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    I think he was telling the nascar officials that “your a f&@king piece of sh&@“. 🤷‍♂️ To soon? 🤣🤣
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    LONG WINDED POST ALERT!!!!! PART 1: THE PHANTOM CAUTION Ill speak up as a former race director now that I've seen the highlight video... Before I saw it and reading the things on social media it sounded like Stew bounced off the wall and it wasn't a big deal... Now that I've seen it.... I don't think there was any funny business with the late yellow. A little bit of a quick caution, but he didn't hit a little,. he hit a TON, and I can't believe it didn't fold up the front end of the car when he hit it with the way it sucked the car in... I think any flagger or race director would have thought he wasn't going to keep on going from that shot and probably have had the same quick trigger on the caution so he didn't get clobbered wide f&%@ing open by someone in the middle of the back stretch.... Also given that he did drive away, if you follow dirt rules you fall where you blend in.... seeing he didn't lose any spots, he would have "blended in" in 2nd place... That's a damned if you do, damned if you don't call... If Stew didn't come off that wall and got absolutely throttled by Matt in 3rd (or anyone else coming) the complaint would be the yellow didnt come out fast enough... and you'd have at best 2 more destroyed race cars and potentially injured drivers... PART 2: FAILING IN THE RAIN Seeing different videos on the rain... after lap 7 or 8 the yellow should have been thrown... It was clearly getting sketchy in the sprinkles without the extra bonus downpour... If I was in the tower and had seen the radar that there was a good chance of getting significant rain, at that point I would have pulled it... this wasn't some freak deal... they were playing russian roulette with the weather and every lap after 7 or 8 was a trigger pull... Now. there's 2 sides to the coin on the working under red... The big issue is that they said one thing and then changed... I'm not going to comment on that...ITS WELL DOCUMENTED at thus point... IMO the correct thing to do in that situation is: AT LAP 12: Race is started... No Backups... No discussion on this at all... If it was lap 1, turn 1, NO LAPS COMPLETED, do the guys a solid and allow back up cars...Some people won't be happy, but they will understand... but once 1 lap was in the books, tough luck. Normally it would be as soon as the green is thrown, and Im pretty sure by rule it is... but sometimes you have to do right by the drivers... that would be one of those times... 12 laps in is not one of those times... WORKING ON THE CARS... Anyone can work on them, but it constitutes a pit stop. Even if you want to mess with air pressure... the most you can do is tarp the car without penalty... Anything else and you fall in line as pit stops would have placed you. Guys who were not involved (or made it back to the pits on their own following the course (IE.. coming out of the pile into the pits the wrong way does not count... continuing around and following the field into the pits on your own applies here) first that worked on them, followed by those who needed help getting off the track in the order of the last completed lap... if you enter the pits the wrong way, or had to wait for another car to be moved by a tow truck you fall in this category, you were part of the wreck). REFUELING... Yes, its an advantage to the other cars who wrecked... but they wrecked... silver lining in the bent parts they just paid for!!! If you are up front, you too can refuel... and fall to the back of the field (falling in line as described above), given the circumstances you would be ahead of anyone in the wreck, and only behind those who did not work on their cars, and those who were ahead of you and worked on their cars... THAT BEING SAID... I understand the allowing to work without penalty... That's almost an admission of guilt... they screwed up with the rain and knew it... and that was the way to make it right... I can't say I wouldn't have done it myself... but at that point, you toss the fuel mileage part of the game for everyone, and allow everyone to refuel, change tires, etc... By allowing the fueling and sending the guys to the back who fixed them, they screwed the guys twice, once with the rain wrecking their stuff, and then by giving those who were not in the wreck and extra advantage. Its all or nothing... the half and half doesn't work... as it we can all see! And finally to the fun part... Matt's tirade and suspension... Now. I dont think a single one of us can say Matt wasn't right for being pissed... and I don;t think any of can say he wasn't singled out of the unhappy crowd of drivers either... But truth be told.. he did verbally abuse an official... and on video worse than the others at least (I wasn't there to see if anyone was as bad... tho I have heard some were!)... Its harsh, heavy handed and definitely sour grapes for the amount of money he walked out of there with... but at the end of the day... some sort of a penalty is warranted... Right or Wrong you just can't do it like that... and judging from Matt's facebook post about it, he knows it too... Personally, telling him not to come back is a bad look... Me... I'm old school... I'd get even by making his life hell when he comes back versus the bad press of telling him not to come back... Id be breaking out the rubber gloves in tech for the full body cavity search... and it servers 2 purposes... A.. Hes going to be 100% legal before taking any more of your money... and B.. If he's not.. you get to make him look bad versus making yourself look bad.... but hey, what do I know?
