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    Have to laugh at these posts.. Dave is a great guy and a hard worker for his money. I'm sure this is his way of having fun and getting away from the hectic work environment, much as it is for me and my team/family. The series field is a tough group of guys. We've been fortunate enough to have some great runs, but we've also had races where we struggle and get lapped once or twice when we completely miss on setup. Does this mean myself, and anyone who's struggled at times should hang it up and hire someone? Much like Dave, and many other teams who drive for themselves or fund themselves, we do it because we are blessed enough to do so and enjoy the heck out of it.
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    More often than not, you continually see people on here writing "we need new drivers on the tour" and "you can't keep promoting the same guys from the '80's and '90's", but when a bunch of new guys sign up for Platinum status and intend to follow the entire tour, you hear "they're a bunch of nobodies", "they just aren't that interesting", "why is [insert name here] even bothering following the tour", etc. Well, what do you want; the same old guys from the '80's or do you want new blood in the series? You can't have it both ways. It takes time for these new drivers to build the skill and notebook that is required to be successful on the tour. Matt Sheppard has been around for a while and is arguably the top driver in the Northeast. You can't expect these new drivers to show up, first year on the tour and de-thrown somebody like Matt. We are so quick to criticize everything and everyone on here... it's almost disturbing. What did you all do before the days of the internet?
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    Here's your bi-weekly reminder that you're allowed to be a fan of the STSS and the SDS! Hell, you can even be a fan of weekly racing, too! We've had so much good news this off-season, yet when every single announcement comes the thread on here gets hijacked. Everyone just uses it to knock this track or that; this series or that series. I can't be the only one that just gets excited when stuff like this comes out, right?
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    Pretty typical of this forum. People bitch and complain that the SDS purse is too low. It then gets raised and all then its bitching and complaining about that the price at the gates are going to go up. You friggin people are unbelievable.
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    Who cares about working men or non working men... its Modified racing paying a decent purse... My god people whine about everything.
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    Why hate on someone that is trying to help the sport? Whether you like her or not, she is doing a lot more positive things for this sport than those who constantly post negative things on here.
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    I hate to contribute to hijacked threads, so I apologize in advance, but... When Chew and Gypsum announced at the start of the year they weren't following the tour, lots of people said that made the tour weak. Now, they're back; along with Huttig (who only actually ran the whole tour once before when Cozze drove for them), Searock, second Graham entry, etc and it's still a knock on the tour because they've all "done it before"? As for wanting a smaller team to cheer for, seriously, support Jack Lehner. Super talented and super friendly young driver doing it on the family budget and with a very small crew. For the record, I'd like to point out that I love the Short Track Super Series (seriously, you're allowed to enjoy both tours), but I don't know where this whole idea that the guys running the STSS are small teams. I distinctively remember people talking about "little guys" getting wins when Mike Gular won at OCFS and when Jeremy Smith won at Afton. Jeremy Smith's shop is filled with an arsenal of at least 4 cars, Gular's owner Terry Fasnacht has 4 cars ready to go for this season as is going to have another built mid-season (per DTD's own Ken Bruce). It also shouldn't be a bad thing that the professional teams (Hyneman, Superior, Hansell, Herman, Vahlsing, Behrent, Sommeling, HAS, Roberts, Fastnacht, Smith, etc) from outside of Central NY are able to get their just due thanks to the STSS. Yes, I'm aware that DIRT scheduled against the Fonda 200 this year, yes, I'm aware Deyo schedules against SDW for the last 10+ years. Even so, I just don't understand why it seems that if people prefer one they feel the need to put down the other.
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    If your post is missing, I deleted it. I don't give a rats ass what other topics we talk about on this forum, but politics will NOT be one of them. We can't drive down the street with the radio on and not have politics crammed down our throats. We can't watch TV without having politics shoved up our asses clear to the elbow. We can't even get on social media without some amateur politician accusing the other side about everything and preaching to everyone that they know all of the answers. DTD should be a sanctuary from that horseshit and it will remain so as long as I have anything to say about it.
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    Half this site bought it!
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    To make things abundantly clear and eliminate all the rumor mongering: I requested and received a SDS race sanctioned for September 28th at Land of Legends. There was no DIRTcar event scheduled for that weekend and is a great opportunity for the track and our fans. Since there is no other Hoosier/VP Modified racing going on in a 250 mile radius and operating a DIRT race track means having such races, this became an easy decision. We have organized a fantastic event that will be lucrative for dozens of race teams and offering fans a great show for their money. High drama heat races, sensational last chance qualifiers and a high speed 50 lap finale where every driver in the top 20 goes home with $1000 or more. I also made the decision to change it to a non-points race as a courtesy to the few SDS Platinum drivers who have other cars in their stable. Whether they race sprint cars, NASCAR Trucks, or Late Models, they can choose where their best opportunity to make a living exists for them lies each week. I respect those businessmen making an investment into racing, no less than they should respect me for giving them opportunities to profit from that investment. There are over 180 DIRT legal Big Block and 358 Modifieds eligible for this race, and probably another 200+ Sportsman modifieds that might be found in Canandaigua on September 28th. We will have a great show and hope that if you can't make it to Land of Legends that night, you get out to some dirt track near you and support the sport as a whole. The season will open next week on April 20th with the Cabin Fever 40 Sportsman, Big Blocks, 305 Sprints and Street Stocks. Have a great season. Paul Cole Promoter and President Land of Legends Raceway
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    I trap squirrels, place their nuts between two boards, then video. It's a hoot.
