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    We can remove Cuomo from the equation if we have a leader who will lead the country instead of playing on twitter like a child. Someone who will listen to advice from the experts who study infectious diseases. Following guidelines might be a good place to start. Leadership is key to having all businesses open.
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    I saw this behavior a lot in companies I have worked for. Company has significant market share and therefore over time develops an ego. Every decision is applauded within the company regardless of whether it is logical or not. The sheeple in the company defend the leadership decisions out of blind obedience. Severe groupthink settles in. At some point a competitor will challenge and takes down the bloated, non-innovative, and egotistical company....
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    There's nothing wrong with the application process at Hooters. They hand you a bra and ask you to fill it out.
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    You wear cloth over your face while driving your vehicle alone don’t you?
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    No, that wasnt my mask, that was my handkerchief trying to stop the spit from flying out of mouth laughing so hard at your claiming to have knowledge about BD's finances. No reason to badmouth a guy who is doing so many positive things for racing.
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    Ok Mr. Facts , When are you going to produce facts regarding your accusations about BD ?
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    Why would that happen? Surely by “then”, the curve will be flattened and the hospitals won’t be overwhelmed.
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    Don't worry about DiBlasio he is to busy trying to ruin the NY Mets sale. Because him and a certain State Senator want J HO and Alex's group to buy the Mets even though they don't have even close to enough money to do it. Can not be Batman's fault he is from Australia. Maybe Superman's. But I think we'll have some great racing from Florida next year from both series, because its almost all the same drivers. Freisen will be back on track in NASCAR and be a title contender. Should of won this past weekend or at least finished second by Sauter made an extremely bad move. Sauter was faster but just totally lost it. Tracks in New York will see fans flock to their tracks like never before for the first quarter of the season. Then things will calm down and go back to normal per 2019. No one will give two shits about politics for the next three and a half years no matter who is President. But we'll have to deal with the start of people running for the New York Governorship for 2022. Where history will repeat itself and a Republican will be elected following the end of another Cuomo as Governor of New York. Oh yeah and I will start dominating both the Super DIRTcar Series and the Short Track Super Series in my rookie year. I might even run some World of Outlaw Sprint Car races to grab a few wins and the Lucas Oil Late Model series where I should be able to easily pick up a win or two. So I figure by 2022 I should be replacing Freisen in the 52 NASCAR Truck Series. Where of course I will probably win the Rookie of the Year and Championship. Heck I might even try my hand at the Indy 500, figure I would probably win the race in record time while leading the majority of the race. Some I'm positive will happen, other parts might be a little bit of wishful dreaming.
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    You are becoming more and more talk with no substance. Throwing multiple accusations without showing a single bit of evidence. If you have evidence put it out there, or admit all you have is accusations. Obviously if you had evidence it would of been out now. DIRTcar or WRG or Boundless or whatever you want to call them have been going the wrong way since they bought DIRT Motorsports from Donnelly. They really weren't interested in the NE Mods as much as they wanted the name and at the time the tracks. Northeast is always a second thought. They make a lot more money off of the other DIRTcar classes they run down south. The money they used for the Oktoberfast was money already penned for SDW. Sponsor money and all. It was a great idea, to bad the tracks couldn't provide quality racing surfaces. DIRTcar/WRG could of easily had races in PA and NJ just like the STSS. And it wouldn't of harmed the DIRTcar sanctioned tracks at all. WRG doesn't put in half the effort to find sponsors like Donnelly and his team use to or like Deyo does now. Why is that? So what is your evidence? Or are you afraid of a defamation law suit for talking crap?
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    This thread went to far south it crossed the arctic and is headed north again.
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    We will have a vaccine before then.