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    Your coverage of all the racing updates is amazing. In the rare situation you take a night or weekend off, we are missing a lot. Thanks for everything you do for us, by giving the coverage you do.
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    You are very niave if you think those guys didn't all throw tantrums like that back in the day. The difference is there weren't cameras in everyone's hands capturing it all
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    How about a positive thread here about the Centennial Race Weekend? I'd like to give a shout out to Chris Hile. Qualified solidly all 3 days, very smooth driver, stayed clean, kept it out of trouble, and brought home 3 top 12 finishes. Is it true this was the first time he had ever seen the place?
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    I think they found out he is 14 years old😀
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    And to think ive been pissed off since april when i was inforned i had to go to a bachelor party in vegas this weekend. Im still not quite sure how anyone with any brains thinks this wreck isnt the tracks fault. And when they make an announcement telling drivers they can work on cars and get their spot back they basically admitted guilt for the pile up. Put yourself in sheppards shoes and tell me you wouldnt do the same exact thing. I know i would.
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    Thanks for the kind words, it was a last minute decision for us to go and looking back I’m glad we went. Chris has some laps in a sportsman car in 2007 at Middletown and that’s it.. never been around the place in a big block. In 2007 we were running for the mr.dirt sportsman championship (2nd in points) and he got caught in 2 wrecks and crashed his car in the heat and junked mine in the feature so I’m glad the results were far better this time around lol. We had a very fast consistent car all weekend and even tho we had great finishes each night we definitely had a better car than what the results show each night. For a small family owned team I don’t think we could have asked for anything more than what we did all weekend Rob Hile
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    So MS is suspended for his language meanwhile the very person who has issued this suspension also goes on to say that if anyone cares to question his integrity than to man up and do it to his face and be prepared to stand their ground..... This folks is the very definition of irony
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    Stewyfan44, don’t take this the wrong way but you really have no clue what’s coming out of your mouth. Nothing but sound bites you hear other people say in life. Respectfully, Dale Larsen. Don’t be that typical poster. Research before posting as fact
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    Am I the only person that believes Matt would have had to work on his car anyway to get back in the race and he didn't just work on the car because he was told he could get his spot back?
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    I’d like to address the incident with Matt Sheppard and clarify the position of OCFS. At this time Matt Sheppard’s privileges to race at OCFS are suspended indefinitely. I take full responsibility for fully enforcing the existing rules at OCFS and over riding Mike Sanchelli’s verbal instructions and for suspending Matt Sheppard. There are many factors that led to these decisions, however at no time did anyone act with malice or not have fans, drivers and the tracks best interests. The start of racing was advertised at 5:30 for hot laps. However it was determined based on the previous two nights that starting closer to sundown would result in better track conditions and racing. Time trials, qualifying heats and consolations resulted in over 100 laps of racing and further track preparation and watering was necessary before starting the centennial race. At that time the chance of no rain was 50% and we were cognizant of complaints about dust. OCFS adjusted the schedule adapting to track conditions in the best interest of the fans and competitors to have a track surface worthy of a race that occurs once in a lifetime. The race took 1:45 minutes. So it’s highly unlikely that the sudden down burst that occurred wouldn’t have happened anyway towards the end of the race with similar effects if we indeed just stuck to the schedule. At the time of starting the centennial race a higher probability of rain was forecasted. OCFS was faced with the option of starting the race and hoping the showers passed or cancelling for the night. It was determined that if we raced and re-sealed the track and rain started we could yellow/red flag and still recover the track but if we didn’t start and it rained we probably couldn’t recover the track and we’d have to postpone to Sunday. At that time Sunday’s forecast was 90% rain between 2:00pm and 6:00pm and more than likely the event would be cancelled. Bearing in mind the safety of the competitors and fans and cognizant that many fans travelled from far away to attend a historic event we optimistically proceeded with the event. Everyone did their best to make good decisions in a bad situation and only a Monday morning quarterback makes the right decision every time, in this case it was damned if you do - damned if you don’t. I can only