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    Yeh, Good Call On Brett's Part...Can't Wait To See What WRG Does To Brett...OCFS Hooked Him Up And Let Him Post His Time In The First Group,But The Track Started To Get A Little Faster And He Started Dropping Like A Rock And Now He Is Pretty Much Screwed As To Where To Run....He Won His Heat By A Mile And We Will See What Happens.....Welcome Home Brett......SCREW WRG
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    I'm just glad he did it. WRG needed to get called on it.
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    I think its absolutely great, one of dirts poster boys pretty much telling dirt to go f them self.. good luck brett this weekend 2 of the BEST MOD drivers in racing are now at ESW over a sds race
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    Not a Hearn fan either. But i laugh at WRG they dont want thier guys running other races for big money..There is not alot of money in modified racing and to try force someone to race somewhere when they dont have a dime in their operation is funny.Why would Brett go there to day he usally does not run good there ,not to mention how far back he will start and what would he win 300 take the green.whooaa...He made the right choice he will prolly win at O.C. today
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    Way to step up Brett Hearn. WRG is going after OCFS plain and simple.
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    Iam NOT a Brett fan BUT i THINK HE IS DOING WHAT MANY SHOULD HAVE DONE! ***_ wrg! Good choice Brett . if others follwed we wouldn't have this issue.
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    Leave me alone.  How the hell am I supposed to know how to spell his name?     Sincerely,   Gary Tompkins  
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    Do us that love OCFS a favor and go to Weedsport the next 2 days. You will get a facility that was recently renovated with all the stars of the SDS. Minus Hearn of course. The stands were empty cause everyone was in the drive in staying warm inside there cars.
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    Wow!  One of DIRT's poster boys opting to run for the money elsewhere!  I would have done the same if I were Brett, but you know DIRT can't be pleased.      
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    From Brett Hearn's Facebook page 15 minutes ago: After meeting with ownership this morning to weigh all the teams options we have elected to keep Teamtwenty at Orange County Fair Speedway for the weekend. The weather situation today in upstate NY and the possibility that it could be held until tomorrow was a big factor. We also looked at the up and down side of the point chase. In the end this looks like the best bet today.
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    Sheppard light giving wight 2nd according to aarn facebook
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    Pretty crazy that race only paid $1000 to win. In the 90's it was paying $4,000 to win and was 75 laps.
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    Track champion Randy Sweetman started on the pole with Chris Stevens on the outside.  On lap 1 Sweetman had an issue on the backstretch (I couldn't see it) and went to the rear in hurry.  Lap 2 was a multi-car wreck in front of the starter's stand involving Tyler Treacy, Tyler Boniface, John Illanovsky with Sweetman plowing into Treacy and rode the fence bringing out the red.  Everyone was okay, but all four were finished.  The track crew had to repair the fence under red.   After that, the race ran pretty clean with just one more caution later on.  Krummel passed Stevens on lap 19 and led for the rest of the way and won by 6 seconds for his second consecutive Eastern States Sportsman win and 33rd Sportsman win at OCFS.   Notables:   Matt Pappa started 22nd and finished in 7th, gaining 15 positions.  Allison Ricci started 24th and finished in 8th, gaining 16 positions.     1              Brian Krummel 2              Chris Stevens 3              Andrew Reeves 4              Jessie Leiby 5              Brandon Grosso 6              Dominic Roselli 7              Matt Pappa 8              Allison Ricci 9              Joe Brunning 10           Jimmy Johnson 11           Kevin Ward 12           Mike Butler 13           Troy Arnold 14           John Virglio 15           Michael Sabia 16           Tyler Johnston 17           Joe Falanga 18           Brian Papiez 19           Brandon Finley 20           Adam Pierson 21           Winter Mead 22           Thomas Strupp 23           Frank Venezia 24           Johnny Illanovsky 25           Tyler Boniface 26           Tyler Treacy 27           Randy Sweetman
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    6 dump trucks and 3 backhoes lol Maybe a few ukes with a couple sk350s and you'll be making progress.
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    Welcome to the club......
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    i was told there was no difference in the chassis, only body and motor. I could be wrong,   my ex wife tells me i'm wrong all the time
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    Some cars from Modified practice this afternoon. Will try to post some more before Sportsman feature. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/gallery7/thumbnails.php?album=4198
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    stews cousin from quebec??
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    When I got mine in the mail this week I was surprised to see both posters in there . I feel paying 22 dollars was worth it for a piece of Super Dirt Week history . They removed the coupons from mine though . They must not have had time to get a picture of Jimmy Horton's car renumbered 12a in time to get it made up . Also I noticed Billy V did not make the race . Anyone know why he didn't make it?
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    Stewwwwyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :gaming:
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    I don't think anyone was worrying about it...simple question.  And quite a few people will be camping....so that means a lot of down time between racing.  Its a simple question, no reason for you to complain about it.
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    Give Bill Pink a call, Pink Carberation  down in Huntersville NC, he's been doing ours, I'm sure he does crate carbs as well, ours have been great & his customer service is superb!
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    Anyone from up there know if firewood will be available close?
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    We will however control the food in the concessions and the Restaurant.  We are in the process of setting the menu for the restaurant.  We will set prices for concessions as we get closer to opening.    I promise you the pricing will be fair.  I read all of the comments in the other thread.   John Lehmann CNYRP