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    No Meier was not. Meier and his crew wanted to be and asked to be but Dini called it off. I do not believe it was Deyo's doing. It all created quite a stir. OCFS is really the only Deyo show that has more rules for weights and engine displacement, and also body panel styles. His rules were simple and the top 5 should have been teched. They were all certainly there and ready to be teched. It all happened really quickly. The rest of the top 5's willingness to be teched tells me there probably was no issues with them. However, the more rules made, the more tech is required. I KNOW Brett Deyo will take this situation and learn from it. Im sure he will have his own tech team next time or something. All in all I thought it was a great show. Brett and Stew put a good show up front. The big blocks struggled a bit, tire wear was extreme. That was due to the weather. Hope this clears some of the fuzz up. Brett Deyo is a hard working promoter doing his best and sticking his neck out there for fans and racers alike. We should not lose sight of this.
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    It's been said the tech inspector refused to tech anyone after Brett's team refused tech. If i ran a race track and had one of my works tell me they were not going to do what i asked them to do, They'd be an X employee pretty quick.
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    In looking at everything they have scheduled, could be a long afternoon/evening at FMP. I have learned my lesson attending these types of shows at FMP.
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    The keyword in all of this is DINI. The guy is and has always been a joke. Why people still employ him to do any more than clean under the stands after a race eludes me.
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    You'll prob be there 5-6 hours before a feature hits the track.......... They drag a show on like no other track in history
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    Would that be the same Kasey Kahne that got lapped at Williams Grove the night before his win at Lincoln? Check his record in PA, it ain't that great.
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    You make a good point. Hearn was a parody of a professional. Sincerely, Parity
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    In this situation this series broke there own rules by not cking top 5 cars.....this happened because series owners people did not do what he told them to do......this means that its ( possible ) there was some infractions......In real world business owner is held responsible for people that work for them......may not be rite but way it works.....in this case mediator would maybe say ......pay #20 ....learn from mistakes made.....if personalities we're reason this all went down.......promoter in theory should know there is friction between some teams ect .......and lay law down on how things are going to be done.....there is legal obligations in these events ....and clearly tell teams and crews at each event how things have to be.....there should be no guessing....assumptions.....and what person on each team has authority to reject or go along with tech request......driver is on track in another race ect ?.....I do not belief #20 driver would give up purse without having some input in conversation.....he is a promoter himself.....and a small business person himself.....
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    Lost in all of this is that you have guys putting $50,000 engines into their $30,000 cars and racing for...... $5,000 to win...? Or less. That's what is wrong with racing.
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    I give them all the "kudos" in the world for racing, but really don't see the need for 6 divisions on a Sunday in early April. Each division (except Mods) are some form of a "Touring Division" which should bring a decent amount of cars to the speedway and lengthen the show. If it was a 3 division show, be there in a heartbeat. JR Martin- Have you ever been to Five Mile for one of these shows? I have and will not be attending this show due to the length and "frogging" around that occurs at Five Mile. Get in your car, drive down and enjoy the show and lets us know on Monday how it was.
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    freight , storage, overhead, profit.... all still need to be added to the tire cost before you get to buy it....
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    Stop no need to get personal please . and by the way I know someone who will pass and has been suffering from Alzhemmer,s so take a moment and use the perfectly good brain you have now and think before you Post
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    Mike Mahaney, Looks like he is having fun all the time so it makes it easy to approach him. Matt Sheppard Always smiling and makes eye contact when talking Rocky Warner Has big crowds around him and when you leave you feel like he is your buddy
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    Hearn was trying to prove a point that a bone stock right outta the box crate could win. Everyone thinks you have to spend a bunch of money to cheat up a crate to win. If him qualifying knocked out a guy that scrapped to be there and pinched pennies they really shouldn't be racing unless you can actually afford it. Also, I can't believe how many people have such a loser mentality. If I was racing a sportsman that night I would have been crazy excited to race against Brett Hearn knowing I probably wouldn't beat him but it would have been awesome. I'm sure the sportsman guys were pumped up about it. "O Brett is racing against us, I'm outta here I'm not running for second" wtf no way any actual racer said that.
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    I want to know who Negan killed off on the walking dead.....
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    Wow .... here's a Flash Back for you....
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    The sportsman car went to tech after victory lane. They started by checking for the gear ratio that is required at OCFS since they don't make use of a rev box. I saw Dini with his valve spring tester in hand, and watched one team pull the distributor cap off. I did not stick around to see what all they checked that night.
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    Maybe because there was no rule saying he couldn't.
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    In an article from Speed 51 Hearn states they had an illegal NASCAR engine in the car Saturday night. Basically knowing they were not doing tech.Much more was brought up as well as why. I don't want to miss quote anyone so please read article at Speed 51.com
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    It's been claimed dry sumps could be worth an extra 3-5% hp on 360 sprint car engines. That's extra 18-22 hp. Realizing how many rpm's these nascar style motor are capable of turning, the hp advantage is probably more than that.
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    Well, this certainly isn't a shock. Nice to see the bonus put up for this early show & coincide with the SDS race.
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    I actually wasn't invited back for Rush Hour this past year, Mark Kenyon handled pit reporter duties...but I will be back with the Atomic Power Racing Hour on Time Warner Sports for this season...and a few other places too
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    Why pay the 20? As soon as he refuses tech he is dq'd. The others were willing. Sorry you chose to ruin your reputation Brett. You got some bad advice from somewhere.
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    We are looking to start our season off with in-between 14-18 cars down here at New Egypt. Many people coming from the Micro ranks, some people transferring over from asphalt and a good amount from Crate Sportsman.
