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    Kraken, no it maybe not on the level of Lebron or the Yankees but I think to racing people it’s just as important. You seem to be very negative and critical of post that really aren’t out of line. I think people are curious wondering if Danny changes chassis brands again after having a very successful resurgence when he went to Troyers. Try and be positive, racing already has too much negativity going on. Happy Holidays
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    I trap squirrels, place their nuts between two boards, then video. It's a hoot.
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    Best way to stay warm during the winter is cocaine and hookers. Maybe some hot cocoa too.
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    With the new year not far away Big Diamond Speedway announced some early season dates on their FB page yesterday and one of them is a BIGGIE...Two practice dates will be held next year for everyone to get accustomed to the new red/orange clay that is being applied to the speedway this offseason, Sunday March 31st and Friday April 5th are the two practice dates...Then the gates will swing open for the 48th season at the Diamond on Friday April 12th for ‘Schaeffer’s Motorsports Night’ with the 358 mods headlining the card with a 30 lap $4000 to win event on the line, the sportsman mods with go for 20 laps and $1000 to win, along with the Street Stocks and Roadrunners round out the opening night card. Then the following Friday night is an early season BIGGIE in all of the Northeast modified racing world...On Friday April 19th this years ‘Money In The Mountains’ event is ‘Fire Management Control of Pennsylvania Night’ and is a 60 lap event paying a whopping $10,000 to the winner...The race will be run under the Short Track Super Series rules, NO SAIL PANELS, and the winner of the 60 lap race gets a guaranteed starting spot for the STSS ‘Anthracite Assault’ June 4th...Also on the card April 19th are the Sportsman mods, Roadrunners and 600 Modsifieds. Stay tuned for more exciting news during the offseason about the super 2019 racing season being planned for the track in God’s Country...Also Big Diamond Speedway returns to the Motorsports Show in Oaks Pa in January...Lots of great things happening at BDS for next year and into the future, the resurfacing of the race track and redoing the lights in turns 3 and 4 this “offseason” are just some of the exciting improvements going on at the facility.
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    I do all of the crap around the house that my wife wanted me to do over the summer....
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    No one cares??? You cared enough to post twice on the topic.....
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    I let people shoot rubber at me for fun.... (Im a goalie....)
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    I know that feeling all too well as a Bills fan.
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    Tinkering with my 69 Chevy C/20 pickup and watching my Minnesota Vikings disappoint me week after week.
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    The last three winters, I've spend December - March going to 95% of my sisters high school bowling matches. 2-3 times a week. Regular season, counties, regionals, districts, and states wraps up at the end of march. This is her last year in HS. And also, this is the first winter that I have Iracing so between the bowling, Iracing, and if I am not in tulsa, I attend a chili bowl party every year and watch every night throughout that week.
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    Its a huge conspiracy secret thats going to change the racing world. LMAO God i wish they would announce already. These pins and needles are getting painful and i would really like to get some sleep. Been on edge and not sleeping as i dont know yet. Will they just make the announcment already? Is it going to be like when Leborn announced what team he will play for? Will Graham racing have a half hour show on ESPN to let everyone know? Meanwhile, not many people really care.............
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    Gotta play keep up with the jones after all the repairs at Brewerton and Fulton. Throw in how awesome weedsport is, these tracks can no longer be dumps or people wont go. Are they ever going to upgrade the pit bathrooms at outlaw? Walked in there once and it looked like Mr. Miller had just destroyed the burrito bar the night before. After that, never went back to that track.
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    1st heat on the line already?..way to early for that question ..lol
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    The First Members to sign up in reverse order...
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    360 Sprint Car drivers love Canandaigua because it is wide, smooth and fast as hell. Teams support shows there just because of that.
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