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    Unfortunately, Florida doesn't seem like the optimal place to visit any time soon.
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    NY, NJ, Mass and CT are the only states in the US that have death rates over 1,000 per million people. The US as a whole is around 400 per million people. NY had an absolutely disastrous response to COVID including an absurd nursing home policy that led to thousands of deaths. But sure, he's doing fine now....
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    One thing about this whole rights thing ... if you are a citizen, you have responsibilities, too. A primary responsibility is to not contribute to spreading a deadly disease. You want to kill yourself, that's your choice. But the problem is that you, by being careless and reckless, not wearing a mask, gathering in large groups, are at much, much higher risk of spreading the diesease to others that can be vulnerable. I'm glad I am taking every precaution I can to make sure I don't expose my child, who has a vulnerable health condition, or my parents who are elderly and are vulnerable. I have friends all over my community who are in the same boat -- they are in good health and likely to survive a bout of rona, but they have loved ones who are at risk. I am really glad I'm not going to have to look my dying child in the face and say, "Hey sorry you got this, but I got to see a hell of a feature." That's not your rights, that's just being a selfish asshole. And life is too short to waste time arguing with people who want to be assholes. This is not about YOU. It is about everyone else, everyone you come into contact with. It is about being a decent human being. Anyone who decides that their rights to get a burger at Applebees or attend a stock car risk is more important that being a big boy and not spreading a killer disease , not being directly responsible for killing other vulnerable people is a reprehensible human being. And the law is on my side of the argument -- we saw with the AIDS epidemic -- when people knowingly spread HIV to their partners and did not take precautions, they were found legally responsible for the deaths of those people. So get over yourselves, people, and do the right thing. And anyone who disagrees with me can go fuck themselves. End of discussion.
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    I live in MA and our Governor has done a great job. You may not like Cuomo because of what he did to the Fairgrounds but he’s doing what’s best for the health of New Yorker’s even if it’s at the expense of local racing...NY is better off than most of the country right now Covid 19 wise at least.
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    Okay... As a former and flagger and race director, allow me to shed some light... Ill start with the giving guys signals to their lead... I hate it... but its just my opinion... Ive only done with classes such as the Vintage cars, who are more about putting on a good show verus actually racing for something... I think its actually an unfair advantage to the leaders over the others... but thats my opinion, and Im sure it varies with others... Now the flaggers importance... In the tower, you can see as much, hear as much, and probably the biggest thing I lacked in the tower versus track side is smell as much... I could smell the burning clutch or dragging brakes, the burning oil smell for an engine about to expire or the rubber from a tire rub... or GAS... when someone forgot there fuel cell cap or it came dislodged some how... You can see the drip streaks on the track of fluids and your "Feet on the ground" for track conditions.. sometimes it can be slippery as heck, but not look it... Your there to feel the rain when it starts... in the tower, you get NONE of that... And the real importance of the flagger... You are a part of the show... I hate the boring flaggers that can barely wave a flag... put a little panache into it... doing some tricks, wave the double checkers.. have fun with it and make it look good... I always hated drivers getting told to go to the rear on the one way first, I always wanted my flagger to show them before I said it... thats as much of a part of the show as the crowd goes nuts with it... Theres a line in the sand tho... Your job has a real purpose, but the fancy flag waving is theatrics... You need the "boots on the ground", the head flagger and the corner marshalls are incredibly important. Now... I will say this, and it might aggravate some people I look up to and respect... The race director position came about when the flaggers of yesteryear started to age, and waving flags and climbing that flagstand started to get tougher and tougher... they had the skills and the knowledge from being in charge, kept that, and moved to the tower... with the 1 way radios and electronic scoring, having that person in the tower with a broader overview almost supervising the flagger and corner marshalls really helps the show move along quickly and more smoothly as far as the racing aspect goes, but like anything, having the right people in the right places, and being a solid cohesive unit always helps, just like anything,... Can it be done without corner marshalls? Yes, can it be done without a head flagger? Yes, can it be done without a race director? Yes... Is it ideal? Hell No.
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    I ain't getting into it, but New York went from worst to first. So somewhere somebody doing something right and it's working.
