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    Have to laugh at these posts.. Dave is a great guy and a hard worker for his money. I'm sure this is his way of having fun and getting away from the hectic work environment, much as it is for me and my team/family. The series field is a tough group of guys. We've been fortunate enough to have some great runs, but we've also had races where we struggle and get lapped once or twice when we completely miss on setup. Does this mean myself, and anyone who's struggled at times should hang it up and hire someone? Much like Dave, and many other teams who drive for themselves or fund themselves, we do it because we are blessed enough to do so and enjoy the heck out of it.
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    More often than not, you continually see people on here writing "we need new drivers on the tour" and "you can't keep promoting the same guys from the '80's and '90's", but when a bunch of new guys sign up for Platinum status and intend to follow the entire tour, you hear "they're a bunch of nobodies", "they just aren't that interesting", "why is [insert name here] even bothering following the tour", etc. Well, what do you want; the same old guys from the '80's or do you want new blood in the series? You can't have it both ways. It takes time for these new drivers to build the skill and notebook that is required to be successful on the tour. Matt Sheppard has been around for a while and is arguably the top driver in the Northeast. You can't expect these new drivers to show up, first year on the tour and de-thrown somebody like Matt. We are so quick to criticize everything and everyone on here... it's almost disturbing. What did you all do before the days of the internet?
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    Here's your bi-weekly reminder that you're allowed to be a fan of the STSS and the SDS! Hell, you can even be a fan of weekly racing, too! We've had so much good news this off-season, yet when every single announcement comes the thread on here gets hijacked. Everyone just uses it to knock this track or that; this series or that series. I can't be the only one that just gets excited when stuff like this comes out, right?
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    Pretty typical of this forum. People bitch and complain that the SDS purse is too low. It then gets raised and all then its bitching and complaining about that the price at the gates are going to go up. You friggin people are unbelievable.
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    "What could we have done to keep the track from closing". 1) Not take advantage of the fans. Rinse, repeat.
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    Who cares about working men or non working men... its Modified racing paying a decent purse... My god people whine about everything.
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    Why hate on someone that is trying to help the sport? Whether you like her or not, she is doing a lot more positive things for this sport than those who constantly post negative things on here.
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    I hate to contribute to hijacked threads, so I apologize in advance, but... When Chew and Gypsum announced at the start of the year they weren't following the tour, lots of people said that made the tour weak. Now, they're back; along with Huttig (who only actually ran the whole tour once before when Cozze drove for them), Searock, second Graham entry, etc and it's still a knock on the tour because they've all "done it before"? As for wanting a smaller team to cheer for, seriously, support Jack Lehner. Super talented and super friendly young driver doing it on the family budget and with a very small crew. For the record, I'd like to point out that I love the Short Track Super Series (seriously, you're allowed to enjoy both tours), but I don't know where this whole idea that the guys running the STSS are small teams. I distinctively remember people talking about "little guys" getting wins when Mike Gular won at OCFS and when Jeremy Smith won at Afton. Jeremy Smith's shop is filled with an arsenal of at least 4 cars, Gular's owner Terry Fasnacht has 4 cars ready to go for this season as is going to have another built mid-season (per DTD's own Ken Bruce). It also shouldn't be a bad thing that the professional teams (Hyneman, Superior, Hansell, Herman, Vahlsing, Behrent, Sommeling, HAS, Roberts, Fastnacht, Smith, etc) from outside of Central NY are able to get their just due thanks to the STSS. Yes, I'm aware that DIRT scheduled against the Fonda 200 this year, yes, I'm aware Deyo schedules against SDW for the last 10+ years. Even so, I just don't understand why it seems that if people prefer one they feel the need to put down the other.
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    Half this site bought it!
