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    One thing about this whole rights thing ... if you are a citizen, you have responsibilities, too. A primary responsibility is to not contribute to spreading a deadly disease. You want to kill yourself, that's your choice. But the problem is that you, by being careless and reckless, not wearing a mask, gathering in large groups, are at much, much higher risk of spreading the diesease to others that can be vulnerable. I'm glad I am taking every precaution I can to make sure I don't expose my child, who has a vulnerable health condition, or my parents who are elderly and are vulnerable. I have friends all over my community who are in the same boat -- they are in good health and likely to survive a bout of rona, but they have loved ones who are at risk. I am really glad I'm not going to have to look my dying child in the face and say, "Hey sorry you got this, but I got to see a hell of a feature." That's not your rights, that's just being a selfish asshole. And life is too short to waste time arguing with people who want to be assholes. This is not about YOU. It is about everyone else, everyone you come into contact with. It is about being a decent human being. Anyone who decides that their rights to get a burger at Applebees or attend a stock car risk is more important that being a big boy and not spreading a killer disease , not being directly responsible for killing other vulnerable people is a reprehensible human being. And the law is on my side of the argument -- we saw with the AIDS epidemic -- when people knowingly spread HIV to their partners and did not take precautions, they were found legally responsible for the deaths of those people. So get over yourselves, people, and do the right thing. And anyone who disagrees with me can go fuck themselves. End of discussion.
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    Death rates due to Covid are actually higher than predicted. The original projection was that approx 1% would die from Covid. 2,690,000 infections; 129,000 deaths; 4.7% death rate overall As of yesterday, 43,865 US new cases confirmed, new 613 deaths, which brings us down to 1.39%, which is an improvement. Spread across the entire population if the disease would be allowed to run rampant, which is what happens if we just open everything up, that equates to "only" 4 million deaths. Still, if we live in a country where it is socially acceptable to just let 1% of the population die over the course of a few months for political expediency, we can no longer be considered civilized. Covid 19 is, within 5 months, officially, the sixth biggest fatality disaster in American history, only trailing World War II, Civil War, World War I, 1918 Spanish Flu and the systematic slaughter of the indigenous population as European settlers slaughtered their way across the continent.
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    I am just going to say it. The only people who live life this miserable are the ones that sit down when they pee. Assuming the author of this post is a male, then this would mean tiny wiener syndrome. Sorry about your luck, dude.
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    Okay... As a former and flagger and race director, allow me to shed some light... Ill start with the giving guys signals to their lead... I hate it... but its just my opinion... Ive only done with classes such as the Vintage cars, who are more about putting on a good show verus actually racing for something... I think its actually an unfair advantage to the leaders over the others... but thats my opinion, and Im sure it varies with others... Now the flaggers importance... In the tower, you can see as much, hear as much, and probably the biggest thing I lacked in the tower versus track side is smell as much... I could smell the burning clutch or dragging brakes, the burning oil smell for an engine about to expire or the rubber from a tire rub... or GAS... when someone forgot there fuel cell cap or it came dislodged some how... You can see the drip streaks on the track of fluids and your "Feet on the ground" for track conditions.. sometimes it can be slippery as heck, but not look it... Your there to feel the rain when it starts... in the tower, you get NONE of that... And the real importance of the flagger... You are a part of the show... I hate the boring flaggers that can barely wave a flag... put a little panache into it... doing some tricks, wave the double checkers.. have fun with it and make it look good... I always hated drivers getting told to go to the rear on the one way first, I always wanted my flagger to show them before I said it... thats as much of a part of the show as the crowd goes nuts with it... Theres a line in the sand tho... Your job has a real purpose, but the fancy flag waving is theatrics... You need the "boots on the ground", the head flagger and the corner marshalls are incredibly important. Now... I will say this, and it might aggravate some people I look up to and respect... The race director position came about when the flaggers of yesteryear started to age, and waving flags and climbing that flagstand started to get tougher and tougher... they had the skills and the knowledge from being in charge, kept that, and moved to the tower... with the 1 way radios and electronic scoring, having that person in the tower with a broader overview almost supervising the flagger and corner marshalls really helps the show move along quickly and more smoothly as far as the racing aspect goes, but like anything, having the right people in the right places, and being a solid cohesive unit always helps, just like anything,... Can it be done without corner marshalls? Yes, can it be done without a head flagger? Yes, can it be done without a race director? Yes... Is it ideal? Hell No.
