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    I don't comment on here a lot, but we wanted to correct a few things. First off, the events in Louisiana, while using STSS rules, are not run by us. Brandon Hightower did offer the opportunity for myself and a couple STSS officials to go down for the event. However, I am running on a skeleton crew until racing gets back in full swing, so I have been on the seat of a John Deere this week mowing at Georgetown Speedway and preparing for track rentals this weekend. As much as it would have been fun to go down to Louisiana, it wasn't in the cards for me. I will be watching on DTD though! Secondly, the NC/SC events were not point events. No one was forced to go. Some invited drivers, like Craig Von Dohren and Ryan Watt, said it didn't work for them. But for a lot of people looking to get out and shake off Cabin Fever, it did work. At one time our waiting list to go included over 40 drivers. Thirdly, the purses paid were far from paltry. Over three nights, including two where fans were not in attendance, we paid out $55,710 to the STSS Modified teams. That was just the base purse for two 40-lap and one 50-lap features. On top of that, fans donated $1,100 which was added to positions in the middle and back of the field. Another $5,195 was added in various bonuses sponsored by businesses and fans. So, in total, drivers received $62,005 in cash plus contingency awards. 10th-place averaged between $550 and $800 dollars at these events. Our visit to NC/SC will definitely open doors for future, full series events possibly in conjunction with our Florida swing, etc. The locals were very impressed with our style of racing. Was it a big money-maker for anyone? Not really, us included having no fans. But we got back racing, gave people some entertainment and got some exposure for our sponsors. The atmosphere was upbeat. It was something I will never forget. As I have said many times before, racing is a portion of my livelihood. I also handle marketing/advertising for the Melvin Joseph companies in Delaware. It was not a "desperation" move to go south. It was a "we all miss racing move" and it definitely got the sport buzzing again. The upcoming event at Potomac Speedway on June 7 is a South Region points-paying event and carries the full series payout of $5,000 to win, $1,000 for 10th and $400 to start ($25,570). For the base of our racers who support the South Region, Potomac is a three-and-a-half-hour ride, even closer (2 and a a half) for our Delaware teams. My goal is to complete all 8 South events so our drivers get their full point fund since we started the series on March 7 at Georgetown before the virus situation. Everyone is entitled to an opinion of our series and me personally, good or bad, but I wanted to put the truth out there. I hope we can be back in full swing in the Northeast very soon, but going south was a lot of fun. -Brett Deyo
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    What is it with you people and the name calling? Within the last 6 hours we are calling people liberal morons, conservative morons and assholes. Talk about a joke... I suspend members for 30 days for the offense and they cry to the owners begging for mercy and reinstatement. We wonder why kids act the way they do these days? Look no further than their parents.
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    To those of us who knew Mike's battle, this is the inevitable day we knew would unfortunately come... I last saw Mike on November 22nd at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. He was frail and weak but made it a point to get out of the house and spend time with my dad, whom he was best friends with in high school many moons ago. The table he sat at consisted of Mike, my uncle Chuck, my uncle Larry Groover (another former Modified standout), and their spouses. At first sight you would think there were some classic bench racing stories being spewed at that table, but far from it. The conversations I heard were more about their friendships, the passing of time, and the frailty of life. When Mike had left for the evening, Chuck commented to me that all the racing they did together back in the day didn't mean a damn thing at this point.... Anyone that knew Mike only from the grandstands knew he was one tough, aggressive, go-for-it racer. He got under the skin of most everyone at one point or another, lol.... but when you approached him after the race, you couldn't stay mad at him for more than a few seconds. Mike just had that way of brightening the moment even when you wanted to be mad. And he would be the first one to lend you a hand if you needed something in a pinch (although not many people ran Ford stuff so he was pretty safe in that regard, lol). Away from the track, Mike was maybe the nicest man I ever met. I heard countless stories from my dad about the hell they raised in high school, at cross country meets, and tearing up the back roads of Broome County as teenagers. In my early teens I actually raced Microds with Mike's sons Jerry and Mike Jr.... and in the summer when my dad traveled for work to the west coast, Mike would load three carts in the back of his white pickup and fly up Rte 81 so we could race on Wednesday nights at the old Cortland County Microd Club by the airport. We were all convinced that at some point, one of us was going to lose our cart on the highway when the bungee cords broke, but somehow Mike made it work, lol. He always had a way of getting the best from a situation... My sincere condolences to Lea, Jerry, Jenny, Joey, Mike Jr, Julie, and Jason for their loss. Also to the many who are children in-law, grandchildren, and racing family members like Tim Smith.... Mike was a great family man - God fearing, and willing to help anyone he crossed paths with. He will be sorely missed.... God Speed #51
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    You do realize comparing DIRTvision and DTD Tv is like comparing an elephant to an ant. DIRTvision is a NATIONAL company, DTD Tv is local. DTD Tv shares revenue with the promoter unlike other sanction bodies that by rights and the promoter gets NOTHING. We are a regionally based series. Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, we are Northeast based. Our fan base is in the 100,000's not the millions that DIRTcar/Flo and others enjoy. If big-blocks were national and our ability to get thousands of subscriptions was possible, things could be different. We are living a different reality. Comparing us to other PPV providers is not a fair comparison. The purse for this event is $30,000 with 30 cars in the pits and no fans. It's going to be a tough nut to crack. We thank Brett Deyo for taking the chance with us that we can help him get it done and hopefully get to that number. It's a HUGE risk for all involved. And one final thought. DTD offers this site for free with constant updates etc. We've looked at going to a subscription base like most media has gone as far as the site. We just don't like that model. We have to keep paying the bills. Like a promoter, track etc, we need to make money to pay bills. We have great partners thankfully, but when you look at work vs reward, most people would have quit this gig a long time ago. We are fortunate to have passionate fans that own this site, that write and shoot photos. Without them working for nothing, we'd be done. We hope that you watch, but if you chose to not to watch, we understand that as well.