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    To make things abundantly clear and eliminate all the rumor mongering: I requested and received a SDS race sanctioned for September 28th at Land of Legends. There was no DIRTcar event scheduled for that weekend and is a great opportunity for the track and our fans. Since there is no other Hoosier/VP Modified racing going on in a 250 mile radius and operating a DIRT race track means having such races, this became an easy decision. We have organized a fantastic event that will be lucrative for dozens of race teams and offering fans a great show for their money. High drama heat races, sensational last chance qualifiers and a high speed 50 lap finale where every driver in the top 20 goes home with $1000 or more. I also made the decision to change it to a non-points race as a courtesy to the few SDS Platinum drivers who have other cars in their stable. Whether they race sprint cars, NASCAR Trucks, or Late Models, they can choose where their best opportunity to make a living exists for them lies each week. I respect those businessmen making an investment into racing, no less than they should respect me for giving them opportunities to profit from that investment. There are over 180 DIRT legal Big Block and 358 Modifieds eligible for this race, and probably another 200+ Sportsman modifieds that might be found in Canandaigua on September 28th. We will have a great show and hope that if you can't make it to Land of Legends that night, you get out to some dirt track near you and support the sport as a whole. The season will open next week on April 20th with the Cabin Fever 40 Sportsman, Big Blocks, 305 Sprints and Street Stocks. Have a great season. Paul Cole Promoter and President Land of Legends Raceway
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    I trap squirrels, place their nuts between two boards, then video. It's a hoot.
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    Paul, Just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for educating all of the new and returning fans to Fonda Speedway last night. Your explanations of the divisions, handicapping and track procedures proves once again your professionalism and promotion of the sport. To take the time to run through everything and help all of the people understand what was going on and why certain things took place was a great selling point in having the new fans come back again and again. Of course the great racing put on by the driver's in all of the divisions made for a very exciting night. I'm very happy that you are the announcer at The Track of Champions and look forward to enjoying more races there the rest of the season.
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    Shouldn't need to be a rule, should be common sense.
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    I've been having fun posting all kinds of nostalgia stuff on my facebook page and you know what? Nobody complains. I don't click on every thread when I come here, just the ones that interest me most. Every now and then I click on the others to keep caught up. One thing I've noticed over the years... We've got some of the best racing to be found anywhere in the country, and some of the worst fans who intently look for shit to complain about.
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    Personally, weekly racing is usually better as a whole than a time trial format event. Time trials wont keep me away but i also know what to expect from each show. Honestly how can anyone say that a show with the fast cars starting up front is better than a show with the fast cars handicapped into the top 15, moving to the front?
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    They should run nothing but the modified class. Dump all the support classes just run 1 class. Skip hot laps and heat races. Line the cars up in the order they show up at the pit gate. Don't worry about a winners interview. Hand them their trophy while they are driving out the pit gate. Some fans don't have time for all the extra crap.
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    I can’t believe we need another post for this 🤦‍♂️
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    Because Fonda hasn't started yet.
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    I dare anyone to say with a straight face that Doug Hoffman, Jimmy Horton, Pauch, Toby Tobias, Chamberlain, Fitzcharles, Brenn, Budd Olsen, Frankie Schnieder, Carl Van Horn, Kenny Brightbill, Craig Von Dohren, Duane Howard and Jeff Strunk are/were not among the best Modified drivers in their generation. To say that the NJ/PA guys can't win without bashing through the field is just plain wrong. It kind of verges on the PA Posse vs. Outlaws whinefest.
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    There’s some confusion regarding some terms describing track conditions. When a track gets black and slick ( like Fulton for the Outlaw 200) that is what we (racers) refer to as “dry slick” or “black slick”. That black stuff you see on the track surface is not rubber but actually oils and resins that get sucked out of the tires and deposited onto the surface. That’s why it’s slippery. It’s also why a tire that has been ground works better, at least initially, than one that hasn’t. Because the area of the tire that no longer has the oils and resins gets ground away to fresh rubber with the oils and resins in it which helps it work better. A “rubbered up” or “rubbered in” track is when a particular groove, usually around the bottom, becomes significantly faster than any other groove because rubber actually gets deposited from the tires onto the track. As a driver you usually feel it before you see it happen. It can just part of a turn or the whole track that gets rubbered up. If you were to look at that area it would look dull black instead of shiny. As a fan it would probably be first noticed when the lap times start to get quicker and then the cars will start to gravitate to a single groove, and there’s also a lot less, if any passing. And sometimes you can smell rubber (I’ve actually smelled it in the racecar at times). Hope this clears things up.
