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    You guys are so right. Thank you for straightening me out.... Tonight if someone talks with me about the Big Blocks I'll change the subject and maybe talk about the weather.
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    Jumper would it have hurt to list the guys that had signed up and not given guys grief over it?? Some people spend a lot more time playing with their keyboards than others or might not know just were to look. Long long long time ago I heard a saying There is no dumb question in life! Just because you know something don’t think everyone else does.
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    At Land of Legends in 2019, we averaged 33 Sportsman cars per week. All teams in the A feature made $100 to take the green. $750 for 1st and $500 for 2nd. B feature winner takes home $100 and no less than $50 to take the B feature green. Additionally, we paid 22 Sportsman drivers point fund money totaling $9850. Track promoters throughout the region each have different dynamics to work with and different priorities to be successful. We find this plan is working for us, but know it may not be the best for all. This dialogue can be healthy, but I caution you not to read too much in to what one track does that another doesn’t. Demographics, geography, local economy and operating costs can all vastly impact the tracks differently. Be positive and helpful in supporting all racing. Negativity and arguing aren’t helpful to anyone.
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    All kidding aside, i would choose a big small-block over a big-block 9 times out of 10...... we do have one in our car. Easier to drive and hook up. If Friesen and the other top drivers all had big-blocks the results wouldnt have been any different at the finish. Those guys are in a league of their own when it comes to controlling cars. My point is, everyone doesnt need a special small- block to win on the STSS like some on here try to make everyone believe.
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    On this northeast dirt modified forum the list containing the names of contracted sds drivers is nowhere near as important to update as the chili bowl entry list that gets updated every 5 minutes for 3 months prior to the event......do your own damn homework.
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    Always nice to have new fans but please don't tell him to go from a racy fast track like Volusia to the ultimate ice rink in Weedsport. I have been a dirt modified fan for almost 50 years and if Weedsport was one of the first i saw I probably wouldn't be a fan today.
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    He just enjoys acting like an effin prick. Let him be. He wants to feel important. Let him feel important and talk nonsense about doing research. Sounds like he is talking about doing a thesis. Lmao. Most people on boards dont mind sharing info amongst the posters. He is an exception.
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    Maybe the Fonda faithful could sue somebody for their extreme butthurt?
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    I look at like this and maybe it's not the right way, but why bother paying more when week in and week out they keep showing up for that pay. And in most instances more money don't draw more cars, other than they have plenty now but that's a rare thing.
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    While some probably hate it, I LOVE the new look of Laubach's 1K car featured on the front page of DTD right now. Something different and unique that you don't see often. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=35427&fbclid=IwAR0UwzAZI1mkUV-5im-8dwJwCCogg8xJgRCWgBDZ38ng2Dz96Y7hFjsuvw0
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    Every time we go to race at either Eldora or Charlotte I always end up having a conversation with someone about our big blocks. Last year was a guy from Alabama who just couldn't believe that we run big blocks in circles. Being a engine builder myself I always try to give them a bunch of info on the engine and pop the hood off so they can look at it. We take these torque monsters for granted because we get to see them run weekly. Rob Hile
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    I think what some of us were figuring is that since you work for the SDS? There should be no need for you to dig through this thread (or any other thread,) in order to let the rest of us pee ons know who had signed up so far. Sorry for the mis understanding
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    Deyo would schedule on a free day and within a week there would be an ESS race the same day
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    We're accepting applications for moderators to help control the topics. The hours are long and the pay is terrible. Inquire within...
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    exactly the reason why this site has gone downhill a lot over the years. thread about sds drivers for the upcoming year and maybe 6 actual posts about drivers and 3 pages of a pissing match over which motors are better and would win at what tracks 🙄
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    I think I have seen this topic about payouts at least 3 other times in the last couple years on here. I guess it makes for good conversation. Here is my analogy: I own a burger joint and Im selling 5 oz. burgers for $4.00 each. Business is great! Customers keep returning week after week. Why would I give my customers bigger burgers (say 6 oz. burgers) for the same price when they are obviously content with what they get now? People are in business to make money. But more importantly, racers don't race for the money. If they did, this discussion wouldn't exist.
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    The six guys to have signed on so far are Drellos Hile Mueller St-Sauver Lehner Britten
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    Why do you find the need to be a effin prick? I asked a simple question and figured if somebody knew who they were they could simply type their names. So what problem do you have with that? You contradict yourself with your post. You don't sound very bright. Leroy came to the same conclusion I did. That's why I asked who they were. Obviously you don't know either. Lol.
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    I wondered this cause Rudolph I would guess had a BB which people said could never win on the STSS series.
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    When you see a dirtcar/ESS schedule and its notated that anything is subject to change.....under that small print in even smaller print it’s notated that scheduling changes are based off of Brett Deyo. It’s smart business In the long run, eventually they can work together to combine the schedule flyers and put out one joint flyer, split down the middle with costs.
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    I think STSS is slowly winning the war.
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    Because Brett Deyo is the promoter & WRG is totally against STSS owned by Deyo....I know the feeling Scott, they do whatever they can to disrupt Brett's endeavors. I think they're upset because he's forcing them to up their game.....They have gone so far as to threaten my FORMER employer because of my criticism of the way some races are run
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    not the first day but when I click on a thread I expect to see information about the thread and not a bunch of whiny posts about other shit. I've been here since the fireondirt days back when the threads stayed on topic and didn't trail off onto some other useless bullshit.
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    Weedsport is a great facility ......except for the track surface. I go about once a year and that's enough for me. The features can have some decent racing but seems like almost no passing until then.
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    You know it’s said to see in all the tweets and posts from the track by this site tonight that the sportsman got no mention. Granted they aren’t the big names but you know what , many times they put on as good as or better show. This site needs to give these up and comers and these teams as must respect and coverage so they to can get more exposure and hopefully experience to one day make it to the modified division. These guys pay just as much to get in the pits every night with less return. They pay the same for tires.If their family or sponsors are back home they deserve the updates just like the big guys. I’m sure many will disagree but our country says let’s treat everyone like we would want to be treated. If I was there in a sportsman it would be nice that sponsors could see hey this guy is racing in a class I could give some help to even though I can’t afford to be on a modified I can get some exposure for my business.