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    Now picture this scenario, the mods are out packing the track at Charlotte. As I come down the back stretch I see Bob Miller standing at the opening just before turn 3 waiting to cross. Now would any of the DTDer's be mad at me if I just happened to gas my car a little, throw it sideways and cover him in clay???? I know a lot of people that witnessed that first hand thought it was quite funny!!!! And isn't racing entertainment?? Who wouldn't be entertained by that?????
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    I am somewhere between 70 and 80% health wise and getting better every day. You've listened to me whine on facebook throughout this whole ordeal and you've all given me encouragement. I am listening to my doctors and doing everything they tell me to do. No shortcuts other than trying to beat rehab through physical therapy. I've never felt more at home than I did tonight. Thank you all - each and every one of you for everything. It was good to be back home tonight... And thank you Mike Yawney for taking this picture tonight.
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    We are a laughing stock..how fucking hard is it to wear a mask? I can't imagine if we had something way more serious going on, we would all be dead because of arrogant, prick assholes. I heard "we are the envy of the world" . Seriously? We should lead by example, yet we lead the world in cases, deaths and embarrassment.
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    This is the correct ruling in question. This is also a rule made for both a series and drivers that are either to lazy to learn the new technology we have at hand or just plan incapable to read up on it. Over the past 3yrs we have made huge advancements in setup and chassis changes in order to run with 9S, because he had set the bar for everyone for the better part of a decade. During that time there were now rule changes other than some safety additions, but none that involved suspension components. Now after the 88 team had a great year in 2019 and we went down to Volusia and shared the stage with Mat, the whiners come out. In the ERA of Participation Awards, Dirtcar feels the need to take away options so that we have have the same cookie cutter Bicknell and in doing so built barriers to entree for other chassis manufactures. I am not going to name who else is affected by this rule, hopefully they will grow a set and speak up as I have and show Dirtcar that they are not the only ones who can call the shots in a series that we make the investment and they just collect the prize. And for the ones doing all of the bitching (^) we never complained about the use of pull down rigs and private test tracks that put someone on top. So please let us keep our $50 springs and $30 spring rubbers and look into the extra $1,400 sportsman and small block guys put into just the rearend if you want to saves us all money. Thank you for your time, Larry Wight
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    So let me get this straight, because he vlog doesn't pump up other drivers its bad for the sport? So when a news paper covers the local team and doesn't talk about the other teams its bad for that sport? You don't have to like Mandee, Mike, their vlogs or the shoes they wear but to say they are bad for the sport is asinine. Of course it focuses on her and Mike, they obviously benefit more than most but she often calls out the winner and talks about other drivers. The goals is to promote yourself, your brand and your skills. If they get sponsors or other revenue they are doing their job. The fact that they didn't call out the other driver and talk him down shows that they are still looking out for the sport.
