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    Best of 2017. The links are the complete list for the category. Best Average Finish (Min 22 Races): Matt Sheppard – 4.00 Most Starts: Matt Sheppard – 79 Most Top 5’s: Matt Sheppard – 67 Most Top 10’s: Matt Sheppard – 72 Most Wins: Matt Sheppard – 41 Best Top 5 Percentage (Min 22 Races): Rex King Jr. – 88.46% Best Top 10 Percentage (Min 22 Races): Ryan Susice – 91.43% Best Win Percentage (Min 22 Races): Matt Sheppard – 51.90% Most Different Track Starts: Erick Rudolph – 34 Most Different Track Top 5’s: Matt Sheppard – 25 Most Different Track Top 10’s: Erick Rudolph –30 Most Different Track Wins: Matt Sheppard – 16 Longest Top 5 Streak: Matt Sheppard – 19 Longest Top 10 Streak: Andy Bachetti – 22 Longest Win Streak: Matt Sheppard – 5 (x2) Oldest Winner: Denny Soltis – 74 Years ??? Days *Denny's birthday is not in the system therefore he will not show up on the page. Youngest Winner: Max McLaughlin – 17 Years 162 Days Fastest Feature Lap: Danny Creeden (Accord Speedway) – 12.966 Fastest Average Feature Lap: Jimmy Wells (Accord Speedway) – 14.002 Closest Margin of Victory: Billy Dunn (Mohawk International Raceway) – 0.000 Events Ran: Lebanon Valley Speedway – 34 Largest Average Starting Field Size: Oswego Speedway – 40.51 Different Starters: Five Mile Point Speedway – 109 Different Top 10 Finishers: Orange County Fair Speedway – 62 Different Top 5 Finishers: Orange County Fair Speedway – 45 Different Winners: Lebanon Valley Speedway – 19 Average Fastest Feature Lap: Glen Ridge Motorsports Park –13.366 Average Feature Lap: Humberstone Speedway – 19.701 Average Closest Margin of Victory: Weedsport Speedway – 0.116 Total Events: 575 Month with most events: June – 122 Week with most events: 8/20 - 8/26 – 37 Day with most events: 9th – 32 Date with most events: May 20th - 21 There will be some changes coming to the site this winter. More data is being added, and we are planning on releasing some new features. Stay tuned!! Thanks and happy holidays, -Dennis
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    He escaped a road gang in 1928 & ended up somewhere in Pennsylvania.....I seen him once when i was 4 years old in 1951& he showed up at our home
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    Wore my sneakers and had a ball! Great racing and lots of it. No down time at all. Started at 1:00 and just ripped off one race after the next. Weather was unreal! More like late Sept or early Oct. Bachetti got tangled up in his heat and had to come from 7th or 8th. Also, the first couple lines in the writeup on DTD are not accurate. Says Bachetti started on the pole and never looked back. He was looking over his shoulder every lap except when Mike Ricci passed him and opened up a 5-6 car length lead. Bachetti had a great view of Ricci's rear bumper. Then under caution Andy gave Mike a couple of love taps for something. I missed why he wasn't happy. On one of the following restarts Bachetti made an aggressive move as he made contact with Ricci and got the lead. Went on for the win.
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    The mod feature doesn't have to be first but it also doesn't have to be last. You've already answered your question why the mods shouldn't run last. Why is it ok for the mods to run first at the Gobbler yet not other shows? Just because it's cold and uncomfortable? Plenty of cold uncomfortable nights throughout the racing season not just in November. And why are fans who want to leave after the mods not "strong or real race fans"?
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    I don’t know, Jason Newsted seems to have done alright, lol.
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    Except for Geddy, everyone loves Geddy.
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    I don't have a clue what I would do without racing. I played football in high school. But that ends with school. I played some golf but that isn't as fun to me racing. I am 46 years old and I still want to be a racecar driver when I grow up.
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    I can not conceive of living without being dedicated to racing. While I am just a fan everything revolves around racing in my life.
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    Andy Bachetti wins over Mike Ricci, Anthony Perrego, Ryan Godown, Joe Judge Andy Bachhetti started on the pole and Mike Ricci started outside pole.
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    MMMMMMmmmmmm Buffalo Wings and Racing.. Good Combo!!!!
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    That's a tough one Bob. As a teen: I was an amateur boxer for 7 years. Acquired a very good record in tournaments 26-1 ; and won the Junior Olympics and Junior Golden Gloves in the early 70's so I may have stayed that route. My Dad made me quit though. He did not want me to get my face beat in for the little money that was made back then. I was shorter than most of my opponents and had to take a little to dish out a lot LOL. I was fascinated watching ABC's Wide World of Sports and the Grand National Flat Track Racing at the Springfield Mile. I bought a bike...started racing; then realized I was going WAYYY too fast for my abilities. I got busted up doing that so I stuck with wrenching. I joined a Professional Flattrack Team as a wrench.....helped drive over most of the country; and had a ball doing it. Through all that though; I was a fan of Northeast Modified Racing. Nice Thread...thanks !!
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    Hobbies: My entire life (almost 48 years) has been consumed with motorsports/fast cars. I have no clue what I would be consumed with if it wasn't for racing? I guess I would say baseball, that is my second favorite sport. I played Little League in my youth, and I love wiffle ball. I never went beyond that though, playing for my school (Fort Plain NY), etc... because it always got in the way of racing. I didn't get into football until after graduating, FPHS doesn't have a football team. So my answer would be baseball. Career: I did work for the Syracuse Chiefs (AAA Minor League Baseball Team) one full season. Of course now my career path has taken me where I belong, in dirt track racing! Currently working for WRG on the SDS.
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    Canandaigua is having a meeting at the Shortsville American Legion on December 2nd (1 week from today) for all divisions. I am sure announcements will be made immediately thereafter regarding classes, rule changes, personnel and so on. I have not been told who the track Public Relations person is yet. What we do know is this... Paul Cole is the new promoter and has made it clear that Canandaigua will once again be flying the DIRT Banner in 2018. Greg Hixson will be race director, Scott Hixson returns as flagger and I will return as well.
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    Cause it's going to be Super Late when you get out of there..lol
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