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    I am considered a high risk for the virus as I am a 3 time Cancer survivor with Diabetes & only one lung......I was at Chatham Speedway in Lousiana for 2 solid weeks in late May around THOUSANDS of people NOT wearing masks & was just tested....guess what?......NO VIRUS!.....This shutdown is nothing but a political power grab & an attempt to sccare everyone into submission.....JMO
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    Death rates due to Covid are actually higher than predicted. The original projection was that approx 1% would die from Covid. 2,690,000 infections; 129,000 deaths; 4.7% death rate overall As of yesterday, 43,865 US new cases confirmed, new 613 deaths, which brings us down to 1.39%, which is an improvement. Spread across the entire population if the disease would be allowed to run rampant, which is what happens if we just open everything up, that equates to "only" 4 million deaths. Still, if we live in a country where it is socially acceptable to just let 1% of the population die over the course of a few months for political expediency, we can no longer be considered civilized. Covid 19 is, within 5 months, officially, the sixth biggest fatality disaster in American history, only trailing World War II, Civil War, World War I, 1918 Spanish Flu and the systematic slaughter of the indigenous population as European settlers slaughtered their way across the continent.
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    I am just going to say it. The only people who live life this miserable are the ones that sit down when they pee. Assuming the author of this post is a male, then this would mean tiny wiener syndrome. Sorry about your luck, dude.
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    Executive Order expires on July 2nd. I am still aiming to hold SDS and ESS that evening with fans. I have started dialogue again with State officials in hopes of getting fans sooner. It took 6 weeks of battle to get racing, so I am not waiting for them to get a plan together for phasing in fans. I am taking the plan to them for review. Stay tuned.
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    Just a mild suggestion: send them an email or DM with some constructive criticism. Bashing them on here won’t solve anything and certainly won’t improve the quality of their broadcast. Good lord.
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    Buying cigarettes and stuffing your face with junk food are choices. Contracting a virus is not.
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    I have to say, I find this attitude completely dumbfounding. Grown men (and women) are throwing legit temper tantrums about being asked to wear a simple mask. By the same logic, do you think we don't need to wear a seatbelt if speed limits supposedly work? Why is Andy shoving his seatbelt law down your throat every day - ANARCHY! More than a few of you remind me of this video of what Americans today would be like if we were on the Titanic: http://twitter.com/mattbooshell/status/1280933495674732544 I was saying to friends today that in the last 20 years of my life, the only times I can remember this country coming together for each other was after 9/11 and after the Boston Marathon bombing. That's it. One responded "You'd think a pandemic would warrant that level of unity though." And the truth is - that unity worked in Japan, South Korea, Germany and other countries that are much, MUCH better off than we find ourselves in here today. Yet we're all too selfish to step up. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Facebook and Fox News are the two worst inventions of my lifetime.
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    Ever notice that many of the people who think Cuomo is doing such a great job , do not have to live in NY? 😎
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    NY is a good example of leadership though. Just saying.
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    The flag man has far more responsibility than just waving a flag.....and it’s very hard to find one as good as Farney.
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    So you try to end on a good note by telling people to stop arguing .............. .while you're arguing lol. Ok.
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    That is a dumb ass assumption . I am a permanent resident of NY for 60 years , do not collect a state pension and am very happy with the way the Cuomo team has squashed the virus in our state. Sure I miss the races but this is just a bump in the road that won't last forever. There are whiners and complainers in every crowd but I got news for you there are way more Cuomo supporters than you might realize and he will be the governor of NY until "he" decides to call it quits.
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    If they shit canned one of the bigger money makers for the state of NY, I can't see how SDW happens on the government dole. I just wish if they're going to cancel it they hurry up and do it so we can plan accordingly. That's vacation time I can use to go to tracks in states that don't suck. And just for the record... I don't know too many people who don't take Covid seriously. I think all most people want is to make the choice for themselves what's an acceptable level of risk to take. I have seen my parents for a grand total of 4 hours since February. We go to a lot of races, we take a lot of risk in doing so. I am not willing to risk their health just because I am willing to risk my own. So, for those 4 hours I've seen them, it's masks, distance and as little interaction inside the house as possible. The whole thing is a mess. Some of it is people's stupidity when it comes to how their decisions potentially affect others, and some of it is indeed political agenda. Separating the two is difficult so it mostly gets lumped into one camp or the other.