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    Not for nothing but what is the reason all you guys with the chubby have to constantly argue or claim Hearn is the best, sheppard is the best, the dr is the best etc, etc etc. who cares? Go to the races and watch the actual race and not be fixated on one driver.
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    Speaking as a driver/owner of a Vintage Modified, I'm embarrassed by what I see being said in this topic. Vintage raciing means something a little different to everyone involved in the division, but our end goal is the same... showing the fans what dirt racing looked like back throughout the years. I for one, am a purist. I have a car that I built to be a tribute to my all time favorite car that Kenny Tremont raced to a victory at the New York State Fairgrounds Labor Day Race, back in 1987. The car is a true to form, 1986 Olsen Eagle, and my crew and I went to extensive lengths to make this car as period correct as possible. In my opinion, I'd say it's about 97% correct to the actual Olsen car that Kenny raced back in the mid 1980's. My reason for building this car the way I did, was two-fold. First I wanted to pay tribute to a family that taught me a lot about racing back in my teenage years; and second, I wanted people to see the car and say, "Hey, I remember that car!" But being a purist, I have no issue racing (yes, I race it hard) along side of a guy (or gal) that has a newer chassis with and older body, and wants to get out on the track and have a little fun (it IS supposed to be fun, right?) There are a good number of vintage race cars currently in competition, but not enough to be feuding like this. However, as of late, it appears to be only one organization in the mix that can't seem to play well with others, and that's the DMNT. Last season, I raced with several different vintage organizations, and had a blast all season. I even made it to a DMNT race at Airborne Park Speedway. While my night was cut short due to a mechanical failure, I still had the chance to meet a new group of racers, and made some new friends. But what I'm seeing in this topic, being posted by someone from the DMNT is in my opinion, disgusting. Throwing out insults about other series cars and people simply is not acceptable to me. Labeling others as selfish, technically illiterate narcissists; referring to others cars as misfit toys; advising another poster to "shut the hell up," is certainly not a way a professional organization should act. And I certainly don't want people to see my car, and think that I'm associated with an organization like that. Therefore, I respectfully request that the DMNT webmaster remove my profile from your website immediately. As for the Nostalgia Night scheduled for August 3rd at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, it is a show that am looking forward to being a part of! It will be a chance to meet several of the drivers from the Valley's rich history, and a chance to see a number of cars you might remember at the Valley from decades ago. Bringing back memories is what it should be about. It's also nice to see that the Classics on Dirt, Champlain Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds, Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds, and Northeast Vintage Dirt Modifieds can all work together to help make this night memorable for the fans. Thanks for letting me vent. Dan Wood, 115 Vintage Dirt Modified
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    Just throwing my 2 cents into the mix. First off, I think this race is a great idea and I would LOVE to run in it! But it would be exactly like others have said, for the fun experience and the extra exposure. NOT for the purse. That being said we are a practical low budget race team. When a bent part will still work as well as a straight one we keep running the bent part. Frankly with no sponsors and running on a shoe-string budget we do not have the funds to tow to Florida and back regardless of the purse. If you're a small team you would be better off saving your money for tires and such for the regular season. If you have the budget to actually go to Florida and do it right, I say go for it! But I'm very envious of you and I have to wonder if you're talented and have that kind of support behind you why don't you race real Modifieds? I'll say this, a lot of 602 teams claim to be low budget and bitch and moan about having to race against well funded teams but if you are making this trip don't try to tell me you are a low budget team like mine. If you truly were struggling you wouldn"t consider making the trip. But if you are Good Luck, I hope it works out and I hope I have the opportunity to watch you all having fun in the sunshine state!
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    47 starts, 8 wins (including the biggest race of the year), a track championship at Fulton, and the 358 DIRTcar Series title. Pretty good year for Larry if you ask me.
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    I just want to add one thing here... I am all done with this topic and refuse to moderate anything related to it. It happened 4 years ago. It divided the race car community almost as much as the political bullshit we see on television every day and I am sick of it. It's time to dot the I's, cross the T's, tuck it in bed, kiss it good night, turn out the light, close the door and move on.