imagine the reaction if we canceled. Soon after the start it was not raining, sprinkling, misty depending on where you were or your interpretation of moisture. A lightning strike was detected 8 miles away and in accordance with safety protocols the camera men were removed from the man lifts. Moments later a sudden downpour hit the western end of the track resulting in the infamous accident involving about 20% of the field of cars. The Race director, flagger and cornermen are all very experienced and competent race officials. At no time would they race under dangerous conditions. The flagger and race director do not need confirmation from anyone to throw a caution light. Obviously the suddenness of the downpour caught everyone by surprise. The fact that 80% of the field was unaffected is a tribute to their quick action. I think Michael Sanchelli has done a good job at OCFS. He has never spoken a malicious word about any competitor and truly performs his job to the best of his ability always. He owns what he does and in the world I come from that means a lot. I believe his intentions are good. However at OCFS the race director does not have the authority to change the rules. Our rules are very clear that you cannot work on your car on the track during a red flag and if you pull into the pits you lose your spot. I acknowledge Sanchelli’s verbal directions but they were a mistake in direct contradiction of the rules. When I became aware of the situation I immediately ordered that Sanchelli’s mistake be corrected. Regardless of the consequences I believe a known mistake should be corrected and I have no problem owning this decision. Everyone that started the race were equally exposed to the weather and downburst. Everyone was allowed to refuel before restarting. Everyone ran 12 laps packing the track and caution laps counted. Everyone was level with fuel. Enforcing the rules is the only way everyone is treated fairly regardless of luck. I can only imagine the outcry if Mat Williamson ran out of fuel and a car that was worked on behind the wall won or if a backup car won. 99% of drivers expressed their concerns respectfully albeit passionately but in the end there was no way of avoiding some being happy and some not. Mike Sanchelli offered his resignation and I accepted it on the spot. I wish Mike good luck on his future endeavors and thank him for all his hard work at OCFS. Matt Sheppard’s Racing privileges are suspended at OCFS. His actions put me in an untenable position. I understand where he was coming from and respect his passion but his language and level of disrespect to Mike Gurda was unacceptable. This level of behavior was not displayed by any other competitor and will never be tolerated at OCFS. I know Matt feels bad about his language and has apologized to his fans and I hope in the future we can find a way for him to have a choice to compete at OCFS. Mike Gurda displayed great composure rectifying the Race Directors mistake. He would have been in his rights to immediately suspend Sheppard. Mike inherited a situation from the previous promoter that left the track without any capital improvements made in years and drastic decline in attendance. The fact he has kept this place going astounds me. Mike works hard, long hours and has my full confidence. With Mike as General Manager OCFS has the highest car counts, annual attendance and biggest races in the Northeast. I doubt anyone from the past could be as effective as they were or as Mike is in today’s market. I can’t thank Mike enough for the job he’s done. The biggest bias Halmar Racing gets at OCFS is first dibs on parking in the pits. Anyone that actually watched the race realized the late caution caused when Friesen hit the wall took away any chances he had to win. Jerry Enright Who does a fantastic job clearly saw how hard Friesen hit the wall and anticipated the car bouncing into traffic and instinctively threw the yellow. However Friesen kept control despite hitting hard enough to bend his front axle and drove on. All the yellow did for Friesen is take away his momentum and put Matt Sheppard on his bumper. Stewart Friesen and for that matter any of the top drivers don’t need help from anyone. They win because they work hard on their cars and they have talent. Anyone suggesting any driver wins because of track bias insults every driver. No driver has ever complained that OCFS is biased to Halmar Racing Team Driver’s, and I’m very proud of the professionalism and integrity of my race team. If someone wants to question my integrity than man up and do it to my face and be ready to stand your ground. Anyone that buys a ticket to OCFS is entitled to their opinion. No one is entitled to slander someone else without consequences. No one that watches from across the street or up on a hill or that doesn’t even attend is irrelevant. What you post you own, and the language and content is usually a reflection of yourself. Vulgar and petty comments are ignored but constructive comments are welcome. In my world you say what you mean and do what you say. You’re respected by what you accomplish. Im very proud of what I and everyone at OCFS has accomplished. See you at the races -Chris Larsen
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    If my kid got caught with drugs while crossing the border....after I spent that amount of money on him to better his career.....people calling him names on a forum would be the least of his concerns.....
