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    Here is a situation where I'd like to see all DirtCar tracks work together and issue a complete ban from all DirtCar tracks
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    With the Gater leaving we would like to offer a home to those of you who wrote or took photos for the Gater. We continue to grow our front page and photo gallery and want to expand our original content. Drop me a line at Outlaw@dirttrackdigest.com and we can talk..    Thanks  George...
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    Thought I was going to see Davey Moore also !!! :sarcastic:
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    Surprised nobody has brought this up yet.    Disciplinary Violation and Penalty Notice   Dated:                    August 6, 2014   Competitor:           Brandon Hagan   Event:                    August 2 Fulton Speedway SUNY Canton Sportsman Feature   Violation:               The GM Crate Engine in the car Brandon Hagan drove to the win during the August 2 feature event was pulled for further inspection following the race event. A dyno test was performed and the engine was found to perform fell well outside of acceptable horsepower and torque limits. The engine was taken apart for inspection and was found to have non-compliant aftermarket parts and altered GM parts. This is directly in violation of Section III of the Fulton and Brewerton Sportsman rules which state:   a.     All engines must remain sealed from the factory and factory seals must remain unaltered. No tampering, removal, modifications and/or broken factory seals permitted. All components must remain as manufactured and unaltered, including intake manifold, cylinder heads, valve covers, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer and all internal parts. b.     Any issued penalty for tampering within the engine bolts may include suspension of the car, driver, car owner, engine builder from participation in any Fulton and/or Brewerton event. c.      Fulton and Brewerton Track Officials reserve the right to exchange or impound any engine at any time for competitive analysis and for inspection. Failure to allow the engine to be retained for the impound procedure will result in disqualification from the event and possible further penalties.   Penalty:                 a.  Loss of all purse and points earned for the August 2 race event b.  Loss of 2014 Fulton Speedway points earned to date c. One year suspension from Sportsman Competition at Fulton and Brewerton Speedway for one calendar year from the date of infraction. d.  A $1000 fine payable to Fulton Speedway before being allowed to compete again in Fulton or Brewerton sportsman racing.
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    I just want to thank Merrittville and Ransomville for two great nights of racing this week with the Bob St. Amand 100 and the Alex Friesen Summer Nationals. It was great too see the Big Blocks again, i hope that there are back again next year. Thanks again and best of luck for the remainder of the season too both tracks!
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    He runs well at Can-Am, rumor has it that his uncle is the tech guy at Can-Am. I heard Can-Am is going to honor the Fulton/Brewerton suspension
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    I enjoyed my first visit to both locations and would love to do the trip next year as well. Merrittville was a better show of the two, but Ransomville had plenty of atmosphere. I am glad that Ransomville held out and ran the show on Tuesday, as the weather turned out to be great on Tuesday evening. The fans I was sitting around mentioned that the "Big R" normally gets much slicker and takes rubber. The racing there, IMO, would be better if the track was like that. The attrition level was really high because the track was sooo fast. At Merrittville, the track was super smooth and the SBM seem to be able to keep pace with the BB. There were about 4 fights in the stands at Merrittville , which were quite entertaining as well. The only downfall to the racing was that both nights the winner started on the pole and very little passing for the lead occurred. On Monday, Danny got challenged a bit but on Tuesday, Decker was in a league of his own.
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    Yes, you are correct.   They have been getting done so early they added another division.
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    At a garage sale? :tease:
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    what about sportsman feature corey wheelman wheeler pushing the lap car across the finish line for the victory and destroying a left front tire and rim in the process...and don't forget the 2 great  flagmen
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    Dirtfan... this is the first time in many years that these two races have been back to back.  the past 2 years in particular the big blocks have went to I-96 in Michigan following Merrittville.  yes, years ago it used to be back to back nights for the series races, though the Alex Friesen Summer Nationals was always a separate event later in August. glad to see they brought the big blocks back to Ransomville and it was awesome having that same chicken dinner that we used to get 20 or 30 years ago!   I will definitely agree with the original comment... two great nights of racing and for any fans out there who have never been to either track they are must see events!  I am still blown away by how good the surface was at Ransomville last night.  cant remember the last time we have seen the track hold up all night without taking rubber!
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    Riding the Cushion on facebook. I do some updates for them when I can
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    should be digital channel 323 in each market-  if you don't have a box then maybe the channels in the release above can be assistance?
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    Cleaned up a bit... lets remember it's a who's going to Syracuse.. nothing more , nothing less
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      Yeah, looking over the schedule, Sept. 12th is a MUST see now that I've thought about it -- $30 is a bit more than I really want to pay, but SuperDIRT 358s, Sportsman tour and the Go Nuclear Crate Late Models means three awesome divisions in action, it will be worth it.   If there is a good bargain on a weekend combo pass I would pick that up, too.   Thinking about, I did whine about the track's prices...but on the other hand, Mohawk produces a lot of great racing pretty consistently.   Last week, three of the four features had the two leaders battling side-by-side for the win right up until the final turn. Three-wide battles for position were happening all night and the teams had a track they could RACE on so they didn't tear up a lot of cars.   That is a pretty regular occurance at MIR...sure, you need some motor ($$) there...but the track is consistenly multi-groove so the drivers can race on it and not tear up a ton of equipment.
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    If you are not going because the"big names" are not there you are going to miss some tight outstanding racing them. Sorry "big names" do not always make or break a show.
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    I would've liked it if he won, as I caught the t-shirt he signed.
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    $100 to take the green for sportsman doesn't cover the cost of getting punted by a flying squirrel :vampire:
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    Probably fighting over the last available Davey Moore T-shirt.
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    I commend Dirtcar on making the call on Matt. It wasn't intentional. As Niagara said, you had to watch Doc and Bowman at the front and Matt coming thru the field. It would have been interesting if he stayed up front. Merritville did a good job keeping the show moving, we were out of there just past 10 pm.   Hearn went absolutely nowhere in the feature. He pretty much finished where he started.
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