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    Still miss the old covered grandstands.
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    I was wondering how long it would take before my Facebook post made it on here lol Rob Hile
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    And how many guys have quit over the last few seasons? This isn’t hear say, you have a guy like Jake with a good amount of money to spend saying they need to be cheaper, you have guys each year getting out of racing or changing what they race, you have less big block tracks, and most still struggle to find 24 big blocks each week. I’m curious as to what your answer is? Series car counts- down, weekly car counts -down, amount of competitive cars-down, amount of people saying the big blocks are too expensive- up. Why is it a bad thing to explore cheaper options? I don’t agree with the aluminum block deal, I think there are much better, more affordable ways to help the situation, but I won’t condemn the idea.
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    And how many years have we been hearing this?
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    recordonline has a good pic spread in todays edition under photos?
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    From Daniel Rocket, of The Hudson Valley Historical Racing Committee. You should join...... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1743603352544883/?tn-str=*F
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    I heard Danny and the 66 have not come to an agreement to run OCFS. Hope that info is wrong though.
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    I never got to sit in the old stands But what they have now is probably the best of anywhere I can think of. Not only the backs on the seats but also...…. My legs can actually fit !👍 The whole place is nice. The track surface always tip top when I have been. It is a long ass ride to get there. But I try to go twice a year or so and pair it up with another race/track in PA to double it up not do all that ride in a day
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    Went there once 10 or 11 years ago. Awesome racing all around!
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    In no particular order... OCFS $100K 160 (and the Pocono 500 IndyCar race the next day on no sleep) Port Royal Tuscarora 50 Williams Grove National Open Lebanon Valley Mr. Dirt Fonda 200 SuperDIRTWeek Hodnett Classic Race at Port Royal Dirt Classic 6 at Lincoln Firecracker 50 at Fonda I make our racing calendar as soon as possible so we can figure out the vacation schedule at work. Nothing is less than an hour and 20 minutes from home with some being well past 5 hours to get there. Planning is key.
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    We are really complaining about where cars where parked at a car show. Unbelievable. U guys will bitch st anything🤣🤣
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    The first 4 cars were 44 Perrego big block champ. 17z Brian Krummel small block champ. sl8 Greg Sleight sportsman champ and the m1 of Jim Maher street stock champ...then it was Friesens 52 truck ,then Hearn and then the Halmar cars.....Don't really see A problem with that car show setup!!! Why post something to start S@#&*?
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    With Danny grabbing a handful of Brett's ass?
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    Right ... the #44 of Perrego was the first car walking into the Bldg. Next car was the Small Block Champion’s car. There was a third car after that one ( can’t remember exactly who’s car). If this is “top billing” then no Halmar car took up this real estate. You’re right... no need to keep it going.
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    Same as the others for me. Been to Bulls Gap once for the Scorcher 100. I haven’t been to 411. Loved Bulls Gap though! Tailgating on the backstretch was a blast. On a side note, I have been to 311 in NC!
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    That's the only downside for racing down there. Time trials for all divisions, even the supers when I went there. It is what it is. Bad ass race track
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    I have been to Bulls Gap and saw LM's and WoO Sprint Cars. Very very high banking and dark red clay. They also had the terraced parking area for cars on the back stretch that was pretty neat. The only thing I didn't like was the time trials that were used for the support classes. Very boring.
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    The Lucas show will have the better field.
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    I've been to Bulls Gap. It's one of the widest and most banked race tracks I've ever seen. It makes Grandview and Fulton look flat. I have never been to 411 but i'd like to at some point.
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    I have been to Bulls Gap (Volunteer), and it is awesome. Nothing really like it in the Northeast. I have not been to 411, but you can't go wrong with Bulls Gap,
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    Both? I have never been to any dirt tracks in TN. But I would think both options would be awesome!
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    If Mr D lets them run on his series they must be good. 😁😁😁
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