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    Overpriced. We paid half that to see motocross. I decided I'd rather use the money this summer and go to 2 or 3 nights of dirt racing.
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    Natalie Decker on the pole.
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    Because there was never any cheating before crates.... Now those same cheaters cheat on affordable motors..
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    It's really $5 a beer.. sure they charge you $10 but they are 24 oz cans.. or at least they were a few weeks ago at the hockey game... 20 oz soda was $5 also
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    I guess the cold weather and snow has the folks wound pretty tightly these days
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    Fonda,let's you re-enter.. they have allowed it sense Lucia left
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    Prices are basically the same. This was discussed after the Trenton race. Whenever you're dealing with an arena you'll have arena prices. Trenton is the smallest, Allentown in the middle, with Atlantic City being the largest. I won't be in Albany so I can't say where that falls in comparison to the others.
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    Who does she think she is upstaging Danica?.....
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    2nd fastest in hot laps out of 72 cars so it doesn't appear to have been too bad.
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    It is never the driver's fault. 9 times out of ten it is a competitors fault. The other 1/10 .... it is the crews fault
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    Im sure it was Stremme's fault this time too! LMAO
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    Heard Jake Spraker bought the Valley..