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    To make things abundantly clear and eliminate all the rumor mongering: I requested and received a SDS race sanctioned for September 28th at Land of Legends. There was no DIRTcar event scheduled for that weekend and is a great opportunity for the track and our fans. Since there is no other Hoosier/VP Modified racing going on in a 250 mile radius and operating a DIRT race track means having such races, this became an easy decision. We have organized a fantastic event that will be lucrative for dozens of race teams and offering fans a great show for their money. High drama heat races, sensational last chance qualifiers and a high speed 50 lap finale where every driver in the top 20 goes home with $1000 or more. I also made the decision to change it to a non-points race as a courtesy to the few SDS Platinum drivers who have other cars in their stable. Whether they race sprint cars, NASCAR Trucks, or Late Models, they can choose where their best opportunity to make a living exists for them lies each week. I respect those businessmen making an investment into racing, no less than they should respect me for giving them opportunities to profit from that investment. There are over 180 DIRT legal Big Block and 358 Modifieds eligible for this race, and probably another 200+ Sportsman modifieds that might be found in Canandaigua on September 28th. We will have a great show and hope that if you can't make it to Land of Legends that night, you get out to some dirt track near you and support the sport as a whole. The season will open next week on April 20th with the Cabin Fever 40 Sportsman, Big Blocks, 305 Sprints and Street Stocks. Have a great season. Paul Cole Promoter and President Land of Legends Raceway
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    You do sound jerky, it’s not like people are siting at home putting all their pennies in a 5 gallon jug saving up for that fancy crank that they want to buy. When I say it has taken my brother 10 years to get where he is it’s like this, started out with a used 23 degree headed engine we bought from Tom Sears for 8500, ran that thing for years and won a race with it and then like every raised port weld tech head does the intake rocker stand ripped out of the head and it was beyond repair and literally tossed the heads in the garbage. Now you are left with a shortblock, we purchased a set of heads that were in the shelf at gypsum and repaired our engine. In the meantime we were ready to update our engine program and bought a used CC headed 18 degree engine, ran that for years and won 3 races with that one, we sold that engine and applied that towards the new engine we built. Was a set of Mikes 18 degree heads that had been hurt so they were repaired and we built our current engine off of that. So while I say it took my brother 10 years to get where he is it’s not 10 years of saving up every penny we have. The amount of money we spend a year is insane for a family owned team but we have great sponsors that help and there is nothing else I would rather be doing in a Friday night than racing with my family and my racing family. So when you say if you have to save for 3 years you shouldn’t be racing big block you couldn’t be any more wrong.
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    Nascar butchered this sport. They had a golden goose and someone managed to screw it up. I haven’t watched a complete race in years. It’s litterally the most boring, uninteresting racing around. The points make zero sense. The format is a joke. I went from being a diehard to couldn’t care less in 15 years. That’s not easy to do
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    I'll be at OCFS most Saturday's but only because I'll be helping a Sportsman car. My heart will be with Keith and Kenny at The Valley. Luckily we'll be able to go to Lebanon I think at least 3 times this year. Bachetti, Flach, Tremont, Britten, Johnson, Johnson, Marshall, Heffner... Yeah, plenty of draw to that card. The Valley won't be hurting without Brett.
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    I heard on Fox News that admission is free because the Mexicans are paying it.
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    Danny has had more rides than Stormy Daniels.
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    We are really complaining about where cars where parked at a car show. Unbelievable. U guys will bitch st anything🤣🤣
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    The state can be divided into 2 sections, NYC, the part of the state that takes and spends all the money, and the rest of NY, the part of the state that works to pay for NYC.
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    What are the other issues? For what it's worth I don't think anyone is "hiding their head in the sand." Brett Deyo and Dean Reynolds have accounts here and use them to promote their product, but can you expect them to respond to every criticism on here? Look at when I posted factual information about how the schedule works. Even with a current DIRTcar employee verifying what I said, responses were, "I call bullshit" and "yeah right no promoter wants to lose their ass" etc. I'm willing to bet had Dean Reynolds posted himself the responses would've been the same until Mr. Cole's response verifying everything. Honestly, what other issues do you think they're hiding from? The higher ups from BOTH tours are very approachable, just go walk up and ask them what you want to know. More times then not you'll find they'll be very up front with you about whatever you want to know. At the end of the day we're all race fans! Even the higher ups at the STSS or DIRTcar.
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    yeah...… cause price gouging on nascar weekends is a new thing😆 The bottom line..... There was absolutely NO NEED to fix what was not broke playoffs, stages. new rule changes for the cars, the drivers ,the pit crews, every other week...…...yada yada🙄 oh well Dirt season is here! 👍
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    I learned a lesson from my father a long, long time ago. Whenever I complained about not being good at something, he'd listen for just so long and then finally told me that if I spent half as much time complaining about it and actually doing something about it, I'd be better at it. I tried it and he was right. I always thought it was pretty smart advice coming from a guy with a 10th grade education.