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    I think there probably were as many at that time and throughout history. It's just that the people you likely came in contact with had some sort of connection to you. And because of that, there was a mutual respect for the relationship. Whether it be due to a work connection, living in the same towns, having the same hobbies, etc. Now with social media and the connectivity of the internet, you have the ability to be in contact with a ton of people who honestly don't care at all about you. And because of that, they are willing to say whatever they want and not fear the consequences. People have been living/working/surrounding themselves with mostly people they align with in opinions since the beginning of communities. Now we are bringing together people from all over the country, the many different cultures and upbringings that have shaped their vision of the world and their country in their own minds and opinions. And a lot of time, these things clash. This forum is a perfect example. The political sides that have shown themselves on this message board would likely have never happened before this connection. The guys arguing back and forth here, would have only been able to communicate at the race track. And because of that, they'd likely have talked racing and come away from it enjoying each other's company and communication. They'd have thought, "that's a good guy right there" when I would be shocked if they thought that now. In fact, it wouldn't shock me if some of these people arguing back and forth on here have crossed paths before without knowing. But the message boards give an avenue for these things to take place and for you to see opinions (both that you agree and disagree with) from across the country. I think there are still a lot of good people out there. And many more that would help you with whatever they could. But at the same time, they most likely wouldn't be afraid to put whatever opinions they have that benefit themselves out there on the internet for everyone to see.
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    Wait a minute. Now you want to take covid seriously? Now you're saying super restrictive measures are a good thing when you drove you and your family all the way from Mass to Florida and back for a family vacation during March at the time the goal was to flatten the curve and stay at home?😂
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    Wow. Some of you “gentlemen” are unbelievable. There is no end all fix and you want to bicker about preventative measures. To understand any of it you first have to understand or believe that for whatever reason, this thing does not impact all people the same and it is the asymptomatic spread is what they are trying to prevent. This is what Is dragging down the healthcare system and why the powers that wanna be are battling trying to protect people and resources. Don't get me wrong, I wanna take all the politicians on a one way boat ride too. We all want our own “normal” back. We want racing and sore lower backs to return. But, The thought that “people”, want to put other people in harms way and not doing anything and everything to prevent others from being impacted because of your beliefs or OPINIONS is simply mind boggling. People are dying. That is my OPINION.
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    Have you watched the news lately? We have torn down half of this country’s heritage. Going after Columbus, churches, even John Wayne. We’re playing apparently another national anthem now at NFL games....nobody even knew we had 2. Getting rid of police....giving away parts of big cities to anarchists and morons. Thankfully you seen how that worked out....after a string of shootings and a few dead, the dumbass mayor had to take that back. The socialist, spineless left is a joke....some of us do not want to be under that same blanket.
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    You do realize this pandemic is affecting the whole world and the world doesn't revolved around your orange haired buddy??
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    I will never understand how any dolt can make this into a political stance! I LOVE dirt track racing as much as anybody, but simply due to the fact that Governor Cuomo is a Democrat, all of the sheep on the right leaning side want to play the part of a victim. Can we all just agree that we all want to be able to see racing LIVE and in the stands and realize that the measures being taken are for the good OF US ALL ??
