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    A circle track body is a compromise of different things. Yes straight line speed is important, but not nearly as important as corner speed and stability. The best areas to get down force on a body are at the very front and very back. It's actually rotational force around each axle more than actual down force. Wish I knew where the drawing is that an aero engineer named Rod Eishenberg (sp) did for us when we were designing the first of the big style bodies when I worked for John Birosh, because it illustrates this quite well with the equations and everything. So on the current body, the nose area ramps up which pushes down on the front end. The area around the shock towers is flat and as low as possible. This is so that when the car is sliding through the corner as much air as possible can move across and hit the front of the left side door. This creates side force and actually some down force in this area which is beneficial for performance. The V shaped area in front of the radiator pushes air over onto the side "wings" or as some people call them "chutes". Keep in mind the front tires, which create an enormous amount of turbulence, the air pushed into this area takes some of that away and straightens out the air that heads towards the back of the car. Now is there a lot of air pushed into the cabin area? Yes there is, if the car is going absolutely straight, but for the amount of time that the car is actually straight, the penalty is very small. Then the air arrives at the rear deck, and is shoved almost vertically up. There is most likely some stall of air in this area when the car is going straight, but again the penalty isn't that severe. It has been shown that using as much side panel on the car as possible helps greatly for side force when negotiating the corners. The current bodies have a great effect on the performance of the car, and have been refined to be beneficial on all areas of the track, but more so in the corners than the straights. When they had the race at OCFS with sail panels and teams took them off for the feature, it was because the track was rubbering up and they needed the cars to be able to turn without throwing them into the corner so they could save on tire wear. Sail panels would've made the cars too tight at that point.
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    I’d much rather have it at one location, SDW has always been about the build up to the big main event on Sunday, I myself have always liked that, plus I’d rather stay at the same location for lodging, having the options for satellite shows is great, honestly I hope they never change it, jmo that’s all.
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    I guess the idea of fielding a Sportsman in order to have some fun with your friends and family is stupid. Fun is the reason that the team I'm associated with races. We all love racing in general and we all have a ton of fun most weeks. We have a budget we have to stick to in order to keep racing but the money we make most weeks just fills the cooler with ice & drinks. We have no expectation of even coming close to breaking even. We all do it for the love and fun of it. Sometimes I think the fans worry more about what a race pays then most drivers/car owners do.
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    It’s halarious that upticks in cases with continued drops in deaths, makes people panic. There has been 100-200% increases in violence and shootings in many cities including NYC, that’s actually concerning, but that doesn’t fit your agenda so it’s brushed under the rug.
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    Another stupid rule.....you can stack springs, use spring rubbers, have 2000 dollars worth of shocks on your car....but you can’t have too tall of a bump stop. Another cheap piece of technology that has been around for decades...
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    My data came directly from the NY Times. Here is the link that I used to get the numbers I referenced, along with a quick google search to see how many people actually live in Orange County: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/new-york-coronavirus-cases.html I could actually get into the math of it all, but I really don't see the point in continuing the debate because both sides are so polarized in their opinion, no set of statistics will change anyone's mind. --- Now, I cleaned up a lot of the nonsense in here about gun control and anything not directly related to Orange County and Eastern States. I don't mind talking Covid numbers since you can make an argument the current numbers (especially in Orange County) are going to play a role in whether or not Eastern States happens. I hope it does. But, I keep seeing the same names constantly engaging in this stuff and we (DTD admins and owners) don't have the time to keep policing it. The next vacations people get will be permanent.
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    As far from a jerk as anyone in motorsports. You’re entitled to your opinions but some of them are so off-base that it’s almost like you’re trolling.
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    I agree NASCAR is headed in the wrong direction, but if racing less, traveling less and making millions more makes you a sell out......sign me up.
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    is not that what the SDS and STTS is? Besides who gets to decide which teams are 'professional'? or not?? And as a track owner, are you going to tell Sheppard, Friesen or whomever they can not race your track on weekends? Good luck with the front gate Near as I can tell. No one is forced to race modifieds. If you do not want to race against the so called 'professionals'. Race the sportsman class
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    I've read every message here and the ones sent to me. I am thankful that each one of you took time to write. I'm going to be seeing someone professionally in the coming days. I'm in PA and will be at the races tomorrow. mike and ken know who this is and they reached out too. I just have to say it again thank you to all of you who continue to reach out.
