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    Alternate thread title: FFTR loses a talking point, Over the past several months, I have pushed backed heartily when posters on here have tried to shoehorn Mike Gular's four wins in 15 years of weekly Grandview competition as interchangeable with the career body of work of Grandview's big three -- Craig Von Dohren Jeff Strunk and Duane Howard. And while I still believe some of the opinions regarding Gular on here to be a bit of hyperbole, I absolutely loved seeing someone new step up and dominate Saturday night. Gular absolutely ran off from Saturday's Freedom 76 field in winning the $25,000 feature. Gular, who started seventh in the 31-car feature field, took command of the event on lap 18, when leaders Frank Cozze and Rick Laubach checked up to avoid the slowing car of T.J. Lilly in turn four. Gular shot into the lead and was never remotely challenged for the win the rest of the night. During a 36-lap stretch of caution-free racing from laps 33-68, Gular opened up a lead of more than a straightaway (and put nearly a dozen lapped cars between himself and the rest of the field). Those lapped cars all fell to to the rear on the double-file restart eight laps from the finish, and Gular easily withstood three cautions over the final eight laps to win the biggest race of his career. The top five finished as follows: 1. 2A Mike Gular (seventh starting spot) 2. 7L Rick Laubach (second starting spot) 3. 44M Doug Manmiller (23rd starting spot) 4. 5 Frank Cozze (pole starter) 5. 357 Duane Howard (10th starting spot) * Cozze and Laubach staged an intense battle for second for over 40 laps (far behind Gular), often banging off one another. Cozze led the opening 18 laps from the pole and ran second until lap 68., ultimately getting shuffled from second to fourth over the series of three late-race restarts. * While I have nothing against any of the Grandview big three, it was a surreal Sixer not to see any of the track's three titans contend for the win Saturday night. Howard was surprisingly quiet en route to his fifth-place finish. Von Dohren could advance only to seventh from last starting spot in a non-stop heat race. As a result, Von Dohren had to run a consolation, then come through a non-stop Minuteman 20 last chance race to earn 29th starting spot in the feature. Von Dohren was on the move early in the feature, but his progress eventually stalled with a sixth-place feature finish.. Fellow pre-race favorite Jeff Strunk was also never a factor after drawing 22nd starting spot and finishing seventh. For much of the feature, Howard, Von Dohren and Strunk battled just inside the top 10. The trio have combined to win 18 Freedom 76s and seven of the previous eight runnings of the event. * The race was slowed seven times by caution, nearly all of which were for cars slowing or flat tires. Just one caution waved from laps 18-68. Amazingly, the Minuteman 20 last chance race, which is almost always a marathon slugfest of mishaps, also went non-stop. * Three-time 2019 Grandview feature winner Brett Kressley, who finished second in track points this season, moved from 14th to fifth before losing a top five finish eight laps from the end due to a flat tire. *Sharon Springs, N.Y., driver Bobby Varin, second in the $50,000 to win Grandview show in 2012, was a surprise entrant in a second Kressley car. Varin fell victim to the same non-stop heat race as Von Dohren. Varin did win the Minuteman 20 to earn 27th starting spot in the feature and was running just inside the top 10 when swept up in a tangle five laps from the finish. *Sixty-three cars entered the event. * Must have been nice to have been Frank Cozze Saturday. night. Grandview tradition is that the current track champion and the Forrest Rogers Memorial race winner do not have to run a heat at the Sixer. Since Duane Howard won both the Forrest Rogers race and the track championship, Cozze earned free entry into the feature by virtue of his second place finish in the Forrest Rogers race. After not having to run a heat, Cozze then drew the feature pole among the 26-driver draw for starting positions. *Next season will be the 50th running of the Freedom 76, and track announcer Jeff Ahlum teased a winter announcement for what next year's 50th Freedom 76 will have in store (Another $50,000 to win race?).
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    Good job, FFTR. Hit on a lot of the storylines of the night. I may be biased for obvious reasons - and I know this is a NY-heavy board, so Grandview doesn't get talked about much - but in a time when a lot of people complain about the purses and car counts on a regular basis, Grandview just finished a season in which they routinely drew 40+ small blocks weekly, and, with bonuses, the winner's purse is just about $3,000 every Saturday night. The place isn't perfect, but sometimes it also doesn't get some of the credit it deserves. I had a blast Saturday; the atmosphere there on 76er night is always incredible... it helped my dad drew 24 and ran up to the podium.
