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    More often than not, you continually see people on here writing "we need new drivers on the tour" and "you can't keep promoting the same guys from the '80's and '90's", but when a bunch of new guys sign up for Platinum status and intend to follow the entire tour, you hear "they're a bunch of nobodies", "they just aren't that interesting", "why is [insert name here] even bothering following the tour", etc. Well, what do you want; the same old guys from the '80's or do you want new blood in the series? You can't have it both ways. It takes time for these new drivers to build the skill and notebook that is required to be successful on the tour. Matt Sheppard has been around for a while and is arguably the top driver in the Northeast. You can't expect these new drivers to show up, first year on the tour and de-thrown somebody like Matt. We are so quick to criticize everything and everyone on here... it's almost disturbing. What did you all do before the days of the internet?
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    Here's your bi-weekly reminder that you're allowed to be a fan of the STSS and the SDS! Hell, you can even be a fan of weekly racing, too! We've had so much good news this off-season, yet when every single announcement comes the thread on here gets hijacked. Everyone just uses it to knock this track or that; this series or that series. I can't be the only one that just gets excited when stuff like this comes out, right?
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    Threads like this make my blood boil, mainly because so much of what has been said on here is simply not true. I read some of the posts and as someone who builds engines for a living I just sit here and shake my head. 1st off in the BB vs STSS debate you are spending just as much on a “open small block” as you are on a big block. We just did one and it was $49,000, a brand new big Block is 49,500, both were built with the absolute best of the best parts, the big Block you turn 7500 rpm, the small block you turn 8500-9000+ rpm so the people on here saying it’s cheaper to rebuild a Sb than a bb you are WRONG. A big Block will run 1500-2000 laps before freshening, a small block at 9000 rpm, 1000 laps is a safe number. The harder you turn it the more stress on the parts. I can guarantee you all the fast guys in “the working mans series” are not racing with a $10,000 used latemodel engine that they bought a steel block and put the parts in... they are all running the latest and greatest mikes 13° head with all the bells and whistles. I’m sure there are guys who are running old latemodel stuff and are competitive but the same argument can be said with guys with older big blocks. Open rules are good and bad, the small guy can build a nice engine or buy a used one for a fair price but the big guy is going to have a engine built that the small guy will never be able to afford even if he sold both kidneys on the black market. Anthony Perrego debuted a 358 ci pro power ford a few weeks ago at Fonda, turned it 9100 rpm in heat race and as a engine builder myself I loved hearing that thing scream.... oh yea it was also $55,000. That’s what everyone in that series is racing against. There’s no good answer to this but i atleast want facts to be learned in this thread vs the he said/she said stuff that is said in this thread. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I would be curios as to how many people that have replied to this have a nickel invested in a actual racecar vs just being a fan in the stands who likes to weigh in on topics like this. Dan Dan, tell your friend whoever quoted him 70 grand for a big block to call that person to tell them to pound salt, while I know my engine at $49,500 is no where cheap I know exactly to the penny how much we have just in parts and you cannot buy any better than what we put into that engine. Between parts/machine work and labor you definitely aren’t taking wheelbarrows of money to the bank as a engine builder. We could probably build a big Block for $30,000... run a cheap crank, cheap rods, stock GM Block, timing chain, cheap camshaft but it’s not going to last. We build a killer piece from the start with the best parts that will last for years and years. I said it before, we just used dart block serial #37,465 and We have a customer with serial number #256 and it also has the first original prototype Mike’s Racing heads on it. That engine is about 13 years old and won a few races last year. Any other engine related questions ask away and I’ll try my best to answer. all I do is build badass engines Monday-Friday 8-5 😎 Rob Hile
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    "What could we have done to keep the track from closing". 1) Not take advantage of the fans. Rinse, repeat.
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    Who cares about working men or non working men... its Modified racing paying a decent purse... My god people whine about everything.
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    Why hate on someone that is trying to help the sport? Whether you like her or not, she is doing a lot more positive things for this sport than those who constantly post negative things on here.
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    It’s not worth arguing with douchebags who can never see something as good. “Only 39 cars” “3 of 4 heats won from the pole”. What is your point??? That was a high quality field of cars. Brett put on a great show and the crowd was as electric as the finish was. To those who always feel the need to bash a track or promoter for no reason...shut your mouths and find a new hobby, you whine ass. And as far as the $5000 drawing 60 cars? This isn’t 1987 anymore. Things change. Get over it.
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    Sounds like you need one of her tampons.
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    Kind of cool to get negative feedback for getting a great field of races in before 11pm. Thanks!!
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    He declined comment. Didn't have a problem a few years ago getting on ESPN and commenting on something that had nothing to do with him.