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    Yes , at the scales , they went to the right rear of the car , no , to my knowledge , no other cars were checked and we have a good idea who bitched , but rather not say . Mike was under the assumption that it was legal. He went from 28th to 10th without it , so i guess he didn`t need it , but the rules are the rules .
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    🤣😂🤣 Stop watching CNN
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    I have my 17 yr old daughter do it for me. Works great that way.
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    Just want to correct a couple things because for some reason people are pointing figures at both tracks when both tracks had these events on their schedule when they released their schedules over the winter. This is the 6th year in a row Bridgeport has ran a $10,000 (or more) to win event on this weekend (the weekend after the 76er). This is the same event that used to be called "King of the Big Blocks". It was changed to the "Danny Serrano 100" to honor the memory of Danny Serrano after his unexpected passing in March. The only difference is this event is usually run as a one-day show on a Saturday. This year they added the $2,000 to win triple 20s on Saturday and the main event on Sunday. This entire weekend was always on their schedule, just the format wasn't released until early August. They wanted to do something different to honor Danny's memory, which is why they're doing the abnormal format. As for the STSS, Brett really didn't have many options for the North series. He needed another race if he wanted to pay out some form of a point fund (and the fact he's paying out something after a 3-race season is fantastic). King of the Can was always on the schedule with a nice purse and it's the furthest north he can get with fans in the stands. In the end, it probably only took away 5-10 drivers from Bridgeport. If any of those guys want to take a shot at it, they're able to head down to Bridgeport Sunday and tag the back of the LCQ. Both tracks should be fine. Bridgeport has a much better crowd tonight than I expected for their first night with 38 modifieds there just for practice, and from what I've seen Penn Can's pits are overflowing already. Should be a fantastic weekend wherever y'all prefer to go! I'll be at Bridgeport to remember and celebrate my friend. If any of you guys are coming down, top over for a beer and a bite to eat!
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    I've been exactly where you are. Some days I feel like I'm still there. My wife passed away a year ago this past September, our wedding Anniversary was Oct. 5th. I moved to this area to be with her. I have no friends here and my family is a good 2 hours away. I haven't worked in over a year. But the one thing that has kept going is racing and this website. I'm not a facebooker or twitter person. You are going through a hard time. I say go to the Port. Meet some of the guys from DTD while your down there. You have to remember you are not alone in this world. No matter how dark it seems, you are not alone. I think it would be good to let your wife know about your depression. Talk about what you can do together to help you. Please don't keep it to yourself. Hell just posting on here means you want to talk. And I'm glad you did. You want help, accept it. I actually also see a local therapist each week just to have someone to talk to about things I don't want others to know. I definitely helps.
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    Could have checked all the qualified cars following the heats and consis instead of singling out one car.
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    The only people who don't want Larson to get a ride in NASCAR again are people who could careless about racing. The only people who are going to get upset about this are people who don't even watch NASCAR or racing at all. It will be people who are just about Cancel Culture. And I don't want to come off prejudice or a racist but I don't care. The only people who will make a big stink about it are those who don't think a white guy deserves a second chance. He didn't hurt anybody, he didn't go running behind the President, he didn't attack his accusers. He took his punishment, did his requirements to be eligible for reinstatement. He has done everything asked of him by NASCAR. None of that matters to people who just love to Cancel people. And none of those people are race fans anyways. If a team is willing to give him a second chance then sponsor should to and stand up for him. Larson has actually built up quite a big fan base racing across the country at the short tracks. Sponsors need to look at that, and not listen to the threats from a bunch of wanna be hippies who just want to control everyone else's opinion. And this is coming from a person who has never liked Larson. But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a second chance.
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    Summer Speedweek is fine. Leave SDW alone. If anything, drop a couple of the satellite shows, it’s too much!
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    Are you serious? Ned was the consumate professional. The only time I saw him show any kind of preferential treatment towards his son was his first Daytona 500 win, and that was after the producer told Ned on the headset "call your son home." In all the years I've been involved in racing (40+), leave it to you to be the first person to call Ned Jarrett an ass.
