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    I just called MAV TVs head office and inquired as to why Spectrum does not carry MAV TV in the Buffalo and Western NY Market. They told me “SPECTRUM SHOULD BE CARRYING THEIR PRODUCT IN THIS MARKET AREA” In other areas MAV TV IS LOCATED ON Ch 402 and it should be located there in WNY. They told me the will inquire as to why it is not being seen in WNY and will let me know within 48 hrs. WHEN THEY CALL, I WILL PASS ON THE RESULTS OF THEIR FINDING. I WANT MY MAV TV!!
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    Shhhh............don't you know you should just be happy to have a place to race and not complain?? What's wrong with you??? By the way, to any of the idiotic track operators who blame people complaining about their tracks on things like DTD as the downfall of their tracks or the people who side with them, let me tell you, things were far worse in the 60's and 70's............car owners did not put up with BS then and many strikes , protests,etc. took place. Anyone familiar with Tri-State?? Now, everyone just lays down and dies.
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    Aint that the truth-o-sarus rex! Too many promoters have forgotten that the income is through the front gate, and the entertainment is through the back gate. In a short-sighted way I get it. If you can sell 300 pit passes a night at 30 bucks and sell 400 front gate passes at 15 bucks, well hell on your balance sheet it seems like the back gate is where the bills get paid. But that's not long term thinking at all. Let me tell ya one thing promoters like to do down here that pisses me off to no end, and it's really one of the things that made me step away from racing. Altering the payout based on car count. It's not MY job to get cars to come to YOUR track or event. I can't make a guy show up if he's got to work, or has a family event to attend, or his car is still wadded up from last week's crash fest - but now if he doesn't show up my payout drops? Bite me!
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    You might be waiting a while for Speculum to get a channel that people want to watch. As jwin said, you might be surprised at the few channels that you actually do watch which might make dropping them easy to do. I could be wrong about this but I don't think people in the Waterloo/Geneva area have MAV through Spectrum either. I'm not sure if that's considered the Syracuse market or Rochester market in Spectrum geographical terms. Even now, Spectrum is offering a a la carte option for 21.99 that lets you pick 10 channels via streaming.
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    I posted this in another thread about the NASCAR TV deal, but I can't say enough about cutting the cord: Dropped my cable through Comcast. Of course they had to raise my internet price because my old package was a grandfathered one that was no longer available (which truth be told wasn't really fast enough for reliable streaming full time). So I pay $49.95 for Comcast internet and have the PlayStation Vue core package for $45.00/month. I use an Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick. Couldn't be happier and have all the channels I ever watched. (Including the Masters App which has allowed me to watch every day since around 8 am before the broadcasts come online. I don't even switch over because it's commercial free!) I found the streaming package I want through a website called suppose DOT tv. It lets you put your area in, then you choose what channels you would like to have and it compares packages across all providers for the best fit/lowest price. I'm saving $75/month vs. what I paid for with cable. Highly recommend it! If you either keep a list of networks you watch or just skim through your DVR, you'll probably discover you pay for a TON of channels you NEVER watch. The only channel I occasionally watched that I don't currently get is Comedy Central and that's not a huge loss. Also, around the time of the Chili Bowl, someone posted a link for streaming to MAV TV for a couple bucks a month. Unfortunately by the time I saw that post, I had plunked down the $99 for a year of Lucas Oil TV (Same content essentially as far as live racing goes). I'll see if I can find it and update this post. Found it: A la carte, $2.99/month http://live.nkt.tv/offers/channel_id/673/upgrade
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    You're right... I was just trying to be nice lol
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    Afton was opened by Jim Randall in 1990-91. Thunder mountain opened I'm 1992. Randall didn't have kids running. Then Mirabitos took over. They didn't have kids running. Then Roger Heroux(sp?) He didn't have kids running. The version of the story that I heard was there was a spat over late model payout between Frank Payne and Karl Spoonhower. Payne told Spoonhower "If you think you can do better, build your own track and show us how it's done". So he did. I don't know the validity of that story, but I do know that Thunder was built because of a dispute with Skyline. Also, other than the Dick Stark era, Thunder has always been a Saturday night track and Afton has always been Fridays. Afton had nothing to do with Thunder being built.
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    The spat was with the promoters at Skyline. When Thunder Mountain first opened they ran Late Models as the headline class, the program was identical to the program at Skyline. The Modifieds weren't brought in until later.
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    I realize this is pissing in the wind. Rich Scagliotta was only marginally competitive racing locally, and has feature wins at both Brewerton and Canandaigua. Rich Scagliotta has wins in central New York, but drivers who have had much, much more success in their careers wouldn't win? Jeff Strunk went to Malta and won the feature the third week he was there. Ryan Godown went to multiple places in New York and won. Pauch used to clean house when he went to Fulton and Utica-Rome. Duane Howard finished in the top five in the DIRT Week Modified race at Syracuse three times in four years (with three different teams). I don't say those guys are better than the drivers that race at other tracks, but taking a piss on drivers you don't even see race is ridiculous. I will again ask. since you ignored the question earlier, how often do you even see those drivers race? You are like the Posse fans on Hoseheads that feel the need to bash any driver from outside the area, or fans from outside central Pennsylvania that feel the need to rip racers they never even see.
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    Um...Watt won the series race there last year. Locals took three of the top four spots, including first and second. Why do some of you guys on this board have so much trouble giving even an ounce of credit to racers that don't run the series? It is ok to admit that there are good racers everywhere. I don't have any issue with saying a guy like Mike Mahaney is a good racer and was a welcome addition when he spent some Saturdays nights racing in Pennsylvania last year. Same thing for Brian Krummel.
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    I'm not a fan of adding stuff to the track but we'll see if it makes the racing better. In way it's the same as track prep on a dirt track
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