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    We complain that the cars are all the same, then complain when something "different" comes out lol
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    Which is why I miss Craig Revelle more and more. He always seemed to have the info around the area. I don't think there will be to many changes in 2018
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    That deal turned out pretty good for me lol.
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    It was reported in this weeks AARN the Billy will be back in Mike's car for the 2018 SDS Tour. He will not be running at any weekly track. As reported a few weeks back he will be back in in the Smith car for the STSS. He will also be running some higher paying non conflicting race's. It has yet to be which team he will be running for in those race's!!!
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    Why not... If he is smart and considerate of the other racers. He can buy the W16 and learn at the back with less wing nuts on the track than a loaded sportsman class. With the extra purse and theoretically less damage over the season, it might save him money. Big jump but I can see the logic in skipping the sportsman class.
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    The big block series grew stagnant years ago...same teams...same winners year after year...same goes for the local tracks...i believe that the sb becoming the headlining division in northeast modifieds is the only way to revive the mod class...the big block tracks such as brew are already contacting 358 teams and looking at weight rules to get them to race with the big blocks because the numbers will not be there...there is no need for 2 headling classes and series comprised of mostly the same teams and drivers....hasnt been a need for it for a long time...the bigger teams have 358s as well...its a more competitive class and much more possible for sportsman teams to move into...do away with the big blocks...they have been headed for extinction for a decade...make a large 358 series with a north and south region...20 races each with 5 extra combined marquee events and watch the series and the mod class everywhere begin to strengthen and grow in numbers...
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    Only 2 tracks have gone to 358 in CNY, which I believe to be a great move by both parties, BB racing still has many tracks within reasonable hauling distance to run at weekly, now we will see who the real promotors are to entice these RACERS to their TRACKS...I retired 2 years ago and have traveled to many weekly tracks and have fully enjoyed it, I guess I just got tired of the same RACERS week after week at each of our CNY tracks for years, this year, at least at Fulton and Utica Rome there will or should be a few new faces coming into the fold which I find exciting...We shall see...If not then I hit the road again there is a lot of great racing outside of CNY !!!!!!!
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    I think with no home track points and many local tracks going to 358 .. Big blocks will be just a tour series soon ...
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    Shock and spring technology is light years beyond what they were running in the 80s. That’s really why guys are trying it again. They’re also more tunable than torsion bars, but that’s not necesarily a good thing. The more adjustment something has, the easier it is to adjust yourself completely out to lunch.
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    When april rolls around and matt is winning constantly on torsion bars and a normal rr panhardt...there will be alot of used coils for sale along with a few odd looking panhardt set ups...the probots will be coat hangers and torsion bar companies will have a boom in sales
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    The advancement is shock technology and the advancement of drivers knowledge with shocks has brought about another swing of coil cars....they have been successful previously...especially on smooth slicker surfaces...guys that have spent the time and done their homework on shocks with coils usually run pretty good....(erick rudolph, mike mahaney, aj ..etc.)....a coil is much easier to keep track of....and throughout the life of a coil its spring rate does not change nearly as much as a torsion bar....too many bar companies put batches of bars out that shit the bed after 3 races and at 120 bucks a piece, guys get sick of replacing them 10 to 20 times a season...the bar companies (shroeder for example last season) have excuses like bad spring steel, move manufacturing location, guy forgot to machine the ends of the bar down to proper diameter to fit the rack bearings etc.....but the bars dont get refunded or get cheaper....most new cars come with a rack still...and both panhardt locations are available on the chassis so there isnt a big need for purpose built coil cars.... With that being said...most drivers are far more comfortable on bars...most will not stick it out on coils to get where they need to be and will switch back in the first 6 weeks of racing... As a side note...there are places that have purchased torsion bar dynos...most will charge you to test your bars...before anyone goes and pays to have bars tested ask if the dyno reads rebound force....most do not...and a bar will lose rebound rate ages before compression...there are only a few true torsion bar dynos in ny so dont waste your money...replace the bars
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    Everyone should care who I am because I'm the greatest poster of all time. Yet no one did so I threw a temper tantrum and cried when they wouldn't give me my way. Sincerely, Goggles Pissano
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    Wow DIRT racing is going backwards. We have 80s purses why not use 80s suspension.
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    I made the money won, points etc to give credit to all the guys who came to Volusia. It's a shame you want to be negative and attack the story. I'm just trying to support all the hard work and achievements of the great drivers that came to Florida. I appreciate their efforts to put on a show for the fans and myself.
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    Bicknell racing products Facebook page has a new car being shipped out this week to Mike Payne.
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