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    Track is never to fast, Drivers need to be more aware of there surroundings and speeds. Everyone likes fast racetracks. JMO
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    I like fast, Multi groove tacky tracks because it makes guys that can be fast, fast even if they miss the set up some. I rather see guys like stew and bobby work for it than just drive by guys. You got guys like them that are really good most of the time and are going to be up front at the end. There are other guys that are really good but maybe can't get it dialed in on a slick track so the tacky track equalizes them out a little more. Hell I'm a guy that wants to see 25 different winners in 25 events. Make them star drivers work a little bit.    Yes, it does make for heavier crashes , that's why some guys need to be more aware of what's going on around them. Most don't realize how fast it is until you crash / OOOPS - TO LATE 
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    As I was sitting at Fonda last night I got a text from my son (who is going to college in Ohio (UNOH). The text tells me he is at the Kings Royal. I thought back this morning to all the races I took him to as a little kid and think that now, with all the things he could choose to do on a Saturday night, he's at the Kings Royal.    I am a racefan because of my parents, I, in turn, passed my love of the sport onto my son.     So, who got you interested in the sport and who have you shared it with that became a long term fan as a result?   Maybe we need to start a national "take a kid to a race" campaign.
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    Reality, 100 lap sds races counting cautions and 60 green flag races are about the same.
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    100 Laps is part if what makes the Super Dirt Series Super. 50 laps ain't a whole lot different than 35. And I can see that every saturday
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    If you really think that is an illustration of freedom of speech and standing up for yourself God help you. Tired of seeing Hearn win? Get off your butt and help one of his competitors! Almost every team can use the help. You dont realize what showing up at the race garage and lending a hand means to a team. Even if its just sweeping a floor or cleaning parts or running to the speed shop it makes a difference. Holding that sign up accomplished what? And if you cant write a one sentance protest sign without a vulgarity ask for help.
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    yes, but fast ones. Not dry and slick ones.
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    Glad to hear Matty is doing OK, looks like it was quite a ride!   I feel for Matty, it hasn't been an easy year for him, I hope this breaks the streak of bad luck he has had this year... keep your chin up & give them hell for the rest of the season both on & off the track!
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    bobby did samething to stewie fri night at glen ridge.squeezed stew down after restart in turn 1.only difference is stewie didn't wreck or act like an ass afterwards.
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    as a fan, I like em all. 35, 50, 100. and 200!  I do miss the Sunoco series 200 lap races at the end of the season.  The Outlaw 200 is by FAR my favorite race each year.
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    [attachment=5752:image.jpg]heres one someone sent me.
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    Hey I saw Joe do something to Fred two weeks ago on a Saturday during a rainstorm.
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    I prefer a track with multiple racing grooves....that is racing.
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    Exactly.  I always thought racing was about going fast.  I never understood the slick trackers.   The most fun I ever had racing was driving it in as hard as you had the sack for, burping the throttle to get it pointed in the direction you want to go, and putting it back on the mat.  Then do it again a couple of seconds later.
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    pbutter16x...   Cut it out with the name calling. 
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    Anyone know when they might make an official announcement?
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    I think the bottom line is people are sick and tired of his crying week in and week out that's what it seems like to me
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    Bobby Varin was the 2nd place car on Saturday night, I don't think he could have got by Ronnie. As to the accident Bobby was on the inside on the restart. Green was on the outside in the first turn how did Green get in Bobby's lane for the claimed hit by Bobby?   It was Bobby's lane that Green pulled into. Please look at the situation through open eyes and open mind not hater eyes. Bobby was fast. and he got wrecked. It is dirt track Saturday night racing, kind of hard to slow on the restart when the top car squeezes the bottom car  
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    Stewy admits to hitting Greene last week and everyone thinks it's fine. ????? This week---everything is Bobby's fault. NOT !!   Last week Stewart couldn't slow down quick enough when a car in front of him slowed as a result of getting out of shape. Last night Varin tried to squeeze in aggressively. The dots don't connect here !   Couldn't slow down ......really ?? That's a new one.   No, that's an old one, When 2 cars are doing about 80 mph 20 ft. apart, there is no time to react. The closing rate is about maybe half of a second. This happens a lot in racing. As car gets out of shape and slows just enough to get tagged. Many times the driver in the front feels like to one behind him came and hit him, but his car slowing slightly was just enough to  where their wasn't enough time and space to not hit the car. 
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    Varin puts his car where this is no room all the time..he drives through people and not around.
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    (Mod Edit). Tell me how when Varin is running the inside as far down on the racetrack as he can, that HE TOOK DARWIN OUT. DARWIIN DIDN'T HOLD HIS LINE. IT HAPPENS WEEK AFTER WEEK. VARIN DIDN'T TOUCH A CAR. AND IT AMAZES ME THE CRAP YOU PEOPLE LOVE TO START ON HERE. HE DIDN'T QUIT THE 1j. FIN SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH YOUR SUNDAY MORNING TIME.   --------------------   No need for the name calling. 
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    So all the kids going into the track got to see this asshats idiotic sign. First time family visit gets a great first impression. What a jerk and what a stupid sign!
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    We've run across this issue before and it was resolved like so... Set the makeup date and run the big event first. Everyone with wristbands and ticket stubs gets in for free. Once the show is complete, empty the entire grandstands and pit area and then charge everyone to see the remainder of the show. People have already paid to see this show and they shouldn't have to keep paying because of rain delays.
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    Good to know, thanks. i would rather watch a 10 car sprint car race than a 40 car modifed race :)