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    Sorry Gasket, but once again you & I are going to disagree on a young racer.....I firmly believe that this young man has a ton of talent, but to put a kid at this age behind the wheel of a BB Modified is just plain foolish....their brain which controls reasoning among other things is not fully developed until at least age 17 & IMO is a danger to the adult racers at that age, let alone his own safety....this is just my opinion, but is sure something to think about
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    Friend of mine is a huge super matt fan. Loves to slander larry wight and made some comments on his chilli bowl run. To which i replied "how many chilli bowls has super matt attempted?" His reply "none cause matt would whipe the field and lap them." My thoughts, matt isnt a very diverse driver. Yes hands down hes awesome in a mod, but hes really a one trick pony.
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    13. He reached puberty on lap 84 at Eldora last year.
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    Here is Episode #3 of The Dirt. I had a great time visiting Billy Van Pelt and chatting with him about last season, his career and a lot more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edi8uDaq01U
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    Well after a little research its laughable that hes moving up. At Albany he appeared to be there every week with a finish of 18th in points with a grand total of 2 top 5's and zero wins. Not sure what people are basing all his 'talent' on. We call this more money than brains. No way in hell he should be moving up.
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    I’m debating buying a new dirt bike for our oldest (he’s 8). I guess this is a sobering reminder of how much money others have. I’m struggling to come to grips with $1,500 on a bike, while these guys are likely dropping somewhere north of $200,000. Yeah, I guess I’m just a little jealous.
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    As someone who works with video streaming and sporting events....we stream all our games for free and it has 100 percent effected our attendance a little bit. I’d say we miss out on 200ish people a night approximately at our men’s hockey game by streaming for free. sure it helps keep our alums, parents from far away and fans that can’t make it involved, but it also has effected the gate a little bit. Before streaming, our home attendance used to be 300-400 people a night on average higher. i think there is a happy medium when it comes to Motorsports. I don’t think giving it away for free is advantageous, but I also don’t think charging high $ on a per event broadcast basis is smart either for everyone because that amount of money adds up very quickly. I think Paul’s idea of charging $150 for the full season is very smart for people who aren’t close and can only make it to the track a handful of times each year. i hope others will feel the same as me and purchase this option to make it worthwhile to LOL to continue.
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    I'm having a hard time thinking of a major sport that has never had a child accidentally killed ... but never minding that ... Why is the focus on death and childhood? Is an adult's life worth less than a child's? If you think the answer is 'yes", then maybe you can explain something to me. A person turned 18 years old yesterday, an eagle scout, a straight A student, involved in community activities, and so on .... ... ... He's with his friend who turns 18 tomorrow, was at the bottom of his class, molested a classmate, has been arrested 6 times, and will steal the teeth out of your head ... ... They get into an accident and both are killed. ... ... How Is the 17 year old kid a greater loss than the 18 year old adult? How exactly does that work? It's definitely one of my peeves with American society and culture. we've let the news channels brainwash people to believe that a child's life is worth more than an adults. It's not just absurd ... it's sick. .... Anyway ... ... little McGrew has proven that he can wheel a car and that he can carry himself in a more mature manner than many of the guys he'll be racing against. And his chances of getting hurt are the same as any other driver in any other class. ... ... some of you need a more realistic reason for your opposition.
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    Here we go with this again. If the kid has true talent and ability, that will prove itself and his competitors won't mind. If the kid is a nuisance and a detriment to the rest of the field, they'll vote him out. How come every other activity in the world can have child prodigies except racing? It makes me laugh when people are so willing to toss junior in a go kart and think nothing of it. I've seen bruises and abrasions, broken fingers, broken wrists, broken arms, broken collar bones, a cracked sternum and dislocated shoulders all from kart racing. But put him in a full roll cage with triple layer fire suits, Nomex underwear, flame out systems, full faced helmets, gloves and shoes, complete with a full containment seat... and everyone gets their panties in a wad.
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    If you a real good roofer making real good money why would you start doing driveway sealing?? Just to see if you can do it?? No your bringing in a great income for you and your family and your having fun doing it. Maybe to him that’s all he wants.
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    I’ve seen 12 year olds act more like adults and behave themselves far better than some 25+ year olds.
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    Because the adults racing are always fully developed and reasonable......
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    Setting the age debate aside...……. how many past and present bb mod drivers started racing in that division with no previous racing experience at all. I'm sure some on here can name a few. While they may have been 16 or 18 yrs old, they got into an injected big cube modified and learned how to do it. Brightbill and "Slideways" come to mind.
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    Safety and death are just dumbass excuses on why someone shouldn’t compete....the cars are safe and when tragedy does strike it’s under some crazy circumstance. Those can happen at any age. The bottom line is he has not gotten competitive in a sportsman, now he’s moving to a car that takes far more experience and skill to be competitive in. The big blocks are harder to drive, harder to steer, harder to stop And the competition is more talented. Racing is not much fun when your a backmarker and I think that’s where he will find himself for quite some time. For his sake hopefully he adapts quickly, and the move works out.
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    I dont think its about the importance of a child or adults death. I assume people think a death may be a little more likely and could be prevented if a 12 year old isnt racing in a class over his head.
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    Just want to make sure everyone knows you can get MAVTV through nkt.tv for $7/month (used to be only 3, but still not bad). That'll get you the mains Saturday night: https://live.nkt.tv/addon_channels
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    Best sportsman racing I’ve seen. Tight quarter mile track; side by side. Definitely worth the drive.
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    McGrew came up through the ranks. He is a solid competitor. Choosing to run against the best will be the best experience that he can get. Plus all season long the modifieds started almost every single car that showed up to race. When 50 or more sportsmans show up, you may not make the feature every week. All sportsman drivers should be encouraged to move up.
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    Checked it out this am. Very Cool. I have watched him race since the late 80's. But I did not previously realize how many different car owners Billy has raced for . Or the extent in which he helps out other teams/drivers/chassis builders. Great interview
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    He will be lucky to run a top 10 this year at Malta in all honestly. I love little Mcgrew and he is a great kid but I would have liked to have watched him in the sportsman ranks a few more years and become a bit more seasoned before making such a huge jump to a BB. Even some of the most talented drivers have a hard time adjusting to the power let alone a kid who has a year of rookie and a year of normal sportsman under his belt.
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    Here’s my recap.....the 3 most important trophies to every big block driver that were up for grabs in 2019.....were all collected by Mat Williamson.
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    It's not likely that anyone living within a reasonable traveling distance who has transportation and admission money would favor an internet broadcast over live attended viewing, however... Sometimes things beyond our control happen and attendance isn't an option. If Mommy has to work and Daddy has to stay home to watch the kids, we offer a high quality streaming service that's pretty hard to beat as an alternative. I won't say that Paul Cole's budget is limitless when it comes to upgrading or adding new things to his stream. Obviously he wants and needs to keep costs down. But he does listen to ideas, he comes up with his own, and he surprises the team now and then with a new toy that makes the broadcast better. I'm pretty sure that will be the case for the new season too. The best thing about this service is that Paul watches each one when he gets home and I know he watches what a lot of other services are doing. I really enjoy working with this team because it's fun.