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    Shit we still have 2 weeks before the season starts. By then jake could decide to retire again sell out and then rebuy all new again before the season starts
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    He isn't wrong about a lot of the points he makes. The Grove in particular has been locked down and shitty a heck of a lot the last few years. Dietrich obviously likes to yank people's chains on Twitter, but he is also a lot more candid than most drivers. Everyone on here always says they want drivers to speak their mind.
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    I hate childish bullshit by drivers.
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    Lucky that he still races in the SDS??? Hes finally in a series he should be in. Hes done nothing but ruin BB modified racing in the Northeast and made it impossible for the 'poor' less talented BB racers to ever win , while driving up costs. Hes nothing but a cherry picker. Now if only Sheppard, HBR, Gypsum, Graham and Hearn would all move to either 410 sprints or the truck series these 'little' guys could get a good payday and maybe even a win while racing crate big blocks. And life would be so perfect again. Sincerely, Rpm72
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    One race in and bitching about the facility already matters more than the racing...
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    I will say, like a few people on here you worry way to much about a track you don't attend. If you can't see past what Grandview is and will be until they close the doors I really feel sorry for you. The place holds a lot of great memories for me, hell I met my wife there in 84 so yeah I'll defend the place to the end. Not many race tracks around that are run for close to 60 years by the same family that built the place. Can't say what the official crowd numbers were but I will say I got there before 5 o clock and had to search for a parking place. It was a great night!
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    Having been an Alan Johnson fan my entire racing life, I keep track of him on facebook. While he does have thoughts and ideas about expenses that he shares on his page, he is also the driver of a 2 car team, soon to be 3 cars (his car owner just announced the purchase of the 3rd brand new car). I'm not sure where you get this "relegated to mid pack" idea from when he won features and another track championship last year.
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    Almost sounds likes 'socialism'... Everyone should have the same thing as everyone else. Life ain't fair!
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    Chicken Little wants everyone to believe the sky is falling.
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    4/5/19 ARRA Research Site Continues Rapid Growth! Ringoes,NJ – Auto Racing Research Associates – ARRA – continue to thrust forward in their efforts to continually add to the scope of their wildly popular racing statistics website! No less than fifteen different pages have either been added to the site or added to with updated information…that is besides the normal weekly updates already underway with the opening up of the 2019 racing season. Fred Voorhees, who heads up the group of sixteen different racing historians spread across the country, says “I have been kept busy lately with lots of additions submitted from various members of our ARRA staff, as well as what I have completed and now with the season opening up…the workload on myself is going to only get busier and busier as the weeks move past shortly. “ A host of new additions boast pages now on the ARRA statistical website. Those new and recently added include The Chili Bowl, Catamount Stadium, Driver Bobby Varin, the Brockvile and Cornwall Speedways, the Mid-West Dirt Track Racing Association, both the Lucas oil and the World of Outlaws Late Model Series’, Driver Pat O’Brien, the Morristown Speedway, the Stroudsburg Speedway, the Wall Stadium Turkey Derby, the USAC Silver Crown Series and the USNA Series. Our existing Brett Deyo STSS Series page just had another exciting file added to it. “I am overwhelmed at the pace of the growth of our site!”, Voorhees exclaims, “And what’s more…I know that there are at least three or four more projects underway as we speak, in addition to the few I am personally juggling with. It’s an exciting time for us here at ARRA – look to find us again represented at the Orange County Speedway’s Nostalgia Night as well as at this years Northeast Dirt Modified Hall of Fame and Museum induction ceremonies for this years Hall of Fame nominees.” ARRA is a group of racing historians….joined together for the sole purpose of researching, documenting and sharing the history of our sport of auto racing. Sixteen historians strong…the dedicated staff is continuously working on one project or another…as they work to preserve the history of the sport. You can access the ARRA website at https://sites.google.com/site/arradocumentingracinghistory/home while there…find the link to our sister website RaceStatCentral where ARRA members Dennis Clapperton and his associate Jeff Zimmerman lord over an overwhelming amount of Northeast racing stats in a dizzying arry of statistics. Or, simply click this link….https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/
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    Yup, getting Batman and Marc Johnson while “losing” the Valley pet...going to be a great season at the valley of speed!
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    You were right, it did. Do you apply that logic to every day life as well, i.e. purchasing a car or a house? Why save up for something you really want, right? Let me give you some context: it took 3 years while still weekly racing 358s competitively. Did you read Rob Hile's post? Took his brother 10 years. I can't imagine what you think of that... Also, the cost of running a big block vs a small block is virtually the same once the motor has been purchased. But why would anyone be disciplined and save up money for a big block anyway, right?
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    The first 4 cars were 44 Perrego big block champ. 17z Brian Krummel small block champ. sl8 Greg Sleight sportsman champ and the m1 of Jim Maher street stock champ...then it was Friesens 52 truck ,then Hearn and then the Halmar cars.....Don't really see A problem with that car show setup!!! Why post something to start S@#&*?
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    You’re backwards with that common misconception but that’s not on the topic. Lvs is upstate New York. Considering it Massachusetts makes more sense then downstate NY