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    Now picture this scenario, the mods are out packing the track at Charlotte. As I come down the back stretch I see Bob Miller standing at the opening just before turn 3 waiting to cross. Now would any of the DTDer's be mad at me if I just happened to gas my car a little, throw it sideways and cover him in clay???? I know a lot of people that witnessed that first hand thought it was quite funny!!!! And isn't racing entertainment?? Who wouldn't be entertained by that?????
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    Just put a train around your christmas tree, that will tide you over..lmao
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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the compliments! I would love to be back at LOLR next year full time, but it comes down to money, as it always does. I've been very fortunate to be able to race all of these years because of the generosity of others, and hopefully we can continue that next year!
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    I think the solution to your problem is pretty simple. Start your own vlog.
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    It never ceases to amaze me to watch people finding fault with anything anyone ever does. If you don't like Mandee's vlog perhaps you shouldn't watch it. Why shoud she give equal time to other competitors? I just don't get the amount of hate being shown by small minded people who are mostly too embarrassed to give their own real names when they make comments about what other people do or should do?
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    I'm sure WRG will now go ahead & schedule a SDS race for the same date as usual
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    Mat Williamson is your 2019 Super DirtCar Champion. 🏆
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    I agree, she should dump her boyfriend and hook up with Williamson,.then she should get Hearn to adopt her. Mix it up a bit Mandee
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    Mandee often says that her videos are a snapshot of her involvement in racing and comes from the daily activities of her dad, brother and Mike. It is not meant to be an interview type show with other drivers.... Her videos are not required watching.... you need to go looking for her videos ... sooooo if you do not like them... don't click on. We really enjoy Mandee , Mike and family.
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    Too many different engine rules & combinations. Steel headed ported small blocks have to weigh what big blocks weigh per Dirtcar, ridiculous! Why bother! Spec small blocks w alum heads 200# lighter or more, ported vs non ported, angled milled etc & 12, 14, 18, 20 degree heads ... pick one! The costs just keep going up & up! Big bore, short stroke, domed pistons vs flat tops.... & we wonder why the car counts have dwindled! Add to that Hoosiers vs AR's, VP vs Sunoco, through in expensive Fire Bottles at about a grand a pop, the small teams have to pick & choose where & when to race based on what they have that fits a certain tracks criteria! Just when you think you may have what's needed the rules change & you have to buy more shit to be allowed to race! Rant over...
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    Good for you, you took time away from playing Fortnite in your parents basement to tell a joke for your little friends. It could’ve been a little more original but...heck of a job. 👍🏻
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    Crafton makes himself sound like a dope....constantly making statements towards the guys in the booth who said he was the underdog. He WAS the underdog, he wasn’t fast all year, he couldn’t win a race, the fact that he was the luckiest of the possible 4, the last race of the season, in a race he still couldn’t win shows nothing more than how much his championship is about luck. It’s a damn shame that teams that put together championship seasons in all of nascars big 3 series, commonly don’t win the title. Total joke, Craftons championship falls into the same category as Kyle Buschs’ title, seasons where the champion did not deserve the trophy but got it solely because of a dumbass playoff system that doesn’t belong in racing.
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    Man , you really have no clue. Where does destitute fit in?? Ever price hunting gear or even a hunting license ? How about pay tax on hunting property? Yeah I would say hunters do help the economy Some people just enjoy hunting .And a lot of people including me eat deer all year long. Steaks, hamburgs, sausage , hot dogs , pepperoni , jerky , etc. name it. And I share with people I meet at the races all the time . No luck so far today. But I did bag both a buck and a doe during the bow season .
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    Pictures of dead animals on a racing site? 'Merica! 🦌
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    Only you could turn this subject into a sex act. Pervert.
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    A $5 increase in one year is actually astronomical in race admission terms. Lebanon Valley has only gone up about $3 since the mid 90's and I think Fonda went down in the last few years. I understand that they are fixing the track and I respect that ... but ... I'm not paying for repairs that should have been made with the money I paid to get in there in years gone by ... and I'm not paying for repairs that may very well be used to raise the admission price even higher. Two words. Deyo. Fonda. ... The man may very well have lost money with all the improvements he's made. I guarantee you he'll make it back and then some because he's making a place that everyone wants to go to.
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    I hate to indulge in conspiracy theories ... but Good Lord does NASCAR seem to screw over Stewie all the time with bad calls. There seems to be a pattern there.
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    You obviously watch them and then bitch about what's on them, and then watch again? Makes sense to me.
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    Im 100% positive that she knows this already (that there's more to racing than those 3 drivers). She's a smart girl and knows racing. To put things in perspective, she does interview other drivers but those interviews are thru floracing or whoever she is working for. Her vlog is really just about her world and what's going on in it. So, her world is her dad, brother, and Mike as far as drivers and in no particular order. You're not forced to watch her vlogs. Plus, I'm sure other drivers don't want to give a recap every race like Mike, her brother, and dad. Im honestly surprised Mike does it all the time only because I would think he'd want to hold his cards closer to his chest sometimes.
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    Got myself a decent 6 point while my buddy got a good sized doe. I also managed to fill a doe tag during bow season. If you don’t like it, Robert Morris, don’t look at it. My family will enjoy the deer I harvest all year.
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    Yes, that's exactly how it works. I've only had 2 non-crash flats in my life, and both times I parked it in the infield and didn't bring out a yellow.
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    Pole Austin Hill 27.02 Outside pole Stewart Friesen 27.04.....
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    Jeez I agree again with you Rpm. Stew has won and been very successful in everything he has ever done. Won in indoor midgets at like 16 years old, won in sportsman right away, finished 3rd in his 2nd 358 start in a SDS race. Appeared to be the best 360 sprint driver in NY almost immediately and won a WoO race as a part time sprint racer. That's nearly unheard of. And it's a relatively small body of work but in my opinion hes currently the best truck series regular. People dont have to like him but jeez open your eyes and look at what hes done. He is a great great talent.
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    Gary is easily one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I had the privilege back about 5 years ago at the world finals NC. To carry the NY flag with Gary. I chatted with him The whole time. I called him a legend. He just chuckled. Great guy.