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    You have to admit that Hearn is a class act. Upon the interviewer asking Brett if he was happy when he saw that Friesen was light on the scales, he responded no and that he felt bad for him because he has been in that spot. Brett also gave credit to Stew with taking a new car and getting first with it.
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    Are you having a bad day? Why do you find it necessary to be a prick because some people couldn't make it and then want to purchase the streaming and watch from home? How does it benefit you to be an a$$hole to these folks?
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    You understand of course that everyone can't make it and that the ability to watch it is a nice option. Since we paid good money for a product, regardless of how cheap that product cost might have been, we expect that product to work. Obviously I would have liked to have gone, but it didn't work out. Streaming it was the next best thing available.
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    Why is it that die hard fans think there is a market for mid week shows? Most racers and crews have jobs and families. Unless it's less than an hour from home and finishes by 10 pm it's just too much work for the average guy to go thru.
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    I’m getting about 10 seconds before it freezes up. After refreshing 10 times I get it back for another 10 seconds
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    If whoever was shooting this broadcast was locked down on the leaders while the announcer was talking about battles deeper in the field, they should stick to high school plays and let people who know racing shoot racing. That is all.
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    Still could have played favorites. Still a Halmar driver
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    Congrats to Hearn. At least you can't say Halmar is playing favorites to their cars
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    I was so pissed during the telecast I commented on the OCFS facebook page during the race,. I asked them if the camera director has ever attended a race before. On restarts, especially with Stevie and Brett, they showed the flagger waving the green. Instead of showing the cars involved in accidents they showed the flagger waving the yellow. During the qualifying races they'd show the car in front, a half a track ahead, while battles for 6th cutoff spot were raging. Then during the cautions when they asked Balough questions, he sounded like he was outside the booth on his way to the restrooms. Terrible production, I wouldn't insult the Middletown High School AV class by asking if it was them. If it wasn't for Tim Pitt's excellent coverage I wouldn't know WTF was going on from second place on back. I'll be at the track tomorrow, no more of this nonsense.
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    At 126 years old it's impressive that he can still turn laps. Little known fact ... he's Tyler Dippel's great, great, great grandfather.
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    The ESW hundred lapper was quite the freight train race on a one lane race track. Why wasn't track maintenance out there during that extremely long intermission ? Oswego SDW blew this race away with a multi lane track a nice cushion and tons of passing.
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    To bad Stewie,couldn't have happen to a nicer guy
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    I kind of lost track of Capital City the past few years, didn't even know it had closed until recently. I knew they used to run an IMCA type class. I agree Wed, dirt, a well run show, they could make a go of it. The big advantage is that you wouldn't have to drive right through the center of the city to get to it like you used to with Edelweiss. Lots of cars close by already, a solid population base ... it ought to be able to work. Sure they lose the drag strip revenue ... I don't know how important that was to the track.
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    Maybe they should change to pavement. I know the answer here is usually to change surfaces if things don’t go well
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    Ahh yes put dirt on it and run Thursday night. The answer to pack every grandstand and pit area
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    Well, the damn thing is working... It looks like 1998 dial up, but it works. EDIT: And it crashed...
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    I think the mid week shows is no longer an option because the working world is evolving away from the Mon-Fri 8-4 work week. I think the majority of the blue collar racers/fans now work shifts. Those shifts make it real hard to follow anything but weekend shows, every other one for those working continental shifts.
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    tough to say. . . he went on to say in the interview he's been on the "short and of that stick" and today he was on the 'long end of it.' I think he was sincere with what he said and that's why they say he's the most professional driver out there.
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    Wow... This is complete garbage.
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    Actually,for me it was really good on Saturday. So it's not the 12 bucks either,far cheaper than being there,they offered event,they aren't able to produce that event.
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    After the Outlaw 200, we measured nearly 10lbs difference between a bald D300 and brand new D400.
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    Since 11:30 they have broadcast less than 10 minutes total, in 30 second bursts. I have reloaded the feed hundreds of times. It runs for 10 seconds and freezes up over and over. The track telephone just yells at you and hangs up now when you call them.
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    So now they put in another jersey barrier. They should've done that after danny's big crash or taken the rest of the wall down.
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    If anyone is thinking of buying the live stream,DON'T!!!! The stream is frozen almost all the time!!!
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    That's basically what a Sunday drive with my grandmother was like. Only the passengers don't giggle or make any noise. Gramma usually got irritated with you when you prayed out loud.
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    They say he is alert and talking. It's hard to follow. The feed doesn't stay running for more than one minute without needing the page refreshed.
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    Rebob broke it down in one of the Oswego threads, it was pretty crazy the numbers he posted
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    Was tire wear a problem? We learned this year just how much weight you can lose with tire wear maybe that was part of it?
