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    You’re getting started early this year foster, A dumb ass comment for no reason. Just enjoy the weekend, the Matt/Wight situation has been resolved so let’s just let everyone enjoy the weekend and not be making shit up
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    As long as it produces a better race I’m ok with that.
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    Bridgeport's 5/8 track was just too big. It was a legitimately long and wide track. There was never any side by side / wheel to wheel racing there and that's a lot of track to illuminate which they did not do well. They are shortening to less than 1/2 mile, supposedly adding some banking and relocating the existing lighting to illuminate the smaller track. They have a nice large grandstand, big midway, and covered picnic area where they often have live music. It's a good setup but the racing itself was never really that compelling. Hopefully, it will work out for them. Although I live in Jersey it's a long haul to get there but I'm intrigued and look forward to checking it out. Grew up going to Flemington but having traveled to a ton of tracks in my adulthood I've come to appreciate the smaller tracks for weekly racing.
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    Just wheeled into Mercer a short time ago. Seems like a nice fairgrounds type track. Lots of seats . Many campers here and more wheeling in. Not sure what to expect as I do not no much about a some of the divisions that are running here. But should be fun.
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    Big Diamond on Friday Grandview on Saturday Penn National on Sunday 😎
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    Shouldn't you be combing through the history books on the Dr, knowing you'll have to defend him 9000 more times until he retires instead of tossing shit on other drivers? 🤔
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    Im amazed no one has said Florida Speed Week. It's the perfect time of the year to get out of NY. By then, you haven't seen any live racing in about 3 months minimum and you need a break from the 15 degree days. I think there's really more racing going on than you could really see in one week. You can hit up Volusia during the week, then watch the truck race Friday, and maybe the Daytona on Sunday. That's not even mentioning all the other tracks in the area. Eldora, Knoxville, and the Chili Bowl are all on my list. So many places to go, so little time. I agree with everything Miller said, I thought the World Finals was a great event as well.
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    don"t worry dad will take extra time during the 1/2 way break to manicure the track for his boy if he needs to
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    Buzzie Reuitmann with his 501 CID engine?
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    If the track starts to lock down and there is one lane far better than the rest, the last thing you want to do is have to pass a lap car, or get tangled with one. Sometimes it’s easier to run at 75% rather than be all over guys who are much slower with no place to go.
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    He said it was because the car wasn't handling right in traffic. He had already flatfooted Matt high and low, fast and slow, so he had to be pretty confident that he could do it again if he had to. And, according to him, staying out of lapped traffic was the best way to avoid the risk of Matt getting by. I'd be a liar to say that I totally get it because logic tells me that they have less chance of catching you if you're faster than them. I guess it's why that bastage is making $50k for a night and we're just sitting around talking about it.
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    I found this on youtube tonight. I know they tried Dirt mods on asphalt at Albany Saratoga and it didn't work out. The Dirt mods ran walls turkey derby for a few years. There was a one off dirt sportsman race with Pass late models at Stafford several years ago. It was not well attended by racers or fans. Is it the cost or just not much interest? It looks like they had a good field and crowd for this one. I found it very entertaining. I was surprised how close the Dirt mods (110mph) times were to Asphalt mods (116mph) the same year.
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    Maybe do a start of season race up at Oswego
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    I for one thought that the D/A mods were an excellent division, especially at Flemington, where they put on some highly entertaining 30 lappers. Our mods make for great looking race cars on the asphalt too, all cleaned up and shiny with rims, (no wheel covers). Again, I thought they were a terrific division, certainly as likable as USAC sprint cars or crown cars on pavement.
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