity for myself and a couple STSS officials to go down for the event. However, I am running on a skeleton crew until racing gets back in full swing, so I have been on the seat of a John Deere this week mowing at Georgetown Speedway and preparing for track rentals this weekend. As much as it would have been fun to go down to Louisiana, it wasn't in the cards for me. I will be watching on DTD though! Secondly, the NC/SC events were not point events. No one was forced to go. Some invited drivers, like Craig Von Dohren and Ryan Watt, said it didn't work for them. But for a lot of people looking to get out and shake off Cabin Fever, it did work. At one time our waiting list to go included over 40 drivers. Thirdly, the purses paid were far from paltry. Over three nights, including two where fans were not in attendance, we paid out $55,710 to the STSS Modified teams. That was just the base purse for two 40-lap and one 50-lap features. On top of that, fans donated $1,100 which was added to positions in the middle and back of the field. Another $5,195 was added in various bonuses sponsored by businesses and fans. So, in total, drivers received $62,005 in cash plus contingency awards. 10th-place averaged between $550 and $800 dollars at these events. Our visit to NC/SC will definitely open doors for future, full series events possibly in conjunction with our Florida swing, etc. The locals were very impressed with our style of racing. Was it a big money-maker for anyone? Not really, us included having no fans. But we got back racing, gave people some entertainment and got some exposure for our sponsors. The atmosphere was upbeat. It was something I will never forget. As I have said many times before, racing is a portion of my livelihood. I also handle marketing/advertising for the Melvin Joseph companies in Delaware. It was not a "desperation" move to go south. It was a "we all miss racing move" and it definitely got the sport buzzing again. The upcoming event at Potomac Speedway on June 7 is a South Region points-paying event and carries the full series payout of $5,000 to win, $1,000 for 10th and $400 to start ($25,570). For the base of our racers who support the South Region, Potomac is a three-and-a-half-hour ride, even closer (2 and a a half) for our Delaware teams. My goal is to complete all 8 South events so our drivers get their full point fund since we started the series on March 7 at Georgetown before the virus situation. Everyone is entitled to an opinion of our series and me personally, good or bad, but I wanted to put the truth out there. I hope we can be back in full swing in the Northeast very soon, but going south was a lot of fun. -Brett Deyo
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    You do realize comparing DIRTvision and DTD Tv is like comparing an elephant to an ant. DIRTvision is a NATIONAL company, DTD Tv is local. DTD Tv shares revenue with the promoter unlike other sanction bodies that by rights and the promoter gets NOTHING. We are a regionally based series. Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, we are Northeast based. Our fan base is in the 100,000's not the millions that DIRTcar/Flo and others enjoy. If big-blocks were national and our ability to get thousands of subscriptions was possible, things could be different. We are living a different reality. Comparing us to other PPV providers is not a fair comparison. The purse for this event is $30,000 with 30 cars in the pits and no fans. It's going to be a tough nut to crack. We thank Brett Deyo for taking the chance with us that we can help him get it done and hopefully get to that number. It's a HUGE risk for all involved. And one final thought. DTD offers this site for free with constant updates etc. We've looked at going to a subscription base like most media has gone as far as the site. We just don't like that model. We have to keep paying the bills. Like a promoter, track etc, we need to make money to pay bills. We have great partners thankfully, but when you look at work vs reward, most people would have quit this gig a long time ago. We are fortunate to have passionate fans that own this site, that write and shoot photos. Without them working for nothing, we'd be done. We hope that you watch, but if you chose to not to watch, we understand that as well.
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    I've had to clean up political nonsense out of three different threads tonight. If we are unable to maintain the request to keep political opinions off of this message board then I'll just start handing out 90 day vacations to people. No more warnings. The next posts I have to "Hide" or "Delete" because of political nonsense are also going to carry a 90 day suspension for the person who posted it. And if you get suspended don't even think of complaining for a reduced sentence. We've asked multiple times and have been ignored. At this point i'm two steps away from taking the forum down completely.
