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    A week from tomorrow at the BDS the much anticipated ‘Money In The Mountains’ 2019 edition will take place...$10,000 on the line for 60 laps of fast and furious action on the new clay surface at the Diamond for the Open Modifieds...Rules for the mods on this night will follow the Short Track Super Series rulebook, NO SAIL PANELS...And the winner of this race will be a guaranteed starter for the Short Track Super Series race just a few days later Tuesday June 4th...Also on the card next Friday will be the Sportsman Modifieds, Street Stocks, Road Runners and Legend Cars...Make your plans now to BE THERE!!!
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    Should be a great night of racing for JUST $15!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
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    Eldora is not just giving this money away, the kings Royal is legit packed every year and last year was the biggest crowd ever. Modifieds wouldn’t draw a 1/3rd the crowd.
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    I've been goin to dirt tracks for 35 yrs..You see a lot of shady stuff behind the scenes..None of that stuff goes on at Cornwall, if they can run they're running.None of this bogus shit that went on at mohawk.Next time your talking to the lavergne's, make sure you tell them their efforts don't go unnoticed.
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    Interesting stat in the AARN he’s raced for 40 years. Has won 593 times and driven for 40 car owners. Won at 55 tracks in 13 states and 2 Canadian provinces. cool to see his stats.
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    Maybe talk to Jake since he won last 2 races at Fonda with Pro Power out'a Wisconsin per their Web page ...they have several used Big SB from $15K to $26K ...sorry boys with 358s ...You either need more weight break or Big SB to run with SF.......He was gone Sat pm before issues...And congrats to Jake....I said before and I'll say again run DB for $1200......COGS method ..Cost Of Goods Sold compared to rewards ......Fulton & UR 358 will run you $20,000 plus to run for $1200..... $8000. crate for same $1200. to win at DB....
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