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    The PA governor also said tracks needed to stay closed. How did that work out? I still say sitting on a bench seat outdoors is far less risky than going inside a Wal Mart. Especially when people pick up items and place them back all day long. In some cases 24 hrs a day. jmo
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    The guy on the ladder is in charge of rolling up the windows when rain is in the forecast.
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    I think if we run every small business into the ground and close all the race tracks permanently we can finally beat this virus. Then what? All the places that you used go, closed. The restaurants, bars, racetracks. That's ok, because most people won't have a job to pay go anywhere. Just hang around at the shelter with all the others who couldn't pay their rent or mortgage. Just keep believing king Andy will save us.
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    Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf announced new restrictions today saying he does not want Pennsylvania to end up like Florida , Texas , Arizona etc. where covid cases are rising dramatically.
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    Sure seems that way by this link. https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/fox-35-exclusive-labs-directed-to-only-report-positive-covid-19-tests Wonder how many states doing this..
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    The tracks here opened when there was a 250 person limit at outdoor gatherings. I don’t expect to see anything actually change here as far as tracks racing. PA Is also a place where the people in charge of actually enforcing the governor’s orders have all basically told him that they’re not going to enforce em. Wolf pissed off all the police departments months ago.
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    No, and that makes it very difficult if you are a Walmart driver and wake up in the middle of the night with a stomach cramp that signals that no matter where you are, in less than 5 minutes something is going to happen. Like it or not.
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    I'd be surprised if they didn't... same thing with Ohio. The Doty was packed last night and WoO announced they're coming back in a week and a half. Place looked packed, which is a promoter's dream but still risky in my opinion.
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    I believe Weedsport was scanned quite a while ago. They just got around to working on it.
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    You've been riding a unicycle on a tight rope with your political rants for quite some time now. Tonight you fell into the net. Nothing permanent, but you need to give it a rest. See you on 8/15. For everyone else... It's the opinionated stuff like this post right here that gets you in trouble. We see it all day - every day on every form of social media that exists. This website/forum should be a sanctuary. A place to get away from it all and as long as I have keys to the control room, it's going to stay that way.. This one is locked.
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    Fonda Speedway management is delusional. Go to the source of the problem if you want to place blame. Donnie "Fake News" Trump is the reason we are not able to attend racing. The self admitted sexual predator managed the virus by hoping it would just go away. He thinks leadership is going on twitter and calling people names. His child-like mentality has done so much damage to this country it will be quite awhile before we get back to somewhat normalcy. He will be remembered as the worst president ever. He has been exposed as a total fraud. He is in debt up to eyeballs and thats one of the reasons he hides his tax returns. The banks will not touch him. He carries too much debt and there are only 2 banks he could find that would still work with him. Donnie The Con Man .
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    You really think the virus would have been 'put to bed' if Fonda waited 1 more month? Seriously?
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    I guess if EVERYTHING we are told WAS true then maybe there would be more belief around the country. Florida is reported to be such a hot zone, max capacity at hospitals and icu’s, shortage of supplies, yet family and friends that Actually live there claim and have shown pictures pf just the oposite. So when someone lies to me once, its game over. If anyone could have shopped at home depot for the last 3 1/2 months with NO mask and no one was ever traced to getting the virus inside those stores, how the hell could I get it standing outside ? The virus is real, if you have health issues and get it, it COULD be bad for you. 99% of the WORLD population recovers 100% after having it, that means there are other thing’s that are Actually more dangerous day to day then Covid-19!! Facts, not political bs!! Dont feel safe, stay home, otherwise in A Democracy I have the right to do what legally I want, more facts once again!!
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    Jmo and observation from reading and watching news. Jumping right back into things has worked absolutely awesome for Florida, Texas and California to name a few.
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    so all of the other deaths not covid 19 are so inconsequential we dont acknowledge them anymore..
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    You should be watching the whole show on Floracing. Racing is just friggen awesome.
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    Like many said the WOO Sprints for PS2 is great! As a kid, I fed way too many quarters into Ivan Stewart's off-road.
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    The only correct answer is the 2002 WoO PS2 game. No other "game" comes close. Iracing is obviously in its own league but that is a sim. Saturday night speedway was also pretty decent. I played that for quite a few hours in a late model and the midget class.
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