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    I swear I'm not trying to be a PIA here. I appreciate you listening to everyone's feedback. and experimenting with a lower price point and I was about to say I'm 100 percent in on purchasing this but then I realized it's not the modifieds. It's not comparing apples to apples if you're offering a show at a discounted rate that doesn't include the class that carries the fan base. (I'm not saying this is right or wrong as I fully am aware the effort that goes into the sportsman/pro stocks/four cylinders etc. is just as much and I enjoy watching those classes too.) But you can't make an honest comparison for a show that doesn't include the modifieds and use that as data against your traditional pricing because it's not a like comparison. If this had a 30 lap mod race included, then we're talking and I think it'd be a fair comparison. Lastly, thank you once again to all of DTD.TV for their efforts to bring us live racing during this time and thank you to Bill and Kim Shea for agreeing to this. I look forward to tuning in to a broadcast in the near future!
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    Alright... everyone head to the beer cooler, grab a cold one and cool down. I didn't take offense to anything anyone said here, I understand that I opened myself up a bit and that a lot of folks in the Northeast care about mostly the modifieds. The purpose of my original post was twofold: I wanted to do is advertise a show that, in my opinion, was being offered at a more than reasonable price and, I wanted to call the DTD faithful to action to purchase that show and support Bill and Kim Shea at Utica Rome DTD Tv was born at the Utica Rome Speedway under their ownership. Without them being willing to take that initial leap I'm not sure DTD Tv is even in existence today. They are extremely close friends of us here at DTD and its no secret that they've had a tough go of it over the past few years thanks to mother nature. At $9.99 we needed to sell a lot of subscriptions to turn any kind of profit. Last night's show was the most viewed event at Utica Rome in the history of DTD Tv being there. So let me just say THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a pass last night. I laid down a challenge and y'all accepted. I respect that. I hope everyone enjoyed what they saw because the racing in both the pro-stocks and sportsman was fantastic. Our focus now shifts to Can-Am and Outlaw on Friday night before heading to BAPS on Saturday, then down to Potomac on Sunday for the STSS South Region show. No rest for the weary...
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    It's time to go racing with fans in the stands. Lets face it, the riots have put an end to social distancing. If people can loot together we can watch the races together.
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    I've put a little 'Racing Stimulus' post up on my facebook page. Any driver planning to go to this event can comment on my post and their name will be eligible to win a gas card donated by my race team. The gas card started at 100$, there have been 2 donations of 25$ each, making the total 150$ now. I'll do a live facebook draw to determine who gets the gas card. If anybody here is racing the event or knows someone who is, please send them my way. I'd like everybody to get a chance to win and hopefully we can get the donation amount higher!!
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    I wore a mask at Penn Can long before anyone heard of corona virus. Would not bother me one bit to do it again.
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    The score as of right now is 14 to 8. 14 is the number of replies on topic. 8 in the number of replies to needless bickering about stimulus checks. As a fellow race fan, and as a father and husband....I am qualified to say that we can do better.
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    No matter what I say in reply here, you're only going to find fault with it. There was a time when I actually cared about that, so I'm not even going to try. Everyone affiliated with managing this website has other things to do than sit here and babysit the bickering like they once did and could. That's how things get out of control for so long these days. We've all got other things chipping away at the time we set aside to be here. It's gotten so bad over the last year and a half to two years that I practically dread coming here because I know I am going to walk into a shit storm. I volunteer to do this. I get nothing in return other than a bunch of static about how I run the show. And I've caught hell more times than I can count from track owners and promoters who weren't happy about allowing people to voice their opinions. It's a pretty shitty feeling not feeling welcome at those tracks when that conversation is done, let me tell you. And all because I volunteered to let people talk. Here's an idea... why not start your own racing forum and see how long it takes you as lead moderator to wonder WTF you got yourself into?
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    Any chance at all that one of you guys that want to keep the circular arguement about politics going could be bothered to start a thread specifically for that so the rest of us don't have to read all the bullshit in case there might be a small reference to something that might have to do with the topic?
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    Shame on a promoter for giving teams an opportunity to race and exposing dirt modifieds to new areas.....
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    Not wanting to get into a pissing match on a Internet forum? How's that working out for you? You do it in almost every thread.
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    When race fans give feedback, unlike any other customer base, we get accused of "bitching" or being bad fans or bad for the sport etc... No one is saying anyone is being greedy, it's just feedback that the price point is a little high. I would think $19.99 per race or $30 for the 2 races might attract more people to give it a go.
