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    Threads like this make my blood boil, mainly because so much of what has been said on here is simply not true. I read some of the posts and as someone who builds engines for a living I just sit here and shake my head. 1st off in the BB vs STSS debate you are spending just as much on a “open small block” as you are on a big block. We just did one and it was $49,000, a brand new big Block is 49,500, both were built with the absolute best of the best parts, the big Block you turn 7500 rpm, the small block you turn 8500-9000+ rpm so the people on here saying it’s cheaper to rebuild a Sb than a bb you are WRONG. A big Block will run 1500-2000 laps before freshening, a small block at 9000 rpm, 1000 laps is a safe number. The harder you turn it the more stress on the parts. I can guarantee you all the fast guys in “the working mans series” are not racing with a $10,000 used latemodel engine that they bought a steel block and put the parts in... they are all running the latest and greatest mikes 13° head with all the bells and whistles. I’m sure there are guys who are running old latemodel stuff and are competitive but the same argument can be said with guys with older big blocks. Open rules are good and bad, the small guy can build a nice engine or buy a used one for a fair price but the big guy is going to have a engine built that the small guy will never be able to afford even if he sold both kidneys on the black market. Anthony Perrego debuted a 358 ci pro power ford a few weeks ago at Fonda, turned it 9100 rpm in heat race and as a engine builder myself I loved hearing that thing scream.... oh yea it was also $55,000. That’s what everyone in that series is racing against. There’s no good answer to this but i atleast want facts to be learned in this thread vs the he said/she said stuff that is said in this thread. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I would be curios as to how many people that have replied to this have a nickel invested in a actual racecar vs just being a fan in the stands who likes to weigh in on topics like this. Dan Dan, tell your friend whoever quoted him 70 grand for a big block to call that person to tell them to pound salt, while I know my engine at $49,500 is no where cheap I know exactly to the penny how much we have just in parts and you cannot buy any better than what we put into that engine. Between parts/machine work and labor you definitely aren’t taking wheelbarrows of money to the bank as a engine builder. We could probably build a big Block for $30,000... run a cheap crank, cheap rods, stock GM Block, timing chain, cheap camshaft but it’s not going to last. We build a killer piece from the start with the best parts that will last for years and years. I said it before, we just used dart block serial #37,465 and We have a customer with serial number #256 and it also has the first original prototype Mike’s Racing heads on it. That engine is about 13 years old and won a few races last year. Any other engine related questions ask away and I’ll try my best to answer. all I do is build badass engines Monday-Friday 8-5 😎 Rob Hile
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    Kind of cool to get negative feedback for getting a great field of races in before 11pm. Thanks!!
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    Jeez, I think it is cool to see a guy from another division step out of his comfort zone. Yet, on here, people immediately take a piss on the move. IMO, I like the idea that a guy who runs for a hell of a lot more money regularly is interested in stepping into a Modified.
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    If $35 is such an insignificant amount to you, maybe you should pay the admission for someone who's bank account it does hurt, rather than talk down to them for being less fortunate than you.
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    Great to see Kyle Armstrong bounce back and have a great top five finish at the valley Saturday night. Saw the picture of his car after the crash last week. The results of the melee left Kyle's car looking like a bad accident on the back stretch at Syracuse. Glad to see he's ok and back competing as it appears at a high level.
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    It’s one thing to watch it on tv and another to watch it live, while it’s definitely not the big blocks out there running from top to bottom I’ve been every year since they brought the big blocks back and it’s a pretty good live show. There is always something happening somewhere on the racetrack and the atmosphere of the place is awesome... especially when you are in the pit grandstands with all your fellow dirt racers and Stew takes the lead and we all went wild. It’s a heavy vehicle with truck arms in the rear that are made to run on asphalt. If you have never gone and have only seen it on tv and are basing everything on that go and see it in person and see if it changes your opinion. If it doesn’t maybe you should take up golf 😂 Rob Hile
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    Jesus Christ.....
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    No thanks, I like the guys with the skill/throttle control to have the best outcome. Not just the guy with the most hp.
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    Actually, the solution is, no skating rinks! 😀
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    Congrats to Stew for the win and to Tyler Dippel on his fight and crashing people after the checkered flag. Wonder if Rhodes will go to jail for assault on a minor since Dippel is 14.
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    It was noticed, let's see if they can replicate it for the next race. Frankly, there's no reason that these tracks up here have to be black and slick in warmups.
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    This has to be someone else's fault.No way this has anything to do with the dr.