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    My name is Allan Dart, and I am not involved in social media except for this site. I love racing. It comes from my grandpa and my dad's blood and it runs through my veins too. I love it. Lately, I have been seeing so much vitriol on this forum. So much anger. I totally understand these are extreme times. I've been going to the races since the age of 4 (now an old fart at 45), and I mainly go to OCFS, but I have been to multiple tracks over my lucky time to be here on this Earth, and I've met soooo many people in the racing community---fans, drivers, staff--and I've never once cared about their politics, race, sexuality.... I'm talking racing with people who love racing and I've made so many friends through this community. I have so many good memories of that...and hope to make many more. I never expect anyone to agree with me. I don't mind people busting my chops. But I appreciate dialogue over derision.... Hell, I've made many mistakes and changed opinions over my lifetime. My opinion is not a fact. Danny Johnson is my favorite driver and I don't agree with everything he has done on the track. My point is not political but personal--I love racing and meeting new people who love racing too. So positive thread... I would love to hear a story about what you love about racing or the racing community. I will share one--at OCFS, during the 80s, the Monacos ran a lemonade stand beneath the bleachers at OCFS (their son Tony is now a car owner). They have since passed, and I was a little boy then, but what a sweet, older couple who could not have been nicer to me or my family. My family and theirs actually became friends and we visited them at their house. They gave me free lemonade as an annoying young kid. They always had smiles and made me feel at home. They were a part of making me love racing. I hope I can be half as positive to the racing community as they were to me. Long-winded story, but just would like to hear positive stories from anyone who cares to offer them about their home tracks or people they've met in the racing community who affected them. Best, Allan Dart.
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    Cuomo, asked about the letter Monday during a coronavirus briefing, condemned the idea, saying that the idea is “stupid.” He said with the virus spiking alarmingly in other states, “there is no thinking American who does not believe that this is a state of emergency.” ummm....he called the idea stupid, he didn’t call any particular person “stupid” ! Reading comprehension is your friend !
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    When, on this Forum, have I ever mentioned anything about standing for our flag? If you, or others, decide that wearing a cover over your face is good for you, then by all means do it. Don’t shove what makes you feel safe down everyone else’s throat. Not everyone agrees with your thought process. If the face cover really works, you should feel safe when you’re wearing it, stop worrying about those who don’t live in the same fear you live in.
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    You could've had it and not known it and spread it to all the essential workers in Florida. You could be the reason why Florida is suffering now. We don't need the government telling us what to do now. The government told us that the best way to help the country was to stay home during that time period and you didn't. Now you support drastic measures that are costing people their livelihoods by supporting measures that aren't even 100% guaranteed. I went to LoL on Thursday and I feel fine today. 1000's of people have gone to live races in PA and other states in the last month and there's not people dropping over. I'm really confused why people are so submissive and being supportive of government dictating what, where, and how they can do things 7 months into this.
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    The biggest problem in NYS is so many are interpreting what Gov Cuomo has put out! More organizations need to band together and challenge the many unconstitutional directives Cuomo has put out. Next to Zero laws can be put out by the Governor of NYS! Using state agencies like Dept of Health, to threaten any business should be illegal in itself! Time for the tax payers and businesses to stand up for a change!!
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    I asked, and was ignored. Now the topic is locked.
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    Covid may have been with us since last year, maybe longer so it's anybody's guess how many test positive for the antibodies. They might as well be testing for the common cold or flu virus, the accuracy of the test and even what the test is actually testing for is subject of debate. Out of all the people at my job that tested "positive" (again do we REALLY KNOW what that means) nobody died. One thing for sure is, whenever the gov't throws billions of dollars at anything, the problem becomes bigger because everyone tries to cash in and get a piece of the pie. I have to agree with RPM on this one, I'm sure the media will hype this up at least until the election and past if the senile one loses. The millions that were predicted to die in the USA alone never happened, the computer models that were cooked up by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public Health's "Event 201" and WHO were WRONG. But the goal was achieved,and that's to crash the USA economy which I predicted way back in February before this all started up. Election year politics, plain and simple. I think if the economy begins to rebound we'll see the number of cases and hospitalizations, not deaths, trigger more shutdowns. If anyone remembers Dick Gephardt's comments on how a failing stock market and economy benefit the democrats, they know exactly what I mean. Or perhaps Rahm Emanual's infamous, "never let a crisis go to waste" line. There's more and if you put all the pieces together it's pretty obvious but some people choose never to question anything.
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    We're walking a tight rope here folks... Debate all you want about whether or not ESW, SDW or any other marquee event will happen, but keep Republican vs. Democrat out of it.
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    If one side wins in November....it will just disappear. It’s a fantastic political tool. When they lose, it will be dragged out atleast another 6 months or until they can find something else to bitch about.