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    I knew exactly how this thread was going to go the minute it started. I used to enjoy learning about events, learning from people who know things about the cars that I don't know, hearing stories of old drivers and racetracks. But I don't know how much more of this stuff I'm willing to see. Over the past month and a half I've learned that the users of this forum believe the n-word is fine to use (especially if it was in a phrase that's been used for a long time, doesn't matter it originated in a racist way), are completely fine with calling our 1 black president a religion he isn't, complained that the only reason the 1 black nascar driver was in the cup series was because of the diversity program (despite the fact that he has a very similar career so far to Ty Dillon, who used his grandfather's connections to get his ride. I doubt anybody on here really cares about that though because at least he didn't have to "use" a diversity program). I don't see the humor in "All white lives matter too", I guess I'm in the minority here. I know I can't convince a group that is most likely all older white guys that racism exists. And that I'm probably a "snowflake libtard" for pointing this stuff out. What's sad for me is this forum could be used for people to become new fans of dirt racing. I've learned so much on this site. But imagine a black man coming to this forum and seeing what has been said on this thread and other threads over the past few weeks. Do you honestly think that they would become dirt racing fans? Or even if they loved the racing, ever return to this website again? I would like to believe that both dirt fans and those that run DTD would love to welcome any racing fans, of all cultures and races, to join in and become fans of the sport and continue to help it live on into the future instead of die out. But I just haven't seen that. Then again, who knows if anyone really cares on here about that anyways.
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    It's fine for thousands of Black Lives Matter & Antifa's to congregate, but race fans can't.....I call BS
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    So much weird stuff in your post. Is there some reason you can't come out and type the name Rocky Warner? And Hartman definitely isn't 15.
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    We always had too much fun together. She was the best. I am going to miss her a lot. Even tho I am in Florida, we kept in touch thru text. I'm having a hard time not crying or being depressed as she would not want that of anyone. I'm thinking of all the great times we had together and there are a lot of them and I'm sure everyone that knew her has many good memories too. Dick Sweet
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    Play by the rules. I want to get going as much as anyone, but my concern with this is how they will abide by CDC and NYS guidelines and orders. All I was aware of was masks, and social distancing; up to 5 people per team. If you get 60 teams to show with 5 people per team, that's 300 people within less than a 1/2 mile radius; far above the less than 10 people gatherings and social distance guidelines. The tests that have happened already had very strict plans. You can call this BS or whatever, but regardless of your feelings, the government and Cuomo are currently the 'law of the land' so to speak. So if you push the envelope before your time, will it ruin it for the year, or other facilities? Right now we could possibly be racing by end of June or beginning of July if all goes well within each phase. If we push, and the government wants to push back hard enough and make an example, especially after they notified Fonda and this was made public, would they shut it down for longer, or even the year? Fines big enough that he would not recoup costs even if they could open, especially if we have to run with limited or no fans when the time comes? Fines are set at up to $10,000 per violation, but I have not been clarified through our business on what a violation constitutes....is it per day, per person, etc. Additionally, Would these actions resonate through all capital district tracks and cause implications for those not involved (ie shutting down racing completely in the area for the year if they want to make an example). There are many unknown aspects to all of this to make any determination. The thing we need to keep in mind about all of this is to be smart, and think of how your actions may have a larger effect, and affect other people/places. Just my two cents
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    This, this is what I'm talking about. Mr. Miller was just mentioning a simple thing him and his gf have decided. Wasn't political. But it was how to keep it from making it a problem. He didn't attack either side. Though I'm sure he could if he wanted to. But he took the high road. There are just some people who just can not let it go. And attack anything that doesn't directly justify their unjustifiable comments. altkevin you were the reason I decided to stop discussing anything political on here. Anyone can make a simple comment, sarcastic statement, or just a little funny joke towards a political party or idea, or even just a non-partisan comment for that matter and then just move on. But you seem to have to justify your uneducated opinions upon every topic. No one can make any remark that you do not agree with; and you can not go a single comment without making an attack at anyone or any opinion that doesn't agree with you.
