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    were did Jake say anything about how it was run ? ....am I missing something here he asked about the handicapping and the food ....
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    Sure wish I had a modified race I could go to so I could hop on a web forum and bitch about it afterwards.   You guys sure are adept at taking what you've got for granted.
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    You know what- if someone didn't take over fonda after ric you all would be on here b!tching- now you have someone who cares and has done so much work to the place to keep it going and all you can do is B!tch.....seriously people!!!   If you think running a track is easy you need to go talk to one of the promoters and try it for a night.   Give the man some credit he has done an amazing job with the place so far- it is a work in progress, I give Matt and his whole team a lot of credit taking this on...especially with the history of the place.
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    "How do you call that racing?"   15th to 1st in mods. 2nd place started deep too.   An extended 2 car battle for the win in sportsman and pro stocks.   People able to pass top, middle and bottom.   Yes, the track was rough, but from a spectator standpoint,  what the hell do you get excited about if last night "sucked"?   IMO the dry slick a week ago sucked, no passing. I pay my money to see cars race to the front from handicapped starting spots (13th - 15th). I saw that last night. I don't care how the track comes up as long as I see passing and can actually see the race and not be blinded buy dust.   There's an abundance of Saturday night tracks in NYS, take a drive each of the next 5 - 6 weeks and check out some others. CMP, Fulton, 5MP, Thunder Mtn, OCFS, LV.   No one is forcing any of us to go to Fonda on Saturday night. We choose to go there and we can choose to go somewhere else, or even stay home and sleep through a NAPCAR race.
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    So we were hearing how bad Fonda was when Rick was running it  and then Matt steps in and spends a lot of money to bring the track back. He is doing a great job with it, but that's not good enough for the complainers. Give the new group some time to get through their "teething process. They got it 80% right and they will get it 100% soon. Promoting a race track is not easy !
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    I jokingly mentioned that there would be a mass exodus to Penske shocks. It may not be a joke soon, Larry absolutely crushed the field tonight. On lap 11, he was 1/2 a lap in front of Matt Sheppard and when the yellow came out on lap 20, he was about to put Mahany a lap down. Crazy fast and amazing bite off the corner. The Go Nuclear late models put on a great show. Tim Sears had a big lead, but the battles in the field were great. I was rooting hard for Dale Caswells beautiful 88 tribute car to his uncle Steve. Felt bad for Shayne Tenace got caught up in something not of his doing...again! 36 Late Models showed!
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    I have watched with interest the "sense of entitlement" that the internet forums have brought to the fans in relation to race results from the various tracks. Some fans themselves take the time and the effort to post top five finishes and such from here and there. Nothing wrong with that and it's a great service to their fellow fans who for some reason may not have been able to make that particular show or even if its a weekly show. I can understand to a limited point that track owners would rather get you to lay down the admission price and attend their shows, but posting results after a show should NOT have that much of an effect on attendance. Simple results AFTER a show is done has nothing up against actually attending a show. It is beyond me why most of, if not all tracks don't take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and the various forums to quickly get the word out...not an entire program press release, but at least a top five from all divisions to hold over until a full press release can be sent out. Back when I did the Flemington Speedway competition press releases, I didn't go to bed until the press release was out to all of the various destinations, be they metro or trade papers...columnists or what have you. Yeah, it made for late nights, but it came with the job and it was the way it should be done. Back then, social media just wasn't around. Now, this won't be a popular opinion....but fans have no right to expect immediate results from tracks. Should the tracks do it? Oh yeah, of course, but they are not obligated to provide results on social media after a show is over. Fans have come to expect such a thing and in the process...now they believe they are "owed" a run down....see it all the time.
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    500 to start is almost like winning...
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      The $2.00 extra charge was because the sprint cars were there, it was announced prior that it would be an extra 2 bucks....   The sprint car warm engines, warm up also contributed to a few extra minutes before the 1st heat race hit the track.... like most anywhere else that has sprints added to the show as well as the extra money for admission....
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    Make no mistake guys Matty and his family have run a A+ racing operation....It might take them a bit to get in the swing of running a racetrack, when they finally work out the bugs I can only see good things from Fonda Speedway. Besides the worst night of racing is still better than a great day at work....so stop all the bitching!
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    i would have to 100 percent disagree. I have been to four different tracks this year and all tracks have been in very good shape. On two occasions. Yates County opener and the Jan Corcoran Memorial the tracks may have been their best ever
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    it's been a cold wet spring in general and it has rained most of the last week in the northeast... expect that track prep will take extra time!  at Merrittville tonight we stared an hour late because it had rained on and off all afternoon.  after already having lost the first 2 weeks of the season to rainouts I was happy to see the track do whatever it takes to get a night of racing in.  once the track crew had the surface smooth they sent out almost every car in the pits to finish working it in.  be aware of the effects of the weather and have some patience and dedication for crying out loud, rather than trying to make it sound like the track management is incompetent!
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      Neffro... Argue and debate all you want. I will even let a mild swear word or two slide by. But stop short of name calling. As you were. That name is reserved for Miller's future son - in - law anyway
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    Just what we all want "to many race cars" gotta love it. I don't care how late it goes I'm not working Wednesday. I do believe this will turn into one of the best shows of the season.