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    rpm72, you better look again... SOME of us did what we were asked to do and flattened the curve. MANY OTHERS think this is a hoax or a joke and now its spreading like wild fire. Very shortly you will see layoffs at restaurants, bars, hotels and airlines because ignorant assholes couldn't wear a mask or social distance. This could have all been solved early on if it was handled properly. We are going backwards because of irresponsible behavior and not being respectful of others.
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    Your 300 posts about it say otherwise....
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    You're right, I should have known better. Back off topic. I'm going to Canandaigua tonight and I'm not watching the flagman at all. If I get confused I'll just look up on the roof and see where Miller has his camera pointed and look there.
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    It didn't work out. long story.
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    Mr. Miller some how you turned this in to a Political discussion all by yourself.. Some were walking the line, but were keeping it about racing.. You broke your own rule sir. Can we get back to how it's affecting racing. Point fingers while giving your political opinion twist on someone's statement does not help the situation. Just lock this thread now please.
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    Oh ok, I get it now. Have to admit he did something right when you look around at other parts of the country. I do believe that if guidelines (masks and social distancing) are followed then all of our tracks should be able to open if we just abide by some simple rules. Great to see tracks opening now with spectators as long as their behavior doesn't mimic the morons on the beaches and in the bars of Florida and other states. Now Florida is shutdown and things are not looking good. Lets hope we can all make it out to our local tracks this week and enjoy some racing folks. Lets be smart and lets have some fun! Good luck everybody!
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    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING JULY SCHEDULING We aren't able to share the news that we hoped to be sharing but we do have an update today as promised. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Executive Order 202.44 on June 21st to extend current restrictions to businesses such as racetracks until July 21st, 2020. "Any licensee or franchisee of a racetrack in the State is hereby permitted to operate such racetrack as of June 1, 2020, provided such racetrack does not permit any visitor or fan into the facility, and allows on site only essential personnel" With the extension of this Executive Order, Land of Legends Raceway is prepared to react and adapt with our July schedule of events and will be marking the following changes: *Grandstands remain closed with no fans at this time for all events. Live video coverage will continue to be available on www.landoflegendstv.com *DIRTcar Northeast Sportsman Series Central Region will be competing this Saturday June 27th with our Saturday Night Spectacular program. IF this event falls to rain, a Rain Date of Thursday July 2nd has been established. *Thursday July 2nd will now be a Big Block Modified / Sportsman Modified special event awarding show up points to both divisions with a 7:30PM start time *The Super DIRTcar Series event scheduled for July 2nd has now been postponed until Wednesday July 22nd featuring the Big Block Modifieds and a division to be determined. June 27- DIRTcar Northeast Sportsman Series + Saturday Spectacular Show (no Hobby Stocks) 7PM July 2- Big Block Modifieds + Sportsman 7:30PM July 4- OFF for 4th of July July 11- Saturday Night Spectacular 7PM July 18- Saturday Night Spectacular + Double Points all divisions 7PM July 22- Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds + division T.B.D. July 25- OFF as already scheduled
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    The $6000 Land of Legends 360 Challenge starts tonight at 7:30 with the Patriot Sprint Tour. The first 360 sprint show of 2020 in New York is paired with the DIRTcar Sportsman class. Enjoy the midweek show.
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    I think there will be no information released. It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Especially when the king in Albany changes the rules of what we can do daily. While he is running all over the state telling us to stay home.
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    Hi Candice here. Dirts4Racing did the event at BRP and we did social distancing every other row in the bleachers. Our staff had masks,gloves, and plexiglass. There was hand sanitizer at all points needed. From sign in, concession, tickets, main office, to bathrooms. We had bathroom attendants in the restroom to Keep disinfectant going, and social distancing. We had parking lot attendants who made sure there was not gatherings in the parking lots. We definitely did all we could to meet and go above the cdc guidelines. Our drivers and fans are family to us. We want everyone safe! Thank you for your concern. Hope to see you at A Dirts4Racing event soon!
