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    I think it's time for everyone here to take a minute and think.  I have to admit I don't read the forum daily because I don't have time to read every single thing when I'm traveling.  It seems to me over the past month or so when I do have the chance to read, things are heading in the wrong direction.  It's one complaint after another and that needs to change.  It seems like everyone hurries to get here or Facebook so they can complain about what happened at their local track instead of being thankful they still have said track.  There are plenty of places around the country where the local track is gone because of the negative attitude that sadly seems so prevalent in our sport and society today. Everyone feels like they have a right to complain about everything because they have an avenue to do it whether it's Dirt Track Digest or Twitter or Facebook.  I'm doing this is the nicest possible way but it's time for people to think before they post or we will no longer have a need for them on this forum.  We are no longer giving warnings, just time off.  We here at DTD have to constantly deal with promoters and people coming after us because of what is written in this forum and its our reputation on the line.  If you can't be positive or constructive, we have no need for it.  Even more so if you post using something other than your real name.      Now to those who have the need to constantly blame DTD for what's wrong the sport I have this to say to you.  There is nothing on Dirt Track Digest that I haven't seen written on Facebook or twitter a million times so to say everything that is wrong with the sport is ALL OUR FAULT simply isn't the truth.  If you don't like our forum, so be it, but a lot of good has come from the forum in the past as well.  Everyone seems to forget that while only looking at half the picture.  When race tracks are putting together events and need sponsorship of laps or other things, DTD steps up and does what it can.  Several times we've provided a place for people to talk about an event.  Read through the threads leading up to the Jack Johnson Tribute event.  There was tons of positive talk about the race and how people were excited to go to Fonda.  We aren't the root of the problem with what is wrong in racing.  If we are the cause of the issue, why are crowds around the country falling? The owners of this site as well as those that help us out with photos and stories bust their butts day in and day out to put a product out there for everyone.  Yet for some reason there is a core group of folks that continue to believe we are nothing more than a forum and as a result we are a detriment to the sport.  I ask each of you to take a moment and check out the news and stories on the front page as well as the the photo gallery so you can see what else we are besides a forum.   And if you want to know what else we do the for the sport, take five minutes to chat with me and find out what we do instead of making comments on Facebook about our forum.  We may not always make it known, but we do go out of our way to give back as much as we can.  I love this sport as should everyone else here.   If things don't start to change we will be left with no recourse but to shut the forum down for a period of time or go to a moderated post system where everything that is posted must be approved by a moderator.  Neither of these options are something we want to do, but may be necessary to get things back on track.   In closing I simply ask that those here remember why we go to the races and keep that in mind before you hit the post button.  Lets try to get things headed in the right direction.  Remember the old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." 
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      I have been biting my tongue in this thread and everything related to this subject, but I can't let this comment slide. First off, your definition of "respectable" and mine differ immensely. The video was posted on youtube while Kevin still lay on the track and hadn't been pronounced dead yet. The family had still not been told of his condition, but could have seen video on the internet that might have given them a good idea. Sorry... that's not respectable in any shape or form. There is a second video of the incident... mine. I did the unrespectable thing and didn't post it on the internet. I turned it over to the Sheriff's Department, who used it as part of their investigation. I also didn't cave in to any of the media outlets who want to license my version and are willing to pay me for it.  
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    I drive the 34c. So I'll answer that question. I attended the driver's/owners meeting back in January at the winner's circle restaurant. At that meeting the rev box setting was discussed and decided on 6200 rpm at both tracks. Apparently sometime between that meeting and tonight's race the rule was changed to 6000 rpm at Fonda. I never saw any Facebook posts, boards at the track, or heard any announcement of the change. I ran 6200 rpm on the rev box tonight. I know that negligence of the law is no excuse, however making drivers fully of the rule change should be a high priority. It was a simple miscommunication of the rules. THAT'S IT! when I left the track tonight, I was told not DQ'ED, but fix it. Trust me, I would never knowingly cheat. I was misinformed. I'll adjust the box for next weekend. Not a big deal! I'm sure I wasn't the only driver still thinking it was 6200 rpm. Chris Schaffer Ps: I'm not going to turn this into a big debate or fight. Just clearing my name
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    He won because he had a fast car and took advantage of an opportunity that was presented to him, congrats Peter!