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    The flag man has far more responsibility than just waving a flag.....and it’s very hard to find one as good as Farney.
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    I will never understand how any dolt can make this into a political stance! I LOVE dirt track racing as much as anybody, but simply due to the fact that Governor Cuomo is a Democrat, all of the sheep on the right leaning side want to play the part of a victim. Can we all just agree that we all want to be able to see racing LIVE and in the stands and realize that the measures being taken are for the good OF US ALL ??
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    You're right, I should have known better. Back off topic. I'm going to Canandaigua tonight and I'm not watching the flagman at all. If I get confused I'll just look up on the roof and see where Miller has his camera pointed and look there.
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    Mr. Miller some how you turned this in to a Political discussion all by yourself.. Some were walking the line, but were keeping it about racing.. You broke your own rule sir. Can we get back to how it's affecting racing. Point fingers while giving your political opinion twist on someone's statement does not help the situation. Just lock this thread now please.
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    Oh ok, I get it now. Have to admit he did something right when you look around at other parts of the country. I do believe that if guidelines (masks and social distancing) are followed then all of our tracks should be able to open if we just abide by some simple rules. Great to see tracks opening now with spectators as long as their behavior doesn't mimic the morons on the beaches and in the bars of Florida and other states. Now Florida is shutdown and things are not looking good. Lets hope we can all make it out to our local tracks this week and enjoy some racing folks. Lets be smart and lets have some fun! Good luck everybody!
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    rpm72, you better look again... SOME of us did what we were asked to do and flattened the curve. MANY OTHERS think this is a hoax or a joke and now its spreading like wild fire. Very shortly you will see layoffs at restaurants, bars, hotels and airlines because ignorant assholes couldn't wear a mask or social distance. This could have all been solved early on if it was handled properly. We are going backwards because of irresponsible behavior and not being respectful of others.
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    Your 300 posts about it say otherwise....
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    I trust we aren’t suggesting that a gun and shutting things down would have the same results as it relates to protecting someone from contracting a virus? The steps taken in March absolutely saved lives. Reopening before it was safe took lives. We can argue the merits of safety vs the economy but I don’t think it can be debated that the restrictions and reopenings held significant cause and effects on lives. Again, the government failed the people. All were to blame at various levels on both sides. The money should have gone to the people and not Fortune 500 companies. It should have been used to rescue people from financial hardship and not to boost the S&P. It should have made the restrictions a forcing function but that’s not what happened and as a result desperate people did desperate things that placed them and those they came into contact at risk. Do people know just how much the Fed is spending every single day to buy corporate bonds right now to prop up the market? It’s Billions with a B and that’s daily with a D. Put your head around that for a minute. Wall Street came before Main Street. Sad. So sad
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    It didn't work out. long story.