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    I've been having fun posting all kinds of nostalgia stuff on my facebook page and you know what? Nobody complains. I don't click on every thread when I come here, just the ones that interest me most. Every now and then I click on the others to keep caught up. One thing I've noticed over the years... We've got some of the best racing to be found anywhere in the country, and some of the worst fans who intently look for shit to complain about.
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    Yet here you are commenting on every thread on the forum.
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    Just got word that they were able to bring him back , get him to hospital and is in surgery now getting a stint put in:) thank you to everyone that had a part. I'll remember having a guys life saved more than I will the great race.
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    Thank You to Pete, Matt and the entire Demitraszik Family for promoting Fonda Speedway for the past three seasons. Thanks for giving fans and race teams a place to enjoy Saturday nights. Best of luck in your future endeavors!!!!!!
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    Because Fonda hasn't started yet.
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    I dare anyone to say with a straight face that Doug Hoffman, Jimmy Horton, Pauch, Toby Tobias, Chamberlain, Fitzcharles, Brenn, Budd Olsen, Frankie Schnieder, Carl Van Horn, Kenny Brightbill, Craig Von Dohren, Duane Howard and Jeff Strunk are/were not among the best Modified drivers in their generation. To say that the NJ/PA guys can't win without bashing through the field is just plain wrong. It kind of verges on the PA Posse vs. Outlaws whinefest.
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    That is nothing. Just a couple weeks ago, I read about a track where people were throwing a football around before the races. The destroyed passenger cars left behind looked like a scene straight out of Bagdhad or Kabul.
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    Three things less likely than one of Grandview (Pa.) Speedway's Big Three winning the track's marquee event: John Williams votes Democrat, foster gushes about Danny Johnson, a DTD poster claims Glenn Donnelly was screwed over by the governor of New York. Yeah, another Freedom 76 has come and gone and one of Grandview's Big Three won yet again. Duane Howard started fifth in the 34-car field Saturday night, took the lead from Ryan Godown on lap 30, then cruised to the $25,000+ win over the final 15 caution-free laps. The win was Howard's sixth in the event as he, Jeff Strunk and Craig Von Dohren have now combined to win the race 17 times. The top five Saturday night: 1. 357 Duane Howard (fifth starting spot) 2. 26 Ryan Godown (fourth starting spot) 3. 1c Craig Von Dohren (29th starting spot) 4. 19 Jared Umbenhauer (22nd starting spot) 5. 44 Stewart Friesen (28th starting spot and from the rear three times) in his Victory Lane interview, Howard seemed a lot more animated than usual. He commented that he was junk all year long, that he had not won a Saturday night feature at Grandview last year or this year. Howard said the car was junk in the heat and the team went off the wall with the set up for the feature because he knew they could not win with the way the car was in the heat. By the middle of the feature, he knew the car was great because it would roll right through the black. Howard also said that car owner Norm Hansell is not always smiling, but he always gives [Howard] what he needs to win. Howard further said that Godown tried to pinch him down on the bottom on a midrace restart. Howard said the two banged wheels and he was just glad not to get a flat from the exchange. ** Pole starter Richie Pratt Jr. led the first 14 laps in Kyle Borror's No. B4 before ceding the lead to Godown. Howard's winning pass came on a lap 30 restart. While Godown did occasionally draw near in slower traffic at the midpoint of the race, Howard pulled away over the final 15 laps to win by nearly a straightaway. ** Seven-time Freedom 76 winner Jeff Strunk moved from 17th starting spot to the top five in the opening 22 laps. Strunk looked like a real threat for the win until his night ended after getting pinched into the backstretch wall while battling for fourth place with Mike Gular. Strunk's slowing car was then slammed into by the oncoming Skylar Sherriff, ending each of their nights. ** Craig Von Dohren and Stewart Friesen each salvaged top fives after miserable starts to the evening. Both Von Dohren and Friesen were exiled to the Minuteman 20 last chance race after each drew last starting spot in his heat. Von Dohren kept his nose clean the entire race, and was coming quickly from 29th starting spot over the final 15 laps as the track became increasingly slow and slippery. Von Dohren was all over Godown for the runner-up finish in the closing laps before ultimately settling for third. Friesen started 28th and went to the rear three separate times before ending up fifth. He was involved in two of the race's three red flag incidents, a pile-up in the first turn on lap 20 and a pile up in the third turn six laps later. Friesen restarted at the rear on laps 20, 26 and 29. ** The Freedom 76 often suffers from a rash of cautions early in the event before settling into long stretches of green-flag racing as the field gets whittled down. That was not the case Saturday night. The feature was slowed by seven cautions and three red flag periods. The biggest accident was a 10-car mishap in the third turn that saw early race leader Richie Pratt Jr. flip and Billy Pauch Jr. get cradled off. After slamming into Jeff Strunk's slowing car on lap 30, Skylar Sherriff was treated by track medical personnel for a leg injury. ** Orange Country (N.Y.) and Accord (N.Y.) champion Anthony Perrego looked like a real threat for a top three finish before fading from third to an eventual sixth place finish over the final 15 laps. He lost a top five finish to Friesen two laps from the conclusion. ** Sixty-five cars attempted to qualify for the show, including DIRTCar star Alan Johnson. Johnson won the first heat off the pole in Brett Kressley's car, but was never a factor in the feature. A.J. ultimately was knocked from the event after losing a wheel on lap 55. ** Grandview Sportsman champion Louden Reimert, just 17, looked impressive as hell in his heat, holding off Ryan Watt and Friesen to qualify. ** Dust seemed even more horrific than usual for a Sixer, although FFTR found escaping the fourth turn auxiliary parking lot mudpit to be dicey at best. ** Saturday night was the 34th straight Freedom 76 I have seen. Over the last 10 years, there were so many amazing battles through lapped traffic for the win that this year's edition was not one of the more memorable Sixers, IMO. I will, however, concede the point that it does disappoint me that the race is far from the wide-open, unpredictable affair it was in the 1980s and '90s. ** I now need to wash the dust from my eyes, nose and ears. That should be about a three-day project.
