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    I hope your race at Fonda has 75 cars and that the spectator side of the fence is standing room only. I'll be happy if we get 35 cars at Canandaigua supporting the 1st ever Gerald Haers Memorial.
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    I have been going to Fonda since 1961. Started out in turn 1 and worked my way down to turn 4 turn by mid season and have been setting there ever since. Watching them come thru 3 and 4 is allsome. And down the homestretch is super.
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    I’m sorry to jumper. I mistook him for another guy on another site who made no sense. Sorry jumper!!
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    Canandaigua going into 3. Brewerton between 3 and 4. Mohawk coming off of 4. Can-am between 3 and 4. Airborne going into 1. Brockville between 1 and 2. Cornwall down the backstretch. Fonda like you said.
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    I went to Fonda last Saturday & i can tell you this: that track was tacky & was the closest to being a big block track I have seen in quite awhile. Ever since Craig Hanson has helped with the grader, that track has come around. I'm betting a big block runs away with it
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    RJ will not be there per his Facebook page.
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    Tell that to Jason Johnson, Bryan Clauson, or Greg Hodnett, among others. Oh wait..... you can not Go sell stupid somewhere else
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    Fonda is still going to have a great field of cars and be a good show! If 40 cars show up or 70, the place is going to be packed and it's still going to be an awesome time. As for the other part of this post, as I mentioned back over in the spring when this was a Super DIRTcar Series show (and was questioned before Paul Cole came on here and confirmed what I was saying), the track is who scheduled the race, not DIRTcar. DIRTcar and Paul Cole eventually got together and decided it was in the best interest of the drivers to make it a non-Series race so their guys didn't have to choose between racing for $53,000 or losing their contract status. Again, if they were actually preventing their guys from going to Fonda, Billy Decker wouldn't be entered in the Fonda 200 and Matt Sheppard wouldn't be thinking about running Fonda. The motor rules unfortunately are just keeping some of the guys that only have big blocks away. If you don't believe me, most of these guys are very approachable, go up and ask them.
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    Now if Sheppard doesnt go theres surely something going on with DirtCar. When 3 of the top 4 in all of dirt modified racing choose to race for about 10% of what they could race for doesnt make any sense.
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    Jmo but I dont really see anyone doing that. No one is gonna buy/mount all those tires for 1 night or less. You gotta be all in at one track or the other imo.
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    He is right about beer always cold and reasonable prices. Watch how fast the drivers get into three coming from backstretch. Its a fast, sweeping move and some of them are real good at it, passing cars in bunches. Fun to watch!
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    You are actually saying racing isn’t extremely dangerous????
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    Its now a way of life.... back in the 200 era every track that ran one got there weekend... those days are gone... I also understand only one guy is going to get the 53 but heck everyone buys lottery tickets... because on any given day it could be them... just saying...
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    Bob... We all want all tracks to have great show's.
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    or in two nights and 1 hotel room you could win $ 53,000.00 dollars...
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    If I'm a team I at least go to Fonda Friday and see how I do for the heat race since they're determined by draw. Following the heat race make a decision to stay or race elsewhere Saturday.
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