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    The issue is Mr. Miller is that when things are new and small they are more appreciated. As they become more popular and bigger. They draw more types of people. Good and Bad. You've had to of seen this with certain race promoters, tracks, and series. Just last week Mr. Mallet and others were basically being attacked on their business model on streaming races. Totally uncalled for of course. Because if they didn't start their streaming site. Would we have been able to see the great shows that we were able to only because of them? The bigger you get the more people want you to offer more for less. If you take away this forum I would foresee a descent decline in hits to the front page. When I originally came to this site I didn't even realize it had a forum. I read it for years without knowing about it. The link was called something like Dirt Talk for Dirties or something. When I found the forum I actually found it almost more informative then the front page. What it was and what it is now is greatly different. And I actually enjoy even more of what it has become. I do miss some of the talent that use to be with the site. But they seem to pop up every now and then. And I got to see them on MavTV now, which is cool to see they are doing so well. The worst thing I might of done is actually joined the forum. I read it for years. Obviously I'm a very opinionated person, but I love to do factual research and compare opinions. I think I've learned more about racing from this forum then any of the 40+ years of races I've gone to, or magazines I've read, or shows I've watched. I've never been very much of what you would call mechanically inclined or experienced. I learned to change my own oil and tires before I could get my permit. I've even changed my own brakes. But I get so fascinated reading the in's and out's of racing on this forum. How series works, how tracks work. On another point I don't think there is a single track promoter who wasn't trying to do the best they could. And all of them make mistakes. And very few people can really appreciate what they are trying to do. Even the ones that really shouldn't of tried to do it in the first place. I can understand track owners and promoters getting upset in reading negative comments. But that is part of the business now. They need to appreciate both the bad and the good that is said about how the track is run or is doing. They need to learn the difference between constructive criticism and just people who are just are what we call Trolls who just like to hate. I think with every complaint you need to look at it and see if it has any warrant. And always remember the people posting never know all the circumstances behind what they are saying. And always remember the positive remarks and opinions, and take those to heart. But if there are enough criticisms you need to look at them closely, don't look at them as negative. Look at them as if they are more like breadcrumbs or clues to something you made need to look at. But always remember you will never ever make everyone happy. If your having good turn outs in the pits and stands, you know you are doing something right. Same goes with this forum, especially this forum. Imagine how many complaints Facebook gets every 10 minutes. I be that is more then dirttrackdigest.com has received in it's existence. Big difference here is we know who owns the site. We know they not only read the forum but are a big part of it. I beg them to not take the criticisms and negative comments so personally. Same with Mr. Miller, for someone who says they are getting sick of the forum. But who has given how many years of his free time to it? Since it's existence? You have stayed. And from what I've read 99% of the people who use the site and this forum respect you and the owners of the site. Lately it has been worse, and I directly blame the Covid Crisis. I've been one of the worst offenders, trying to argue my facts and opinions vs other's. We are all very stressed, very very stressed. And its not going to be over. But I think now, the users (like myself) on this site really need to step back. Take a big breath and/or a good walk. Clear our minds. And realize that one of the reasons we are able to get through the days is because of all our love of this website.
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    I don't know how much more of this political talk I can stand.
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    This kind of thing is unfortunate when you look at what World Racing Group spent time putting out on their website (that he and other Indiana tracks could have downloaded for their own use) to try to put forth an organized, extremely detailed plan. He took the opposite approach, defied state guidelines and probably set the whole industry back in the state even further. The situation sucks. But if your state is saying "Don't do X"... no matter how much it sucks.. just don't do X. I just saw a tweet this morning that South Korea is shutting down their bars and nightclubs again for 30 more days because they were able to trace a sudden spike in new cases back to a single person. They have done an amazing job at controlling their outbreak to reopen their country safely, whereas here it's like we're all just annoyed by it so consequences to ourselves and others be damned. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/south-korea-faces-flare-up-in-coronavirus-cases-tied-to-nightclubs
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    Let me clear the confusion... We offered a PPV event, then the next 4 pages were spent by either people complaining about the price, or us having to explain the reason for the price. We're at a point where we're tired of being told how to run our business. The next thing that goes will be the entire forum, because i'm about done with it as well. Between all the political nonsense (which we've asked people to stop multiple times and they just don't) and the constant complaining it's becoming a complete drain.
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    One of the stupidest sayings ever. I'm a delivery driver who bends over backwards to service my customers well. And sometimes, no matter what you do, the customer is an asshole.
