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    I think the solution to your problem is pretty simple. Start your own vlog.
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    It never ceases to amaze me to watch people finding fault with anything anyone ever does. If you don't like Mandee's vlog perhaps you shouldn't watch it. Why shoud she give equal time to other competitors? I just don't get the amount of hate being shown by small minded people who are mostly too embarrassed to give their own real names when they make comments about what other people do or should do?
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    I agree, she should dump her boyfriend and hook up with Williamson,.then she should get Hearn to adopt her. Mix it up a bit Mandee
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    Mandee often says that her videos are a snapshot of her involvement in racing and comes from the daily activities of her dad, brother and Mike. It is not meant to be an interview type show with other drivers.... Her videos are not required watching.... you need to go looking for her videos ... sooooo if you do not like them... don't click on. We really enjoy Mandee , Mike and family.
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    I hate to indulge in conspiracy theories ... but Good Lord does NASCAR seem to screw over Stewie all the time with bad calls. There seems to be a pattern there.
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    You obviously watch them and then bitch about what's on them, and then watch again? Makes sense to me.
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    Im 100% positive that she knows this already (that there's more to racing than those 3 drivers). She's a smart girl and knows racing. To put things in perspective, she does interview other drivers but those interviews are thru floracing or whoever she is working for. Her vlog is really just about her world and what's going on in it. So, her world is her dad, brother, and Mike as far as drivers and in no particular order. You're not forced to watch her vlogs. Plus, I'm sure other drivers don't want to give a recap every race like Mike, her brother, and dad. Im honestly surprised Mike does it all the time only because I would think he'd want to hold his cards closer to his chest sometimes.
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    Pole Austin Hill 27.02 Outside pole Stewart Friesen 27.04.....
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    Gary is easily one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I had the privilege back about 5 years ago at the world finals NC. To carry the NY flag with Gary. I chatted with him The whole time. I called him a legend. He just chuckled. Great guy.
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    Simmer down white knights. She wanted to be a public figure in racing, so she will be subject to criticism (or "hate"). It comes with the territory. I don't blame her for putting on short shorts and making videos. Her dad and brother got all the talent, so she has to get in the spotlight somehow. Why not capitalize on the Pauch name and use her youthful looks while she still can. As long as she's getting clicks, likes, and follows she's doing what she set out to do. The more people talk about her the more exposure she gets. You're welcome, Mandee.
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    Is the bigger question (and we could use last nights race at Charlotte as an example), why is 3/4 of the cautions caused by drivers slowing with flats. Maybe the issue isn't giving guys a break but why are there so many flat tires? The amount of cautions for flat tires just kills the momentum of a race.
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    In a Dirt mod race.... guy cuts a tire.... slows to bring out yellow. I rather have that driver be able to change tire and get back in the race without a lap lost. I go to the races to be entertained..... I don’t want to see a guy have zero chance over a simple cut tire. Dirt is not nascar. When the races are no longer entertaining..... the bleachers will be empty.
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    Like I’ve said before she’s great at what she does and gives good info on the tracks and racing. But man the the hand gestures and facial expressions are unbearable.
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    Her vlog circles around her racing family, I think she does a fine job.If you think she’s not interviewing other drivers thats probably why it’s called her vlog, she updates everyone on her family and Mike at the races, I enjoy them a lot, she handles herself very professionally, she also does a good job when she works with other broadcasts, keep up the good work young lady.
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    I like dirt racing in general. I don't get the proverbial chubby for just one class.
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    Really hope to see GT in that car at Canandaigua that he's in at Dirt Nationals, next year!
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    Nascar penalized bubba for bringing out a yellow. Which begs the question when will DIRT and the local tracks finally step up. We see it at local tracks sometimes multiple times in a single races
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    Someone please tell Mandee that theres more to racing than the same video every day of dad, brother and mike. You want to be an ambassador of the sport. Interview other drivers. the same video everyday is boring
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    Stew is probably the most talented racer that has come from our corner of the country....and he is one of the most talented drivers to enter nascar recently....nascrap has their work cut out for themselves if they plan on stopping him from winning now that he and the team have things figured out. Guys have been trying to slow him down for years here...hasn’t happened yet.
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    Made in Germany vs Made in America
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    That kind of dedication is admirable ... but there aren't a lot of folks willing to do that every week. I personally want to see great racing, I don't care if it is mini-stocks, Pro Stocks, Sportsman, Micro-sprints or Legends. I've been to a lot of tracks on a lot of nights where the Street Stocks or Sportsman put the Modifieds to shame in terms of racing ... every night is different, that's the nature of racing. I love the Modifieds but I worry about their viability as a weekly division up here -- car counts are great for the big special events, but for weekly racing in Northern NY, the 358s are really dwindling. 20 years ago, Can-Am and Frogtown both pulled full fields competing head to head. Now, you would barely get a full field some nights if you put both tracks' fields combined together. It's a little concerning.
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    Hunter49, by your statement every bb/sb race you have seen has been outstanding? You have never seen one that is a caution fest? do tell what track you attend so we all can come check it out and see for ourselves I've seen 4cyl races that put the mods to shame, and I've seen it the other way around with every class. They all have a bad night on occasion.
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    Your 100% correct...everyone forgets the added costs to be competitive....fuel, tires, shocks, general maintenance. On top of that a super competitive sportsman guy that’s in the top 5 each night will be taking a pay cut most nights in a 358. Kevin root would not make anywhere near as much money next year in a small block. The sportsman class is not only fairly affordable compared to a modified, but there is a ton of good paying sportsman races. The top guys have no reason to move up.
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    Lets try leaf springs
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