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    And my opinion is the race should be different than anything else. 200 laps (every one of them green), live pit stops (a complete team event), and run at night (the weekend of the first full week in October). Reducing the distance and cutting out pit stops makes it the same thing as everything else.
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    Because the Eastern States 200 isn't a bigger race with lots of people who have already paid their money or anything like that. It is a lot easier to wait out bad weather when the promoter has gobs of money and there isn't hand-wringing about how much money will be lost if only 300 people show up.
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    Looking forward to Matt telling Brett to get back in his f****n tower
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    You'd think that the track would have the foresight to not schedule a race on a rainy day. I've never heard of this happening before!!!
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    Ronnie left Fonda after the 2017 season, for the Valley. Fonda was still DIRT sanctioned for the 2018 season.It was Ronnie’s choice to leave, Deyo didn’t take over until the 2019 season. Obviously his leaving had nothing to do with Deyo’s rules. Always helps to check the facts before trying to make a valid point, which yours is not.
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    Maybe. But I think definitely that the world would be a better place if fans would spend less time looking for shit to complain about and more time enjoying the good that life has to offer. I don't know when it happened, but the "question everything" and "it's a conspiracy" attitudes we see today are pathetically popular. Instead of offering to help fix what's wrong, it's easier to form an organization or committee to protest.
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    I'm not saying that the product served on Sunday doesn't need work, because it does. I like the idea of running all race events at night, however I don't see that happening without some major rescheduling. It means an adjustment to the satellite show schedule and I'm not sure the promoters involved with those events are going to budge. I definitely want to see all 200 laps be green. This is no longer a 200 mile event, it's a 100 mile event. It's already 1/2 the distance and time of Syracuse. Counting cautions takes even more away and I can't support that. My opinion only... I like the idea of 1 event being an entire team event, which includes live pit stops because it makes for good television. I remember seeing the pre-race pit road ceremonies at Syracuse when all of the pit crews were dressed up all spiffy and professional. That part of the sport is what helps attract major sponsors. We need that going into the future. And good luck and bad luck both play out on pit road and adds the unexpected element to the event. We haven't seen it yet, but it's bound to happen... a driver leading all 200 laps. A mandatory pit stop guarantees a lead change.
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    Racing was good, crowd size was very good and the drivers raced for one of the better regular show purses in Upstate N.Y. Why the hell would he do that? It is still “ The Track of Champions” to us Fonda regulars. How many races did you attend at Fonda this past season?
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    You came back out of your hole
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    True story: One year the 200 didn't get over until almost midnight. My cousin and I walked to the car in complete darkness Had to stop at the 7-11 near home to get milk for the kid's breakfast. I walked in first, and the girl behind the counter backed up and screamed...."ALMOST ALL THE CASH HAS BEEN DROPPED INTO THE SAFE!" It was then I saw my cousin's face as he walked in.....we were wearing hooded sweatshirts and both our faces were jet black as if we used burnt cork as a mask......she thought we were going to rob her!!! LOL
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    I can hear the open to your television broadcast now... We're LIVE, at the "Ho Hum 100" in Oswego, NY, sponsored by Nothing Special Lubricants. Hello, my name is Doug Logan and we bring to you an average show, a typical 100 lap event where the drivers go as fast as possible, needing no guess work, using the same strategy as everyone else, just like we do all year. We don't know who will win, but then again neither will you because you'll fall asleep from being bored to tears.
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    41 cars start the race. It is only fair that when the caution comes out that the cars are in the correct position before the pits are open. Because the race is now run on a 1/2 mile instead of a mile track it will sometimes take more laps to get the line up correct. Believe me it sucks just as much for us drivers and teams as it does for the fans. At least now only 4 laps per caution are counted so there are still a lot of racing laps. This year was the first year that every day from Wednesday to Sunday there was racing because the weather cooperated except during the day on Saturday. There were 312 cars this year. That's a LOT of laps on a dirt track in a short amount of time. The fact that except for Saturday there was sunshine and a slight breeze also was bad for the track. I know it was after midnight Saturday when racing ended, that doesn't give the track prep crew a lot of time to do a lot to the track. At the end of it all this was probably the worst year for passing cars on Sunday. That made the racing a little cut throat. There were a lot of junk wheels and tires after that race because of guys trying to make something happen. It definitely wasn't our finest hour for sure. It's dirt racing which means conditions aren't always perfect. But if that caution hadn't had come out at the end it might have still been one hell of a finish, as it was Mat Williamson ended up driving away at the green. There was a lot of talk of switching things up and doing more racing at night, which only seems logical as that's when dirt tracks typically run races. I for one think it's time to get away from the mile mindset and fully embrace the 1/2 short track experience!
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    Well, it worked. The lake on the backstretch drained and we're racing. Halfway through the street stock feature as I type this. I'll give them this much, they didn't give up on it. Everyone wants to see what a late season 200 lapper looks like under the lights, now you'll find out.