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    Expect more of the same in 2021. Early indicators are already in place. Cuomo announced a few weeks back that Halloween wouldn't be canceled, even though he highly recommended against it. A little over a week ago, Macy's announced that for the first time ever, there will be no Santa Claus visits for kids. Just today he said he strongly urged against large Thanksgiving gatherings The latest travel advisory for NY is back up to 45 states and provinces. Christmas isn't very far off in our futures. Makes me wonder what Cuomo and DeBlasio are going to do about Times Square and New Years Eve?
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    Tracks in PA or otherwise first need to WANT to host a SDS race. Then IF the race track is "lucky" enough to get the date? . The track needs to pay the sanction fee to DIRTcar. Plus the track owner/promoter is on the hook to pay the entire purse to the race teams. Deyo just goes out and says.... 'hey can I rent your track for a day or two'? Actually Deyo ends up promoting the event. And then Deyo pays the race purse out of his end . Gate/Sponsors. The individual race track promoter is not on the hook for special series big purse this^ way. The deal is different sometimes. But Brett has posted on here before. The track is most times not on the hook for the entire deal No brainer for me . If I owned a track which series I would book
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    I'm not one to comment but I had a little time here waiting to pick up my wife from her treatments today. Just for the record, I did not hire John Baumes as my new accountant. When I started in this business in 2006, I had just $220 to throw in. Pat Jordan at the time took a chance on me that ultimately paid off with the Short Track SuperNationals. Here we are 14 years later and we are far from a large corporation but we are a very stable LLC with not only racing but marketing services to small businesses in Delaware and other projects. The fact is, this year's racing was almost entirely funded by me, with my own money. We started the year at All-Tech financially as partners with the track. We have leased Tri-County (NC), Cherokee (SC), Potomac (MD) to hold events and partnered financially with Port Royal (twice), Delaware International, Big Diamond, BAPS and of course funded the events at my own two tracks at Fonda and Georgetown. I am personally leasing both Ark-La-Tex and Chatham for the upcoming events in Louisiana. Only once all year did we operate on a sanction fee model where the series (i.e. myself) was not financially responsible for expenses and that was the late-season addition at Penn Can. As for the comparison between the two series, I think we need both the STSS and SDS. It keeps both groups working hard and leads to bigger purses for racers when we compete, i.e. WoO Late Models vs. Lucas Oil, WoO Sprints vs. All-Stars, etc. It's healthy for the sport and the racers and tracks to have options and I like that the two series are different.
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    Wow, another argument over who's fault this Covid is. Brilliant.
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    Football has 12.2 per year or 1 per 100,000 participants ......HS and college......33 NCAA football deaths between 2000 and 2016.....857 bicyclist deaths in crashes in USA 2018 ....So guess kid is safer in 602 Mod than riding his bike on his street ......
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    white and yellow #5...Levi-Garrett as sponsor.
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    So what's the big deal? Great example of alternative facts. I'm surprised you didn't lay it on really thick and say, 'HUGE SPIKE! positivity rates have almost doubled since August - people are dying!' The statement would be true according to this data but very very misleading. This graph shows the positivity rates increase from around 1% to about 1.75%. I'm definitely not losing sleep over this minor spike and like I said, what's the big deal?
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    To answer the actual question, I would have to think that there are some tracks that will survive and others that won't...just like the other businesses out there. Which are which is probably up for debate.
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    Driving a sportsman modified is safer than playing football. There is no question, it’s not even close. Racing is not as dangerous. The nfl has more injuries on a single Sunday that dirt track racing nationally has in a year. That’s thousands of racers at hundreds of facilities. The kid is good, congrats to him.
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    Agree Chas71. Bigger questions, can race tracks survive on 25% capacity and how do tracks put on big paying shows with only 25% capacity?
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    Actually did pretty good in geometry. Positive rate (orange line) looks pretty flat to me
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    My best guess is limiting grandstand to 25% of capacity in 2021 in NY.
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    Calling you out for making statements that won’t pass the smell test is also a virtue .🙂
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    You obviously failed geometry and cant tell the difference between an arc and a straight line. Lol. I bet you think the earth is flat right?
