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    This is the correct ruling in question. This is also a rule made for both a series and drivers that are either to lazy to learn the new technology we have at hand or just plan incapable to read up on it. Over the past 3yrs we have made huge advancements in setup and chassis changes in order to run with 9S, because he had set the bar for everyone for the better part of a decade. During that time there were now rule changes other than some safety additions, but none that involved suspension components. Now after the 88 team had a great year in 2019 and we went down to Volusia and shared the stage with Mat, the whiners come out. In the ERA of Participation Awards, Dirtcar feels the need to take away options so that we have have the same cookie cutter Bicknell and in doing so built barriers to entree for other chassis manufactures. I am not going to name who else is affected by this rule, hopefully they will grow a set and speak up as I have and show Dirtcar that they are not the only ones who can call the shots in a series that we make the investment and they just collect the prize. And for the ones doing all of the bitching (^) we never complained about the use of pull down rigs and private test tracks that put someone on top. So please let us keep our $50 springs and $30 spring rubbers and look into the extra $1,400 sportsman and small block guys put into just the rearend if you want to saves us all money. Thank you for your time, Larry Wight
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    The Whole expensive motor deal is something that was blown way out of proportion by people who have no idea what they are talking about. Yes a new complete big block from my shop is 50k, but we sell freshened used big blocks that are just as competitive for under 30k. The big block market has finally reached a point in which there is good used 18deg. motors in circulation, so the last thing that we need to do is add another POS w16 smoke and mirror show into the mix. When we let the so called "haves" build a $50k engine with good parts that are capable of 4-6+ rebuilds then that will eventually fuel the used market with some good reliable pieces that someone can buy for %50-60 the cost of new and still be very competitive. Rather than add yet another motor combination and waste everyone's money with an engine that will never win a race, or even worse one that has an advantage so that you have to have one of each depending on the track (w16). Last year I put in our ECO Small Block and won 2 races at Fulton, The Centennial SBC race, and the Weedsport SDW race. This Engine cost $17,500 and comes just like a Create Engine would so that a sportsman guy or girl can take the front assembly of of their create and put it right on the ECO. To prove that it truly is and ECO Engine that I run if you want it after the night is over i will gladly pull the engine out for $17k and put it in the back of your truck for you. If you take anything from this rant that i have been holding in for a long time please see that NEW RULES COST EVERYONE MORE MONEY, they don't save money like some may think. Thank You, Larry Wight
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    Corporate America already getting in line for government bailouts. The airlines are already asking for $50 billion from the government. https://www.wsj.com/articles/airlines-seek-up-to-50-billion-in-government-aid-amid-coronavirus-crisis-11584378242 I just hope no individual people try to wrangle some healthcare or food to survive. That would be socialism.
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    it will take a loved one to die or become seriously ill for some to wake up.
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    Haven't posted here in quite a while because every solid thread just seems to go completely off the rails (which ironically I'm contributing to right now)... but FFTR literally does what you just asked him to do. Every year he does his Freedom 76er post recapping everything. I know he provides information in other topics about guys/tracks from down this way (like he just did in this thread) in a lot of his posts. In that fun topic he started over the winter about the most famous modified races he brought up a whole bunch of historical races from down this way. Got nothing but love for you, Bob, but I really didn't think his post was criticizing the forum at all.
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    I guess you really can’t impart common sense into some people. Some are simply too lazy to do the tiniest bit of research to have an informed opinion. Some would rather just spew non-pertinent information to further the cause of “ I should be allowed to do what I want to whenever I want to”. sad.
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    We have an "economic impact" like this every 10-ish years... this isn't new. The last big one was 08 housing crash. Obama came in when the markets had no where to go but up and he gets full credit, (even though every other country went up too.) Just like the last financial plummet, there will be some already very wealthy people make tons of money off this one too. If the media followed every detail of the yearly flu like they are this one,.we would have told them to shut up and stop over exaggerating. The sky ain't falling chicken little! I can already see next week's headlines from the fear mongering idiots on the news along with their "experts" that only preach worst case scenarios. They will say there are X number more positive tests this week than last... leaving out the blatantly obvious fact that likely 100 times more people have felt the need to get tested. The regular average people who have tested positive like Tom Hanks or any other celebrity that isn't trying to drum up fear and panic is that it's just a weak cold/flu and they are fine. I believe them far more than some drama queen Dr on CNN trying to get their 15 mins of fame. Trudeau was giving his press conference stating his wife tested positive and he was cracking jokes throughout his speech. That tells me that there is squat to worry about... he's the biggest drama queen I've ever seen... if he can get a sympathy vote, he'll shed crocodile tears all day long.. If I run out of TP and have to use the wife's face cloth, I will not be impressed by all this panic but, not nearly as unimpressed as she will be...😁
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    A couple of things to remember about the virus -- It has about a 1% fatality rate (optimistic estimate, many experts say closer to 2%). I have seen several health officials say that they believe the virus could infect 150 million Americans. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/11/up-to-150-million-americans-are-expected-to-contract-the-coronavirus-congressional-doctor-says.html That means, statistically, 1.5 million Americans could die from this virus. 1.5 million. Also, again, best estimates say that about 20% of people infected get so sick they need hospitalization -- that's 30 million people if the infection predictions are accurate. We don't have the capacity to handle that many sick people. Granted, for most people, this virus is no more serious than a bad cold. But it is devastating for a significant number of people. That's the reason why responsible officials are so concerned and why places like Italy are on lockdown instead of telling people to go to work, they will just get better sitting at their desks. Responsible officials are doing what they can to limit the spread of the virus or at least slow its spread so that hospitals can keep up with the need for treatment. This is a potentially pretty damned serious problem. Good Lord wiling, the outbreak will be contained. But it is highly contagious and that's why extreme measures are being taken to contain its spread. That doesn't even get into the possibility of tens of millions of Americans having medical bills so high from intensive hospital treatment and their insurance companies potentially not covering it that they have to declare bankruptcy. If 30 million people get hospitalized -- which is the only correct extrapolation based on the testimony of the Congressional doctor cited above -- and if their insurance is not great, this is a realistic possibility without emergency legislation being passed. It could be a huge economic blow on top of the human cost. If those numbers don't send a chill down your spine, you are an idiot.