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    Why can't everyone just be happy that DTD has taken the effort to bring live racing availability to us at this time...$50 for two nights of live racing & no other expense......How many of you spend $20 in fuel to get to the racetrack, spend at least $10 per person & another $10 on food & a soda.....at least...times that by two & see how much more it will cost you to go there while you can sit in your own chair & not have to get up & let everyone in your row by every 10 minutes for the restroom or the beer booth.....I think it's a helluva deal @ $50. If you don't want to spend the money, just continue to watch cartoon racing
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    I don’t think the last sentence could be any further from the truth. What the world did in putting safety first saved lives. How many lives will never be known but there is no question it had a significant impact. To think otherwise is to live in the land of make believe
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    Alright... The #1 complaint we get about DTD Tv is that it's too expensive... More people would purchase it if it was cheaper... Well, Bill and Kim Shea at Utica Rome have agreed to lower the price for their "Conquer Corona 30" event on Wednesday, June 3rd to just $9.99. The event will feature 30 lap main events for the DIRTcar Sportsman and DIRTcar Pro-Stocks paying $1,000 to win each. I'll be following the numbers on this event closely to see if the lower price point does in fact generate a substantial increase in viewers. I'm skeptical, but public opinion says it will. I hope the public proves me wrong... 😎 And a big thank you to Bill and Kim at Utica for going along with this little experiment. They're taking a pretty big risk given they can't have anyone in the grandstands for this event.
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    With the current protest, rallies and riots on tv for the past 10 days. It’s time to put covid-19 to bed...
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    It can't be a protest unless mysterious pallets of bricks appear out of nowhere.
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    Had a freaking blast down there last week, guess they liked having our modifieds down there, too. Chatham and Brandon Hightower just announed another show, November 13-14, $20,000 to win!
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    Brett - Thank you for all that you do for modified racing. Anyone claiming you forced guys to race for paltry purses is both clueless and not much of a race fan to begin with. Racing in general is a passion far more than a money maker. Your passion is unparalleled in the promotional department. Teams have been “forced” by points to go to SDW for years....and for everyone including the eventual winner thousands of dollars were lost before a green flag was dropped for the week. Keep doing what your doing...it’s greatly appreciated and needed in the northeast modified world.
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    I almost never buy PPV anything . It feel it takes away money I need to attend events. But for a couple different reasons I figured yesterday was a good time to make an exception. One, I have yet to attend an event in 2020 and it is almost June.... Two , DTD does a great job with news, stories, and updates. And has never charged me for any of that . A lot going on at DTD . Not just a forum. Three , I wanted to support the STSS. Deyo was able to find a way to get the dirt modifieds back out there racing!! thank you Brett Video is nothing compared to being there but...... DTDtv and the STSS gave the teams the opportunity to race , and the fans an opportunity to view it Purchased the 3 day and very happy with what I have watched so far last night! A big Thank You Very Much to DTDtv, the STSS and Ray Cook 👍
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    I don't have any monetary interest in this website I just volunteer here to help keep things civil on the forum portion. Silly me for thinking that the visiting population, who are mainly adults, could carry on conversations in such a manner.
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    When you call it China Flu you are creating a resentment towards Asian Americans. These people who are living their lives in the US but who are of Chinese dissent had nothing to do with the origin of this virus and shouldn’t be made to blame whatsoever. It’s a statement that helps to deflect from the poor response, the dismissing of responsibility and casts others in an unfair light. It’s Trump 101 and it works because it plays to his audience. “So called oppression”? Open a book my man and look at our history. You cannot seriously be that ignorant, can you? And white males are biggest group of under privileged people? My goodness. Sigh. But I’ll tell you what I see happening; too many white people live off the success of their forefathers. Grandpa had a great business and handed it down. He enriched the next two maybe three generations. But in doing so he made it too easy and the recipients in many cases have gotten lazy. And in doing so this group is getting outworked and now the better jobs are not automatically going to them but are going to others who are equally or better qualified. And rather then work harder it’s just easier to say it’s no longer fair as a white person. Yes anyone can make their own fortune. I could cite thousands of examples. It is becoming harder to do; that I grant, but it is still done. I grew up in a small farming community of 400 residents and my brother graduated from MIT with his masters in engineering. It can be done. NASCAR introduced a diversity program to try and help buoy a sport that has been in steady decline for years. Interesting that you mention the NFL and NBA but fail to mention the NHL. It’s sports; the best should be in these leagues. Who cares where they are from or what they look like. I sure as heck don’t. And you do know the history of segregation right? Baseball and Jackie Robinson? Universities that didn’t permit black students. You have seen white only entrances, hotels, water fountains? You have to have huge balls, I’ll give you that to look past or completely ignore history to try and make a point. We don’t celebrate Columbus Day living in Canada so I cannot comment. But I do celebrate Christmas. I wish others a Merry Christmas and as the father of three little boys I enjoy the season and the spirit of giving. You are trying to margenalize my comments but you don’t know me the same way I don’t know you. As I’ve said numerous times, I am right of centre politically. I just don’t have a tolerance for bullshit and if it offends some then so be it.
