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    What is it with you people and the name calling? Within the last 6 hours we are calling people liberal morons, conservative morons and assholes. Talk about a joke... I suspend members for 30 days for the offense and they cry to the owners begging for mercy and reinstatement. We wonder why kids act the way they do these days? Look no further than their parents.
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    Some years there are races added after the original posted schedule. The year has only been over a month. Maybe some other tracks are working on adding them but haven't commited yet.
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    https://www.dirtcarump.com/schedules/2020-dirtcar-ne-series-schedules/ All events 50 or 75 laps except Oswego
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    Just a heads up for anyone that ordered the fast pass weekend subscription for Charlotte world finals. I signed up for just that weekend and they charged my account again today. It wasn't set up for recurring monthly subscriptions but they charged me anyway. I called dirtondirt since it shows up under them on my account and was told dirtvision said not to refund anyone unless the customer contacts dirtvision 1st, pretty shady business to not just refund me right away due to their error.
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    Jun 9: Grandview Speedway (Bechtelsville, PA) Jun 10: Bridgeport Speedway (Swedesboro, NJ) Jun 11: BAPS Motor Speedway (York Haven, PA) Jun 13: Port Royal Speedway (Port Royal, PA) Jun 14: Weedsport Speedway (Weedsport, NY) Silver Crown Cars will be at Williams Grove on the 12th.
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    I think Silver Crown cars at Lebanon Valley would be very cool. Don't know if the fans would support it, but still, it'd be a neat show.
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    You still might want to keep an eye on your credit card. Seems like this is standard practice for them. I signed up to watch Volusia back in February. I cancelled it during the event, they then proceeded to charge my credit card the month after that, and another month after that (March and April). Again, I told them to cancel it and remove my card number from the system IN February during the event. Over email they said they did credit my credit card. But they only credited my card for 1 of the charges and not 2. I then had to go back and forth and sent a screenshot of the charges and credits to my card. If she didn't credit my card, I would have just disputed the charge with my cc company. I'm not paying for services I don't want especially at $39/month. For this reason, I won't do reoccurring subscriptions. No matter how bad I want to see the race. It's not worth it to me to have to check up on them like little kids to see if they're still charging my credit card for services that I cancelled. It's very unfortunate because the coverage is great. I'm just not a fan of people taking my money when I cancel a service.
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    The Fast Pass is a monthly subscription, I'm pretty sure it says it on their website. That's why I cancelled mine right after the World Finals.
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    To each their own. There is no right or wrong answer here. The poster shouldn’t have to prove a thing; there is not point to be made. I personally have no issue with the series running 6 shows at 2 tracks. Who knows, maybe it encourages others to participate in the tour? And maybe it doesn’t. Proof will be in the attendance and quality of event and that won’t be known for many months
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    Why does Weedsport not running weekly getting 3 shows make it special but a same track that runs them weekly not make it special? If Weedsport had 1 less show would it still be “special”? I just don’t get your point here.
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    3 races at the same track dont make it a special event ... having one Sds race at your track makes it special
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    No one was left out. I believe the promoter(s) chose not to have a SDS event.
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    Thunder Mountain gets a date while Brewerton ant Fulton are left out. Hell hath frozen over. The dust will be unbearable even for us diehards.
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    CORRUPT CUOMO , the asshole ! Enough said!
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    You are right. It does not come close. But you got it ass backwards I am thinking. Its only a matter of opinion , my driver is better than your driver etc. . But in a heads up race I will take those who finished 12th on back at Fonda over those who finished the same at LoL any week. As far as drivers being lapped multiple times? You do realize you are comparing a 200 lapper to a 50 lapper.? Uh.... ..but wait a minute. 17 drivers finished on the lead lap in the 200. And just 14 finished on the lead lap in the Gerald Haers Memorial 50. So? By the way , I was at Land of Legends that evening . As it is roughly a 20 minute ride from my home I did make it to the Fonda 50 in July.. A real good show. One of the better races I saw all season
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    https://www.race-monitor.com/Results/Session/6842925 doesnt even come close.