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    Copied from an accomplished writer friend of mine: Judging from the whoops and hollers wafting in via the Facebook news-feed machine, I figure the entire population of this roiling country is split into six groups when it comes to what intellectuals call “this here pandemic.” (1) Those who think the whole thing is a hoax tied to the U.S. presidential election. You’re better off debating this point not on social media, but in person, so you can watch these dopes go slack-jawed when you ask them exactly what all the dead in Brazil, the UK, Spain, Russia, and India have to do with Trump and Biden. (2) Those who “ain’t gonna wear no damn mask” because it’s somehow their right as “Amuricuns” not to wear no damn mask, and blah, blah, blah. Their apparent strategy is to talk real loud, sneer a little bit, maybe flash a tattoo, and hope that COVID-19 gets scared and runs away. (3) Those who snicker about what a dope Dr. Anthony Fauci is, despite the fact that this man has headed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases through 36 years and six presidents, while most of these people cannot spell hard words like “infectious” or, well, “Fauci.” (4) Those who, judging by their constant posts about rates of infection, rates of death, and, gosh, all sorts of rates, are clearly eager for us to know that they can operate calculators. (5) Those who are still convinced that once the warm weather gets here, the virus will disappear “like a miracle.” They tell you this as they mop the sweat from their foreheads. (6) Those who are quietly making an effort to do their parts, wearing masks in tight quarters, using soap and hand sanitizers, social-distancing whenever possible, and generally conceding that scientists and medical professionals know more about this stuff than the rest of us do. – Bones
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    It’s very political.....anyone who can’t see that is absolutely brainwashed or doesn’t understand it to begin with. Cases just keep rising and rising....death rates are not. I hope it spreads faster because the only way to get anywhere with this virus is herd immunity.....the same way the human race has survived all this time. The fact that in some states 5-10000 new cases are reported but only a small amount of hospitalizations is showing that large portions of the healthy population already have/had it. Quarantines are only delaying the inevitable and everyone knows that. We are testing thousands and thousands of people without symptoms and are finding a lot of them are testing positive.....do we think that this wasn’t the case the whole damn time? Of course the numbers are going to go up. And states like NY will end up the same way with the same results....quarantine or not....it just might take longer. At my wife’s hospital....they have multiple patients that have tested positive for over 2 straight weeks....last fever? 11 days ago. How the hell can you justify shutting everything back down when the testing results are all over the map. People testing positive, then negative and positive again in a 3 day span. It’s all a crock of shit. The scientists don’t have a damn clue....and the politicians in bed with the pharmaceutical companies will keep this going until all of their pockets are padded by a fake vaccine that won’t work.
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    An old Stevie Smith? What? Stevie Smith was born in 1966. He wasn't old during his years on the WoO tour. Schatz is in a team backed by NASCAR money now because he had years dominating with a family team. I don't quite understand your views on modern Sprint Car drivers being a shell of what was out there 30-40 years when you have said on here that you don't really follow Sprint Car racing much and have not done so for 15+ years. Fans that follow Sprint Car recognize that there are way, way more teams than can win and run up front than two generations ago. In that respect, I think Sprint Car is like what Northeast Modified racing was in the 1980s. To me, Modified racing has become boring because it is so predictable.
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    “If it doesn’t affect me, it doesn’t affect anybody”
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    You want to plan a vacation, plan to leave NYS!!! This state is joke.
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    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING JULY SCHEDULING We aren't able to share the news that we hoped to be sharing but we do have an update today as promised. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Executive Order 202.44 on June 21st to extend current restrictions to businesses such as racetracks until July 21st, 2020. "Any licensee or franchisee of a racetrack in the State is hereby permitted to operate such racetrack as of June 1, 2020, provided such racetrack does not permit any visitor or fan into the facility, and allows on site only essential personnel" With the extension of this Executive Order, Land of Legends Raceway is prepared to react and adapt with our July schedule of events and will be marking the following changes: *Grandstands remain closed with no fans at this time for all events. Live video coverage will continue to be available on www.landoflegendstv.com *DIRTcar Northeast Sportsman Series Central Region will be competing this Saturday June 27th with our Saturday Night Spectacular program. IF this event falls to rain, a Rain Date of Thursday July 2nd has been established. *Thursday July 2nd will now be a Big Block Modified / Sportsman Modified special event awarding show up points to both divisions with a 7:30PM start time *The Super DIRTcar Series event scheduled for July 2nd has now been postponed until Wednesday July 22nd featuring the Big Block Modifieds and a division to be determined. June 27- DIRTcar Northeast Sportsman Series + Saturday Spectacular Show (no Hobby Stocks) 7PM July 2- Big Block Modifieds + Sportsman 7:30PM July 4- OFF for 4th of July July 11- Saturday Night Spectacular 7PM July 18- Saturday Night Spectacular + Double Points all divisions 7PM July 22- Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds + division T.B.D. July 25- OFF as already scheduled
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    They've posted today they are opening to fans this week as well with $10 General Admission Thursday night for Big Blocks and Sportsman. PPV $9.99 if you can't get to the track. Should be a great show and damn nice to see butts in those seats!
