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    The face of dirtcar modifeds should not be the face of ess...... HUGE conflict of interest.
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    I guess this shoots down the whole 10 steps behind theory, the top 5 in SDS points will be steps ahead of most teams whether they go to Florida or not.
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    If you head to volusia and are really fast there.....your 10 steps behind when racing gets underway up here....there is virtually nothing that you can take from that place and apply it here....the shape, surface and speed are all different than 90% of what big blocks see all summer. You can on the other hand build notes.....for volusia next year. As far as money, the modified guys have hurt themselves in that respect, travel all the way to Florida, spend thousands before you ever fire a car up knowing that your being paid peanuts. There is nothing to complain about when you continue to go support it. With that being said, Deyo May put a crunch on dirtcar to up the pay at volusia just like he did for the sds series. His 3 nights of racing pay what teams need to be getting paid to travel that far. Now that it’s an option, many may only go there that normally support volusia.
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    I’m not sure what their issues are, but the feud only hurts race teams. If there are potential good paying shows for the ess teams, their spat should not get in the way. The deliberate attempts to hurt big money shows via schedules, hurts race teams. I don’t agree with the tactics, but all people can do is choose who to support.
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    Part of why Dean has an issue with Brett. How dare you pay these race teams some decent money? That is supposed to be 'our' money 😉
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    It doesn't matter....Patriots are as good as ESS....maybe even better......at least they aren't joined at the hip with WRG
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    You’re welcome. You asked a question you already knew the answer to?
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    I want to thank Ken for his interviews from the Motorsports show. Most have been really good, best Billy Pauch Jr. I laughed my ass off. Didn't quite know how much of a colorful guy he is. Worst interview (Not Ken's fault, Jimmy Horton of course.) I don't think I have ever seen an interview with Jimmy that wasn't like pulling teeth. Except for his win on Rush Hour at Fonda. Thank you Ken. Keep up the good work.
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    True Statement, We go to 2 tracks where the notes apply to those tracks and nowhere else... Volusia and Charlotte. Both tracks are their own aminal
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    I make it to Fonda about every other week and the shows there were all great last year. The place was packed every week too. 50/50s were regularly over $2500
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    Perhaps Fuller believes he is the missing link in reviving that Shithole?🤣 I kid as I have yet to have a bad experience at Fonda. The Firecracker 50 last season was one of the best shows I went to all last season
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    Howie announced that tickets will be $10.
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    Fonda was told no room in the schedule for a 5000 to win sprint race... Yet Plattsburgh is going to run and seems to be able to get a date this late..
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    Brett & Dean don’t get along. It’s pretty easy to figure out.
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    Not behind in points, but behind in knowledge, experience, etc. Florida gives you a chance to shake down new equipment, get acquainted with new crew, try new setups, etc. Otherwise, you might have to do all of that in races that actually count for something.
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    I wish they would play the small block race. That was a good one!
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    with those track conditions they should’ve just left it pavement
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    Yeah man. If they want it to be your business they would make a video about it. 😬
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    Can someone fill me in here. I haven't heard his 2020 plans for racing but how does someone who races full-time (as their career) end up planning a vacation during the start of the racing season and causing a conflict??
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    He might wanna leave the Simple Green at the shop this time around.
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