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    I gotta laugh when people bitch about the prices to get in at the Capital District tracks. For Mr. DIRT It's $30 for members to get in the pits, $35 for non members. At my home track at Stafford it's $35 for the pits on a normal Friday night show, if there's a touring series it's $45-50.
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    To each his own. Modifieds are what I go to see. Two big block features and 1 small block feature. I’m in. Jimmy Phelps is here. Godown is here. Assume Pauch and Dunn are here in addition to the other OCFS regulars.
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    Alright folks, predictions for the podium tonight at the Knoxville Nationals? Ive been out here all week and you can tell anticipation and excitement keeps building each night. Looking forward to a rowdy atmosphere tonight! Aaron Reutzel is on the pole and I feel like almost no one is talking about him having a chance to win this thing. He was fast all night on Wednesday. Will the two-day lay off hurt? Lot of laps on the track since he’s been out there. David Gravel was ridiculously fast on Thursday too and not only probably the sentimental favorite but also the morning line favorite if Vegas was taking odds. Defending champion Brad Sweet was good but not great on Thursday and admitted it in the post-race interview. Schatz still has some work to do to get into the A bit I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t make it in and once he’s in...50 laps is a lot of time for the 10-time champ to make some moves. Not sure if he can be considered a dark horse but Gio Scelzi was impressive on Wednesday and could be real dangerous in the A main if he gets in. Ill go Gravel, Sweet, Schatz for the top 3.
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    Gravel bringing the 41 to victory lane would be super emotional in a good way. Reutzel has come so far the past couple of years, would be great to see him win. Would love to see Logan do well, too. Sweet has been soooo good this year but he's had his fair share. And Schatz is ready to play Vader and spoil all the Cinderella stories. I haven't followed too closely but just saw that Lance Dewease is starting 16th, would love to see him pull off an upset. And still pulling for Rico, too. Just hoping for a safe and exciting night.
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    Added to a Small Block, Sportsman and Street Stock Program. OCFS also dropped admission price the second time this season to $10. Free for Fire and EMS personnel
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    Admission is more than fair..... Like 22racingteam I enjoy my 1-2 trips to the Valley every year.
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    I will never understand this board when it comes to purses. The Valley pays at least $18,000 above the minimum series purse and the first post is bitching about the distribution instead of mentioning the tracks that pay not a cent more than the minimum. Where are all these other Modified tracks paying $25K to win for a $26 admission?
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    I'm interested in what the rest of the purse is going to be this year. Howie stated after last years race that he was a little embarrassed that second on back only paid normal money so he is charging $26 (general admission) this year (was $24 last year) so he could raise the purse thru the field some. Apparently attendance last year was 7,000 people so that would be an extra $14,000 for this years race if he is true to his word and they draw the same amount of people. I'm guessing he may add $5,000 tops and have some excuse as to why he couldn't do more even though the place will be packed am sure. Hopefully I am wrong though. I guess it doesn't matter ultimately. Will draw the same amount of cars no matter what the purse is and this race is still cheaper then most SDS races to get into.
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    The pro stock class is just a product of crate racing IMO. Once guys figured out the setup with the crate power its super tough to pass. You can be a tick faster but still not have enough to get all the way by on the bottom. Most of the guys running the class have tons of experience on the track and in a pro stock. Its just tough to pass. Hence the beating and banging
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