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    I will second Rob's assessment about fans that don't normally see the big blocks run. Almost every time we've raced at Charlotte I've had somebody come up to me after the Friday night feature or before racing starts on Saturday and say that they were blown away by the sound that the mods make when they all hit the throttle at the start of the feature. And they always seemed to be impressed with the racing the mods put on too. It's funny how a perception of something never changes when in reality it's either not as bad as it seems for the most part or, in this case New York, the only place that sees that "problem". Case in point, ONLY New York tracks get slick. All Tech (in Florida) just had some modified racing there and just judging by the video, it seemed like it got slick. BUT the racing seemed like it was pretty good was it not?? The last SDS race at Weedsport, the track had bite all night, even Matt Sheppard, who usually favors the bottom, was running the cushion. I know we had to loosen our car up for the feature because the track had so much bite. There have been times that the surface hasn't been the greatest, but I know they've been working hard on different things to get a handle on that surface.
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    jumper12a You work for the SDS Series? Yikes! If you were my employee, I wouldn't allow you to act like that on social media. You're giving off a terrible look for the organization.
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    Where is that damn ignore this thread option
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    Just a polite way to say that your comments and responses are often rude.
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    You guys are so right. Thank you for straightening me out.... Tonight if someone talks with me about the Big Blocks I'll change the subject and maybe talk about the weather.
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    Every time we go to race at either Eldora or Charlotte I always end up having a conversation with someone about our big blocks. Last year was a guy from Alabama who just couldn't believe that we run big blocks in circles. Being a engine builder myself I always try to give them a bunch of info on the engine and pop the hood off so they can look at it. We take these torque monsters for granted because we get to see them run weekly. Rob Hile
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    Shane Andrews does a great job (when the batteries in his microphone aren't dead )☺️ Rick Eshelman is the voice of the late models. He knows more about that class than anyone ! I'm loving it being able to watch 5 nights of Big Blocks for $40 . It might not be 80 degrees here in upstate ny, but it is a balmy 70 in my living room ! Bring on night #3. 2 great classes of cars, 2 great announcers and they get the show in by 10:00 . That's a beautiful thing !!!
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    Unacceptable. We hold you to a higher standard.
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    Here are some videos we shot last night in our post race coverage in-case you haven't seen them yet. Recap by Bill Foley and Joe Grabianowski Interview with Mat Williamson by Bill Foley IF you haven't subscribed yet to our channel be sure to do so. We will have content all week long the next morning. My hats of to our crew as it sucks not being there, but George, GT, Bill, Terry and Rick are kicking ass on the coverage. I hate not being with our guys down there, but I'm having fun reading, looking at photos and watching the videos each day. I'll get my one day on the job on Saturday night. Stinking real job lol.
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    WOW! What a late model race at Volusia tonight. Mark Whitener and Brandon Overton were slamming and banging for the lead. Overton threw the first elbow and then Whitener responded. Overton got washed up after the elbow he threw. Feel bad for Whitener who was so close to likely the biggest win of his career. incredible race though.
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    He just enjoys acting like an effin prick. Let him be. He wants to feel important. Let him feel important and talk nonsense about doing research. Sounds like he is talking about doing a thesis. Lmao. Most people on boards dont mind sharing info amongst the posters. He is an exception.
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    I think what some of us were figuring is that since you work for the SDS? There should be no need for you to dig through this thread (or any other thread,) in order to let the rest of us pee ons know who had signed up so far. Sorry for the mis understanding
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    Jumper would it have hurt to list the guys that had signed up and not given guys grief over it?? Some people spend a lot more time playing with their keyboards than others or might not know just were to look. Long long long time ago I heard a saying There is no dumb question in life! Just because you know something don’t think everyone else does.
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    Night one at Volusia I had the pleasure of speaking with (3) different people that were just totally blown away with the "Big Block Modifieds". A guy from Indiana said he definitely wanted to make a trip out east this summer to see more action. I suggested to him that he comes on a weekend that Weedsport is running so he could have the opportunity to see a Friday & Saturday night race with plenty of track choices then top off the weekend at the Port. Thank you Big Blocks for putting on a fantastic show last night and representing our sport.
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    So I've watched them all this last few weeks. And of course the biggest budget probably had the best production that was Lucas Oil. But DTDtv might not of had the budget but I really think they put on a really good production. I would love to see what they could do with a budget like Lucas Oil has. Dirtvision on the other hand I not really that hyped about. First I'm going to say, I'm pretty sure they didn't have a great internet feed or something last night. But, I don't know it just the quality and production really weren't that good in my opinion. I mean the racing was good and everything. But the just one announcer for each class. Not a huge fan of Shane Andrews, I mean he has a lot of knowledge and history of the sport. But I don't know, he seems better when he has someone to go back and forth with. In the late 90's early 2000s I think it was. He was a breath of fresh air. But now he just seems kind of stale. But I will say he was a hell of a lot better then whoever the WoO Late Model announcer is. That guy just plain sucks. My biggest gripe was it took them all most half the show to fix the audio when they guys were talking. It sounded horrible. Maybe I'm not being fair, could of just been a bad night for the production team. I guess we'll find out tonight. I really miss Rush Hour on DIRT, those guys put NASCAR to shame on how to produce a racing show.
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    Jumper come on, someone buys a new tie rod end on the sds you should know it right away and post it.
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    siri did not have a DIRT legal motor he only had the "deyo series motor" so he wasnt going to be able to race volusia.
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    You can’t compare the CB to any other indoor races, especially the TQ stuff here in the NE. If you haven’t been, you just don’t understand. It’s one of those events you must experience in person to really get the whole gist of it. It’s an event like no other on this planet.
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    Just a casual observation; your posts do read as pointy stick. I doubt that is your intention but if you are in any way affiliated with DIRT it might be something worth reflecting upon. I’m far from great myself so take my feedback as you will
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    Jeff, just thought you might want to talk him into some place with better racing. Facility is amazing, surface is terrible. Don't stop spreading the word about our mods.
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    Weedsport is a great facility ......except for the track surface. I go about once a year and that's enough for me. The features can have some decent racing but seems like almost no passing until then.
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    There is no physical difference as far as the cars. They’re even using the UMP tires for the WoO races. The only real difference this week is the purses (UMP races pay 7k, WoO races pay 10k) and where the points count (UMP has a national points fund and the WoO obviously has its own point fund)
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    They need 2 nights of late models to fill in the schedule on Monday and Tuesday but don't want to force the WoO guys to race all week for points.
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    I wouldn’t walk across the street to see it. Can’t stand indoor races. JMO
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    So he is a Effin prick simply because he doesn't instantly put out what for lack of better words his "boss" does? Simply because it's racing related. Any of you that are bitching post what your boss does daily? Between getting told your wrong posts, the everyday stupid smartass posts, and posts telling you what you should do cause you should know, ain't no damn wonder why people don't post much anymore.