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    Super Dirt Week at Oswego Speedway was an excellent idea. The car count increasing each year along with the campers and fans is very impressive. It had to be close to a sellout this year as both the grandstands looked to be at maximum capacity. The parking has improved as well as the camping. With the upgrades in the making for the campers it's going to be even better next year. Free fan parking across the street from the speedway is awesome. The walk to the speedway is shorter than many tracks offer. There are many choices for food in walking distance to the speedway including grocery stores and restaurants. Oswego welcomes race fans like no other area. I'm glad it's in Oswego and hope it remains for many many years.
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    Getting back to Stew, am I the only one who thinks that prick Sauter just has it in for Stew????
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    No offense but do you have a diminished mental capacity or are you an Ahole just for the sake of being an Ahole ? Note to admins , I can't get in trouble because I said no offense first. It's the law.
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    I imagine the penalties would be stiff.
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    I have thought about this question at various times over the years. I don't think there is much dispute that the Batmobile at Syracuse in 1980 is the most famous/most iconic/most discussed dirt Modified race of all time. If we accept that premise, what is the second most famous dirt Modified race ever? i am not necessarily looking for some amazing battle for the win and really not looking for a race famous because of a fatality. But what race still gets debated and discussed years or decades after the fact because events were so memorable or controversial or impossible to believe? I acknowledge that some of this may be based on where an individual poster watches their racing, but here are some suggestions off the top of my head. This is by no means an exhaustive list. * 1987 Flemington (N.J.) 200: Who knows what driver really won? Tom Hager? Kevin Collins? Bob McCreadie? Somebody else? * 1989 Super DIRT Week: Alan Johnson wins Syracuse (N.Y). from 49th after getting into the race on a dicey "dead heat" call in the last chance race. * 1987 Lebanon Valley (N.Y.) 200: Who actually remembered that Danny Johnson won the Valley 200 after Jimmy Horton intentionally wrecked Brett Hearn out of the lead following a Hearn and Horton tangle earlier? * 2010 Eastern States 200: Stewart Friesen gets jobbed by OCFS (N.Y.) officials, then stages an on-track protest * 1983 Nazareth National (Pa.) 4-25s: A personal favorite of mine. Jack Johnson wins the first three of the day's four features from deep in the pack each time, then runs out of time while chasing down Dave Kelly in the fourth feature. * 1983: Nazareth National (Pa.) $50,000 to win: Kenny Brightbill wins in a race famous for taking on Super DIRT Week at the height of Syracuse's power: * 1992 Fulton (N.Y.) Victoria 200: Of all the amazing races from the glory days of the Victoria 200, this is the one that most stands out to me. Billy Pauch lost for the first time in six tries at the Vic the year before, but the '92 race is still the one I remember for Tom Kinsella making his own line through the infield, angering Pauch so much that he refused to even take his third-place trophy from the race. * 1973 Reading (Pa.) 4-25s: Carl Collis at Nazareth (Pa.) and Billy Pauch at Bridgeport (N.J.) have both matched the feat of winning four big-block Modified features in one day, but Brightbill at Reading did the unthinkable when he swept the 4-25s program in October of that year. 1985 Eastern States 200: On the same weekend Richie Evans is killed in a NASCAR Modified at Martinvills (Va.), a distraught Jack Johnson starts the the Eastern States 200 at Orange County (N.Y.) from last via a provisional and wins.
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    Still laughing about "Kung Fu Mike Mahaney" being announced lol
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    I never understood people wanting to watch everything for free. This isn't Indy cars or Nascar. There isn't a million dollar tv package. If you start airing all these shows for free where are they going to get the money to pay for travel, work, equipment and everything else it takes to put on these streams? Why should you get it for free when a person at the track had to pay $40 to see it live? Come on.. I just paid $35 to watch this race here at home. Track is probably Hour or so away. I didn't have to spend any money on gas. I didn't have to pay to park. I don't have to worry about driving home afterwards. I'm watching some awesome racing. And I had Pizza and wings delivered so I don't have to stand in line for food. How can you complain? Plus many of these races will be televised on MavTV later this year. So I can watch them again.
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    Only a Fonda topic about adding clay could turn negative....SMFH
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    Like Gary stated, this has been a rule for several years. If you are the cause of the yellow, you cannot change a tire that isn’t flat without penalty. However, you can change a tire that isn’t flat if you didn’t bring out the yellow. The drivers/teams are reminded at every series race, not only in the drivers meeting, but also on the one-way during the features pace laps prior to starting. With all of the expert officials, owners, drivers that post on this site daily, it’s shocking that some don’t know this rule. Perhaps there aren’t as many experts on here after all.
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    Drove by the track today seen they were putting down new clay. I didn't hear anything all year about new clay being put down. But way to go paul cole on continuing to improve the track. To me he's been the best thing for caanandugia in a while truly cares about the drivers and the fans. Wants the best experience for the fans and drivers. Paul thank you for all you do at the land of legends keep up the good work.
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    Doesn't meet our criteria...though we acknowledge them. Not going to bite on your bait sir.
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    I know the Rolling Wheels speed thing was mocked relentlessly on Hoseheads. The 410s did not average 140+ at Rolling Wheels. That track was really a half-mile, not a 5/8 mile that was used for the bogus average speed. Rolling Wheels was not 25 mph faster than hammer down places like Knoxville and Port Royal.