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    Was just reading another article where a racer 39 years old built like the Hulk drowned this week. Leaving behind a wife and 2 kids:(( Another late model driver had a heart attack on the pace lap at Davenport Speedway. And we lost a huge asset to racing over the years in Andy Phelps this week. I think we all need to think for a moment that life is a ticking time bomb and we never know when it’s going to go off. But I can tell you this I want to enjoy , be happy, and bring joy to others I’m around as long as I can. With that being said I hope those families affected this week can find strength to move on. It’s not easy losing a love one but is even worse around a holiday. Be safe to those that are traveling. I next time you want to get in a typing war on the forum:) the best way to piss the guy off is not to respond back to his comments and let’s try and keep positive things and information about racing. Have a safe weekend! David Surace/aka Spiderman
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    I don’t think a gun can protect anyone from a virus 😉
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    That argument has been trotted out. Those opposed to the shut-down have argued that "well, if someone had diabetes, it was 'complications' and not Covid that killed them." That's like saying someone dies of blood loss because they got shot, so the cause of death was not being shot. The fact is, sure, some people are in ill health ... but what killed them was getting Covid and it made their health symptoms worsen. They would not have died in that time frame unless they got Covid.
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    Covid stopped all flu deaths and respitory related deaths this year. Attempting to put a “death rate” on any virus is bullshit when we consider that millions have had it and never got tested and never will. Tests at this point are completely irrelevant. If you are sick enough to need a vent, test away....but if your not sick it’s nothing but fear mongering. We do not just randomly test the healthy population for every other disease.
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    I don't want to be a kill-joy but this virus is spreading like crazy and I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of shutdowns everywhere. Miami and Ft Lauderdale beaches are directed to shutdown because most of the people thought it was a joke to wear masks and social distance. They are seeing how funny it is now. I will gladly wear my mask and social distance while at the speedway if it means I can keep watching racing this summer. It is well worth the small inconvenience in my opinion.
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    Interesting. I've been to almost 800 events at the track since I first started going 49 years ago. I've lived in the City of Canandaigua, the Town of Farmington and the outskirts of Geneva in that time and all in different directions when I leave. I've never been pulled over or even saw a road block after the races.
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    Holy cow where do I start? The new configuration is very exciting. I'd say it's close to fulton, but banked higher. It's pretty bad ass when street stocks and crates are banging the boards all night long. Modifieds on the track were pretty special. I can't imagine what sprint cars and midgets are going to be like on it. 40 crates, 35 modifieds, and 20 street stocks were on hand last night. They dodged a ran storm right after drivers meeting, and then luckily a big storm cell moving southeast towards the track around 9pm broke up before getting to the river. Ryan Godown picked up the win over Richie Pratt, Danny Bouc, Rick Laubach, and Pauch Jr. Jr came from pretty deep in the field. The top handful of guys were slicing and dicing over the last few laps when there was a yellow with 3 to go. I think once Bridgeport opens up to allow more race fans, the place is going to be damn near full every week. Below is a link to my pictures from last night. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/gallery7/thumbnails.php?album=9210
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    Once again, there was so much going on that I couldn't keep caught up with race call with the roof cam. There were so many 3, 4 and 5 wide battles going on that I couldn't show them all. Evidence of this were the number of cautions. Canandaigia is 90 feet wide the entire way around the track with the exception of turn 3 that grows to 120 feet. I think the Modified Feature ended up with 11 cautions. I wanted to see the race finish with Matt Farnham not blowing that tire. He was definitely closing the gap between he and Lightning Larry when the tire gave up the ghost and Matt was running 2nd. . Not sure what Justin Haers and Billy Dunn had for starting positions, but both were extremely fast until their tires went away about half way through. Zach Sabotka is on a tear in the Sportsman division. I see him race on Friday nights in Dundee as well, and he's fast there too. Drawing the pole definitely helps, and he didn't really run away with the lead either. An 8 to 10 car length lead was about it. I spent a lot of time keeping track of Kevin Root, Paul