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    Here we go again, DTD is worrying about their free pass etc. I'm honestly tired of it. We all work our asses off here to provide this service for everyone to talk about the sport that most of us here enjoy. We don't charge a dime for people to come on here and say what they want to say. Then when people come on here and make statements about drivers, tracks, officials etc we are the ones that take the heat and have to deal with it. We get the phone calls from screaming promoters, the nasty messages in emails and Facebook etc. We do our best to take the high road on things when we can. I'm sorry, we do work with tracks and try to make things easier for them. At times we call them out when we have to, but we also understand that sometimes we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Which we do. We aren't facebook, twitter, etc. We aren't making a million dollars. For all of us that own and operate this site, we do it because of the love of the sport. This isn't my full-time job, it isn't George's full-time job or GT's or anyone else that we are lucky enough to have contribute to this site. If you don't like how we run it, honestly you can take it to facebook or go back to Syracuse.com. At the end of the day I don't want people not to visit this site but at the same time it gets frustrating defending people that won't even defend us. Again we do this because we love racing, bottom line. Sorry if that isn't enough for some people. Lastly, THANK YOU to the people that do come here, that do say thank you and that do appreciate what we have to offer. I've been lucky to meet a ton of you and it means a lot to hear that at times. A lot of you have also become great friends over the years and that's what this site is all about; making friendships, talking racing and enjoying our sport.
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    OK. I have had enough of all you keyboard cowboy's with your shoulda, wouldka, coulda. The wreck in the sportsman feature last night took place approximately 60' past the green flag. The entire field had not even passed before the yellow/red came out. There are 0, ZERO laps recorded  in this race. 13 of the nineteen sportsman cars needed to be towed off the speedway. It was going to take about 45 minutes to clear the speedway because cars were locked together and to let the safety workers do their due diligence looking after the drivers. I made the decision to cancel a race that really had not yet even started. Where is it written in any book or rule book that a race HAS to be run. Fans will get what they paid for next week. The drivers will be paid next week. And life will go on. They MAJORITY of the people exiting the grandstands told me I did the right thing. Have you all forgotten who helps pay you racers for your efforts each week? It's the FANS. We continually strive to involve the racers in decisions concerning rules and rule changes and make this a friendly track to race at. All the aholes that constantly come on here and bash Glen Ridge do not have a dime invested. You want to race at I- 88 ? GO. Jamie is a great guy. You want to race at Albany Saratoga? GO. I have all the respect for Howard and Lyle in the world. Howard wrote the instruction manual on short track racing. People who don't even attend the races at Glen Ridge on Fridays somehow feel they have a right to discredit and bash us each week because they can hide behind a screen name (except Jake). I personally think you all have small ball syndrome similar to small man syndrome except that the small man still has the balls to say it to your face . If you do not race there or attend the races there your opinion means squat to me(except Jake).  We try to promote a family atmosphere at the speedway and as we all know families all have their own set of problems.  Dirt Track Digest will soon be loosing another customer as I do not want to advertise any more with an entity which promotes this type of negative environment for our sport.    Facts; 64 car was the leader and as such deserves that respect ( a lot of what's wrong with racing today is that LACK of respect). There was a nice even start, the 64 pulled ahead and tried to move up the speedway and was caught by the LEFT front tire of the 49 car in the edge of the rear bumper. And I will say at this point the 64 HAD POSITION over the 49. If the 49 car did attempt to miss the 64 it is not obvious in the video but it does look like the car behind the 49 was pushing him. The result the 64 was turned in front of the entire field eliminating 13 cars from the field (of a race which was 60' past the flag stand).   Next- handicapping 101- the 49 car started on the outside pole by virtue of being the second lowest in handicapping points from the last three weeks and qualifying through the heat race, the 64 being the lowest handicapped number from the past three weeks and qualifying thru heat race started on the pole for the feature. What's the problem?  Our handicapping is pretty simple and even posted on the web site. To further squash any more controversy on the handicapping, the last three weeks handicapping points and totals will be posted with the points standing each race night. Finally if anyone wants to take a course on handicapping Joe Achzet will be available (for a small fee) to refresh your handicapping skills.   I do not like the constant controversy as it takes away from the real goal which is to provide great entertainment for the FANS and I will purge any person who does not share my same goal and vision.   I have a couple of race teams that are upset right now, but I have more with significant damage to their race machines. Everyone has to ask them selves if the shoe were on the other foot would I want the same consideration? Has any other track ever thought of the racers or the fans? I have been to a lot of tracks and races and its always the show must go on. Any one remember Dave Buanno laying in the dirt in the pits and having to wait for the safety crew to get there because the show HAD to go on??? How about sending the next race out while the safety crews were attempting to stabilize the man? My rant is over. Peter Demitraszek
