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    NY, NJ, Mass and CT are the only states in the US that have death rates over 1,000 per million people. The US as a whole is around 400 per million people. NY had an absolutely disastrous response to COVID including an absurd nursing home policy that led to thousands of deaths. But sure, he's doing fine now....
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    When, on this Forum, have I ever mentioned anything about standing for our flag? If you, or others, decide that wearing a cover over your face is good for you, then by all means do it. Don’t shove what makes you feel safe down everyone else’s throat. Not everyone agrees with your thought process. If the face cover really works, you should feel safe when you’re wearing it, stop worrying about those who don’t live in the same fear you live in.
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    I am considered a high risk for the virus as I am a 3 time Cancer survivor with Diabetes & only one lung......I was at Chatham Speedway in Lousiana for 2 solid weeks in late May around THOUSANDS of people NOT wearing masks & was just tested....guess what?......NO VIRUS!.....This shutdown is nothing but a political power grab & an attempt to sccare everyone into submission.....JMO
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    NY is a good example of leadership though. Just saying.
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    Eldora has cancelled the King’s Royal and is almost assuredly going to cancel the World in the coming weeks, but yeah, they’re totally going to have a week long show full of divisions that don’t run in Western Ohio.
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    While that could happen. I don't see it.. Super Dirt Week is a New York thing... not sure everyone is willing to travel that far to make it happen. I don't see that working...
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    How about JZ getting by Sheppard with 2 to go to finish in the top 5 and the 9s finished 6th.
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    No PPV. for a Re-Run episode
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    You don't think the state is worried about money as they ready to go bankrupt?? And this was before Covid. Cuomo will be on his knees in front of Trump soon begging for help. Now that should be a PPV.
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    Ever notice that many of the people who think Cuomo is doing such a great job , do not have to live in NY? 😎
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    You could've had it and not known it and spread it to all the essential workers in Florida. You could be the reason why Florida is suffering now. We don't need the government telling us what to do now. The government told us that the best way to help the country was to stay home during that time period and you didn't. Now you support drastic measures that are costing people their livelihoods by supporting measures that aren't even 100% guaranteed. I went to LoL on Thursday and I feel fine today. 1000's of people have gone to live races in PA and other states in the last month and there's not people dropping over. I'm really confused why people are so submissive and being supportive of government dictating what, where, and how they can do things 7 months into this.
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    Wait a minute. Now you want to take covid seriously? Now you're saying super restrictive measures are a good thing when you drove you and your family all the way from Mass to Florida and back for a family vacation during March at the time the goal was to flatten the curve and stay at home?😂
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    LOL...NY leads the nation in deaths! When this all stated Cuomo and deBlasio urged people to go out to broadway shows, ect and not HARM the economy. Then he said the quarantine would be nothing more than an extended "spring break" Squashed the virus? Yeah, that's why SO many people are leaving NY, because he'll probably be governor until he calls it quits.
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    Groups have been contacting their state representatives to return to the form of government that is required under the state constitution. Where laws are made by more than the governor. The governor stated that those people are stupid, and that shows there ignorance. He will decide when things go back to anyone else making decisions in new York.
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    Definitely someone we should take advice from regarding what's best for us....🤦‍♂️
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    Well, good for you. I just got over it, today is my first day back to work. For about a week I felt like i was breathing through water with a truck parked on my chest and my face. And mine was minor. If you got the minor case of it that I had you'd likely be dead.
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    I live in MA and our Governor has done a great job. You may not like Cuomo because of what he did to the Fairgrounds but he’s doing what’s best for the health of New Yorker’s even if it’s at the expense of local racing...NY is better off than most of the country right now Covid 19 wise at least.
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    You telling us what to wear isn’t freedom. I choose to burn’em & live my life as I see fit.
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    Our current state leader is against 800-1000 fans in the stands at your local tracks. Even without the state having to pay for any of it No way I see Dirt Week happening
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    I agree ... it's the next thing to go as it's still state funded...
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    Larry Wight said in an interview last night that "Stew could run a wheelbarrow & still beat everyone".....LOL
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    It didn't work out. long story.
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