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    In what world should a business not treat a competitor as a competitor? Deyo and WRG are competitors. I have no problem with the double scheduling. In fact, I appreciate businesses offering me choices and competing for my dollar. The complaining here is similar to going to Wendy's and complaining that you can't get a Whopper. In my professional life, I run a business of size. If my competitor is doing something that would give them an advantage, I need to do whatever I can to position myself appropriately. Competition drives value and choice, and usually it is the consumer (in this case, the drivers and fans) that benefit. For too long, I have felt promotors have treated tracks as cash flow entities, not as sustainable businesses. I applaud both Deyo and the LoL team for focusing on value offerings. It wasn't that long ago, Modified racing was frankly dying. Now, we have multiple tracks, offering nice purses for the investment, and choice to the consumer, and this upsets people? The fact that both these shows will have strong, full fields, should be celebrated. Modified racing is stronger, because of the choice. End of speech.
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    What’s wrong with some of you? Every team makes business decisions based on their budget and an expected outcome. Unless you’re filling a teams pockets with cash what gives you the right to dictate where they go? Be happy racing still exists and that people are dumb enough to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for pennies in return. Just have fun and enjoy the show.
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    Like Jamie said, there’s no conspiracy here. It’s drivers wanting to support the organization they have run with all season & stick with a rules package they’ve run all season. Much respect to those who are doing so. It’s very hard to find drivers who really believe in and show loyalty to a company or sanctioning body in today’s racing world. Move on folks, nothing to see here:
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    I'm not sure which is more impressive......Bretts 900+ wins, or the 900+ times you've talked about him.
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    Or they wanted to get a race in at Fonda prior to the 200 weekend.....
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    Just go somewhere ..... Racing can use the fans....
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    lol.... your the wrong person to be climbing on this bus..... lol who sign's your pay check?
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    You might wanna check your prescription for your glasses. He passed a total of about 28 cars in the feature, and that was a damn good field of cars there last night.
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    If I'm a team I at least go to Fonda Friday and see how I do for the heat race since they're determined by draw. Following the heat race make a decision to stay or race elsewhere Saturday.
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    Tire and mechanical failures are sometimes the thing that makes a race exciting. I'm hoping that plays out here. All these people arguing over Canadaigua and Fonda ... I don't get it. They could both be great races ... they could both suck. To me, that's part of the beauty of racing.
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    I personally would like to thank all of the race teams and friends of Bob James (Bobco) that donated items for his benefit last night at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. Special thanks to those who handled the table for the raffle items. Bob is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for him while he courageously battles his liver cancer. Thank you to all of the fans for supporting the raffle and those that just donated money. You all helped Bob in more ways than you can imagine. Bob had a really good day yesterday and all of you helped in uplifting his fighting spirit to beat cancer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers. He looks forward to the rest of this weekend at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Fonda Speedway next weekend then Super Dirt Week. PS: Thank you (Krazy) Kenny Martin, Sheldon Martin and all of those involved with getting Bob's Pro Stock Car "Thunderstruck" to the track last night. Also to those at the speedway for playing AC/DC's song "Thunderstruck". What an amazing tribute for Bob. Then to top everything off, Kenny brings the car home in 5th after starting 20th.. Bless all of you for what you did to get this big undertaking done.
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    Yet again, DIRTcar is NOT threatening or telling their guys to stay away from Fonda. Billy Decker, Matt Sheppard, Danny Johnson, Mike Mahaney, Demetrios Drellos are ALL going to Fonda. And yet again, if you don't believe me, go ask the drivers themselves.
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    More teams are going to Canandaigua because they found out Sheppard is going to Fonda.😀
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    I hope your race at Fonda has 75 cars and that the spectator side of the fence is standing room only. I'll be happy if we get 35 cars at Canandaigua supporting the 1st ever Gerald Haers Memorial.
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    That's easy to explain. He had a lot better chance of winning at Malta then he did at Brewerton. I'm sure is what made more sense for him $$ wise. Closer to home as well. And for all those on here that have an issue with him or any Modified driver running at Devils Bowl, Sportsman Modifieds are their top division and they allow ANY driver to compete. WHAT PART OF THIS IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?????