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    Half this site bought it!
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    To make things abundantly clear and eliminate all the rumor mongering: I requested and received a SDS race sanctioned for September 28th at Land of Legends. There was no DIRTcar event scheduled for that weekend and is a great opportunity for the track and our fans. Since there is no other Hoosier/VP Modified racing going on in a 250 mile radius and operating a DIRT race track means having such races, this became an easy decision. We have organized a fantastic event that will be lucrative for dozens of race teams and offering fans a great show for their money. High drama heat races, sensational last chance qualifiers and a high speed 50 lap finale where every driver in the top 20 goes home with $1000 or more. I also made the decision to change it to a non-points race as a courtesy to the few SDS Platinum drivers who have other cars in their stable. Whether they race sprint cars, NASCAR Trucks, or Late Models, they can choose where their best opportunity to make a living exists for them lies each week. I respect those businessmen making an investment into racing, no less than they should respect me for giving them opportunities to profit from that investment. There are over 180 DIRT legal Big Block and 358 Modifieds eligible for this race, and probably another 200+ Sportsman modifieds that might be found in Canandaigua on September 28th. We will have a great show and hope that if you can't make it to Land of Legends that night, you get out to some dirt track near you and support the sport as a whole. The season will open next week on April 20th with the Cabin Fever 40 Sportsman, Big Blocks, 305 Sprints and Street Stocks. Have a great season. Paul Cole Promoter and President Land of Legends Raceway
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    Jeez, I think it is cool to see a guy from another division step out of his comfort zone. Yet, on here, people immediately take a piss on the move. IMO, I like the idea that a guy who runs for a hell of a lot more money regularly is interested in stepping into a Modified.
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    Paul, Just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for educating all of the new and returning fans to Fonda Speedway last night. Your explanations of the divisions, handicapping and track procedures proves once again your professionalism and promotion of the sport. To take the time to run through everything and help all of the people understand what was going on and why certain things took place was a great selling point in having the new fans come back again and again. Of course the great racing put on by the driver's in all of the divisions made for a very exciting night. I'm very happy that you are the announcer at The Track of Champions and look forward to enjoying more races there the rest of the season.
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    Shouldn't need to be a rule, should be common sense.
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    LONG WINDED POST ALERT!!!!! PART 1: THE PHANTOM CAUTION Ill speak up as a former race director now that I've seen the highlight video... Before I saw it and reading the things on social media it sounded like Stew bounced off the wall and it wasn't a big deal... Now that I've seen it.... I don't think there was any funny business with the late yellow. A little bit of a quick caution, but he didn't hit a little,. he hit a TON, and I can't believe it didn't fold up the front end of the car when he hit it with the way it sucked the car in... I think any flagger or race director would have thought he wasn't going to keep on going from that shot and probably have had the same quick trigger on the caution so he didn't get clobbered wide f&%@ing open by someone in the middle of the back stretch.... Also given that he did drive away, if you follow dirt rules you fall where you blend in.... seeing he didn't lose any spots, he would have "blended in" in 2nd place... That's a damned if you do, damned if you don't call... If Stew didn't come off that wall and got absolutely throttled by Matt in 3rd (or anyone else coming) the complaint would be the yellow didnt come out fast enough... and you'd have at best 2 more destroyed race cars and potentially injured drivers... PART 2: FAILING IN THE RAIN Seeing different videos on the rain... after lap 7 or 8 the yellow should have been thrown... It was clearly getting sketchy in the sprinkles without the extra bonus downpour... If I was in the tower and had seen the radar that there was a good chance of getting significant rain, at that point I would have pulled it... this wasn't some freak deal... they were playing russian roulette with the weather and every lap after 7 or 8 was a trigger pull... Now. there's 2 sides to the coin on the working under red... The big issue is that they said one thing and then changed... I'm not going to comment on that...ITS WELL DOCUMENTED at thus point... IMO the correct thing to do in that situation is: AT LAP 12: Race is started... No Backups... No discussion on this at all... If it was lap 1, turn 1, NO LAPS COMPLETED, do the guys a solid and allow back up cars...Some people won't be happy, but they will understand... but once 1 lap was in the books, tough luck. Normally it would be as soon as the green is thrown, and Im pretty sure by rule it is... but sometimes you have to do right by the drivers... that would be one of those times... 