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    I've been a registered user of this site dating back to the days when it was Fire on Dirt. Since I didn't have any inside information to offer I generally was/and am a lurker. In recent years it has been getting painful to follow most of the topics as they predominantly consist of people bitching about everything imaginable. I just don't get how people can maintain such constant negativity. If I was a non racefan and happened to find this forum I'd think twice about going to my first race.
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    Congratulations to Marc Johnson & team on the 2019 Track Championship @ Albany-Saratoga Speedway!!! Well done!!
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    Congratulations to Marc and the entire 3J team! A-S has the most talented field of drivers and your accomplishment is Outstanding!
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    I don't mind it if the complaint is legitimate and the same person is just as quick to point out positive things that happen. I do get your point though. I'm of the contraian mind set if posters pile on too much, I won't listen. I.E. this track is bad because of this call or that call don't go there, I will go there. I wish OFCS was closer to me for example cause I'd be there. Again though I understand the just of your post.
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    Many of us have been around long enough to have seen a much better era of racing, much more competitive and much more popular. It’s extremely disappointing to see how far modified racing in a lot of areas in the northeast has fallen.,.
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    Have you ever gone to Yelp or TripAdvisor to look at restaurant reviews? It’s worse there than anything on DTD and newcomers are far more likely to look at restaurant reviews before eating there than some racing newbie is to look at some random message board before going to his first night of racing. Frankly racing can suck from time to time and there should be an outlet for those to constructively criticize. Of course you have the trolls but there aren’t that many here and they’re usually called out fairly quickly.
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    There was a lot less BS and complaining before social media. Was that because people complained as much in private and now it's out in the open? I find it hard to believe that there is a larger percentage of society in general that complains more. There are more people so there will be more complaints (but the % should be similar) and DTD, Facebook, etc are just showing us what people were really thinking.
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    Haha I have been thinking about this very topic! I don’t get it really if everything about Modified racing is all bad from the body styles, Big Block/Small Block engines, any series race in Canada or outside New York State for that matter, races being fixed (in terms of who wins) and promoters, race officials, owners who cant do anything right leaves you upset, depressed, or suicidal why bother continuing to following the sport? another thing that always gets me is these weird childish names that people on here come up with for NASCAR, don’t get me wrong I am not a huge fan of asphalt racing in general but why make up these weird ass names for NASCAR? Everyone on here knows the racing is terrible and the organization is in disarray and it is what is nothing we can do about it! Also who the heck cares how long it’s been since you last watched it, this is not a “local support group” that gives out chips based on how long in which you have gone with out watching NASCAR. Another thing that has always intrigued me is since this message boards inception the general consensus was the racing at the Moody Mile was boring and a waste of time! But the minute it was closing it was complete anarchy on here, some of the same people who for years absolutely hated the place and said they needed to stop running SDW there were now completely distraught and in shambles about the closing of the Moody Mile .....wait didn’t you hate that place anyway??? And what happened to the days of, if you even so much had a negative thought about Fonda or OCFS and posted on here you were crucified???? Lol ok that was something that I always found so funny when this board started up! That’s all I got I just except racing for what it is, nothing in life is perfect no matter how hard we try to make it, so why expect racing to be perfect? Lets just go to the races and enjoy what we have and not bitch and moan about every single little detail!
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    Complaining about everything is the American way. Gets worse every year.
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    Art, i think by coming on here and voicing their thoughts and opunions(complaints) it make them feel like the promotor can’t use the excuse well I didn’t know. And promotors like Paul Cole and Bill Shea have had the decency to respond when other blow it off . If you can’t take the time to address issues your in the wrong business!!!!
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    I used to check posts on the site at least 12 times a day and look forward to finding out information about drivers, tracks, events. While I am still here a few times every day it isn't as fun or informative as it used to be. I tend to gripe a lot but generally with my racing buddies and in private, not in a public forum. It's just a sad commentary on society in general in that we all like to complain about everything but in my experience the ones that dish it out the most couldn't take the heat if they were the ones being constantly maligned. Thankfully the racing life is still fun and I look forward to seeing my friends at the Valley for every event. While helping Lisa sell 50/50 tickets I hear from a lot of DTD users complaining about all the people that complain. It's really a shame as this is a remarkable outlet for information and you can't beat the cost.
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    Congratulations Marc on championship #2
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    I'm betting he gets " randomly " selected for a piss test after every race.
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    I get that Gasket..... I simply do not get the rush...do the test.... if failed... several days to the next race to suspend.....but...what is done is done....just sad when this could have been avoided. Lessons to be learned on both sides....hoping they do.
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    Shane in the Heffner car would be interesting. Perhaps a part time ride in the Highlands 3 supplemented by a Midwest ride to allow him some all star and Knoxville action too. pure speculation at this point.
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    Glad you asked...I have more sportsman/modified wins than him and we have the exact same number of Nascar Truck Series wins. So pretty good:)
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    but at least we know who he is, and he has some impressive wins...….what about you
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