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    Thats what someone said about the Grinders at Lebanon Valley and my ass looked like a penny slot machine spitting out winnings the whole way home down the thruway.
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    I recall two memorable quotes from Jack Johnson about Hearn: "I'd rather be running along side Hearn than anyone else", and "Just when you think you're going fast, Brett passes you."
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    I am a regular pot smoker so please don't judge me. 1) I only smoke when I get home from work and not going any where later or don't have to drive if we do go some where. So with that being said there is no way in hell should somebody thats smokeing should be driving a race car. I'm not saying he was high at this time. So being a smoker I know whats going to happen to me if I test positive. Rules are rules and laws are laws. I just have to say little suprised Coffey tested hot and the Dr. passed. Just saying we have all heard the stories about the Dr.
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    Here's the real schedule... 5:00, Pack the track 6:00, Maybe get the heats out on time 6:15, stop and water the track 6:30, resume 6:50, stop and water again 7:10, resume 8:00, water 8:15, Consi's 9:00, Intermission/ceremony/water the track 9:30, Centennial Race 12:00, Race might be over by then
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    Your exactly right....I’m not for or against pot....but until you can tell me when a person smoked, I don’t want ppl driving on the road or a racetrack that can’t pass a piss test....
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    Well you dont know when he smoked it either. Could of smoked up on the way to the track.
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    Bingo, that's what I was getting at. I also love how we can put a rover in Mars get stem cells from an umbicical cord, make animals in a lab, but you can't tell if a person is high now or last week. Very interesting. Once they regulate it and the govt gets all the profits from it bingo federal legalization to pathetic.
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    The Dr checks in clean.
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    Whats sad about it?
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    They said over the PA that drivers involved in the dust-caused wrecks were being allowed to work on their cars and return to their original starting spots
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    There are support columns for the roof of the half covered grandstand that may be an issue visibiity wise depending on where you sit in Rows M or N though. If you don't want to roll the dice, get Row L if available.
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    Why was the format of this race never mentioned in this topic, but interviews from 10 years ago had multiple posts. I probably would have made the venture over if i knew the format. I guess i could have just looked myself but you fogure with such an abnormal format that the track would promote it as such and push it to the masses?
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    Stafford is getting 20 for a regular show and 30 to 40 general admission for specials. This for a show that has 5 divisions, 3 of which have a car count frequently under 15 cars. I used to go to Stafford weekly. I have been 2 times this year. Its getting easier and easier to find something else to do instead. I went to a double features show at Lebanon Valley for I think 11 dollars earlier this year. I think with all that I still probably got out earlier than a regular show at Stafford. I cant believe people complain about the place. I would go weekly just for the food alone if it wasn't 2 hours away.
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    No no The less I see of your opinions the better
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