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    I was in Larsen's office when Shepard called and heard the whole conversation on speakerphone. Here is a transcript of the whole conversation ... Shepard: "That piece of $#*@ cost me a hundred grand". Larsen: "You finished third and you had plenty of time to get to the front". Shepard: "Okay. It was seventy grand. And he's still a piece of $#*@" Larsen: "Stop calling Mike names or I'll wrap that cape around your neck and choke the living $#*@ out of you". Shepard: "And I'll never race at your track again". Larsen: "Not even starting pole in the 200 in a Halmar car"? Shepard: " I already have the best car. I want your money". Larsen: "You'll have to win my money". Shepard: "I can't because you won't let me race at your piece of $#*@ track". Larsen: "This conversation is going nowhere, fast". Shepard: Then quit talking and start writing the check". Larsen: "How much?" Shepard: "Nothing. I just wanted to know that you would pay me". Larsen: "Okay. Then what's the problem? Just come down for Eastern States". Shepard: "Can I have Stewie's parking spot"? Larsen: "No" Shepard: "Then I'll take a Halmar car". Larsen: "No". Shepard: "A few minutes ago you said I could". Larsen: "Tough $#*@" Shepard: "I better at least get an apology from Gurda" Larsen. "Not happening. Again ... tough $#*@" Shepard: "Then what are you going to give me"? Larsen: "A chance to win the race that you've never been able to win". Shepard: "Okay. But you and Mike are still pieces of $#*@". Larsen: "And so are you, Matt". Shepard: "Thank you". Larsen: "You're welcome. See you at Eastern states in Victory Lane. You can present Stewie with the trophy". Shepard: "&%*# you and Gurda too. I'm winning it". Larsen. "We love you too. See you in October".
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    I've had to clean up political nonsense out of three different threads tonight. If we are unable to maintain the request to keep political opinions off of this message board then I'll just start handing out 90 day vacations to people. No more warnings. The next posts I have to "Hide" or "Delete" because of political nonsense are also going to carry a 90 day suspension for the person who posted it. And if you get suspended don't even think of complaining for a reduced sentence. We've asked multiple times and have been ignored. At this point i'm two steps away from taking the forum down completely.
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    This forum has become more political than ever. I come here to get away from all the political BS....
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    The people who choose to not wear a mask are holding back the re-openings, not Cuomo. As soon as everyone accepts wearing a mask, all businesses will be allowed to reopen.
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    What happened to the Halmar/Cuomo conspiracy ?? Face it ! The Governor is doing what he thinks is right for the goid of ALL NY state residents. Not just the race fans ! I applaud him for thinking about the whole of NY state. Do I wish the star was in a position to safely open up race tracks......hell year ! I LOVE going to the races ! It’s simply not safe now.....deal with it !
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    You've been riding a unicycle on a tight rope with your political rants for quite some time now. Tonight you fell into the net. Nothing permanent, but you need to give it a rest. See you on 8/15. For everyone else... It's the opinionated stuff like this post right here that gets you in trouble. We see it all day - every day on every form of social media that exists. This website/forum should be a sanctuary. A place to get away from it all and as long as I have keys to the control room, it's going to stay that way.. This one is locked.
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    You guys are so right. Thank you for straightening me out.... Tonight if someone talks with me about the Big Blocks I'll change the subject and maybe talk about the weather.
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    Just put a train around your christmas tree, that will tide you over..lmao
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    I swear I'm not trying to be a PIA here. I appreciate you listening to everyone's feedback. and experimenting with a lower price point and I was about to say I'm 100 percent in on purchasing this but then I realized it's not the modifieds. It's not comparing apples to apples if you're offering a show at a discounted rate that doesn't include the class that carries the fan base. (I'm not saying this is right or wrong as I fully am aware the effort that goes into the sportsman/pro stocks/four cylinders etc. is just as much and I enjoy watching those classes too.) But you can't make an honest comparison for a show that doesn't include the modifieds and use that as data against your traditional pricing because it's not a like comparison. If this had a 30 lap mod race included, then we're talking and I think it'd be a fair comparison. Lastly, thank you once again to all of DTD.TV for their efforts to bring us live racing during this time and thank you to Bill and Kim Shea for agreeing to this. I look forward to tuning in to a broadcast in the near future!
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    I'm so sick of the non medical people say the regular flu is worse than the corona virus, This virus is new and the MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL'S say this is serious so just stop spouting the BS. A very close friend caught the vius and passed from it and she was in her early 30's and healthy. So don't say just old people are at risk. That's the problem in the US right now it's all about me and f everyone else. We as a country need to work together for the better of the US cause I'll be dam if we can get the government to work together. That's all I have to say be safe everyone and please take care of yourself so we all can get back to racing.
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    I will second Rob's assessment about fans that don't normally see the big blocks run. Almost every time we've raced at Charlotte I've had somebody come up to me after the Friday night feature or before racing starts on Saturday and say that they were blown away by the sound that the mods make when they all hit the throttle at the start of the feature. And they always seemed to be impressed with the racing the mods put on too. It's funny how a perception of something never changes when in reality it's either not as bad as it seems for the most part or, in this case New York, the only place that sees that "problem". Case in point, ONLY New York tracks get slick. All Tech (in Florida) just had some modified racing there and just judging by the video, it seemed like it got slick. BUT the racing seemed like it was pretty good was it not?? The last SDS race at Weedsport, the track had bite all night, even Matt Sheppard, who usually favors the bottom, was running the cushion. I know we had to loosen our car up for the feature because the track had so much bite. There have been times that the surface hasn't been the greatest, but I know they've been working hard on different things to get a handle on that surface.