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    I agree with you, but if the masks are the answer then open everything up, enforce it, and let us go back to normal with masks. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with mandating masks because they “work” but then not allowing people to do anything with them.
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    Why should it matter if Perrego had on the sail panels? It was still a modified or is it more because Varin is Fonda Hall of Famer? When the track record was first broke by a 80's style Gremlin modified did they note that in the record books? Did they note when Bodies changed in the late 80s? Perrego broke the record under the track rules. No need to add notes to anything.
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    If the body needs to be stated then tracks need to differentiate records based on tires as well, along with engine combinations. It’s stupid. The track record is the track record for each class. No need to have different categories for each class of car.
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    My wife loves when I feed her tube steak.
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    There are hundreds of thousands of false positives that have been counted across the country. It’s still happening in the NFL and at colleges. The testing procedures are flawed and nothing about this deal is accurate. What is accurate is that hundreds of scientists and Drs. from across the world are now stating that continuing lockdowns, school closures and business closures, is more dangerous than the virus itself. Healthy people should have been back to normal months ago. And as far as racetracks and fans go, if the media was correct every racefan in PA would be dead.
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    From an objective standpoint, the Speed Showcase at Port Royal looks like a home run. A dirt track where you can actually start in the back and have a chance to at least challenge for a qualifying spot. Amazing. I also like the extra laps in the qualifying events for both classes to make the above statements happen. Everything just seemed so professional. The track crew there is amazing. People on scene almost immediately and all professionally done. Evaluate the situation and get to it. Very impressive. This show this weekend proves one thing that was touched on in an above post that sometimes more is not necessarily better. The thought of the miles that some of these race teams have put in over the past two weekends just to race does this sport good. While they all can't qualify, they were there and a lot of people saw them just the same. Congrats to all the race teams who made the effort. From this corner it was greatly appreciated.
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    Casual PA fans would not tolerate a 5 division show, especially Central PA. There is enough of a front gate there that there is no need for the nonsense you see in NY state and many other places in the country.
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    If covid couldn’t kill Chris Christie, who is 1 French fry away from a massive heart attack or stroke, who fits every description of who is at highest risk.....well I’m certainly not afraid of it.
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    It's been a tough year. I'm praying for you brother. It's tough to ask for help anywhere....and you did. You've taken the first and maybe most difficult step. I've never gotten to the depths that you seem to be in, but I'll be "that guy" and say that my faith in God has helped a lot this year. I've stopped going to traditional churches and found a great pastor in Steven Furtick of Elevation church in Charlotte. He goes really long at times, but I'll be darned if he doesn't set my mind in the right direction. Best wishes to you.
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    If someone is going to complain about another drivers car enough to cause a penalty. That complaint should be no different than any other formal complaint and you attach your name to it and the penalty be as stiff as the rule book states as well as applied consistently even thugh it was a simple mistake, rules are rules. If the complainer doesn't do that, tech should just give the team the heads up to correct it with no penalty before the next race especially in cases like this where it's a minimal/ simple fix. You shouldn't have the option to be a "silent protesters". It's either important enough to complain or it's not. If you feel it's not worth a legitimate protest/honest mistake, tell the team yourself and give them the chance to fix it. If it's still there next race, then file legit.
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    i see it another way... Someone went to DirtCar and told them Mike had it on his car. As you said he was a platinum driver. why not just pull him aside and say you can't run that... instead in the last night of a big series the decide to make an example out of him...
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    How often do shocks get checked after heat races? Sounds like someone ratted him out.
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    Give me $39 a month over a pay per race format any day. I haven’t had an issue this week either other than the aforementioned cordless mic issues which are certainly not exclusive to dirtvision. To each his own I guess though
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    Agree 100%. Why not a mid summer DIRT speed week?
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    $210 for a two day show to sit in the bed of my truck? Friday is meaningless with 10 hours of time trials so I'd only go out for Saturday. I give them credit for trying. Not going to bother with that.
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    Also, what is with the announcers of both the WOO and All Stars needing to yell "QUICK TIME" during trials when only the only three cars of a 40 plus cars field have gone out for qualifying?
