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    May your beer be skunky and your hooker have an std because dam all you do on here is b!tch and moan about EVERYTHING! Alot of people are going to bust their asses just to make it a reality so maybe take a step back and enjoy it for what it is man.
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    No one (in their right mind) disputes that Matt has proven himself to be one of the best ever in northeastern history ... and he still has a long, long way to go before he's done adding to his resume. He's most likely going to break many more records before he is done. But I think even Matt would question your sanity. Seriously. These attempts to minimize or undermine Jimmy's ability do not make Jimmy look bad. They make you look bad. We get it. You don't like him. You are letting your emotions overrule your ability to see things clearly.
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    Everyone except Gevo that is. See... he'd rather play footsie with his hot rod buddy friends and sip wine with his pinkie extended than hang out with us bums at CMP
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    Bob Warren, CG Morey, Jessey Mueller, Kevin Bolland, Jeremiah Shingledecker all cars I didn't have listed that are already there.
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    The driver looks like he knows how to get to the front without banging his way there. Nice run.
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    From the front page article - The Oswego Speedway hubrail is also very unique in racing in that cars are confined between two fixed barriers. According to Oswego Speedway Public Relations Director Dan Kapuscinski, “they are placing an inner concrete gravity block barrier around the inside of the track. It will be placed about three feet outside of the hub rail in order to leave the drainage area open.” Oswego is narrow enough as it is, and now they are going to move the inside 'wall' out 3 more feet into the track??
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    Hey Gevo Jim was running cause that's were the beer was..LOL
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    I told camp "Back Row Gang" that I was going to bust your balls. I bet you knew it was coming anyway.
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    Of course the land is so flat you can see the 18th hole from the first tee.
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    Anyone going to eldora want to go play a round of golf at Arrowhead Wednesday morning? It's about 22 miles from Eldora.....
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    Wait a minute...shuttle buses? When I suggested having SDW at Rolling Wheels and using Weedsport as a satellite camping and parking area...I was told repeatedly how stupid that idea was. But now it's in play at Oswego and everyone is good with it? There has to be a lot of behind the scenes factors here not being discussed. To me it seems like an awful lot of money and effort with unknown results when they could spend less and have the event at a well known facility with history. At this point I think all we can do is hope for the best...
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    Speaking of Gevo... You were obviously missing from victory lane. Not only did you miss Mike's first CMP win, but you also missed Daddy Jim running from the pits to victory lane to give son Mike a bear hug. I'll tell you what... Jim can move! No way did I expect him to run as fast as he did. So where were you Gevo? Out on a date?
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    a few years back a guy named Chris loaded his hauler along with 2 of his friends and they left what they knew for some new speedways.. It worked out for them... Maybe it will work out for us too... Life is way to short to get buried in the details. We're going to be in Oswego in October. I'll be there with the rest of you looking to start a new chapter in my racing life. Remember a bad day at the race track is still better than a good day at work.....
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    Wasn't ESW already the most storied Final in dirt racing?
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    Well the seating capacity in the grandstands at Syracuse was in the 16,000 to 17,000 range so even 2/3 full they would of had more then 10,000 there. Personally I think Oswego will draw a huge crowd and the car count should be better then ever with no special equipment needed. Think it may end up a circus but I am still very interested.
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    I would suspect they will still draw a massive crowd. SDW was as much about the camping and partying as it was about the racing. People are still going to want to do that, no matter what track it is run at. I think Donnely's track would have brought a big crowd, I see no reason why just as many people will not go to see SDW at Oswego.
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    A win is a win...controversial or not...if I was him I'd brag all the way to the bank...I havnt seen where stew left his win at syracuse off of his list of accomplishments..
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    Has jimmy phelps ever done anything??? let's see jayydirt....outlaw 200 winner....Victoria 200 at u/r winner...multiple SDS wins inc.. rolling wheels..brewerton...weedsport...merritville...cornwall...Williams grove...Albany saratoga...charlotte...to name a few tracks.... ROC wins at 5 mile and U/R. track championships at brewerton.....fulton....weedsport... smallblock win at syracuse..along with numerous other smallblock sds wins... He is a consistent front runner everywhere...including the SDS... he also has a 8-5 job..unlike matt...he promotes a racetrack...unlike matt...he is a father of 3...unlike matt...he is one of the most accomplished racers that has a real life outside the track...95% of all dirt modified drivers would trade resumes with Jimmy...if he never wins the sds title does that define him??? Billy pauch has no problem leaving that off of his record...wins in the big block at syracuse??? with all due respect I don't think vic is anywhere near jimmy in the modified ranks and he has won a couple of them... I would venture a guess jimmy is nowhere near as accomplished as some of you at Internet scrolling and trolling..but when it comes to actual racing where talent is actually measured his stats speak for themselves..
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    This. Jimmy may not win as much as Matt, but he is astonishingly consistent no matter where he goes. He's easy on equipment. (Not saying Matt is hard on it.) Don't know the details of the Matt and HBR situation. Don't need to. Matt is obviously doing just fine without HBR. I'm sure he's happy to be back in a Bicknell. HBR is doing fine too with Jimmy, Peter and Max all having solid seasons so far.
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    Jimmy is far enough in his career and the team has always been fast/good equipment. There isn't too much new schooling that will help Jimmy be better than he already is. He's been in the top five in series points for years. He is a threat to win every series race he enters and no one would have been overly surprised if he won a title in any of the last five years. I am not a big fan but I can say The guy is good! The moves at HBR are there to bring forward the next "Star" and they are hoping that Max will be it. Jimmy is the "now", Max is the future at HBR.
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    May be the dumbest question ever posted on this forum.
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    Corcoran will be toast. My track is going to be done next week. Always, Glen