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    The idea is two fold. First priority is trying to limit rear downforce some. Modern late models have manipulated the attitude of the car to the point of they are now almost a modernized version of the wedges from the early 80’s. Second priority is lowering the center of gravity of the cars, which ends up being pretty high at full droop. There have been quite a lot of flips in the last few years and they’re hoping lowering the CoG should keep them right side up a little better.
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    Yes And it was the late models turn to help pack the track in on Friday night when it rained. I'm thinking that had A LOT to do with guys deciding not to run. They didn't want to mud up their race cars, and its a shame because my personal opinion is that both races on Friday were the best races of the entire week.
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    It wasn't always like it is now. These days, there's slick and then there's New York slick which in many cases is an abomination of dirt track racing. There are some tracks in the northeast (I include Canada) that still have decent tacky surfaces, they are just in the minority and in many cases run 358's. There are many who enjoy NY slick. Personally, watching 850 HP cars tip toe around a race track doesn't appeal to me.
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    He is never going to win another race at all....Lucky if he ever sees a top 5, just A field filler now
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    I would go with a Full Floater suspension on rough track surfaces.
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    Apparently Matt is all washed up and should get a haircut and a real job.
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    mono shock? did not that debut on the YZ465? 😆
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    Matt Williamson could have a shot if 358 wins count....Larry could as well.....but realistically nobody is winning more than sheppard....volusia doesn’t mean anything pertaining to racing back in the northeast
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    Agreed, probably considering returning to the sportsman class.
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    So stupid....this shouldn't even be possible. With a RaceCeiver and all of the people they have around there is no reason a guy gets back to the trailer in this case, and if he does there should be an official on a 4 wheeler or golf cart right behind him turning him around to go back to tech.
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    The money and funding at the top of this division has really gone to the next level. The idea of a championship caliber car pulling into the pits on the back of a ramp truck seems like a lifetime ago. In a way I guess it was. I’m 41 but man do I pine for the days of yesteryear. And not just racing either. I remember going to hockey games and watching 7-5 finals with 2-3 heavyweight fights mixed in. The older I get the more nostalgic I become.
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    Weedsport is a great facility ......except for the track surface. I go about once a year and that's enough for me. The features can have some decent racing but seems like almost no passing until then.
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    Always nice to have new fans but please don't tell him to go from a racy fast track like Volusia to the ultimate ice rink in Weedsport. I have been a dirt modified fan for almost 50 years and if Weedsport was one of the first i saw I probably wouldn't be a fan today.