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    If your policy is never to go back to a racetrack that deviates from their own schedule or starts late, you will find yourself without a lot of options to attend. Just sayin'.
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    Is there anything that happens to the 9s that you don't feel is a conspiracy from the ownership? I'm sure if you dug deep enough, it's likely the Rockefellers...
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    Name game fun aside, as I stated in the other thread, this was a perfect storm of bad judgement and bad decisions...and it's unfortunate for all involved. Based on what's been reported/discussed...the only viable option (hindsight here) IMO would have been to literally 'wipe out' the first 12 laps, allow ALL teams to work on their cars, and restart from the beginning once the track was ready after the rain. In situations like this, you'll NEVER please everyone and someone's going to feel like they got screwed...you do the best you can, but once you make and announce a decision, you can't really 'take it back'. That would be like announcing a race is cancelled because it's raining...but it stops 30 minutes later and you come out and say 'well, it's not raining, we're back on'...not gonna work. Again, IMO...a Race Director needs to have control over a situation...and no decision should be announced unless everyone involved is on the same page...I don't know the circumstances in this case and I'm certainly not throwing shade at anyone, just stating what should be obvious based on experience. Let's look forward...who will take the reins now and what level of authority/accountability will that person have? How will decisions made affect upcoming events, including Eastern States Weekend? What happens long term, going into 2020 and beyond?
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    If nothing else comes of this horrible situation, I hope all other promoters and those called promoters are paying very close attention to the complaints lodged here. The biggest thing I get from reading about the weekend was, the listed schedule wasn't followed. When you tell people something, and without good cause change it, it really pisses people off. There is NO reason for almost any track in NY to take a hr long or more intermission on any racing night in July or beyond in the season. If your counting on food sales or beer if sold, to pay your bills, you prob shouldn't be in the race track business! Set your rules for drivers in each division, stand by them to the letter as printed, don't show favoritism to ANY driver or Owner. Treat your fans in the stands like they are the gold to your operation, because without them, you have no operation!! There is always something to be learned at any track, but if your gonna host a big show, you damn well should have every duck lined up before the first non employee gets there!! Always plan for the worst, and hope for the best, this way NO situation will ever catch you off guard!! Happy and SAFE racing to all for the rest of the season!!!
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    So because they threw the yellow because they thought Friesen wrecked but in fact he ever stopped or lost a spot he should have gone to the rear? You guys are freaking nuts. I’m glad u guys don’t make the on track calls 🤣
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    All drivers get mad and say things bottom line drivers were lied to Saturday night .Good weekend ruined by the clowns in charge sad
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    Maybe a more "professional" way of handling this would have been for all the impacted drivers to pull out on the track bumper-to-bumper side-by-side and then sit on their roofs and not say anything. "You wanted a protest!? Well now you got 'em four abreast!" 😂
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    It’s one thing to yell it’s another thing to repeatedly can a official a f**king piece of s**t. Personally I still find it funny that these drivers thought it was going to be ok to crash fix the car and start back in there spots. If the track had really let that happen there would have been even more drivers not welcome back
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    So this is the first time anyone on here has seen it start raining when cars were already racing? Get real people
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    I'm sure the rednecks in attendance would have preferred Trace Adkins or some shit....
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    It was a good weekend for us Rob Hile
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    Also, what's your social security number?