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    I will make it out this season. Never been before. I gunna be checking out a lot of tracks this season. Last season I made cornwall for a show and loved it. To me as big of fan as I am it don't matter to me how long I'm at the track. I shown up hours early and talk with drivers after the races. Sometimes I'm there for 5-6 hours. If I get bored I walk around chatting with people lol.
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    You nailed it. It's in the rules Reinstating the 1 drop rule. Your lowest score for a REGULAR POINT only event will be dropped in final points. Rainouts/cancellations will not be dropped. only 0 or low score will be dropped.
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    AND it is on a Sunday..........
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    Not sticking up for what BH did or someone from his team did, since he was on the track but how can you dq someone for declining tech and then not tech anyone else? That whole thing seems fishy and given what happened at esw with the same car not getting teched makes you wonder what they are hiding in the meier car
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    As far as I know, OCFS knew he had a dry sump at ESW and didn't care. Dunno what Deyo's crew was looking for. Both dry sumps and the weight/panel rules are secondary to the rotating parts inside the engine IMO. You out rev everyone down those long straights, you're gonna win.
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    What i can tell you is that type of tech issue will never happen again at a Deyo show.... Brett will make sure he has the right people in place ....
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    Stop! they had all the time in the world to know the rules and you don,t have close to 900 wins ,with out knowing the rules, and have your motor taking down at the track once in a while ,Spare me! the BS, You can double talk all you want it is Hearn who was the fly in the ointment here .Jerry Higbie is 100% right. Hearn fans want to throw Dayo on the alter of sacrifice to save Hearn,s reputation for Being an ego filled fool Saturday.
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    A driver like Brett Hearn knows every inch of his race car from the batman sail panels, billy pauch door and his illegal motor so people saying his team or the engine owner refused tech and not him is crap. The whole madson overhead doors 20 team knew what the deal was.
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    Bob, to your point.. one of the people I was always intimidated by as a kid to get an autograph was Jack Johnson... when my cousin moved up to race sportsman we were the Speed Shop and I got to meet Jack there, left with a tshirt and was a fan... Jack Johnson was one of the least approachable guys you could ever meet at a race track when it time for business... and one of the absolutely nicest people away from the track Ive ever met. Oilman, you hit the nail on the head as well with Bobby Varin, definitely a loose cannon sometimes (and as a race director/flagger Ive been there done that lol) but seeing Bobby away from the track or around the kids gives you a whole different perspective on the man. On a higher level, I was always a fan or Darryn Pittman, Dale Blaney, and Danny Wood and Steve Kinser by how approachable they were, heck I carried on a half hour conversation one night with the king before anyone realized he was standing there in street clothes with an Old Milwaukee in his hand and came asking for autographs.
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    What's your point? How many people do tech on SDS? Or RoC? Nobody affiliated with any of the tracks? regardless, the deyo series has been getting plenty of support from both competitors and fans. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
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    As I stated in another thread, " George McKelvey is the STSS tech director who was hired over the winter to do tech for the series. The only event he was to miss all year was April 2 because of his New Egypt commitment. I know he was at both shows at Georgetown already this year." He'll be at the rest of the Deyo shows.
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    Correct!! that was the Bob St Amand Memorial Big Block tour and the fans are involved directly during Shane Andrews Drivers introduction. VERY VERY COOL IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN THERE FOR THIS EVENT. The St Amand Family put a lot of time and effort collecting extra money to make this a special show.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. Did everyone quit going to Syracuse after they let Stew win with a big fuel cell? heck no. controversy sells It sorta baffels me why Hearn just didn't let his motor be checked. But its certainly no big deal to me. and obviously not to him either
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    Yet Brett says he will probably be back next week. Is OC changing tech inspectors? Why is everyone else so concerned with politics if Brett isn't?
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    One solution maybe would be to Tech the cars before the events start, similar to what Grandview does before the 76er. At least look at the motor and determine the Cubic inches. For this event, most of the cars are there the day before running practice and could be checked at that time as well.
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    I've shared my opinion on rules for a 'Modified' class many times - any steel block V8 engine you want; weigh 2000 lbs + 1 lb/cubic inch of engine displacement. Dump sail panels (even the 'regular' bodies are too big but that's a whole other argument). One 4 barrel carb on gas or alcohol; nothing bigger than a 32 gallon fuel cell. Have at it. How could those rules possibly be any easier to enforce?
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    The race was great , but the politics after the fact is what really ruined it for me . I agree with what Brett Deyo did to Hearn for refusing tech . What I am not in agreement of is what transpired with Meier not being teched . Since Brett Deyo was using OCFS tech inspector Bob Dini for tech . Dini should have teched Meier . That did not happen . They did not listen to Deyo who was running the show . Closed door deals is what put a black eye on Eastern States weekend . It carried over to Saturday unfortunately , by Dini refusing to tech Meier . If Meier's engine was over 363 CI and according to people from the previous thread about Eastern States weekend , it was . It was the same car and engine that he ran the 200 with and this past weekend . He should not have been allowed to use sail panels this past weekend . OCFS allowed them to use the engine for Eastern States with a behind the scenes closed door deal . I feel this is why Dini did not tech Meier . He is a weekly racer at OCFS , so put 2 and 2 together . OCFS over ruled Deyo , and that is why I am saying Deyo should not have another STSS race there .
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    I got there late, just as his sportsman heat was starting. He started last or 2nd to last, and by the time I got to my seat he was in first. Then he drew the pole.
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    Careful with that news. Hearn might show up.
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    If that's true that they did not check the second place car, Deyo needs to replace his race director. It looks unprofessional.
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    if I recall,the only bitch brett had at last yrs 200 was the scoring that he claimed screwed him.if they didn't tech the 3 car whats up with that? sounds like the 27j took the biggest screwing.
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    And the winner had an illegal motor/weight.
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