12 laps in is not one of those times... WORKING ON THE CARS... Anyone can work on them, but it constitutes a pit stop. Even if you want to mess with air pressure... the most you can do is tarp the car without penalty... Anything else and you fall in line as pit stops would have placed you. Guys who were not involved (or made it back to the pits on their own following the course (IE.. coming out of the pile into the pits the wrong way does not count... continuing around and following the field into the pits on your own applies here) first that worked on them, followed by those who needed help getting off the track in the order of the last completed lap... if you enter the pits the wrong way, or had to wait for another car to be moved by a tow truck you fall in this category, you were part of the wreck). REFUELING... Yes, its an advantage to the other cars who wrecked... but they wrecked... silver lining in the bent parts they just paid for!!! If you are up front, you too can refuel... and fall to the back of the field (falling in line as described above), given the circumstances you would be ahead of anyone in the wreck, and only behind those who did not work on their cars, and those who were ahead of you and worked on their cars... THAT BEING SAID... I understand the allowing to work without penalty... That's almost an admission of guilt... they screwed up with the rain and knew it... and that was the way to make it right... I can't say I wouldn't have done it myself... but at that point, you toss the fuel mileage part of the game for everyone, and allow everyone to refuel, change tires, etc... By allowing the fueling and sending the guys to the back who fixed them, they screwed the guys twice, once with the rain wrecking their stuff, and then by giving those who were not in the wreck and extra advantage. Its all or nothing... the half and half doesn't work... as it we can all see! And finally to the fun part... Matt's tirade and suspension... Now. I dont think a single one of us can say Matt wasn't right for being pissed... and I don;t think any of can say he wasn't singled out of the unhappy crowd of drivers either... But truth be told.. he did verbally abuse an official... and on video worse than the others at least (I wasn't there to see if anyone was as bad... tho I have heard some were!)... Its harsh, heavy handed and definitely sour grapes for the amount of money he walked out of there with... but at the end of the day... some sort of a penalty is warranted... Right or Wrong you just can't do it like that... and judging from Matt's facebook post about it, he knows it too... Personally, telling him not to come back is a bad look... Me... I'm old school... I'd get even by making his life hell when he comes back versus the bad press of telling him not to come back... Id be breaking out the rubber gloves in tech for the full body cavity search... and it servers 2 purposes... A.. Hes going to be 100% legal before taking any more of your money... and B.. If he's not.. you get to make him look bad versus making yourself look bad.... but hey, what do I know?
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    If $35 is such an insignificant amount to you, maybe you should pay the admission for someone who's bank account it does hurt, rather than talk down to them for being less fortunate than you.
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    I have had all I can take of your bullshit. Enjoy your vacation.
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    I have to say something here! I get it some of you don't like Stew and that's cool but to call him names and say he is a bad person is just wrong. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Stew numerous times for DTD and he is always pleasant to me even when it is in defeat. Yes, he has had his moments in the past and it seems like certain people just can't get past those and every time a thread is started with Stew they always bring them up. People have to learn to move on. I have seen up close the way Stew has engaged with people especially the kids and it is awesome just like most of the drivers. I have three cousins who each have Autistic children and what Stew and his race team do to bring awareness and raise money for Autism is just terrific. I hope everyone has a great day!
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    Personally, weekly racing is usually better as a whole than a time trial format event. Time trials wont keep me away but i also know what to expect from each show. Honestly how can anyone say that a show with the fast cars starting up front is better than a show with the fast cars handicapped into the top 15, moving to the front?
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    They should run nothing but the modified class. Dump all the support classes just run 1 class. Skip hot laps and heat races. Line the cars up in the order they show up at the pit gate. Don't worry about a winners interview. Hand them their trophy while they are driving out the pit gate. Some fans don't have time for all the extra crap.
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    I can’t believe we need another post for this 🤦‍♂️
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    Because Fonda hasn't started yet.
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    Pretty soon the engine combinations available will resemble a menu at a Chinese restaurant. Why? As Neil Stratton said last week a normal 358 isn’t competitive against the big blocks, so you either push the rules to the max in a gray area & take advantage of the weight advantage of the alum headed small block or go with the big block. Is building a track specific engine, one that isn’t theoretically legal most anywhere else, a viable option for most racers,? the way I see it, you need a Malta car, Valley bb car & a Dirtcar legal car & let’s not forget a Deyo big small block car for Fonda & the STSS! And we wonder why car counts vary from track to track! Gone are the days of 1 car you could run anywhere!
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    160 laps for $100K in cold cash is, in fact, the biggest cash payout in the history of BB Mod racing. Ergo, you can easily argue that this one race is the biggest race in the history of Modified racing. Others may have more prestige, but this is the only one of these there's going to be. How important is it to take a shot at a once in a lifetime chance? As for running it on a Saturday night, you'd be an absolute fool to run this on a weeknight. Saturday night means everyone can go and you have Sunday afternoon for a rain date if needed. I simply cannot imagine everyone and their brother who like Modified racing not being at OCFS for this one.