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    Good questions. I am just a fan and can't even change the spark plug on my lawn mower.
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    That's kind of my question. . .what is an engine builder building and what are they starting with? Are they ordering a block from whereever.com and modifying it from that point? I mean back in the day guys would rip a motor from whatever car they could get their hands on, throw it in the race car, and race. Obviously, not the case today. Are the engine builders ordering a block right from Chevy or Ford? So I hate to use the dreaded NASCAR comparison but here it goes. Ford, Toyota, and Chevy all have motor programs and r&d for NASCAR (and Dodge in the past). Is DIRT doing any of that? So, would a motor from CC Performance or Billy the Kid be considered Chevy or is it really not associated with any manufacturer such as Chevy or Ford? Please keep in mind - my questions are from a fan point of view as I've never raced mods, wrenched a mod, or dropped a motor in a mod. Kinda the reason for the 101 in the title.
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    Nobody is fabricating their own parts. They might make modifications to the block or heads based on the rules. I'm not sure what your question 2 is about the blocks. The rules are online if you want very specific answers about what is legal
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    Fireball Roberts was killed in 1964. In Art Garner's "Black Noon" book, Garner talks about Roberts drifting in and out of consciousness in the hospital and repeatedly asking his wife and doctors who won the Indy 500. Doctors and Roberts' wife always responded "A.J. Foyt," but did not share with Roberts the news that Dave MacDonald and Eddie Sachs were killed in an inferno at Indy,
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    It would be far more beneficial at some tracks to pay some guys to stay home...that would put butts in seats and cars in the pits...