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    Alternate thread title: FFTR loses a talking point, Over the past several months, I have pushed backed heartily when posters on here have tried to shoehorn Mike Gular's four wins in 15 years of weekly Grandview competition as interchangeable with the career body of work of Grandview's big three -- Craig Von Dohren Jeff Strunk and Duane Howard. And while I still believe some of the opinions regarding Gular on here to be a bit of hyperbole, I absolutely loved seeing someone new step up and dominate Saturday night. Gular absolutely ran off from Saturday's Freedom 76 field in winning the $25,000 feature. Gular, who started seventh in the 31-car feature field, took command of the event on lap 18, when leaders Frank Cozze and Rick Laubach checked up to avoid the slowing car of T.J. Lilly in turn four. Gular shot into the lead and was never remotely challenged for the win the rest of the night. During a 36-lap stretch of caution-free racing from laps 33-68, Gular opened up a lead of more than a straightaway (and put nearly a dozen lapped cars between himself and the rest of the field). Those lapped cars all fell to to the rear on the double-file restart eight laps from the finish, and Gular easily withstood three cautions over the final eight laps to win the biggest race of his career. The top five finished as follows: 1. 2A Mike Gular (seventh starting spot) 2. 7L Rick Laubach (second starting spot) 3. 44M Doug Manmiller (23rd starting spot) 4. 5 Frank Cozze (pole starter) 5. 357 Duane Howard (10th starting spot) * Cozze and Laubach staged an intense battle for second for over 40 laps (far behind Gular), often banging off one another. Cozze led the opening 18 laps from the pole and ran second until lap 68., ultimately getting shuffled from second to fourth over the series of three late-race restarts. * While I have nothing against any of the Grandview big three, it was a surreal Sixer not to see any of the track's three titans contend for the win Saturday night. Howard was surprisingly quiet en route to his fifth-place finish. Von Dohren could advance only to seventh from last starting spot in a non-stop heat race. As a result, Von Dohren had to run a consolation, then come through a non-stop Minuteman 20 last chance race to earn 29th starting spot in the feature. Von Dohren was on the move early in the feature, but his progress eventually stalled with a sixth-place feature finish.. Fellow pre-race favorite Jeff Strunk was also never a factor after drawing 22nd starting spot and finishing seventh. For much of the feature, Howard, Von Dohren and Strunk battled just inside the top 10. The trio have combined to win 18 Freedom 76s and seven of the previous eight runnings of the event. * The race was slowed seven times by caution, nearly all of which were for cars slowing or flat tires. Just one caution waved from laps 18-68. Amazingly, the Minuteman 20 last chance race, which is almost always a marathon slugfest of mishaps, also went non-stop. * Three-time 2019 Grandview feature winner Brett Kressley, who finished second in track points this season, moved from 14th to fifth before losing a top five finish eight laps from the end due to a flat tire. *Sharon Springs, N.Y., driver Bobby Varin, second in the $50,000 to win Grandview show in 2012, was a surprise entrant in a second Kressley car. Varin fell victim to the same non-stop heat race as Von Dohren. Varin did win the Minuteman 20 to earn 27th starting spot in the feature and was running just inside the top 10 when swept up in a tangle five laps from the finish. *Sixty-three cars entered the event. * Must have been nice to have been Frank Cozze Saturday. night. Grandview tradition is that the current track champion and the Forrest Rogers Memorial race winner do not have to run a heat at the Sixer. Since Duane Howard won both the Forrest Rogers race and the track championship, Cozze earned free entry into the feature by virtue of his second place finish in the Forrest Rogers race. After not having to run a heat, Cozze then drew the feature pole among the 26-driver draw for starting positions. *Next season will be the 50th running of the Freedom 76, and track announcer Jeff Ahlum teased a winter announcement for what next year's 50th Freedom 76 will have in store (Another $50,000 to win race?).
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    I knew exactly how this thread was going to go the minute it started. I used to enjoy learning about events, learning from people who know things about the cars that I don't know, hearing stories of old drivers and racetracks. But I don't know how much more of this stuff I'm willing to see. Over the past month and a half I've learned that the users of this forum believe the n-word is fine to use (especially if it was in a phrase that's been used for a long time, doesn't matter it originated in a racist way), are completely fine with calling our 1 black president a religion he isn't, complained that the only reason the 1 black nascar driver was in the cup series was because of the diversity program (despite the fact that he has a very similar career so far to Ty Dillon, who used his grandfather's connections to get his ride. I doubt anybody on here really cares about that though because at least he didn't have to "use" a diversity program). I don't see the humor in "All white lives matter too", I guess I'm in the minority here. I know I can't convince a group that is most likely all older white guys that racism exists. And that I'm probably a "snowflake libtard" for pointing this stuff out. What's sad for me is this forum could be used for people to become new fans of dirt racing. I've learned so much on this site. But imagine a black man coming to this forum and seeing what has been said on this thread and other threads over the past few weeks. Do you honestly think that they would become dirt racing fans? Or even if they loved the racing, ever return to this website again? I would like to believe that both dirt fans and those that run DTD would love to welcome any racing fans, of all cultures and races, to join in and become fans of the sport and continue to help it live on into the future instead of die out. But I just haven't seen that. Then again, who knows if anyone really cares on here about that anyways.