Guererri, Matt Guererri, Kevin Ridley and Kane Bristol. Tom Skibinski and I had a brief conversation in the tower immediately following the races and he was saying that the Sportsman Feature went the entire distance green to checkers and all 31 starters finished the event. Doug Elkins shot a video interviewing Cory Reed last night in the pits and Cory was saying that it was really no secret that Fulton and Brewerton weren't going to open without fans. Larry Wight was saying that he would probably finish the season at Canandaigua since he is leading in points at the moment. Kind of makes me wish that Matt Sheppard was still running Canandaigua weekly because Larry is showing he is definitely a fan of the track and Sheppard always has been. From a fans point of view, that would be an interesting season - reminiscent of the Alan Johnson/Will Cagle days of the late 70's and early 80's. Back to Cory Reed a minute, he was saying he is not a fan of the lockdown and that the powers that be at Fulton and Brewerton are fully prepared to comply with CDC guidelines on social distancing and mask wearing with the fans and would like the chance to prove that. All they need is a number of fans to begin with, and so far the Governor isn't interested in budging. If you are reading this Cory, that was a good interview. Definitely well explained.
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    Just posted....the newest Auto Racing Research Associates driver research project....Kenny Weld! Many thanks to historians Bill Braga, Larry Jendras and sprint car guru Kevin Eckert! Great job guys!! Kenny Weld was a mastermind of racing and will go down as one of the most innovative of car builders. He made his mark in racing! https://sites.google.com/site/arracarsdriversevents/home/kenny-weld
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    Back on topic. Larry is bad fast at lLolL. The field of cars at LoL is impressive as well. It's too bad fans can't see the action in person. Great racing last night in all divisions.
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    Not taking a side right or wrong. The headline attached is misleading. This is a case brought by religious groups arguing the Governor showed disparate treatment to outdoor religious gatherings vs. BLM protests. The ruling was narrowly applied to religious activities. Remember, we have a First Amendment right to religious freedom, but don't have a constitutional right to attend auto races. Before everybody starts singing "Hallelujah," it is important to understand that the ruling was narrow in application, and is NOT a blanket revocation of gathering limits.
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    Thanks again for another great night of coverage. The quality is fantastic and Malta runs off a great program. I do have to say if anyone could send some luck to Tremont I’m sure he would appreciate it.....that’s a tough 2 weeks.
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    Just my opinion, if you're worried just stay in your house
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    He will be in the Stewart Haas 14 next year! jmo
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    That is a pretty delusional statement. Maybe you need to watch it on 102" tv or something I watched it a couple times and I'm still waiting for Meehan to turn. I don't think he was trying to take Kenny out or anything like that. But I watched the whole thing. There was no way Meehan was going to make that turn in time. Either something with the steering or he just choked. Kenny had to try to turn when he did or he would of flew off the turn, which he did anyways because Meehan NEVER TURNED.
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    At the begining when the media had this hyped up to be the virus that would destroy human life, no, race tracks were not essential. Fast forward 7 months and the hype they gave us never came. We are not seeing 100,000 people on vents as Cuomo said would happen. We are not seeing hospitals be overwhelmed (some actually laid off staff because they were way under census). And we are not seeing millions of healthy people just drop over from covid. This was the medias proverbial category 5 hurricane that they have reported on and hyped up for the last 7 months that never came. The reality could be compared to a category 1 hurricane. The economic devastation could be compared to a cat 5 due to the hysteria. So today, a race track is essential because many people depend on economic activity it provides. Fuel, tires, safety equipment, concessions, the parts supplier for the equipment to prep the track, and hundreds of other examples. This might be the difference of someone paying their monthly bills or taking their once a year family camping trip or vacation for the people that work for or own these businesses. Most people go into business to make money. They can't 'pause' their lives for a year or two and resume when some control freak decides it's safe 2 years from now. The only way I can figure someone not supporting the economy opening back up at this point is if they were working part time and got laid off. Now they are making the 600 federal stimulus plus the state unemployment making double or quadruple what they were making.