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    Worry about the important stuff like.... Like, will they let us go out, and come back in 🤣
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    The rich fund both parties. Yours isn't any better than the other. It's a system set up to help the rich and powerful stay that way. The best thing for both of the parties is that they create as wide a division in the american people as possible. Because the more you dislike the other side and think your side is needed to save the country, the more likely people are to donate. And not only that, but the more likely people are to overlook the wrongs that the politicians on their side have done because "at least he/she isn't a _________ (fill in the blank with whatever political party you don't like)" This means that politicians can continue to help out the rich and powerful on their side regardless of whether or not it's actually better for the country or the people who voted for them. Because at the end of the day, you probably won't question the politicians on your side. One side will watch Fox News and trust it while thinking that CNN is fake news, the other side will watch CNN and laugh at what is going on at Fox. They want exactly what is going on in this forum. Side A person says something negative about a politician on side B, and a side B person ignores that and attacks side A with something else. It's just a back and forth that will never end and that's what they like about it.
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    I'll tell you all what the real issue is: Nobody wants to see the other side's point of view, only their own...happens when there's incidents on the track or off just like it does in every other aspect of life. I chose to try to be of help in this situation...granted, I haven't gotten very far, but at least I'm trying...and I gotta tell ya, it's super hard to bite your tongue in this day and age on social media...I could be flaming people like Godzilla flamed Tokyo at this point, but it wouldn't solve anything and I'd regret it moments after I did it. Just my own opinion here: What we need is an open dialogue and (with input from all sides) a clear, consistent, concise path to allowing our industry to get back to work like other industries have been given...seems that until that happens, not much if anything is going to move forward...and that's what quite a few of us are lobbying for and talking to people about. Advocating for tracks to 'cowboy up' and open in the face of resistance from local/state officials will only make things worse and could put us in a situation where the state mandates and governs how we handle all aspects of our business...which I'd bet none of us want. I agree, taking a beat, walking away, and taking a breath are important things to do...my wife's had to remind me of that a few times when I've been ready to go nuclear during this whole process. These are not easy decisions to make, because the whole is much, much bigger than our small part of it...and it's all connected. Best I can say is let's think positive, remember the good times, and be ready to support our sport fully and completely when it does return. Stay healthy everyone.
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    Just a few thoughts: - why not just make an official announcement that there is no more political references. Maybe designate one thread that's allowed to have anything to do with politics. I found it somewhat entertaining but I'm not the one moderating all the posts either, so I can see your side of it. The board might be a little dry right now with no racing but it sounds like it would help the staff members at DTD. - would more volunteers to help moderate help out? - I'm not sure real names would help. I've seen really heated debates on Facebook. - I'd like to think a lot of the traffic generated by this site is because of the forum. So, as much of a pain that it is, would the daily visits/traffic go down? I'm just thinking this could affect marketing dollars. - I'd be disappointed to see the forum go since there's a lot of good info on here and lots of great shared content that I would have missed otherwise. With that said, a big thanks to everyone at DTD for putting up with our nonsense at times, giving us this virtual space to hang out, hard work, and countless hours that you give for this site.