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    Return the surface to dirt Thursday nights 3-4 classes show starts at 6:30 and done by 9:00 sportsman headline tie into the military (right next to fort drum) with deep discounts for servicemen and women promote, promote, promote
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    Ideally, what should happen here is we kill them for pages in this thread and then they don't do it again. Understanding that it was their first time and was pretty flawed and then waiting to see if they improve over time is for suckers. I want my gratification now!
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    Was a waste that they had a Mic for Gary Balough but it wasn't plugged in.
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    And that narrative folks, is what we call "polishing the turd".
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    Green director - seasoned camera operators. He knew NOTHING about the field of cars and put his faith in the guys who did. I'm not going to disclose how we did it, but I can't wait for the TV broadcast to air - because we covered the whole weekend flawlessly.
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    I suspect that there was a complete disconnect between Tim Pitts and the camera director. And those shots of the flag man, especially during restarts, were maddening. As my dad told me well over 60 years ago "You get what you pay for." Right once again Pop.
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    So I wasn't going to post anything about the live feed but since everyone has weighed in on their thoughts. I figure I'll add my 2 cents as well. I would say for the most part the coverage was great as I had Race Monitor going as well. So, the live action was just a bonus. I would say the rest of my review are just little kinks that need to be worked out. Some has already been said and I agree: - I was frustrated at the beginning because a driver interview segment came on right when the race was about to start. It was actually some good interviews with what Eastern States meant to the drivers. So, that ended and they already had 2 laps in! I feel this could have been played in between heats or during intermission. The parade laps and mods ripping out of the 4th turn for the start of the show is a must show! That's what creates the buildup and excitement. I didn't get to see Stew passing Matt by the time they started covering the race. - The drone footage was cool but not sure if it serves any purpose showing the distance shots for racing. It definitely has its uses tho. They should've covered more of the grounds during the downtime. - I think Mandee did great with the interviews but could these have been done in the pits so we could see the drivers face with their helmet off? - The banner during downtime/break was way too big. It blocked out 90% of the screen. I think a banner on the top would have been sufficient so the viewer can still see what's going on - on the track. - Seems like I had to refresh the page a few times to reload it. Not sure if it was my end or their end. Overall I thought the value was there and well worth the money! The few things I thought that could be improved didn't impact me enough to say it wasn't worth it. I thought it was well worth it. You can't beat the price and I feel the value was there.
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    unbelieveable! don't they weigh driver with lite fuel load before hand?I am glad no favorites played,rules is rules!
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    That's one of the positives that it was only $8, and yes I'm going to pay for the Sunday feed also. I will say during the 100, they started getting better. They lost the leaders a few times, but at least they were searching the field. In this case the leaders were fighting up front the whole time. But these guys do have a lot to learn, a couple times they used the drone properly and had some amazing shots (hats off the drone operator too). They over used it a little bit but again they got some great shots too. You can tell the camera guys aren't very used to doing racing either. One didn't know how to adapt to the lights, one had a problem getting focused. Mandy Pauch was actually good with the updates. I guess for the price it was worth it though, I guess.
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    No amount of track work would make that place not 1 lane. Unless they plan to bring clay in during intermission
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    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216563651674056&set=a.1788355358955&type=3&theater Malta needs this kind of section. Knock down the woods behind the track and build a multi level parking/viewing section. This would reduce noise to the neighbors, too.
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    Hearn heading to the Bank of Orange County once again. Love it!
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    Must be Stewy was using the metric system. Damn Canadian thing. JK
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    1.Skip the flagger shots while ignoring the field on restarts. 2. Stop blocking the live feed way too often with banners for hours and the top 5. It doesn't take 2 minutes to read 5 names. 3. A commercial started during a caution and I didn't realize I had to click on the live link to get back to the race. Once I clicked on "live" the race appeared already in progress. 4. Had to reload the feed dozens of times. 5. Drone shots instead of the cars restarting sucks. 6. The price was the cheapest ppv event I ever watched.
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    Brett said "I really feel bad for Stew, I've been in his position before."
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    I truly doubt that they've ever attended a race before.
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    You get what you pay for. Had this been Dirtvision you'd have paid at least $25. $8 is a bargain.
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    No issue once I found where to pay. Only issue I have is they only follow the leader, racing going on through the field but they only focus on the leader every friggen race.
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    Read the press release it’s staying asphalt which works for me. I just hope they bring the super stocks back instead of 5 4cyl junk classes. It would be benificial for me since my shop is 6 miles away and i could run AIS and Evans Mills.
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    The more live streaming...the more people’s schedules will not allow attending races...the sport has far bigger things to fix besides making sure people can watch from home...
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    If your schedule doesn’t allow for you to attend...then find out the results later...
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    There used to be this thing called...attending an event...especially if it’s one you have really wanted to watch...depending on where you decided to sit you can see perfectly clear...and don’t have to worry about buffering
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