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    How this thread started:
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    And what is wrong with talking about a related topic? It wasn't rude or disparaging to anyone. You are the reason I come here about twice a month, if that.
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    Not for nothing but what is the reason all you guys with the chubby have to constantly argue or claim Hearn is the best, sheppard is the best, the dr is the best etc, etc etc. who cares? Go to the races and watch the actual race and not be fixated on one driver.
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    Speaking as a driver/owner of a Vintage Modified, I'm embarrassed by what I see being said in this topic. Vintage raciing means something a little different to everyone involved in the division, but our end goal is the same... showing the fans what dirt racing looked like back throughout the years. I for one, am a purist. I have a car that I built to be a tribute to my all time favorite car that Kenny Tremont raced to a victory at the New York State Fairgrounds Labor Day Race, back in 1987. The car is a true to form, 1986 Olsen Eagle, and my crew and I went to extensive lengths to make this car as period correct as possible. In my opinion, I'd say it's about 97% correct to the actual Olsen car that Kenny raced back in the mid 1980's. My reason for building this car the way I did, was two-fold. First I wanted to pay tribute to a family that taught me a lot about racing back in my teenage years; and second, I wanted people to see the car and say, "Hey, I remember that car!" But being a purist, I have no issue racing (yes, I race it hard) along side of a guy (or gal) that has a newer chassis with and older body, and wants to get out on the track and have a little fun (it IS supposed to be fun, right?) There are a good number of vintage race cars currently in competition, but not enough to be feuding like this. However, as of late, it appears to be only one organization in the mix that can't seem to play well with others, and that's the DMNT. Last season, I raced with several different vintage organizations, and had a blast all season. I even made it to a DMNT race at Airborne Park Speedway. While my night was cut short due to a mechanical failure, I still had the chance to meet a new group of racers, and made some new friends. But what I'm seeing in this topic, being posted by someone from the DMNT is in my opinion, disgusting. Throwing out insults about other series cars and people simply is not acceptable to me. Labeling others as selfish, technically illiterate narcissists; referring to others cars as misfit toys; advising another poster to "shut the hell up," is certainly not a way a professional organization should act. And I certainly don't want people to see my car, and think that I'm associated with an organization like that. Therefore, I respectfully request that the DMNT webmaster remove my profile from your website immediately. As for the Nostalgia Night scheduled for August 3rd at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, it is a show that am looking forward to being a part of! It will be a chance to meet several of the drivers from the Valley's rich history, and a chance to see a number of cars you might remember at the Valley from decades ago. Bringing back memories is what it should be about. It's also nice to see that the Classics on Dirt, Champlain Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds, Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds, and Northeast Vintage Dirt Modifieds can all work together to help make this night memorable for the fans. Thanks for letting me vent. Dan Wood, 115 Vintage Dirt Modified
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    160 laps for $100K in cold cash is, in fact, the biggest cash payout in the history of BB Mod racing. Ergo, you can easily argue that this one race is the biggest race in the history of Modified racing. Others may have more prestige, but this is the only one of these there's going to be. How important is it to take a shot at a once in a lifetime chance? As for running it on a Saturday night, you'd be an absolute fool to run this on a weeknight. Saturday night means everyone can go and you have Sunday afternoon for a rain date if needed. I simply cannot imagine everyone and their brother who like Modified racing not being at OCFS for this one.
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    Here is the part of the rule book that was clearly posted for the event. By your continuous stupid comments i'm going to say you either aren't a racer or have been caught with an aluminum water pump. To answer the rest of your questions, we race at LVS. We won the championship the past two seasons without running any illegal parts so i guess it's up to you to decide if we are a back marker or not. The only teams that would justify illegal parts are those that have been caught with them or bleacher drivers that think they have all the answers. Which one are you?