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    Bob Miller,please don't get disgusted,as easy as it could be,most if us appreciate you for what you do for racing.there would be a big void in the racing community and we wouldn't get a lot of racing news anymore if it wasn't for guys like you volunteering your time,political snowstorm is what red and blue seem to want,we shouldn't play into it with our racing friends.dtd is an important part of many peoples lives right now,you see stats how many read here.you do a decent job here don't go anywhere.anybody that can should sign up for upcoming Ppv races and support this site.I appreciate what it has done for the racing community,please heads up keep up the good work.thank you,sincerely,ccbcrewchief
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    Wondering if 2 more get added. Don't the Friesens and Johnson/Siri usually only take 1 hauler, too?
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    i'm sorry our service doesn't fit everyones needs to those who like what we do and support us Thank You... I'm done trying to justify what we charge as everyone with zero skin in the game seem to have all the answers. All it takes is money and you can own it. .
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    The sad thing about this whole deal is that we've got very little left to talk about... they took it all away. I've still got my fingers crossed that we'll have some sort of a season, but I couldn't say when that will be. Seems like the powers that be like torturing us. They'll say something today that gives us hope, and then tomorrow will say no sports until everyone shows proof that they have been vaccinated. And I never realized how much of a sports junkie I was until this shit hit the fan. I watch the news every night looking/hoping/praying for some kind of fresh highlights. I'd take Soccer, Australian Rules Football or even Cricket but I don't really even like those sports. The local news in Syracuse has voting contests where people can pick the best players in sports to play there. This SUCKS! I can promise one thing though. The political talk stops here the second we start turning laps locally again. And there will be no tolerance whatsoever for whining or bitching about racing because we now know what it's like to not have any. Either enjoy it or STFU.
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    And if the weather is bad, they take a bath. They have a price point that they need to make money. Who are you to question it? The Mom and Pop store verse the box store is the best analogy. You don't see Home Depot and Wal Mart sponsor the local little league team, but DTD sponsors local racing.
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    Do the math and that just shows how shitty the wages are for so many people. Doesn't sound like the "greatest economy ever" to me. Just more proof that things were not as good as the trump base wants people to believe.
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    The fascination with Sprints is easy... Speed and danger. Don't judge Sprint Cars on what you might see in NY. Go to a place they race normally and it's a different story. Dicing two or three wide while slicing though traffic at 130mph+ with catastrophe just a heartbeat away... Not hard to see the allure. Late Models, they're so much faster than I thought. Not until I saw them in person did I understand.
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    STSS is leaving DIRT in the dust right now with the scheduling of shows. Certainly factors working in STSS advantage is more of its “base” following is more of the PA/NJ group than the CNY dirt regulars and most of the DIRT base is in Canada/NY, which are further behind in opening up. However, Brett Deyo has certainly been aggressive getting after it working the phones to promote shows and get racing in. Kudos to him for that.
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    While watching tonight's truck race, I heard that Halmar delivered 16 tons of supplies to food banks in 4 states. If I'm wrong about those numbers or info, please correct me. Whether you root for his drivers or not, that man has done so much for racing, OCFS, Stewart Friesen and many other drivers, and, more importantly, his actions show he cares not just about race fans but this country and the people who are going through such tough times now. Thank you, Mr. Larsen.
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    Media manipulation is absolutely a thing..but you are not correct in saying "that video proves that ABC has an agenda and that the local affiliates are told word for word what they must say." In a way, you've unknowingly been a victim of media manipulation yourself... since the video you linked to is from 2020, but that actual compilation are what are known as "must-runs" from Sinclair-owned stations across all networked affiliates (NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, The CW, and Univision alike) from 2018 and all 193 affiliates had to run certain segments, including this "fake news" one, and was the subject of many reports when it was first compiled. So the conglomerate Sinclair is the one that's manipulating their once-trusted local news media members and forcing them to run these types of stories. Here's a section from a good article to read how Sinclair has amassed all the local affiliates how they're manipulating their anchors: The entire article is here. I know my opinions differ with many on this board. I implore you, read that article I linked in its entirety before accepting something like "this is proof that ABC has an agenda" and then sharing it further. It's the same thing as the meme that was shared about the gentleman that died of coronavirus where people were saying it was proof that deaths were being double counted, but a few extra Google searches debunked that and showed that different media outlets focused on different parts of his accomplishments in life.
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    Hey let's be thankful for DTD TV for bringing some racing to us. Also be thankful that you arent the one sharing a room with Mallett for 2 nights.
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