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    I posted this on Facebook, but want to post here as well - I want to take a moment hto thank our exceptional team of guys for the fantastic job covering Florida for Speedweeks. I don't know many other media outlets that had boots on the ground at so many different events. You guys provided race day coverage unlike no other media outlet. Thank you to everyone that made our last three weeks some of the best on DTD to date. Your hard work and dedication is second to none. Myself and all the other owners of DTD are grateful to have such amazing people as part of our team
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    I agree awesome Job and Great pictures to go along with the Articles
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    Sure glad I did my homework and research and went to the Super Dirt CAR Series website. I clicked on "Who we are" and then clicked on "Drivers" and now I know there are 14 Full time Drivers including Ryan Godown. It was easy to find. All listed right on their website.
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    Big thanks to all of you... You guys do a great job
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    Remember the days you'd get excited when the race schedules came out at the expo? And we didn't know who was following until a few races in. Now people are bitching and complaining when it's only February. Just have some patience people...
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    Great coverage of Florida dirt track racing on DTD. Thank You to all involved. Much appreciated
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    Great job guys....your dedication is much appreciated.
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    In this day and age probably insurance. They tend not to keep you around very long nowadays if they can get out of it. And I'm sure he had better than any of us.
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    I think the win has more to do with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) than Toyota. Ford dominated most of that race with Chevrolet coming a close second while Toyota was leading the Back Of the Pack most of the race, as for as the MFGS's go. Toyota won because of Multiple Pack racing Accidents. Besides that those cars are so far removed from the actual car, that to even call them a Ford, Chevy or Toyota is like calling a 50 foot oak tree a Tulip I do agree that the Picture of Ryan Newman with his Daughters was a breath of fresh air and Sunshine though. It's a true miracle he is walking and talking after that horrid crash
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    Doctor interview says he went from serious to critical but that’s not the important part because the doctor answered the how did he recover so quickly question by saying with support from his family, friends and prayers. I don’t think he was ever really hurt to begin with. I don’t know what there was to gain by “faking” it or exaggerating it other than him maybe wanting the attention of his wife but something is fishy about the whole thing. I’m happy he’s ok!