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    I had Lew Boyd's book "Toby: The Star-Crossed Story of Am American Racing Family" sitting on my nightstand for several months, but finally got around to reading it this week. https://speedsport.com/more/toby-biography-dick-tobias-available/ I guess this is just personal bias, but my expectations for the book were rather constrained. I have always been a huge Bones Bourcier and Dave Argabright fan when it comes to reading about short-track racers. But Boyd's book exceeded my expectations. The oversized book is at least somewhat mistitled. Exactly half the book is dedicated to Tobias family patriarch Dick "Toby" Tobias. The rest of the book contains chapters on all three of Toby's racing children (Ronnie, Scott and Richie) and Toby's son-in-law, Paul Lotier. The overarching theme of the book are the horrendous misfortunes, the high cost that racing has placed on the family. and how the family continues to persevere in spite of those tragedies. Who would have ever thought after seeing Richie Tobias' wild days of youth that he would be the only one among Toby, Ronnie Scott and Paul Lotier not to be dead or permanently disabled before age 50? * Toby Tobias killed in a USAC Sprint Car crash at Flemington (N.J.) in 1978 * MIddle son Scott Tobias put in a coma for a month and continuing to deal with a traumatic brain injury to this day from a 1986 Port Royal (Pa.) Sprint Car crash. * Son-in-law Paul Lotier (married to Toby's daughter, Debbie) permanently paralyzed in a 1991 Sharon (Ohio) Sprint Car crash. * Oldest son Ronnie stricken by a fatal heart attack at age 43 while racing at Susquehanna (Pa) in 1998. The reason the book is so much better than I was expecting is that Boyd really did his homework. He talked to dozens of sources for quotes about the family and the tragedies that have befallen them. I saw Richie and Ronnie do a ton of racing in the 1980s and 1990s, and there was still lots I learned that I did not know about the family. Some of the things that stood out to me in the book: * By the mid 1970s, Toby's Tobias Speed Equipment shop had $130,000 (a mind-blowing $680,000 in current dollars) in credit on the books owed to him by just the racers at the Reading (Pa.) Fairgrounds. If not for Toby's extremely lenient credit policy, how many of the drivers at Reading would not have even been racing? *The shock of Toby's fatal Flemington crash is covered in depth -- and how Toby dying reverberated through the sport. For those unfamiliar, Tobias was killed at Flemington racing a B-main that he did not even have to take part in. The field was extremely short, and Tobias went out in a meaningless race to try and add more value to the show. The book does touch on the long-bandied speculation that steel on Toby's roll cage was compromised during the heat treating process. * The Flemington race that killed Toby was a Friday night show. I had always known that Ronnie Tpbias was racing a Modified at Reading that night and 11-year-old Richie witnessed his father get killed at Flemington, but I never knew the story of Toby's mother, Beulah. Toby's mother knew he was either dead of hurt very badly when he did not make his weekly visit to her house early Saturday morning. Unless he was racing many hours from home, Toby always stopped in to visit his mother on Saturday mornings. * Toby had always disliked Flemington, and turned down numerous ride offers to race there over the years, because the track was dark and Toby's eyesight was not good. * To this day, Scott Tobias is still unable to retain any information as a result of his head injury. He usually keeps a pad and pen with him, lest he forget conversations he had just moments earlier. * The first 10 days of Paul Lotier's medical bills after his crash ran up costs of $80,000 in 1991 money. He then needed an additional eight months in a rehab hospital at $50,000 a month (covered at 80 percent by insurance until the insurance cap was reached). To this day, Lotier has some feeling but no movement in his legs. He has limited movement in his hands and arms, but not enough to feed himself. * An autopsy of Ronnie Tobias showed that he had the heart of a 80-year-old man when he died at age 43. So much of the book is about how the family somehow, some way, soldiers on in spite of everything racing has taken from them. Both of Toby's daughters, Debbie and Tina, say several times throughout the book "We're Tobiases; racing is what we do." The book isn't perfect, but it is very good. There are some weird typos and mistakes included. For example, Richie Tobias' hometown is repeatedly referred to as "Anvil" instead of "Annville," long-time Lernerville promoter Don Martin is referred to as "Paul Martin" and Dave Blaney is erroneously credited with finishing second at Syracuse in 1981 rather than his father, Lou. Those minor mistakes notwithstanding, the book is one of the better short-track racing biographies a fan can pick up. Boyd talked with drivers ranging from Mario Andretti to Kenny Brightbill to Fred Rahmer to Brad Doty and dozens more for their insights about the Tobias family and the tragedies that have befallen them.