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    Just my two cents... I will start by saying, I understand peoples frustration with not getting the show in. Heck, I would have loved to get it all in and not have to worry about coming back as well. I feel they moved the show along the best they could from the pit side of the evening. They needed something to break up the modified action in between events and ran a sportsman feature between to do so. It was hard to notice since we were working on the car, but those features didn't seem to take longer than normal, and gave teams like me who completely botched time trials the time to do what we had to. Between the heats and B-mains, and B-mains to features I had just enough time to make necessary chassis changes, refuel, clean my helmet and gear, and use the facilities before climbing back in to compete. This also gave the officials the short time necessary to figure lineups and get them back to us. According to my competitor note schedule, we were actually ahead, as the feature was set to go out around 9:10 pm or so, and we were loaded up ready to leave at that time after running around the track under yellow to try and hold the speedway surface for a bit. To sit there and say they didn't care about scheduling and time, to me, is an invalid statement. As teams in general we cannot just pull in from the 5th heat and roll right back up for the consi, nor the consi to the feature without minimally cleaning our sheild/tearoffs, and refeuling. To fill that gap from just sitting around with no action, they gave you sportsman features. I don't really see the complaint in that. The only way they could have guaranteed completion was to move the start time up, but you can't expect them to do that when they've advertised for weeks/months a 7pm start time for racing. Once again, this is just my opinion from the other side of the fence.
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    For the past several months on here, I have voiced the opinion that DIRT Week isn't the same race I grew up with in the 1980s, and it is time to let the mile die. I guess that is probably still how I feel deep down inside. All along, I knew that the desperate petitions and public meetings were only forestalling the inevitable. Over the past several decades, I have seen so many tracks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey disappear that I knew there was no saving the mile.   I just just didn't really expect to feel emotional at the end of the race on Sunday and for several hours afterward. I didn't really have any sense of dread or overwhelming sadness as I drove to Syracuse on Sunday morning. But I guess the end really hit me with about 25 laps to go. Stewart Friesen made the winning pass and the race was largely over at that point.   I love history; nearly all of my college electives were history courses. As the race ended on Sunday, I silently thought of Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. Upon seeing the mortally wounded President draw his last breath and fall silent for eternity, an emotional Stanton has been recorded by history as saying "Now, he belongs to the ages." The fact that Stanton most likely said "Now, he belongs to the angels." has mattered little over the past 150 years. As Sunday's race ended, I silently told myself, "Now, it belongs to the ages."   I knew exiting the Fairgrounds would be a nightmare, given the large crowd, so I was in no hurry to leave. I first attended Syracuse in 1987, and have seen every Sunday of DIRT Week since then with the exception of 2005's November raindate and 2012's rain-shortened event. In all the years I went to Syracuse, I had never walked the track at any point. I don't really know why I did Sunday evening, either, other than hundreds of people were doing the same thing. I bent over and tried to break off a piece of the rock-hard surface to take along, but had no success. I then walked toward the wall in the first turn and grabbed a small piece of loose dirt to take along. I also grabbed several small pieces of crumbling concrete wall and stuffed them in my pocket.   When Flemington had its final days dirt weekend in 1990, the track handed fans baby food jars of Flemington dirt. I kept that jar of dirt for nearly 20 years. I finally got rid of the tiny momento while doing some closet cleaning. I had not thought about that jar of dirt in many years, and I no longer needed it to make me feel better. I had moved on. Same thing with several of the food stand signs that I grabbed as souvenirs on the last day of the Nazareth Half-Mile. They also went in the trash a few years ago.   