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    Summary of Matt Sheppard's 2019 season: Winnings are close but not exact! SDS = Super Dirt Series. SSTS = Short Track Super Series Attempted to race 99 times. Competed in 82 races with 17 rainouts. Won 36. Raced at 33 different tracks, won at 15 different tracks. Rainouts: Volusia 2/12, Outlaw 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/7 (SDS), Land of Legends 4/20, 6/1, 6/15, 7/6, 7/13, Fulton 4/27 (SDS), Weedsport 6/16, Sharon 7/30 (SDS), Ransomville 8/6 (SDS), Woodhull 8/13 (SSTS-N), 9/1 Utica Rome (SDS), LeRPM 9/7 (SDS). OCFS SDS race was rescheduled. 1 DNQ (Georgetown 3/17), 5 DNFs (Thunder Mtn 5/26, Outlaw 6/14, Outlaw 7/5, Outlaw 8/2, Oswego 10/13). Purse Winnings $287,634 (estimates applied to Utica Rome on 8/4, Albany Saratoga on 9/19, Outlaw on 10/19, Georgetown on 11/1). Hoosier Tire Bonus $5000. American Racer Cup $11000. Short Track Super Series North Champion $12500. Short Track Super Series South Champion $10000. SSTS/American Racer Bonus $25000. Land of Legends Champion $2500. Weedsport Speedway Champion $2000. Outlaw Speedway Champion $5000 Total that up and it is $349,794. Add to that second place in the Super Dirt Series. Purse winnings by track (# of races in parentheses): OCFS $80219 (7), Land of Legends $26400 (12), Outlaw $24715 (16), Weedsport $21350 (4), Fonda $12450 (3), Devils Bowl $11500 (2), Granby $10050 (2), Can AM $10050 (1), Georgetown $8370 (5), Cornwall $7550 (1), Brockville $7550 (1), Grandview $7500 (1), Oswego $6250 (1), Afton $5825 (1), Airborne $5000 (1), Big Diamond $5000 (1), Delaware Int. $5000 (1), Albany Saratoga $4500 (3), Volusia $4450 (4), BAPS $3500 (1), Port Royal $3250 (1), Charlotte $2800 (2), Mohawk $2500 (1), Brewerton $1800 (1), Eldora $1800 (1), Fulton $1600 (1), Accord $1500 (1), Utica-Rome $1500 (1),Drummond $1300 (1), Lebanon Valley $700 (1), Merritville $575 (1), Thunder Mountain $425 (1), New Egypt $415 (1). Worst SDS finish was 31st at Oswego. Worst SSTS North finish was 16th at his home track Outlaw Speedway. Worst finish on the SSTS-South was 16th at New Egypt, where he is a former track champion.
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    Mark Flach will be driving the Madsen Overhead Doors #22 this season weekly at the Valley.
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    How many people within 2 hours of the track are going to drop $150 on this and stay home instead? I’d bet not many. Maybe I’m wrong. I could see more people potentially doing the one off purchases that are closer to the track if they can’t make it on a night or two if weather looks iffy or they have kids/family etc. and all those purchases are equal to the price of admission ticket so all you are losing is the potential concession sale which honestly, varies so much individual to individual. Some spend $40-$50 at concession stand, others spend $5 or less. I applaud those that are forward thinking with things like streaming and recognizing that there are so many more potential eyeballs out there that would watch your product and give you additional revenue streams if you try it. I live 6 hours away from LoL and will almost certainly be purchasing this package. That’s $150 Paul didn’t have if he doesn’t offer this service.
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    Paul Cole is changing the game again! 2019 DIRTcar Promoter of the Year Paul Cole made a major announcement today at the Eastern Motorsports Press Association convention. Live Streaming through our brand new website will go live very soon. $150 season subscriptions when you purchase by 4/1/2020 ($7.50 per show!) This is exactly the type of suggestion I made in the DTD live thread and I’m very excited for this. $7.50 per show is very reasonable and I’m 98 percent sure I’ll be subscribing to this.
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    Tyler Dippel did it too, folks. McGrew is just honest.
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    /2020 1:19:16 PM +0/-0 Billy Pauch Jr revealed over the weekend his plans for Friday night weekly war competition at the BDS...Pauch Jr will once again split the 2020 BDS schedule between running his brand new self owned Bicknell #15 Morgantini powered 358 modified and the Breitenstein family owned Bicknell #14 Gatto powered 358 modified...Pauch Jr posted on FB today to look for a retro design for his self owned #15 this year that many will remember...Pauch Jr will be looking to add his 2nd career BDS championship to his racing resume along with trying to get the BMS gang their very first career win at BDS...It all starts on Friday night April 10th when opening night gets the new season started under the lights at the Big Diamond Speedway.
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    Only this board is obsessed with Sheppard and how much money he wins.
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    Ahhh the news is finally Officially public!!!! The dude can wheel a car for sure. His addition to the modified ranks will certainly strengthen the field even more.
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    It's not likely that anyone living within a reasonable traveling distance who has transportation and admission money would favor an internet broadcast over live attended viewing, however... Sometimes things beyond our control happen and attendance isn't an option. If Mommy has to work and Daddy has to stay home to watch the kids, we offer a high quality streaming service that's pretty hard to beat as an alternative. I won't say that Paul Cole's budget is limitless when it comes to upgrading or adding new things to his stream. Obviously he wants and needs to keep costs down. But he does listen to ideas, he comes up with his own, and he surprises the team now and then with a new toy that makes the broadcast better. I'm pretty sure that will be the case for the new season too. The best thing about this service is that Paul watches each one when he gets home and I know he watches what a lot of other services are doing. I really enjoy working with this team because it's fun.
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    I would be curious what it costs them to run one night barring any catastrophic failures/crashes etc. Just fuel money,entry fee, tire wear and some light maintenance. etc.
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    Which obviously wasn't enough to make it worth while to follow the tour again.
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    Is the race sold out? Can't you just go to the website?
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    To each their own. There is no right or wrong answer here. The poster shouldn’t have to prove a thing; there is not point to be made. I personally have no issue with the series running 6 shows at 2 tracks. Who knows, maybe it encourages others to participate in the tour? And maybe it doesn’t. Proof will be in the attendance and quality of event and that won’t be known for many months
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