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    I have them on speed dial but i prefer asking a question here and getting a smart ass remark back..
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    Of course he knows that. He knows everything....
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    I’m thinking they won’t change much unless they absolutely have to. It’s no secret that track isn’t the greatest during the daytime because it rubbers up something fierce. Sure it’ll be cold, but they’ve raced in the cold before and they’ll race in the cold again.
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    Lol ... there’s no way that surface will provide great racing. Damn it ... disregard. It was a great race
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    Some aftermarket bicknell bodies are nicer than factory, imo the Teo and troyers have nicer bodies, unfortunately for them, bodies don’t win races....
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    I’m just messing with you. Not a fan of Fonda racing but certainly want to see the track have success and carry on.
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    Now they are, but the 1st one was built in New Jersey by Hearn.....LOL
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    I think it's 57 total... not 67... but Congrats to Matt on a great season on the STSS tour and how about Brett Deyo paying that kind of point fund...
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    Back off. It was his first ever time behind the camera on a live shoot. I was on the roof both nights and asked for relief during the Hornets because my lower back was screaming from being cold and tense, and my Percocet prescription was no longer working. And just so you know, we had to guess what the announcers were talking about because the PA feed to the camera didn't exist this weekend.
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    Congrats lenster24, you are the Race #39 winner at Georgetown ! lenster24 - 46 stratton87 - 36 Patti - 36 HearnNation20 - 28
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    That's all? There has to be more to it than that............... 😀 I still think it would be better for the sport if there was more/better competition for the bicknell's.
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    Pinesol post seemed rather sarcastic, never knew Ronnie had excuses for anything!
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    I don’t know if ray graham knows who is racing his cars from day to day, he goes through more drivers than the Dr. does owners. I’d be willing to bet if he nailed down a driver or 2 for more than 2 races they may see some more success.....both Danny and Britten had success once the cars became a solid deal rather than a rental or experiment.
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    You wouldn’t say that about Ronnie if he was still a Fonda regular...so many on here are 2 faced 🙄
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    Only a Fonda topic about adding clay could turn negative....SMFH
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