In time, I suspect the small items I picked up from the track at Syracuse on Sunday evening will also find their way into a landfill. But it felt comforting to at least grab something tangible to hold on to Sunday night.   It's weird how indelible certain memories can remain, even decades later. The last race in the history of the Nazareth Half-Mile was an enduro on Labor Day 1988. To this day, that remains the only time I have ever attended a track solely for an Enduro. As the dust settled for the final time at Nazareth in 1988, the loudspeakers played a song from the day -- Richard Marx's "Hold on to the Nights." Nearly thirty years later, I remember struggling to hold back tears as I considered the lyrics of the day:   "Hold on to the nights Hold on to the memories I wish that I could give you something more"   Like Syracuse, the Nazareth Half-Mile was worn out and had seen better days. But I thought about that Richard Marx song on Sunday evening. The lyrics still read like the opus of worn-out, closing racetracks everywhere.   As I drove home Sunday night, I didn't really think much about the Syracuse races of decades past. I thought about how I lived and died for that race when i was in high school and all through my 20s.. I thought about all the different friends and acquaintances I went to Syracuse with over the past 28 years. A couple of them are dead, several moved on with life and no longer have room for racing in that life. Several others attend races only sporadically these days, and there are still others who I have not seen or heard from in enough years to constitute a couple decades.   In some weird way, I almost wish I would not have went to Syracuse on Sunday. The crowd was the best I have seen there in many years -- it's just a shame that it took the closing of the track to bring out such a crowd. The race I grew up with in the 1980s has been gone for a while. I just didn't expect Sunday to rekindle old memories of people I had not thought about in a long time and racetracks that a Secretary of War could eulogize.   Like Abraham Lincoln and the Nazareth Half-Mile, the Syracuse mile now belongs to the ages. And that hurt more on Sunday than I ever thought it would.
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    A big race in the beginning of October at any other track besides the Mile at Syracuse is not going to be a Super Dirt Week even if you called it that. SDW is special because of what it is and where it is. I want to win Syracuse not just because of the $50,000, but because then no matter where I go I will be known as a former Syracuse winner. It is by far the hardest race to win.    Maybe if people flooded the County executives office with calls and maybe even the Governor's office also that there might be some second thoughts??.
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    When Bad Things Happen To Good People...   It has been a devastating week for the racing community here in Upstate New York as well as nationally.   The loss of Kevin Ward Jr. & the circumstances surrounding it have shaken everyone in the dirt track racing world, me included! My heartfelt sorrow goes out to the Ward Family, his friends, crew & racing buddies who shall forever be effected by that fateful Saturday night.   With that said, Tony Stewart, whom I admire, is also effected by this tragic set of circumstances and will be for along time to come I'm sure, what happened is not something you just over with quickly. My thoughts go out to him, his family, his racing family & all his friends who also have been touched by this.   This wasn't & shouldn't be the Hatfields against the McCoys, not the cowboys against the indians... why do we have to choose sides... it was 2 hard nosed drivers doing what they love, if nothing had gone wrong they may have been drinking beers after the races together talking racing.   What happened, happened, who's right, who's wrong, the pendulum has swung from one side to the other, against Tony & now swinging the other way, media hype took Tony to the woodshed & back, experts who don't know a sprintcar from a cup car, all chiming in because it was TS & headlines sell TV time... how sad!  A Rush to Judgement!!! How to make a bad situation worse for everyone.   Out of most all racing tragedies comes some good to make our sport a safer one. I believe this will hold true in this one as well. If new rules or regulations help prevent another horrible instance, his loss will not have been for naught.   As far as the rule changes or enforcement of them should be done with some caution & oversight, not all situations concerning a driver exiting a stopped racecar are the same... fire, hot fluids, struck by a rock, broken driveshaft, fumes, sparks etc....remembering a driver is safest inside his car until all moving cars are stopped or under reduced speeds, the real problem exists in retaliation or the attempt to retaliate. If a driver exits & shows a form of retailation by approaching, throwing things or any covert acts towards another driver, track official or staff should warrant disqualification at that point.   If a driver uses his or her car as a "weapon" in a effort to damage someone else's race car, try to hurt or mame another driver or render his car unraceable should be suspended immediately &indefinately!!!   Lets do what we can to keep bad things from happening to good people!        
