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    Our Dashes actually have several purposes. A.) The Finish determines the starting line up for the A-Main (Either positions 13-18 or 13-16 depending our car count. B.) For money, they either pay $125 or $100 to win and pay each car in the dash. C.) Since it's either the 4th place finisher in the heat or 5th and 6th (depending on car counts) these mostly are drivers that either had a tough qualifying run or a team that can use the experience, laps and money. D.) We keep points for each dash and have a $2,000 point fun at season's end that is split up among the top 10 in points. E.) It's sponsored by a local business that gets their name out to hundreds if not thousands and F.) if that still isn't enough, there's your chance to take a leak, get a beer or slug down a hot dog!
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    I’m sure they have an expectation plan in place to where they believe they should be running by a certain time of the season or maybe by next season. I think atleast a full season is reasonable, maybe even two before making a change. Rocky has been very successful for Jake and it is still early in the mod deal for Rock.
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    No. We can’t. Yes,I enjoy them.
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    The question is who was he supposed to beat that finished ahead of him? He is a Rookie and quite a learning curve. If you ask me he searched every inch of the track and looked pretty good in the feature. Give some stats of modified rookies that look impressive. These kind of post should be taken down
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    Why don’t you build your own car and put AJ in it???
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    A-S Facebook post The held over feature races from June 1 will be run on the previously announced Make-Up Madness date of Wednesday July 25. This show will feature all weekly divisions plus 4 cylinders. Grandstand admission is Adults $5, Kids 11 & Under $2. Pit Admission is $15 for all. Don't forget this Friday July 13 we are hosting the CRSA Sprint cars for all you winged warriors fans. See you at the races!
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    Then lets throw in Florida and north Carolina, more drivers/owners show up to these races then the big events right here in NY. let's travel 12-18 hrs away for 2k to win.. then complain about purses smh
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    But then when promoters put up big purses guess what its the same drivers that show up, so why add big money when drivers dont show up anyways.. shit fonda has 1 of the best mod purses and they are getting 17-20 cars, yet malta who pays shit gets 30+
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    Rocky is a waste of your time and money,just my thought after Utica series race.Give AJ a call!
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    Guess I should of said highest paying dirt legal 358 show either side of the border other then Oswego.
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    Can't wait for his answer , always good to hear his raw honestly... Tick tock goes the clock ......
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    Can't wait either had a blast watching you guys right for that real estate! Plus watching you go up that grass Bern and come back down virtually unscathed was cool too. All I could hear was Bo alnd Luke Duke shouting, "YEE-HOO"!
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    Nope. I am leaving it up so I can hear what Jake has to say about it.
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    They actually do that on purpose to give some different guys a shot at the dash and some extra track time. Wouldn't be much fun if it was like the WoO dash where you pretty much have the same 6-8 guys competing in it night after night. Plus they have a sponsor who kicks in point money for the year, so its a good thing for all the competitors. And yeah.. it takes about 5 minutes to run... its not like its a 15 minute ordeal...
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    $5 for stands $15 for the pits... dont forget just because the show wasnt run they still had to pay insurance once the cars hit the track..
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    Racing is better when the Dr is running well....
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    downthebackstretch if I ever become a race car owner I must remind myself not to put you in the car. To much of a liability.
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    Some great readin' on these six pages of thoughts from the denizens of DTD. Reading the rules for the World of Outlaws Substance Abuse Policy, it seems clear that only those who desire to participate in events held by this organization need to adhere to the policy. Seems fair. If you don't want to compete, no testing is required. Should Scotty decide to take the Wizz Quiz and pass the multiple tests outlined in the policy, he'll be back in the seat to compete again in motorcar racing with the Outlaws. Seems fair...
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    The policy doesn't say they don't test for alcohol. The drug screen may not detect alcohol, but it's pretty straightforward to get a breathalizer done ...
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    If you dont like the rules dont follow the series. All major sports require drug testing... i dont see the problem. MLB NFL NBA NHL NASCAR.. but local dirt tracks shouldnt? Ive never had a job where i didnt have to take a drug/alcohol test pre employment...
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    You can do anything you want in this life, OR you can do drugs. It's that simple. Choosing to do drugs is unacceptable in many places and situations. If you choose to do drugs, then you take the chance of being excluded from those places and events. The the series and the tracks have said they don't want it there. Bloomquist knew the rules when he decided to participate at these events. He thought he could get away with it. Now he has plenty of time to heal his injured shoulder while all the guys who took and passed the test race on.
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    Testing, is for illegal drugs, alcohol is not illegal. Now take that ball and twist it to make yourself believe anything you want. And please don't suggest I am implying drinking alcohol while driving a race car is acceptable. Reading your beliefs, i'm sure you believe it would be unconstitutional to shove a breathalyzer into a drivers mouth before or after a race. Would you encourage drivers not to submit to the alcohol test as you did with drug testing earlier?