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    Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases is the person we should all be listening to. Thankfully the media has exposed how clueless our leaders in Washington are regarding this virus. They said it was contained and the numbers were dropping. The exact opposite is happening. A lot of false information coming from the top. The world will get through this like we have with previous viruses. Its important to be aware of what is happening. Listen to the medical experts and not the clowns in Washington. They are clueless!
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    When you let costs get so out of control that only a handful of super well-financed teams can follow your tour, you get in the situation where those teams can hold you hostage. This comes back to the point I have been making for years -- fix weekly racing by making the cars affordable for working class guys, fill up the pits at all of your member tracks every week, and the tour takes care of itself.
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    Since a statewide ban on public gatherings over 500 people in NY have put a halt to the various car shows scheduled for this weekend, we here at DTD Tv wanted to make sure everyone could still get their racing “fix” even if they had to stay home. So, in honor of what we are calling a #CoronaVirusFreeWeekend we are offering access to our ENTIRE video on-demand library for 7 days for just $9.99! All you need to do is head over to www.DirtTrackDigest.tv and access any of our many video on demand titles. In the purchase options you'll see a one time option of $9.99. Purchase that and you'll have access to the entire video library for the next 7 days! Hopefully we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled racing program soon enough, but until then, enjoy our Video On Demand library at an extremely reduced price! We have over 100 races in the archive and this comes out to be less than 10 cents a video if you watch them all.
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    Cool. I hope all those drivers and their crews are safe and sound as always. I wish you had the same care for anyone that might potentially get coronavirus from the people that are racing today or the fans in the stands watching them. And with that I'm done...I'm not arguing on the internet with someone that thinks it "funny" that 386 people died yesterday in Italy.
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    It’s not an opinion...it’s a fact !! For the record, last week, I felt the same as you. After doing quite a bit of research with credible sources (medical websites, not government websites), I learned the quickest and most effective way to halt the spread of this virus is to stop putting yourself in public places, around others, when possible. I too, want to get back to the races ! I already have hotel rooms for next weeks Selinsgrove and Port Royal races. I could easily still go, if they are running, but that could easily help spread the virus. I’m personally not worried about myself, but more so the people that I will come in contact with doing my duties at my daily job. I work for a local water authority, so I don’t have the option of working from home. If I don’t go to work, 7500 people won’t have water in 2-3 days. Please think of others when making the decision to go out in groups of people.
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    This idea of gathering thousands of people to watch the races so that the tracks can profit is simply IRRESPONSIBLE, considering what is going on. My personal opinion is that the fans attending these events are self-centered and greedy, only thinking about themselves.(or perhaps they just don’t realize how easily this virus is spread)Common sense is not a given...some folks will simply refuse to think of others and the people that others will come in contact with. The only way to stop the spread of this virus is to isolate yourself and stay away from others as much as possible. Wouldn’t common sense dictate that the owners/promoters of these tracks simply postpone these events to save people from themselves ? There is NO DOUBT that the proper way to prevent the spread of this virus is to STOP PUTTING YOURSELF IN A SITUATION WHERE OTHERS ARE AROUND YOU, if possible !
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    Nascar has already been racing without fans for a few years now. 😀
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    I just bought a few thousand rounds of ammo in case someone tries to take my toilet paper. I am ready..lol
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    Exactly. Sometimes an observation is just that: an observation.
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    I didn't say it was anybody's fault. It is just an extremely narrow focus of discussion on here. What goes on (both good and bad) and racers at a lot of tracks go under the radar on this board because of that. I didn't say it was anyone's fault.
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    386 people died yesterday in Italy. In one day. This will be the United States in a week or two if people don't start realizing how serious this can be. Every professional sports organization, college sports and high schools have either shut down or gone to no fans. Clearly short track racing can't happen without the fans. The answer is staring you in the face at what needs to happen. Three of my grandparents have passed and I have a father in law with health issues, I'd like for my fourth grandparent and my father in law to get through this. They can hole up all they want but at some point they are going to come across another human being that could be passing it through their system without even knowing it or won't die from it because it doesn't have the same effects on most people with healthy backgrounds and are younger. I work at a University that finally made the difficult decision to go to online learning for the rest of the semester and cancel all sports (which was obviously given what the rest of the country did). This isn't a hoax folks. I'm not talking about the people grabbing all the toilet paper in the stores. That's a different story. But plain and simple, large gatherings of random people shouldn't be happening.
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    I’m guessing based on your posts that you do not have a degree.
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    I’d be surprised if we have local racing by July. The virus is worse than we know because the lack of testing has us in the dark. Once the testing is done the numbers will go through the roof but I’m not an expert...can rpm72x comment based on his expertise?
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    Absolutley there is some damn good modified racing outside of DIRTcar/CNY and in many cases it pays better too. not just the specials Big D and Grandview pay good every week
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    Danny Bouc. He finished second in points last year at New Egypt and won the $10,000 Coalcracker at Big Diamond as an invader a few years ago. There's are a lot of good racers that are under the radar on this board because nearly all the discussion on here is about the same handful of tracks.
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    I agree and I understand. I made 1 reply and I won't make anymore . This is a racing forum and should stay that way. But look who brought politics into it. The same person that f's up most topics with bs replys.