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    I won’t disagree with you about the ridiculous restrictor plate racing crap. That form of racing couldn’t be more dangerous & silly. NASCAR has been extremely fortunate that they haven’t had multiple casualties yet with those ridiculous 25+ car wrecks. It’s asinine how they promote that nonsense as auto racing.
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    That’s exactly what the governor is attempting. Continue to bury NYers until the president bails NYS out for years of awful financial decisions. Your starting to get it.
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    Trying to make this situation seem as though it was the same as the SDS scheduling against The Fonda 200 is incorrect. Brett added sanction to an already scheduled event, didn’t create an event to stop guys from going elsewhere. He also is not going to penalize anyone for not attending, and won’t change it to non points just because a few stss guys want to race for more money. This is an attempt to help drivers in a difficult year, not stop drivers and a promoter from making money.
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    Ignore the DIRTcar homer comments.
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    Drivers have proven for years the opportunity to make more money at a competing event does not determine anything. Look at the 53k to win race at Fonda last year. With that said, Brett has done more this season for dirt modifieds teams than any promoter in years.....he deserves support. Hopefully next year the teams remember the limb he lived on for them most of 2020.
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    Probably easier to just list the owners he hasn’t driven for...
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    New rules for all statistics for dirt modifieds......A track must make track records for each division within the division. Big blocks and small blocks, With sail panel without, Hoosier/ A/R / Goodyear (where applicable), left side panhardt/right side/ coils and torsion bar/ alcohol and gas/ with full containment seat and without......you get it, 40 guys will all hold the “track record” at various tracks in each division.
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    Upset or not we will take it LOL. Thank you to Paul Cole, The Land of Legends Staff and also the Hears family for putting on such a cool event in Memory of a Great Man!! Justin called me on sunday and we talked for awhile and he was super happy we won it. Looking forward to Octoberfast in a few short weeks. Rob Hile
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    Based on my conversations with Brett etc, don't be surprised if you see multiple big races at Port Royal in 2021. This race was a success for everyone involved. That's fact. As far as pit stops, loved it. It was 3/4 laps at most with only 3 counting. It was a pit stop race and you didn't need a quickfil, that is perfect. It was a cluster, but it was fun for me to watch as strategy mattered.
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    The hot pit was always in the plan. There was always a break at 100, but, it was set up just like the Fonda 200, where you were welcome to pit whenever. A true red flag at lap 100 would've allowed anyone to take tires without penalty, which was never the plan. I actually was shocked more people didn't do what Friesen, Bachetti, Dippel, etc did and pit during that last caution so they'd cycle back out from of all the guys that were taking tires at lap 100. While I agree that the pit road was scary without having a wall and having so many guys right on top of each other, I liked the format. It added some additional strategy to the race, which is something I enjoy with the 200 lap races. And also, the Eastern States 200 and Super DIRT Week still do require a helmet and fire suit for the guys fueling the car. They also have a limit on how many people can cross the wall. Technically, this race doesn't require a live pit stop which I assume is why that rule wasn't mandated for the Port Royal 200, and it's definitely an expensive addition for the teams. Regardless, it was a wonderful event and as is the case with any first-time event, everyone will learn a few things and it'll be even better if it comes back in '21!
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    OMG WHATS WRONG WITH FRIESEN????? Seems as though he has really fallen off. Did everyone else catch up? Track have too much traction? Not enough? Very strange and just like that, Sheppard is the class of the field!
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    Seriously ? Not that I was going to Bridgeport anyway . But I saw nothing posted about the Bridgeport event until three weeks er so ago . on the other end . Give Brett credit for giving the teams series races to run this year. And at least trying to pay out some sort of point fund. Instead of just packing it in
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    I'm not in a pissing match with anyone. I made an honest comment I can stand by. In my opinion, that Hile pulled off the upset of the season. That list of names I included are some stout customers who also raced that night. Apparently only some people are allowed to have opinions around here. And WTF? An upset is a compliment. Why the f*cking static? We do know a couple of things. Lightning Larry will be looking forward to his returns at Canandaigua. And for the biggest win of his career? So will Chris Hile.
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    FFTR, every year I read your review and say I have to get down there at least once. This year I got to watch it on Flo and feel the same way. It was everything you've told us about through the years.
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