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    The Whole expensive motor deal is something that was blown way out of proportion by people who have no idea what they are talking about. Yes a new complete big block from my shop is 50k, but we sell freshened used big blocks that are just as competitive for under 30k. The big block market has finally reached a point in which there is good used 18deg. motors in circulation, so the last thing that we need to do is add another POS w16 smoke and mirror show into the mix. When we let the so called "haves" build a $50k engine with good parts that are capable of 4-6+ rebuilds then that will eventually fuel the used market with some good reliable pieces that someone can buy for %50-60 the cost of new and still be very competitive. Rather than add yet another motor combination and waste everyone's money with an engine that will never win a race, or even worse one that has an advantage so that you have to have one of each depending on the track (w16). Last year I put in our ECO Small Block and won 2 races at Fulton, The Centennial SBC race, and the Weedsport SDW race. This Engine cost $17,500 and comes just like a Create Engine would so that a sportsman guy or girl can take the front assembly of of their create and put it right on the ECO. To prove that it truly is and ECO Engine that I run if you want it after the night is over i will gladly pull the engine out for $17k and put it in the back of your truck for you. If you take anything from this rant that i have been holding in for a long time please see that NEW RULES COST EVERYONE MORE MONEY, they don't save money like some may think. Thank You, Larry Wight
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    The face of dirtcar modifeds should not be the face of ess...... HUGE conflict of interest.
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    Aren’t Walmart and Target open on the same days?
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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the compliments! I would love to be back at LOLR next year full time, but it comes down to money, as it always does. I've been very fortunate to be able to race all of these years because of the generosity of others, and hopefully we can continue that next year!
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    I have them on speed dial but i prefer asking a question here and getting a smart ass remark back..
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    This is actually a real thread on here? Security did not know Ed Bittig and did their job?
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    Unfortunately, Florida doesn't seem like the optimal place to visit any time soon.
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    Alright... everyone head to the beer cooler, grab a cold one and cool down. I didn't take offense to anything anyone said here, I understand that I opened myself up a bit and that a lot of folks in the Northeast care about mostly the modifieds. The purpose of my original post was twofold: I wanted to do is advertise a show that, in my opinion, was being offered at a more than reasonable price and, I wanted to call the DTD faithful to action to purchase that show and support Bill and Kim Shea at Utica Rome DTD Tv was born at the Utica Rome Speedway under their ownership. Without them being willing to take that initial leap I'm not sure DTD Tv is even in existence today. They are extremely close friends of us here at DTD and its no secret that they've had a tough go of it over the past few years thanks to mother nature. At $9.99 we needed to sell a lot of subscriptions to turn any kind of profit. Last night's show was the most viewed event at Utica Rome in the history of DTD Tv being there. So let me just say THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a pass last night. I laid down a challenge and y'all accepted. I respect that. I hope everyone enjoyed what they saw because the racing in both the pro-stocks and sportsman was fantastic. Our focus now shifts to Can-Am and Outlaw on Friday night before heading to BAPS on Saturday, then down to Potomac on Sunday for the STSS South Region show. No rest for the weary...
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    Im not a fan of being at the track and wondering whos running what engine combination, but Brett Deyo puts on one hell of a show and has proven to be the best right now at promoting. Aside from the uncontrollable aspects (weather, track surface) , the dude has it figured out. Hed be a welcome addition anywhere he wishes to promote. Appreciate what hes doing and what he will do.
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    And my opinion is the race should be different than anything else. 200 laps (every one of them green), live pit stops (a complete team event), and run at night (the weekend of the first full week in October). Reducing the distance and cutting out pit stops makes it the same thing as everything else.
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    I think he was telling the nascar officials that “your a f&@king piece of sh&@“. 🤷‍♂️ To soon? 🤣🤣
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    https://www.facebook.com/flagmanlarry/videos/10217269535153561/ No words...
  36. 10 points
    I'm not pro Democrat or Republican. I'm pro American. That used to mean that you had the freedom to live your life the way you wanted. If you are scared to get a virus then you stay home. I don't recall telling some jackass that I have never met that he now makes all the decisions in my life. I have a wife for that. So if I get a vacation for saying it. Then I can live with that.
  37. 10 points
    I hope that is just an attempt at humor since anyone with a brain should know by now that the mask is meant to protect others not yourself. Which is why not wearing one is inconsiderate and selfish.