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    Jake why don't you go up to matty d this Saturday and tell him how to run his track? I'm sure he would be very flattered to hear your expertise.
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    The sprint car warm engines, warm up also contributed to a few extra minutes before the 1st heat race hit the track.... like most anywhere else that has sprints added to the show as well as the extra money for admission....     The sprint cars actually moved along better than usual. The pre-warming of the engines took 10 minutes and then their warmups took another 5.   then the warmups for the Vintage Mods.   Starting the heats 25 minutes late with the sprints mixed in wasn't too bad.   There was less than 10 minutes of idle time.(intermission)   They made every effort to move the show along.   I saw a lot of Lebanon Valley and Malta regulars in the stands.
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    Can't wait for the SDS race there that will be the best show of the year
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      Focusing on traveling with the big-block this year and only running a few extra 358 races. 
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      Neffro... Argue and debate all you want. I will even let a mild swear word or two slide by. But stop short of name calling. As you were.
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    Wish I could be there for this show!!! Sounds like a dandy.
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    Try looking on the front page. Lots of results and some good stories
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    His Penske Shocks are are on Coil overs all 4 corners it's not just the shock he's running a different car than everyone else.  He will be tough to beat this summer when every place gets slick.  He struggled earlier on the rough race tracks.  It will be interesting to see who goes to coil cars because of it
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    I'm kinda curious as to why BV's ridiculous entrance into the tech area hasn't been brought up? No matter why he's pissed off there was no reason for it
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    :fuck:  :fuck:  :fuck:  :fuck:
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    I think Big Rick also sits in the bleachers off of turn 4. Not the best viewing angle to start with which would make anything in the infield a problem. Most people sit alot higher if those seats are available.
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    I was wondering if the tail gaters would block the view.I guess it does.
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    Let's see... We had first time winners in 3 of the 6 classes (Mods, 305 Sprints and New Legend Sportsman). We had last corner passes in 2 of the other 3 classes. And there was very little attrition considering how fast the track was last night. All in all, I think it was a VERY good night. 
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    What a bummer when the track doesn't do what you want it to because of the damn weather. As I posted earlier it took an hour and 45 minutes to run off 7 heat races and tonight at Utica Rome they ran off 17 heats in an hour and 10 minutes. .And I agree with the fact that Matty will keep at it and he will eventually get the track in better shape once all this rain stops.
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    He can be critical because when he was at Glen Ridge that place was a WELL OILED MACHINE.  It must have been perfect at Glen Ridge on Jakes watch or he wouldn't have a leg to stand on criticizing Matt Delorenzo and company, RIGHT? 
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    The only problem with fonda right now is the weather, a couple of  warm days then it rains alot. The track has to firm up so it don't tear up.
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    . Words spoken from a person that only has $12 dollars involved! For your onfo stewie won from 12-15 many times last year on a much smoother and slick track ! Get a clue !!! Won from last place in a backup car on a smooth and slick track. Won last night with no rear suspension and a flat tire. I don't think Friesen's performances at Fonda is a good way to indicate track conditions because he could probably win there going backwards.
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    How come the complainers aren't talking about the regular price of admission being $10.00 instead of $12.00 this year. They would complain if they were hung by a new rope ! I remember Rick also having a rough time the first few nights when he took over ! I have total confidence that Matt will do very well taking Fonda to the next level. 
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    Did I hear correctly when I was told Stew is in a late model at UR today?
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    I guess the other two threads bashing Fonda weren't enough .
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    Oh OK... Thanks for filling me in. Was this back door type of deal not available to you?
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    Ya know, with a little experience this kid might turn out to be pretty decent.
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    3 shots...  pass for the lead how the car rode last 15 laps holding parts in victory lane..
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    I agree with you valley he has put his heart and soul into improving the track and it takes time to become Howie , gene cole, etc . I believe he will become a great promoter but it takes time.A+ for the effort.
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    "have some patience and dedication for crying out loud, rather than trying to make it sound like the track management is incompetent!"   Agreed. They kept working the track to prevent more incidents like RJ's flip earlier this season. I would consider this important with sprint cars on the card tonight.
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    We had a lot of rain last night. Sorry for saying 5 " bud. It was more than normal as the river was 6' above norm. Standing water everywhere till noon. It is what it is.
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    yes. Stewart won, Varin 2nd. Track was fast but rough. Matt did everything he could to fix it, That's what 5" of rain does. 305 sprints were in the high 17s
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    I am told the shows will air on Wednesday nights at 9:30 throughout the entire month of June.   2 shows were already shot at Devil's Bowl in Texas.   Show number 3 was shot at Lincoln last night. All I am going to say about this one is that it was a barn burner. :whistle:   Show number 4 is slated for Williams Grove on Friday night - May 16th. Weather could play a role as it has been raining on and off all day here today, and the TV crew is on standby for Saturday if need be. Also on the schedule is Super DIRT Week in October, as well as the World Finals in November.    
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