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    You do sound jerky, it’s not like people are siting at home putting all their pennies in a 5 gallon jug saving up for that fancy crank that they want to buy. When I say it has taken my brother 10 years to get where he is it’s like this, started out with a used 23 degree headed engine we bought from Tom Sears for 8500, ran that thing for years and won a race with it and then like every raised port weld tech head does the intake rocker stand ripped out of the head and it was beyond repair and literally tossed the heads in the garbage. Now you are left with a shortblock, we purchased a set of heads that were in the shelf at gypsum and repaired our engine. In the meantime we were ready to update our engine program and bought a used CC headed 18 degree engine, ran that for years and won 3 races with that one, we sold that engine and applied that towards the new engine we built. Was a set of Mikes 18 degree heads that had been hurt so they were repaired and we built our current engine off of that. So while I say it took my brother 10 years to get where he is it’s not 10 years of saving up every penny we have. The amount of money we spend a year is insane for a family owned team but we have great sponsors that help and there is nothing else I would rather be doing in a Friday night than racing with my family and my racing family. So when you say if you have to save for 3 years you shouldn’t be racing big block you couldn’t be any more wrong.
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    We turn our big blocks 7600 max (8000 chip) and have run them as long as 2000 laps before a rebuild, normally we get them back at 1500 laps. Block mount fuel pumps are junk these days, you can spend $250 4 times on block mount pumps or $1000 on a belt driven one and run it longer than you will race for. It’s so easy for someone on the outside to have all these suggestions but until you see what it takes to make these things live at 7600 rpm and make the power we do you really don’t have a clue.
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    Is the horse dead yet? If not keep beating it.
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    Macho, I’m not really sure what the right thing to do. On my Facebook post I said “if anything I have never seen a post with so many people having a opinion on a topic, I’ve had tons of drivers crew ect state what they think of this, I don’t ever remember seeing something like this takes about before. Usually it’s just the rules are changed, here is what you have to have... there is never any talk from the people making the decisions to the people it will effect. I think what needs to happen is everyone needs to get together and talk it out. Engine builders, dirtcar, chassis manufacturers..... Rob Hile
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    Does that mean that they shouldn't at least try to follow the series? Seems pessimistic. I love how people were whining not that long ago that no one was following the SDS tour. Now they have more committed followers than I can recall in recent memory and people are still whining... smh.
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    I don't mean this so sound jerky, but it probably will.... If a team is saving their pennies for 3 years to afford a single engine they can't afford to race that class to begin with.
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    Well most of the problem comes because so many people involved are all making a living from racing. The builders sure dont want less body panels, in fact they seem to keep adding panels. And they dont want restrictions on chassis parts. As you can see here the engine builders sure dont want a cheaper option. And WRG has their hand in it too by mandating certain parts, tires, shocks and whatever. And you even have the professional drivers who sure dont want to change anything cause they have people buying them the best parts already. So is it any wonder no one ever gets anywhere on rules?
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    I joined this forum 9plus years ago. For AT THE VERY LEAST this long...……. big blocks are dead😆
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    Something missing here ? April 20 I believe
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    If anyone is trying to “help” racers forget it. They honestly don’t want to be helped. Economics, along with many other factors will filter them into the correct division. They will move up and down depending on cost, competition, etc. I don’t think that will change anytime soon. I’m guilty of coming on here and suggesting that solution X might save money but in all honesty I’m shouting at myself. Racers will spend and spend more until they can’t spend anymore and it’s not my money so who really cares anyway. At this point of my life I’m a fan only so just appreciate good fields and good racing. I’ll leave the technical stuff and finances associated with it to those who are forking our the money.
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    You were right, it did. Do you apply that logic to every day life as well, i.e. purchasing a car or a house? Why save up for something you really want, right? Let me give you some context: it took 3 years while still weekly racing 358s competitively. Did you read Rob Hile's post? Took his brother 10 years. I can't imagine what you think of that... Also, the cost of running a big block vs a small block is virtually the same once the motor has been purchased. But why would anyone be disciplined and save up money for a big block anyway, right?
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    If there’s anything I’ve learned from reading comments on racing it’s never change and everything will be perfect. Even if it’s bad and everyone is complaining. Then if you do change to improve change back because we forgot what the issues were before
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    And that statement right there causes controversy. If you can't afford bb go race something else. Race bb last year and drop back to sportsman this year and people come unwound.
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    Once again, the big block class is slowly dying.....anyone with a cheaper option should be heard....a spec 23 degree cylinder head option with a weight break could be a huge help as well.....the switch may hurt a lot of smaller teams who have clawed together everything they had to build a semi competitive 18degree motor, but in a few years at the rate it’s going they won’t have anyplace to run them anyways.
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    No heavy block is going to watch a 450 lb block go win and not do anything about it. One win on coils and everyone already had a coil car on the ready. Am I wrong?
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    But then you have all existing teams running out having to buy one?
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