  38. 10 points
    I think its CNYRP. The gentleman on the ladder is Glenn Donnelly.
  39. 10 points
    Fonda Speedway management is delusional. Go to the source of the problem if you want to place blame. Donnie "Fake News" Trump is the reason we are not able to attend racing. The self admitted sexual predator managed the virus by hoping it would just go away. He thinks leadership is going on twitter and calling people names. His child-like mentality has done so much damage to this country it will be quite awhile before we get back to somewhat normalcy. He will be remembered as the worst president ever. He has been exposed as a total fraud. He is in debt up to eyeballs and thats one of the reasons he hides his tax returns. The banks will not touch him. He carries too much debt and there are only 2 banks he could find that would still work with him. Donnie The Con Man .
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    I think if we run every small business into the ground and close all the race tracks permanently we can finally beat this virus. Then what? All the places that you used go, closed. The restaurants, bars, racetracks. That's ok, because most people won't have a job to pay go anywhere. Just hang around at the shelter with all the others who couldn't pay their rent or mortgage. Just keep believing king Andy will save us.
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    NY, NJ, Mass and CT are the only states in the US that have death rates over 1,000 per million people. The US as a whole is around 400 per million people. NY had an absolutely disastrous response to COVID including an absurd nursing home policy that led to thousands of deaths. But sure, he's doing fine now....
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    One thing about this whole rights thing ... if you are a citizen, you have responsibilities, too. A primary responsibility is to not contribute to spreading a deadly disease. You want to kill yourself, that's your choice. But the problem is that you, by being careless and reckless, not wearing a mask, gathering in large groups, are at much, much higher risk of spreading the diesease to others that can be vulnerable. I'm glad I am taking every precaution I can to make sure I don't expose my child, who has a vulnerable health condition, or my parents who are elderly and are vulnerable. I have friends all over my community who are in the same boat -- they are in good health and likely to survive a bout of rona, but they have loved ones who are at risk. I am really glad I'm not going to have to look my dying child in the face and say, "Hey sorry you got this, but I got to see a hell of a feature." That's not your rights, that's just being a selfish asshole. And life is too short to waste time arguing with people who want to be assholes. This is not about YOU. It is about everyone else, everyone you come into contact with. It is about being a decent human being. Anyone who decides that their rights to get a burger at Applebees or attend a stock car risk is more important that being a big boy and not spreading a killer disease , not being directly responsible for killing other vulnerable people is a reprehensible human being. And the law is on my side of the argument -- we saw with the AIDS epidemic -- when people knowingly spread HIV to their partners and did not take precautions, they were found legally responsible for the deaths of those people. So get over yourselves, people, and do the right thing. And anyone who disagrees with me can go fuck themselves. End of discussion.
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    It's time to go racing with fans in the stands. Lets face it, the riots have put an end to social distancing. If people can loot together we can watch the races together.
  44. 10 points
    I've put a little 'Racing Stimulus' post up on my facebook page. Any driver planning to go to this event can comment on my post and their name will be eligible to win a gas card donated by my race team. The gas card started at 100$, there have been 2 donations of 25$ each, making the total 150$ now. I'll do a live facebook draw to determine who gets the gas card. If anybody here is racing the event or knows someone who is, please send them my way. I'd like everybody to get a chance to win and hopefully we can get the donation amount higher!!
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    My favorite races usually involve a local racer beating national tour drivers in spectacular fashion, such as Pauch’s WoO win at Syracuse in 1994. But there is one race day I am most grateful for. In 1992, the CRA made an eastern swing into Pennsylvania. I was too young to drive but had a real passion for the wingless sprints. They were racing at Susquehanna on a Sunday night. My dad had recently been laid off in the economic downturn that year, but also knew how badly I wanted to see the wingless 410s in person. We hopped in the car and he drove us the three hour stretch to see the CRA sprints. We arrived and what do you know, it started to rain. After warmups, the race was cancelled and we were left to drive three hours back into the night without having seen a race. A couple of years ago I had the chance to make it up to my dad on Father’s Day. He’s suffering from an aggressive case of Alzheimer’s and I had already known that each time in the stands with him could be the last. This time, I drove my dad three hours to BAPS (Susquehanna) to watch the USAC sprint cars with him in person - nearly the same show that he so generously took me to see in 1992. This time, it did not rain, and I was able to watch the show with my dad. I will always be grateful to him for taking me that day in 1992 (and so much more), and for having the chance to experience it with him more than 25 years later. His health has continued to deteriorate since that Father’s Day USAC show at Susquehanna and it will likely be the last race that we attended together.
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    I'm completely amazed and happy to see this picture. I'd say it's a close miracle.