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    Uploading an interview I did with Stewart Friesen tonight at Fonda Speedway where he won in his new Bicknell. Link to video on our site: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=33188
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    Then you tell them, when the pro stocks come out.
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    Some Observations or food for thought from my perspective: I think a main point many people on here miss is that most of the racers in the area don't actually race for a living. Most guys work a regular job during the week, and race on weekends and have budgets set between personal finances, car owners, and sponsorship on what they do and don't do throughout the year. Some guys don't run end of the year larger shows to save their money to upgrade things for the next regular season, and some use their money more wisely to go after races they have a better shot at doing well in (tracks they run/have run regularly in the past, or similar to what they normally run). If you're not doing this for a living, you may also try to do other things with family, etc once the regular season is over, especially if you've traveled or run multiple nights a week during the regular season. While large paying shows are great for the sport, money would be more well spent to have the payout spread more through the back half of the field. Same thing goes for Mr. Dirt at my home track; it's a unique facility that can be difficult to figure out, and is even more difficult and tough on equipment. If you take that money and spread it so the last guy to qualify can get 1,500 to start or 2,000 to start, I think you have a better shot to get more people to try. When you have a minimum of a $2,000 investment to run an unfamiliar track just in tires and fuel without travel, wear and tear, lodging (if they don't have a toter or camper) etc., people who aren't familiar with a facility and are on a budget to being with may not want to come for a chance at $600 to start IF they qualify. The last thing may also be the rules package; the fact that open small blocks are legal and less weight than a big block might deter some people. Additionally draw races can put you at a disadvantage depending on the track. If the surface is not conducive to passing early in the evening due to the heaviness or tacky surface, a bad pill draw for the heat race with a stacked group can really hurt you relegating to a B-main or DNQ. I've seen it happen at any type of series races that are time trials or draw. Heavy fast track early can put a damper on heat races, and not have an extremely racy surface until later in the evening (B-mains or feature). I know a lot of people on here hate time trials, but I'm a fan for the sole reason that if we start in the back, we only blame ourselves instead of bad luck of a draw. Big blocks will likely qualify well at combined shows, but a momentum speedway like Fonda if it got completely slicked off by the end of the race could have a larger small block being the way to go unless it locked down and rubbered later on. Again these are just my opinion.
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    That's fine... but its not a theory. The reason I get frustrated with this is because these conspiracy theories keep popping up. You know what I do when someone isn't going? I go ask them. When people question this, I literally say to go ask the drivers OR ask Brett Deyo OR ask DIRTcar. Yet, instead of actually doing that, the conspiracy theories just remain. It blows my mind that even though about half the contract SDS guys are entered at Fonda, including the points leader, that they still think DIRTcar is threatening to penalize guys for going to Fonda. There's a $53,000 to win race coming up this weekend that's going to be an awesome event with a field that'll include the likes of Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Billy Decker, Bobby Varin, Danny Varin, Mike Gular, Mike Mahaney, Danny Johnson, Danny Varin, Rocky Warner, Andy Bachetti, Demetrios Drellos, Brett Hearn, Tim Fuller, Anthony Perrego, etc. and some people are choosing to talk about conspiracy theories about who isn't going instead of getting pumped up for the huge show. Can you tell I'm tired of this, yet?! Haha
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    I don’t think money is an issue for this gang. 5 new cars, 10 new cars I don’t think it really matters. There are probably close to 10 teams that have huge bankroll supporting their operation and then there is everyone else. It’s the great divide in the sport today. The playing field is very uneven. It’s why it’s so cool when one of the underfunded teams keeps up with the big dogs week after week and event after event. Cheering for guys like Stew or Larry White is like cheering for Alabama in college football. Not saying you can’t do it, but when they win it’s almost to be expected. Far cooler to see the smaller teams that have full time jobs and unpaid crew do well. Just my two cents
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    Who ever takes the checkered flag at Canandaigua or Fonda? They are not really the winner if Sheppard is not there. 😋 Seriously though. I think both tracks will get good fan support and good car count. Nothing wrong with that. My opinion. I do not see anything wrong with tracks that are 3hrs driving distance apart racing on the same weekend. It give more fans and drivers a better opportunity to go to the races. Some people might not be able to travel that far. And some perhaps do not want to.
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