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    Lol.....way to assume. I'm not causing anything. I don't care either. I just like giving you shit.
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    The death rate against the whole United State population is only .04% so it hasn't even hit 1% yet after 7 months. Maybe 8-10 months since it originated. The 4.7% number is against those tested. There's a big difference in those 2 numbers. And most of the people ending up on vents had some serious underlying issues before this came around. And like I said, the death rate number due to covid might be inflated because if a person dies in a hospital, they just might label the death from covid and it could be from another factor. Person died from a heart attack but had covid? Label it covid to get more money. Like I said, at the beginning I was fully on board with what they were putting out there. Now, I think they're just seeing how far they can push people and using scare tactics.
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    Thank you Bill Smith for talking common sense and using numbers and facts !
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    As of right now fans will be allowed in the stands Saturday at the Valley. They will also still be having their annual fireworks. Masks must be worn which is a very small price to pay to get back in the stands.
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    I remember that SDS race can't remember the be year. 2 or 3 ago Larry on the top Matt on the bottom. Larry was scraping the Jersey barrier off 2 he was so high. Mat win by like .03 seconds or close too that
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    Donny is not in his prime right now, he's on the downward swing. The Big Cat is in his wheelhouse at the moment. I would love to see Kyle go on the full WoO tour and watch it play out. I don't think Kyle would mop the floor with them. Not saying he wouldn't win the title, but he wouldn't go out there and beat them into next week. The best have a way of rising to the occasion. If Kyle came to play full time I think you'd find some of those boys game would rise to meet the challenge. Same way 6 or 7 of the best 10 to ever wheel a dirt mod were around at the same time. When you race the best you either get better or get brushed aside. Those guys raced the best and because they rose to the occasion many of them came to be considered the best. Sheppard and Friesen would still be considered among the greats I think, sure their numbers would be lower, but by the same token if Jack, Horton, Brett, Danny, Alan, Bob were racing right now in their prime, without any other competition except for Stewart and Matt, their numbers would be even better than they are.
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    I know you don't really follow Sprint Car racing, but the Outlaws are much stronger now than they were in the 1980s, when only a handful of drivers won almost all the races and only 7-8 drivers even ran the tour. Schatz is the modern Steve Kinser with 10 Outlaw championships and nine Knoxville Nationals titles in an era when the competition is far closer than it was 30-40 years ago. It's crazy that you don't put Schatz in the Steve and Sammy category.
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    No one said they are worried. They are saying your logic is retarded.
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    Very interesting... No mention of CDC guidelines of wearing a mask or social distancing but there is a Covid-19 waiver on their website. Cases in Florida are exploding! smh
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    Larson will be driving the #44 for RPM next year. Just my prediction
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    I am a so-called high risk as a 74 year old man who is a 3 time Cancer survivor, has had a stroke, has diabetes & only one lung. i was in Louisiana with the Candyland trailer for 2 full weeks a month ago around huge crowds daily that were NOT wearing any masks & were enjoying the races & many more events....It has been a month & I STILL have not had any symptoms of this virus & have been tested.....just a political ploy in my opinion, to gain gain complete control of the people & the economy
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    What would be cool is to see Foyt, Larsen and Stewart team up and go F1 or Indy car racing. Yeah I agree, I hope Larsen doesn't come back to NASCAR, he's got too much talent for that. Indycar racing was hugely popular in the 50's and 60's, perhaps with NASCAR's decline, open wheel racing with Larsen aboard might make a comeback. Screw the fine, it only makes sense to pay it if he wants back into NASCAR. Since when do people get fined for exercising free speech? NASCAR is invested in Bubba for all the headlines he can make off track...maybe he'll get a NIke sponsorship out of it. Larsen can race and he's exciting to watch and that's what real race fans wanna see.
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    Robin Miller reported this rumor ... he's about as legit as it comes. I would love to see Stewart and Larson team up -- Tony would let him run as much open wheel as he wants, it is good for both of them. And if any team owner can weather the criticism, it will be Tony.
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