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    As my grandpa always said, going to the races is best when it’s hot out. The track girls wear less. Then takes a sip of a PBR 😂
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    No impact on me. Yours, Coleman Gulick (9 year old 410 Sprint Driver)
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    You can stop your crying no one is out there money. Race fans, our apologies for tonight’s rain out. We tried our hardest to wait it out in the best interest of our fans. We know many of you traveled to be here and that it may be difficult to return to OCFS for another event this year. For this reason fans are being given options. Your race ticket (wristband) is valid as a voucher for any upcoming event (if you purchased reserved seats at $40, you will be given that much in credit towards one or multiple events). If you are unable to return to OCFS this year, we will refund the cost of your tickets as another option. If you purchased online through Ticketmaster, you will be able to request a refund through them, if you bought tickets at the gate, please contact the Speedway office to process the refund. We apologize we were not able to process refunds tonight on the spot, but we assure you we are not in the business of taking fans money without delivering on a show and we will make it right.
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    I don't mean to minimize the heat risk but somewhere, Bobby Allison, Jack Ingram, Harry Gant, etc, are saying, " They cancelled races because of the heat, did I hear that right?"
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    Thank you for pointing that out. I corrected it and hope you can sleep better tonight. Have a great evening.
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    This is like trying to explain driving in the snow to North Carolina residents as a New yorker.
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    Lol You win. Checkmate
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    They had no problem letting our COWARDS in during Viet Nam though did they
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    Everyone should come to Canada for racing . It's only going to feel like 41 degrees on Saturday.
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    Where? Which track? Which track? Where?
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    my track has central a/c , your truly GLENN,
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    Maybe ticket sales for there $150 weekend is down so they figured let get them here get there $40 and tell them now it will only cost u $110 if you come back. Now it sounds like a better deal lol
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    Forecast I saw was a 50/50 shot. They had to roll the dice because a makeup date is unlikely so they tried for it. Didn't work out. Sucks but it is what it is.
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    Thank you Miss Crabtree.
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    It is totally cancelled with the wristbands able to be used for a discount on any night of racing that costs the same or more.
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    When you have promoters like Paul Cole & Brett Deyo who go the extra mile to make sure the fan base & racers are well taken care of the results are packed grandstands!
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    Land of Legends has announced their intentions to race this weekend as well. They will have $1 water available per their Facebook page.
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    That is just the flipside of how comical it is when two inches of snow completely paralyzes the south, schools are closed and life grinds to a complete halt.
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    This type of heat is dangerous and deadly to individuals such as myself with heart conditions and autoimmune diseases. Tracks do not cancel without a damn good reason to.
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    Not only is it a safety concern for fans...it’s also a safety concern for the drivers and crews. Think about how hot it gets in those cars and I’m willing to bet very few have the cooling systems if any of the NASCAR drivers. Granted, yes those are much longer races but still...on extremely hot days, it can get to 110-120 degrees inside the cars with no AC. That’s not comfortable for anyone no matter how long you’re in that.
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    It wasn't the surface though. His 1st turn corner entry was all wrong and he stepped on his dick. Then to save himself from having to wipe the egg off his face from flipping in time trials, he blamed the track.
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    The #25 Pat Jordan was doing nothing wrong. Holding me tight as he should. One time he chopped inward kind of late but I think that was in the first feature which I didn't post. It was a shame the caution negated my pass when I did get him as I may have had something for the leaders.
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    Isnt that the kind of stuff that makes it entertaining though? I want more of their personality and less of the nascar " car was great cant thank everyone enough we will come back next time and see what we can do"
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    I don’t think he gave any excuses. Starting 12th put him in a hole he couldn’t climb out of in 50 laps. Every driver that has ever finished 2nd and was interviewed gave a reason why the didn’t win, or what they could have done differently to win. If he said he had a bad tire on, whipped a bar, or blew out a shock, would those not be excuses? They are all reasons including redrawing 12th that someone finishes 2nd instead of winning. Fairly understandable.
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    They sure do! Not that long ago I was corrected on here about the difference between a motor (electric) and an engine (combustion).