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    Factual numbers yes. A bit skewed to prove your point. Now show us Brett’s numbers that you claim to be in the know about.
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    It would have been completely possible to rent Dirtcar sanctioned facilities.....put on a race....pay the purse...and stream it on dirtvision. Somehow there were Dirtcar tracks doing this weekly out of pocket, I know it completely goes against the Dirtcar mentality of actually putting up money for the teams and not knowing if your going to make it back, but sometimes you have to take a chance of hurting yourself in order to help the teams that help you. Now, with that said, Dirtcar has nothing to worry about because the Dirtcar drivers will never man up and start supporting those who support them. If all of the dirt drivers that went and raced the stss shows decided to only follow the stss next year, Dirtcar would have to rethink that mindset. That won’t happen and they know it.
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    I have been thinking the same thing for weeks/months all these post each day about 2020. and how bad it was /is!!! The King of NY will still be in charge in 2021.? ? Right? ?
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    Ah. That’s not for me to say. By playing devils advocate and asking when is a driver too old, it’s similar to putting an age limit when a driver is too young. Sure there’s a few dirt modified drivers that I thought extended their careers a little too long, but I don’t believe that’s for me to decide or even criticize. I say live life to the fullest if that’s what you desire. With the consent of Tanner’s parents, if Tanner proves he’s capable of handling a dirt sportsman then don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to be out there in a dirt sportsman. No doubt, he’s proven his ability! He’s 12, and he won at Eastern States Weekend!
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    Johns the one really not using common sense here.
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    Honorable mention...Jimmy Phelps. 3 wins
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    Here is a table of each driver's overall month stats, October Head to Head stats and their finishes in their head to head races. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/drivercompare.php?Da1=Mat+Williamson&D1=576&Da2=Mike+Mahaney&D2=104&Da3=Anthony+Perrego&D3=776&Da4=&D4=&startdates=2020-10-01&enddates=2020-10-31&IDseries=0&IDtrack=0&IDspecial=0&class=0
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    Volusia is never considered a super dirt series race.. and has never counted toward points... just saying...
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    will the winner get a candy bar named after them ?
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    This slick track bull$hit all started when the engine builders started crying because their motors with all the lightweight parts couldn't stay together on fast, tacky tracks....crankshafts were snapping because of all the bite. This is just my opinion, but it seems to coincide with all the motor problems....lightweight rods, pistons & heads are fine, but they need to stay with stronger crankshafts & put some bite back in these tracks
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    From a fans perspective STSS is superior imo. You get to see the "professionals" and the NJ, Del, PA big guns but with the SDS its 90% NY guys only. The format for STSS is far more entertaining from a fans perspective also. This is just my opinion.
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    I wish the SDS wasn't stuck on the ice rinks of NY. Volusia and Bridgeport were far more entertaining than any race during Oktoberfast imo.
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    I think the most important difference between the SDS and STSS, is with the SDS, you only need one car and motor. With the STSS you have some teams towing two or more cars to a race then deciding on the combination that they want to use. That isn't very economical. Standard rules across both series would help everyone. Yes I know it will probably never happen, as each group wants there piece of the pie, but the various rules and mandatory products used (i.e. tires, fuels, body style) are bifurcating the top division of Modifieds in the North East. You can race a Late Model, 410/360 Sprint Car at just about any track that runs that division from Pennsylvania to California, just pull in and race. With the Modifieds you have tracks that are less then 30 miles apart that you need to have different fuel and tires. It just doesn't make any sense.
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    $40 was great price for amount of racing I could not get to NY line and back for $40 in gas alone $40 bucks don't buy much today ......Sunday no screen freezing or very little That part was alot better than Saturday I think BH did pretty good job for his first year Made rite call to fix track before BB 200....And no doubt track owner stepped up for racers when most would not for whole year actually....
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    No sds again in 2021.
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    I already did that yesterday.
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