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    20/20 I agree with what your saying, as I stated, what I have been told. Doesn't mean its the truth, I have stated for years, there is more crying in dirt car racing than any other sport. NO ONE races for money, yet they ALL bitch about the costs of racing. More owners than drivers, but there has been a fair amount of both. Pick a track, race there, and be happy there is a place to race. That's all way to much to ask. Same goes for many fans, no matter what they get, they always want more of something. Im happy to go 10 min to the track, enjoy the racing, food, drinks and friends along with healthy friendly debate over who is gonna do what each and every week. The feeling at Fonda in 2019 was as close to what it was 30 years ago that we have ever felt! I cant wait to feel that again in 2020. I really don't care if there isn't 5 new teams running, the car counts each week had multiple people that could win actually each week, even when Stew was in the house so to speak. Coming into 2020 with the new surface, the fans knowing what they are going to get after Deyo's 1st season, there isn't honestly much to be bitched about. Its all up to the owners and drivers where they wanna go, what there reason for racing is week in and week out. There is NO need to have stuff to run Friday, Saturday, Sunday since NO one races for money around here. That's just a quote from several teams and the facts of watching people not show up close to home, to run for less somewhere else. The endless debate and bitching over who is racing where each week, what track is gonna screw over what track, what is DIRT gonna do this year to non DIRT tracks, how much does a burger cost, why isn't the beer cold, all will continue, as will all those that like to engage in the endless back and forth! Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable New Year 2020!!!
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    Surely you jest. Now you're asking people to actually get facts when it's much easier to make shit up and see how far it flies on the internet.
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    Over/under right now is 59 cars at Grandview for the Sixer. The only outsider from NY last year was Bobby Varin and I believe they had 68. Anybody wanna put $20 and take the under ?
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    Cayuga Speedway “Canada” paved was once a top Canadian track in the 70s & 80s was shut down and left alone to get to a very rundown state for almost 25 years. It was purchased about 3 or 4 yrs ago and is now know as Jukasa Speedway into an ABSOLUTE CROWN JEWEL IN ALL OF CANADA ONCE AGAIN. ROLLING WHEELS has not sat Idol as long as the former Cayuga Speedway, it just takes the right Ownership with TLC to rebuild Rolling Wheels to be the Best it can be.
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    November 28, 2019 (Fonda, New York) Fonda 200 Is BACK again! After signing the lease in Fonda NY, promoter Brett Deyo had a vision of bringing back a 200 lap race at the Fonda Speedway. The return of the Fonda 200 became reality and paid a staggering $53,000 to win! Stewart Friesen outdueled Matt Sheppard to pick up the historic paycheck at the end of 3 days of racing at the famed 1/2 mile speedway. In 2020, the dates for the $53,000 to win Fonda 200 will be September 17th, 18th, and 19th! The 200 will also pay $1,000 to start, which will make the $125,000+ total purse from 2019 rise to well over $130,000! More details to follow at a later time. Who will take home another historic paycheck in 2020 at the Fonda Speedway? Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Honestly, how many cars from cananduiga or even Fonda are going to grandview. Or even Fonda to cananduiga or the other way around? They ain't conflicting shows.
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    So getting back to the original topic of this post has anyone talked to Jerimie Corcoran to see how his talks with RWR owners are going?
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    So, to be fair, how's the grass look on Deyo's side of the fence as far as diversity of winners? The same guy that dominates SDS has dominated the north and south STSS series and won the American Racer points fund this year. Friesen would be an even bigger threat to the points and feature win stats if NASCAR wasn't in the picture. I really don't see much diversity on that side either.
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    Come on, this has to be a joke. You can make your point without going down this road. In doing so you lose credibility in your argument. The original comment talked about the SDS. You shifted the goalposts here by adding non point events and invitationals. Why not throw in heat races while you were at it?
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    It’s an honest statement. I don’t care for Fonda or Brett Deyo. Plain & simple. We all have choices to make. I choose not to support Fonda. I wish nothing but the best for the fans & the track itself. I’d never wish for someone’s home track to go away,but sometimes tracks go away for a reason. No tears from me.
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    How about Deyo's Florida deal first year SB ,BB show Thursday $5000. Friday $7500 , Saturday $10,000.....or save your equipment for Valusia next week for $2000. to win during mid week and $5000 Saturday which is a little better than Deyo's 602 Florida swing .......I belief DIRT has been paying $2000. to win for 25 years or less for Mid Week shows......but they don't race for money they say and travel 3000 miles to race ....Sharp business men....
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    I’m sure jumper is correct that those races are counted on a stat sheet....but winning basically a consi after everyone left eldora is not a sds win to anyone else Dave Blaney included.
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    Rolling Wheels opened it's doors in August of 1969 and ran just 4 times that year. It didn't run again until it's Grand Opening event on the July 4th weekend of 1970 running Friday nights continuously until 1981 when Glenn Donnelly went to the specials only format. When people say there is no room for Rolling Wheels in the schedule, they forget that Weedsport is now running the specials only format as well. Our race season traditionally is about 17 events long. Some of the shows are run mid week, not just on Sundays which creates a bigger window to work with. If someone were to come into Rolling Wheels and work side by side with Weedsport, it COULD be a benefit to both tracks, and especially so if there were a 2 track points system in place right from the beginning.
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    It also provides a 3rd opportunity for people who love the track but live in far away places to get there. I can't imagine all 3 shows being identical to the others. I am thinking there will be a different support class each night with various perks to both teams and spectators alike. Paul Cole is no dummy and I'll bet he would agree that 3 identical shows would be overkill. I'm curious now what goes on the undercard to keep them different from each other and enough of an enticement for people to want to attend all 3.
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    Multi time SDW Pro Stock Champion Rob Yetman will be making his 2020 Chili Bowl debut as a teammate to Billy VanInwegen in a Brian Buckwalter ride.
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    Yea....why bring successful promoting this far north....
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    Im not a fan of being at the track and wondering whos running what engine combination, but Brett Deyo puts on one hell of a show and has proven to be the best right now at promoting. Aside from the uncontrollable aspects (weather, track surface) , the dude has it figured out. Hed be a welcome addition anywhere he wishes to promote. Appreciate what hes doing and what he will do.
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    does the cost really matter when pretty much everyone that goes already has one?
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    Are Volusia and Eldora Invitationals counted as SDS wins? If not then you really can't include them.😉
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    From Danny Ody's photo albums, a still photo from Carroll's Grove... Also from Danny Ody's video collection, 40 seconds of Carroll's Grove film...
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    I actually do agree with you somewhat on this one, and while Glenn did ban big small blocks from competition, his goal in doing so was not to see the cost of a competitive big block sky rocket to 40-60k. Deyo would have been much better off sticking to a ported 358 engine with a head rule imo, but it was going to be impossible to keep the big teams from competing no matter the rules when his purses kept raising. Brett is damned either way in a sense, if he doesn’t raise the money available in his series, he’s not doing his job....when he made it more lucrative it became a series that all the big teams are going to compete in.
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    I don’t hate him. The 1st time I met him I felt his goal was to further diversify modified racing. The “working mans series” was a sham from the beginning. He’s very intelligent. Knew exactly what his end goal was & further proves it with allowing engines that Glenn banned years ago.
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    It’s time to move on with that place. There’s no room, or a necessity for another track in the Syracuse area. Everything has been running just fine without it, let it go.