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    With the winter months comming up, how come SPEED wouldn't turn to this kind of racing to fill the NASCRAP void over the winter? Seems like only three airings of our event does not do it justice. Im not just saying modifieds, but dirt racing in general would make me feel all warm and fuzzy on a blustery winter day.
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    [quote name='FondaFan16' timestamp='1351604856' post='410726'] Hmmm... I wonder if Fonda might have been upset with them (Lucas Oil) pulling the plug on this years show before noon, only to have it clear up and the sun come out by mid morning/early afternoon... I'll bet that incident came up on the phone call between the two parties... [/quote] How could he be upset about that? Ric pulls the plug before noon everytime it rains on a satyrday night too!
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    It's 250 miles from Stateline to U/R and 320 miles from Stateline to Fonda - moving from Late Model territory to non Late Model territory. It's 255 miles from Stateline to Hagerstown - exclusive Late Model territory. Nothing against either NY track, but this seems like a no brainer to me. Just pure speculation here, but my guess is that Lucas might have requested 2 day shows, and neither promoter felt comfortable stepping up.
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    Matt Hearn was Stew's crew chief in 2010. Please God, do not let Shane become the next Joe Marotta.... Or we will all get a rundown of the times it takes for him to Tweet, or use the rest room. Tony Bokhoven was "the other" pit road reporter. He has several years under his belt with SPEED doing the Monster Truck stuff, and some late model reporting. Our own Rich Vleck was also utilized that day, and I would like to compliment him on a damned fine job of pit reporting during the live coverage on DIRTvision!
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    Thanks everyone... I'll be heading out at 6am tomorrow, hopeing for the best, expecting to get stranded, lol. DC
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    Chris Hile will be there.
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    [quote name='BaconBits' timestamp='1351549158' post='410679'] The Lucas racers are mostly southern boys and didn't like to have to travel all the way up to New York for a couple regular old races. [/quote] I don't disagree with that statement, but they're still coming to Stateline Speedway. I figured with the addition of Stateline and it being a 3 race swing in NY it would have appeased the drivers a bit, guess not since Stateline is the only NY track on the schedule. Now they go right from Stateline on the 26th to Hagerstown on the 27th... Maybe they got tired of McCreadie kicking their ass at Utica ... Then again Fonda seemed to be a nice little payday for Jimmy Owens when they raced there...
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    Tyler Siri plans on leaving Tues afternoon, pending on getting a motor from Bobby Varin.
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    I agree with Dennis. Brett is very well spoken and mannered. Compare that interview with that of any nascar driver. He's a pro all the way. I think the dumbass interviewing him should've done his homewok and realized who he was talking to. Yeah ... he won the triple crown. Big deal. This isn't some upstart kid no one's heard of. He's Brett Hearn. The surprise is when he doesn't win. The emphasis should've been on 800 wins. It's 2012, almost 2013, and here on the information superhighway, there still isn't anyone showing documentation of anyone else winning 800 races on dirt ... in any form of car racing.