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    I was in Larsen's office when Shepard called and heard the whole conversation on speakerphone. Here is a transcript of the whole conversation ... Shepard: "That piece of $#*@ cost me a hundred grand". Larsen: "You finished third and you had plenty of time to get to the front". Shepard: "Okay. It was seventy grand. And he's still a piece of $#*@" Larsen: "Stop calling Mike names or I'll wrap that cape around your neck and choke the living $#*@ out of you". Shepard: "And I'll never race at your track again". Larsen: "Not even starting pole in the 200 in a Halmar car"? Shepard: " I already have the best car. I want your money". Larsen: "You'll have to win my money". Shepard: "I can't because you won't let me race at your piece of $#*@ track". Larsen: "This conversation is going nowhere, fast". Shepard: Then quit talking and start writing the check". Larsen: "How much?" Shepard: "Nothing. I just wanted to know that you would pay me". Larsen: "Okay. Then what's the problem? Just come down for Eastern States". Shepard: "Can I have Stewie's parking spot"? Larsen: "No" Shepard: "Then I'll take a Halmar car". Larsen: "No". Shepard: "A few minutes ago you said I could". Larsen: "Tough $#*@" Shepard: "I better at least get an apology from Gurda" Larsen. "Not happening. Again ... tough $#*@" Shepard: "Then what are you going to give me"? Larsen: "A chance to win the race that you've never been able to win". Shepard: "Okay. But you and Mike are still pieces of $#*@". Larsen: "And so are you, Matt". Shepard: "Thank you". Larsen: "You're welcome. See you at Eastern states in Victory Lane. You can present Stewie with the trophy". Shepard: "&%*# you and Gurda too. I'm winning it". Larsen. "We love you too. See you in October".
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    I'm not sure which is more impressive......Bretts 900+ wins, or the 900+ times you've talked about him.
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    Rez X Racing SDW update: 66x of Terrance Big Block and Small Block 7mm of Maresca Big Block and Small Block 18jr of Jackson Big Block and Small Block 15b of Ladouceur Sportsman and possible Small Block
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    That's easy to explain. He had a lot better chance of winning at Malta then he did at Brewerton. I'm sure is what made more sense for him $$ wise. Closer to home as well. And for all those on here that have an issue with him or any Modified driver running at Devils Bowl, Sportsman Modifieds are their top division and they allow ANY driver to compete. WHAT PART OF THIS IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?????
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    Uploading an interview I did with Stewart Friesen tonight at Fonda Speedway where he won in his new Bicknell. Link to video on our site: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=33188
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    Then you tell them, when the pro stocks come out.
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    Great opportunity for tracks to get some additional revenue....might also lead to a few families giving the races a try at some point.
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    Kids love watching destruction this way. I think adults just get their fix by watching the news
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    RIP72, you have always had all the answers & solutions to every one of the issues WRG faces on a daily, weekly, monthly & yearly basis. Mike Perrotte announced his retirement from the DIRTcar Northeast Series Director position in February 2018. WRG made it publicly known they were accepting resumés. With your vast knowledge, expertise, solutions & your insatiable personality, why don’t I recall hearing of your resumé being received? You would have been the most qualified candidate for the position. Perhaps next time........
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    All they got to do is put some water on the track and stop running these slick tracks and they won,t have to worry about the w16
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    This is spot on. I always cringe when someone on the Internet will try to make the case that freedom of speech means something other than what Devin said. The Constitution was not Madison, Hamilton, Franklin and the like creating a perfect document that said Northeast dirt track drivers can call track officials pieces of shit without consequence. For that matter, see how long the freedom of speech argument lasts if you call management at a place of employment pieces of shit either in person or online.
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    And he didn't go to jail just as the constitution promised
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    I think they should have stuck to their guns and said you are out for this year, but you can come back in the future. As a professional, Matt should always conduct himself in a professional manner. He would have learned a valuable lesson by losing the STSS championship because of his outburst and the possibility of the Eastern States Paycheck.
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    Not me. High 60's Low 70's and overcast is what I'm praying for. Either way no rain is the important part 😀
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    The Therrien brothers Alan (39a) and Alex (39x) will be there with their 358s.
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    👍😄 Thank You RJO! The Fulton 200 will go on regardless of whether or not Sheppard is there. If your hard on is to only go to races that the 9s attends? Stay home or go to another track that weekend. hello...….
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    Just do not count any caution laps. Freeze it. Not that hard EZ PZ JAPANEZ
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    He might...he once again is focused purely on racing....and has complete disregard for all equipment....there are a shit load of guys that outperform Danny every weekend in lesser equipment, why does he still get rides?
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    Baseball plays in dirt too! Just about every topic runs its course here, and eventually ends up going in different directions. The thing that annoys me is when someone starts a thread, someone else immediately strays off topic, and doesn't allow the original question to get answered. After the thread runs its course, not a problem. Some of the more interesting talk here has been off topic talk.
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    98h the car is way more talented then the driver, IMO
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    Pete Rose talk on a dirt forum... who would have thought that?!
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    I am wearing my 5h shirt to offer support for who I'd like to read about tomorrow...
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    The fastest guys will start up front. But it will only be a handful of laps before they all need to negotiate the traffic. There is usually some good racing up there. I have not been to Brewerton at all this season. But I am looking forward to going tonight. I think it will be a good show
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    the stands were not full for a 100000.00 lol and everyone was there