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    Any of you who know me, know that I don't cheer for my friends or the guys who win all the time. There's nothing I love more than seeing a first time winner ... especially when it's a long time coming.   For years I've watched Dave Baranowski at Lebanon Valley and thought, wouldn't it be great if one night he blew past Tremont and Hearn and won a race? I never got that wish, but I got the next best thing at Malta this Friday night. I got to see his kid, Dave Jr., put the 112 in victory lane for the first time ever.    I can't imagine how happy Dave Sr was. I bet he was happier than if he'd finally got one. I know I was like a kid at Christmas.    Anyway ... it reminded me all over again ... this is why I come back. I'm not there to see Brett add another win to his collection or see Tremont get past him. I'm there to see the guy who isn't expected to win. And that's not a knock on anyone's talent. Peter Britten is a phenomenal driver, and I was on my feet cheering when he got by Brett for a moment.   It's all about the unexpected happening. It's what keeps me hanging on.   Oh and one other thing ... A lady and her kids were sitting near me. The kids were wild and jumping around and making noise and asking a million questions and getting in my way and I thought, "Isn't this awesome"? Kids at the races and excited to be there.  Yep. That's what it's all about.
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    Definitely sorry to see Joe go. From a driver's viewpoint, Joe always tried his best to make things fair, I didn't always agree with his decisions but I respected them. He tried to keep things organized and running smoothly. Even stuff like the way he handled being on the one way radio, he did a good job of keeping calm even while things might not have been going well on the track which helped by not making things worse. He also listened to the drivers, he didn't always do what they wanted, but at least he let the drivers give their opinions.    The fact that there are more races on the big block SDS this year, with a couple of new tracks, and seemingly more interest from drivers has to happen for a reason, and I think Joe had a big hand in making that happen.
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    Just wanted to shed a little light on the American Racer deal.   In our last three series races, we have had 150 cars compete (Accord, Penn Can, I-88). We had one entry on Hoosiers, 149 on American Racers. It has been overwhelmingly in favor of the Racers.  So it only makes sense as a business to sign an agreement that will help us with our point fund, attendance bonuses, marketing support, etc. There will certainly not be a stamp exclusive for the series, we will outline compound options as we have in the past.   We remain a very small business compared to other groups in the industry, any help we can attain is only going to benefit us going forward.   As far as the DIRTcar article, I can only control my own business and make it the best that it can be. I always say I have four bosses to answer to 1) our racers/car owners/crew members 2) fans 3) our track operators and 4) our sponsors. If they remain happy, we our doing the right things.   Good luck and enjoy wherever you are going racing this week.
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    Then go be bored elsewhere, ya troll! Just about every post you have made has been in a negative light about the very sport and division we love. So much money, time, sweat, and INGENUITY is invested that these teams deserve a little more respect. I understand you are entitled to your opinion but, man, get off the negative crap already! We all have seen your posts. Something positive would be welcome.