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    Keeps costs down for the teams following the tour so they aren't forced to have both a BB and SB ready to go if one works better at a track vs the other. The high dollar teams in theory would be switching back and forth and the lower ones wouldn't have the money to do so. Judging by the top 10 last night, the SB wasn't much of a disadvantage. Erick said himself that he likely wouldn't have won if Gary didn't catch lapped traffic battling for position. On a side note, can someone get Gary Lindberg a quality BB ride for next season, Susice too please... 😃
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    Why don't you call the track instead of starting a complaint session on a message board prior to having any information. OCFS Speedway Office Open: Monday Thru Friday: 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays: 9 am to 10 pm – End of Races (During Race Season) For General OCFS Questions/Comments/Concerns: Email Us Here 239 Wisner Avenue Middletown, NY 10940 Phone: 845-342-2573 Fax: 845-343-8765 E-mail: info@ocfsracing.com
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    You're painting a pretty broad brush. And even if it was "everyone", it's called human nature. Ever think of changing your screen name to skyisfalling72x??
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    People bitching about racetrack noise one night of the week when Monmouth Airport is right next door.🙄🙄
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    The Super DIRTcar Series isn't going away. We might see some more tracks go small blocks weekly, but the car counts on the SDS have actually been up this year compared to last year (off the top of my head, I think the car count went up for every show this year other than the Big Show at Albany). Big blocks are absolutely expensive, I know there are things going on behind the scenes that they're trying to do to address that problem. Hopefully something comes to fruition from it that works out for everyone. I actually expected the 358 DIRTcar Series to go away a few years ago. They didn't have much of a schedule, they didn't have much support in terms of drivers. As you mentioned, the influx of small block racing seems to have really re-ignited the tour this year. With that being said, Utica Rome had a huge drop in attendance compared to 2018's 358 Series race, so it'll be interesting to see how support for the Tour goes the rest of the year. As for 358s and big blocks, there are quite a few drivers that do not like racing 358s, feeling like they're underpowered and "boring" to drive. As a fan, I understand that lap times are similar, and maybe I'm in the minority, but I can tell (and feel) the difference when I'm at a big block race versus a 358 race. I still support 358 shows here and there (being in PA I'm in the heart of spec small block racing) but I'm definitely far more of a big-block supporter. The STSS North region continues to get the highest car counts of any series by a solid margin. Their rules are perfect for most of the tracks they run (Accord, Woodhull, Outlaw, Afton, etc) and the fantastic car counts reflect that. The STSS South region has seen car counts dip a bit because those same motor rules, running at bigger/heavier tracks, the open small blocks have a pretty big advantage. I know a lot of people brushed off BAPS only getting 24 modifieds for the $10,000-to-win STSS South race because they don't have a weekly field to draw from, but that event dropped 11 cars from a car count of 35 the previous year. Big Diamond's STSS show drew more cars last year on a rainout than it did this year (37 car is still a good field, so don't misconstrue that as Diamond's show being a disappointment at all). The problem with the South region is the same as when the old DIRT South Series was in existence. The majority of the tracks in the area are filled with spec small blocks. Those motors aren't all that competitive whether you're running with either DIRTcar rules (against mostly big blocks) or STSS rules (against mostly open small blocks) What's the actual answer? No idea. There are a lot of drivers that prefer one set of rules over the other and you see them support that specific series because of it. I just hope Brett and Dean/WRG continue working their asses off and stay healthy for a long-long time. Despite a lot of banter back and forth on here about which everyone prefers, having 2 healthy touring series is fantastic for our sport!
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    My brother Chris Hile will be back this year with both BB and a SB
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    way way way to many classes i want to go but jesus i dont have a tent to sleep in.
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    I read where the drunk fan was ridiculing Stewart for quite some time, while tony was signing some autographs for fans it continued, tony finally had enough and he went after him. It’s the way it should work, except tony should have cracked him a few more times...
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    I can't go to Wall. My brother and I used to travel the country knocking off tracks together. He and another TV guy did Frogtown one year when I couldn't go, so he got one up on me. The following year I did Frogtown when he couldn't go, so I evened the score. Then he and the other TV guy did Wall and got one up again. I told him to enjoy it while it lasted because I would get it in some day. He passed away before I could ever get there, so I've decided to let him keep it.
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    The truth is, whiners on social media look for anything to whine about because they can't be stars in their own little circles without it. It's kind of like the selfie folk who constantly take their own pictures and post them on faceook, twitter or instagram. They thrive on the comments they receive. Without the pictures, nobody knows them. Without whining and stirring the hornets nest, nobody knows them.
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    There you go people. The world isn't coming to an end people and the track isn't stealing your money. If losing $30/$35 hurts your bank account that much to begin with then maybe you need to find a different hobby to enjoy or just stay locked in your apartment every night. People want answers the second it rains. Hang onto your ticket and give them some time to come up with a plan. Heck I lost my $25 I paid for the Fonda 200 the last year (1996??) Compani was the promoter and the race was rained out. I just moved on and have been back to Fonda probably 150 times since. Now if that happened every week/year then it would be a different story.