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    Not a Democrat but it’s the definition of irony for anyone from the GOP to talk about another being in bed with someone else. Russia owns Trump. He’s like a little dog at Putin’s feet. All the orange face paint in the world can’t conceal the brown on his nose when it comes to the way in which he’s managed international affairs. PS the orange make up last night was the best/worst I’ve ever seen.
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    And now their lack of enforcement of the rules has resulted in them being shut down. Sometimes, tracks are their own worst enemies.
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    Was just reading another article where a racer 39 years old built like the Hulk drowned this week. Leaving behind a wife and 2 kids:(( Another late model driver had a heart attack on the pace lap at Davenport Speedway. And we lost a huge asset to racing over the years in Andy Phelps this week. I think we all need to think for a moment that life is a ticking time bomb and we never know when it’s going to go off. But I can tell you this I want to enjoy , be happy, and bring joy to others I’m around as long as I can. With that being said I hope those families affected this week can find strength to move on. It’s not easy losing a love one but is even worse around a holiday. Be safe to those that are traveling. I next time you want to get in a typing war on the forum:) the best way to piss the guy off is not to respond back to his comments and let’s try and keep positive things and information about racing. Have a safe weekend! David Surace/aka Spiderman
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    The valley, Malta and Fonda are letting fans in this week. Way over due, if you want to go to a outdoor event and enjoy fresh air and dirt, all should be allowed. By all means if you don’t feel comfortable, stay home. Its easy peasy!!
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    ARRA Wants the Racing Public to Know that “We Will Look”!!! Ringoes,NJ– Auto Racing Research Associates – ARRA, in a continuing effort to help in securing the memory of racing from the past and all that it contained, is proud to announce the newest feature on their popular website! Many of the organization’s historians are making themselves available to the racing public and media at large, to “Look Up” certain information for them if they are trying to find something from their racing past. ARRA President Fred Voorhees explains, “Many of our historians occasionally get requests from someone who had a photo in one of the local racing papers with their favorite driver…or maybe a daughter or a son would like a scan and copy of an obituary of a racing personality in the family. I know I normally get two or three of these every year. I always find the time to accommodate the request. Pretty much anything. We can get the information for you and if needed, we can usually scan and email a copy of something for you from the paper”. There are limitations though. “Two main things we would like to make clear,” Voorhees noted…”We ask that anyone asking us to look something up…that they have a pretty good idea of when it happened. We will be willing to go out a month or so from the date you supply us, but many times, we can’t afford to spend lots of time searching for something. We are usually involved in personal research projects and try to devote our time towards those ends. Which brings me to #2 – we ask that you understand that there will be times when we simply CAN’T get to the search right away. We will always do our best to get you the information in a timely fashion.” There will be a new page on the ARRA website landing site that will be called “We Will Look!” and when someone opens it up…they will have the choice of any of our volunteer historians to propose the search question to. Along with each historian who has an extensive library - his complete racing paper inventory will be available for fans to first look and see if they have the particular issue that their search subject would logically be located within. If so, they then can somewhat confidently contact that historian to see if they can track down that information. Still other historians are very knowledgeable on racing in certain areas of the country, or are adept in answering questions on a certain series or organization. “Bottom line….” Fred says…..” we are here to help you find what you are looking for!” Some historian inventory spreadsheets are still being constructed and will be added when they are ready for publication. Find the new fan interactive webpage at: https://sites.google.com/site/arradocumentingracinghistory/home/we-will-look ARRA is a group of two dozen auto racing historians across the country who have banded together with the intention of researching, documenting and making available to the racing public, reliable and true racing statistics and facts. The group researches and documents racing drivers, tracks, organizations and racing series’. Please take the time to visit all of our sister websites – Three Wides Picture Vault at http://www.3widespicturevault.com/ RaceStatCentral at https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/ Flemington Speedway Historical Society at https://www.flemingtonspeedwayhistoricalsociety.com/ TrackChasers at http://www.roamingtheraceways.com/trackchasermainmenu.html VT Motormag at http://vtmotormag.com/wordpress/ Catamount Stadium at http://www.catamountstadium.com/ Auto Racing Records at http://www.autoracingrecords.com/ and YankeeRacer.com at http://yankeeracer.com/
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