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    I wouldn't normally bother posting on this matter but there are a few inaccuracies I'd like to clear up.    First it would have been hard for me to cut off Marc during the Big Show when he was running ahead of me. We restarted the race in 24th and were making good progress up through the field when I got to Marc. At the same time I was trying to pass him he was trying to pass the 66. I followed him for around 10 laps or so and there were numerous times I could've easily punted him out of the way but I didn't because I really try to not race that way if at all possible. There was a restart that I got a good run on the inside of him down the backstretch. He dove to the bottom entering turn 3 and we banged into each other. I immediatlely got off the gas and let him gather his car back up. The next lap I got a run on the outside of him and finally got around him in 3 and 4. Shortly thereafter we broke and were out of the race.    In the final feature we were leading on 2 restarts that Marc was next to me. Each time I took off on the restart I didn't see him anymore. I will be the first to tell you we probably didn't have the fastest car. We were a little loose, BUT that does not mean I wasn't going to try and win the race. I never saw Marc and the one thing I have learned racing with the best in the business, Bob McCreadie, Alan Johnson, Jack Johnson, Brett Hearn, etc. is that if the driver of the front running car can't see the car trying to pass him he has the right to drive where he wants on the track. Once I got the lead I ran a few different lines in the turns trying to find speed but I pretty much exited the same way on each end of the track and it was the same line pretty much everybody else runs there. If there was any way that I would've known Marc was there on the outside of me I would've given him room. I wasn't being niave, I assumed Marc was fast but until I could actually see him I had no idea where he was running.
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    No Meier was not. Meier and his crew wanted to be and asked to be but Dini called it off. I do not believe it was Deyo's doing. It all created quite a stir. OCFS is really the only Deyo show that has more rules for weights and engine displacement, and also body panel styles. His rules were simple and the top 5 should have been teched. They were all certainly there and ready to be teched. It all happened really quickly. The rest of the top 5's willingness to be teched tells me there probably was no issues with them. However, the more rules made, the more tech is required. I KNOW Brett Deyo will take this situation and learn from it. Im sure he will have his own tech team next time or something. All in all I thought it was a great show. Brett and Stew put a good show up front. The big blocks struggled a bit, tire wear was extreme. That was due to the weather. Hope this clears some of the fuzz up. Brett Deyo is a hard working promoter doing his best and sticking his neck out there for fans and racers alike. We should not lose sight of this.
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    NOTE TO OTHERS READING THIS: I do not mind others contributing to this thread, but it is not written as an opportunity to bash Johnnie. It is written as an attempt to fix what is wrong and maybe wring some good out of an ugly situation.  Mrs. Gokey -   I'm not going to be rude and disrespectful to you, because you have never been that way with me.   You speak as if  the world has brought this current situation on Johnnie, even though you know it's not the case. Everyone,... including you ... knew that someday he would go too far. And, he's finally done it. He's crossed lines that people are not going to overlook.   Do you honestly expect the world to just forgive him? Seriously? Would you feel that way if it was your kid who he assaulted, or your kid who he threatened, or your kid he said such unspeakable things against? I understand that, as his mother, you feel compelled to stand behind him and defend him no matter what. And that is commendable. Regardless of any mistakes a mother makes in raising a child, a good mother will protect her children. The trouble here is that Johnnie has been an adult longer than he was a child. Wiping his nose and drying his tears are probably not the best course of action at this point in his life. He's closer to being a senior citizen than he is to being a child. You must remove your emotion from this matter and look at it logically. Can it really be that several thousand people at several dozen different race tracks ... most of whom do not even know each other ... all hate Johnnie for no reason? Is it not more logical to accept that he has offended and enraged all of these people, and that it is is his actions ... not theirs ... that are the wood that kindles this fire? He has Lebanon Valley, Fonda, Glen Ridge, and Albany Saratoga speedways all agreeing for the first time in history. I hope you can grasp the depth and magnitude of that. He needs help. Professional help. You know this better than I do. You are his mother, and have seen these situations played out for over 40 years ... over and over and over and over again. In school. On the playground.  At the race track. It has gone on forever. When you step forward and defend him like this, it is called "positive reinforcement".  In his mind, you are telling him that what he did was acceptable behavior. I'm not making this up. It is textbook psychology, and it's entry level information.   Do you understand the damage you are inadvertently causing by supporting his actions? As long as he can find someone to condone them, he has a green light. When it's someone he loves, it's compounded.  Knowing that he needs help, knowing that he is guilty, and  knowing that he is wrong, then coming here to fight off the world and deny what you know is true, is making him worse. It really is that simple. As you know, I used to defend him with you. I was guilty of the same thing that you are guilty of. Do you remember why that ended? He went off about this site and everyone who runs it. When I said, "Hey ... I'm your friend and I'm on DTD", he went off on me, said some extremely vile things to me, and promised to knock my teeth down my throat when he saw me..  Think about that. All I did was interrupt his tirade long enough to point out that he was attacking me ... someone who always defended him ... and I became the target of his venomous hatred. Does that sound normal to you? Hasn't this gone on long enough? I'm guessing Johnnie is at least 45 years old, and that you are at or near retirement age. Do you really want to spend your golden years cleaning up his messes and fighting with people every time they point out that he's done something wrong? Would it not be better for you, him, and everyone else, if you were to use your resources to get him the help that he so desperately needs? If he gets help and rehabilitates himself, I'll be the first one to petition a track to give him another chance. I sincerely mean that. We all make mistakes and we all go off track at some point. If a person sees the error of their ways, and sincerely wants to make things right, I am right there to lend a hand and offer forgiveness. However ... as long as he believes what he did was right, and you and Robyn continue to feed into his delusion, I am going to carry on this crusade to get him out of racing. It is a just and reasonable punishment for his actions ... past and present. All he has to do is take steps down the right [path, and all you have to do is open the door and push him down that path. The alternative is waiting for him to completely snap and possibly take someone's life. You don't need that. No mother does. But it is the direction he's been headed for the last 45 years.   It's time to change the path.   You know it as well as I do.   - Jay
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      Seriously?    I just don't understand the mentality of some fans. Someone explain how DIRTcar is the bad guy for scheduling a race on a rain date (which--knock on wood--most times aren't needed) even though Brett has scheduled a few of his races on the day of previously scheduled Super DIRTcar Series events.    As I've previously stated, I have absolutely no problem with Brett scheduling against Super DIRTcar Series events, just like I have no problem with DIRTcar scheduled on the rain date of a Short Track Super Series race.   There's nothing preventing DIRTcar from scheduling that race on May 19th, directly against Accord, but they didn't. It just blows my mind that they STILL somehow get backlash for that?    I guess I'll just be in the minority that hopes both Accord and Canandaigua have packed pit areas and full grandstands that week. 
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    Some fans like Malta...Some fans like the Ridge. Same with the drivers. Who Cares! Both tracks have their own uniqueness about them. The Ridge has been operating since 2004. I don't think it will be shutting it's doors anytime soon. It is what it is. Good ol' grass roots type racing. Even Tony Stewart and other big name drivers have raced at the Ridge and said it's a great little track. I Love Malta, but have only gone 3 times since Howard took over because the Ridge is just fun to watch some good old home town racing. The arguing and throwing stones back and forth is stupid. As race fans we all should be happy we have these two tracks to go to. Life is too short to sit and piss and moan about who's toy box is better. Go to your favorite track and take in the racing and have a good time. Isn't that what its all about? Fans should be more worried about taking their friends to the races that don't normally attend and try to get more people interested in becoming regular race fans. Let's keep this sport alive.
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    Just wanted to give everyone an update on dad . This morning at 8 am he went in for quadruple bypass surgery. He came through like a champ . Everything went perfect according to his drs. He will be up and moving soon . Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers. Our family is truly blessed with great friends. He will be on here as soon as he can I'm sure .
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    Or both???? I've been ready since I put the key in the iginion to leave last year!!       Well then this topic isn't for you--no need to even comment on it. Myself and thousands of friends will be at the mile having the time of our life like we do every year.