  47. 10 points
    Sorry Gasket, but once again you & I are going to disagree on a young racer.....I firmly believe that this young man has a ton of talent, but to put a kid at this age behind the wheel of a BB Modified is just plain foolish....their brain which controls reasoning among other things is not fully developed until at least age 17 & IMO is a danger to the adult racers at that age, let alone his own safety....this is just my opinion, but is sure something to think about
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    After what he pulled with his nephews who would want to go there??
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    I will agree wholeheartedly that yesterday’s race was not very entertaining for various reasons but that happens sometimes, many markee events sometimes disappoint when it comes to their premier event, it happens once in awhile, that said I thought Friday night and Saturday night provided very entertaining racing.I am disappointed reading many comments here and seeing Oswego being put down, now as for camping yes it definitely has to be addressed but also they were dealt some really lousy weather two weeks prior to SDW.I honestly believe this is the only place for SDW, not Rolling Wheels, not Middletown and not the pipe dream of CNY Motorsports Park.I covered many races on the mile and quite honestly the racing was just not that good that’s not opinion but fact, sure we had a few good ones but most not so great.To judge the racing yesterday at Oswego as many are is honestly pretty harsh, sure too many cautions and it didn’t compare to last year’s race but to be so very negative and trashing the place like some people are is wrong, very wrong, there’s so much work that goes into this event that it’s not even funny, don’t think for one minute that DIRT isn’t already taking notes to make it better for next year because they are, they want nothing more then for this event to be successful and it will be!..Hell in many ways it already is, all I’m gonna say in closing is don’t give up on it, it’s only gonna get better, but what we don’t need now is a bash fest of the event...305 cars , I never seen that at the mile, Oswego and DIRT are headed in the right direction.....Harry Meeks.
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    LONG WINDED POST ALERT!!!!! PART 1: THE PHANTOM CAUTION Ill speak up as a former race director now that I've seen the highlight video... Before I saw it and reading the things on social media it sounded like Stew bounced off the wall and it wasn't a big deal... Now that I've seen it.... I don't think there was any funny business with the late yellow. A little bit of a quick caution, but he didn't hit a little,. he hit a TON, and I can't believe it didn't fold up the front end of the car when he hit it with the way it sucked the car in... I think any flagger or race director would have thought he wasn't going to keep on going from that shot and probably have had the same quick trigger on the caution so he didn't get clobbered wide f&%@ing open by someone in the middle of the back stretch.... Also given that he did drive away, if you follow dirt rules you fall where you blend in.... seeing he didn't lose any spots, he would have "blended in" in 2nd place... That's a damned if you do, damned if you don't call... If Stew didn't come off that wall and got absolutely throttled by Matt in 3rd (or anyone else coming) the complaint would be the yellow didnt come out fast enough... and you'd have at best 2 more destroyed race cars and potentially injured drivers... PART 2: FAILING IN THE RAIN Seeing different videos on the rain... after lap 7 or 8 the yellow should have been thrown... It was clearly getting sketchy in the sprinkles without the extra bonus downpour... If I was in the tower and had seen the radar that there was a good chance of getting significant rain, at that point I would have pulled it... this wasn't some freak deal... they were playing russian roulette with the weather and every lap after 7 or 8 was a trigger pull... Now. there's 2 sides to the coin on the working under red... The big issue is that they said one thing and then changed... I'm not going to comment on that...ITS WELL DOCUMENTED at thus point... IMO the correct thing to do in that situation is: AT LAP 12: Race is started... No Backups... No discussion on this at all... If it was lap 1, turn 1, NO LAPS COMPLETED, do the guys a solid and allow back up cars...Some people won't be happy, but they will understand... but once 1 lap was in the books, tough luck. Normally it would be as soon as the green is thrown, and Im pretty sure by rule it is... but sometimes you have to do right by the drivers... that would be one of those times... 12 laps in is not one of those times... WORKING ON THE CARS... Anyone can work on them, but it constitutes a pit stop. Even if you want to mess with air pressure... the most you can do is tarp the car without penalty... Anything else and you fall in line as pit stops would have placed you. Guys who were not involved (or made it back to the pits on their own following the course (IE.. coming out of the pile into the pits the wrong way does not count... continuing around and following the field into the pits on your own applies here) first that worked on them, followed by those who needed help getting off the track in the order of the last completed lap... if you enter the pits the wrong way, or had to wait for another car to be moved by a tow truck you fall in this category, you were part of the wreck). REFUELING... Yes, its an advantage to the other cars who wrecked... but they wrecked... silver lining in the bent parts they just paid for!!! If you are up front, you too can refuel... and fall to the back of the field (falling in line as described above), given the circumstances you would be ahead of anyone in the wreck, and only behind those who did not work on their cars, and those who were ahead of you and worked on their cars... THAT BEING SAID... I understand the allowing to work without penalty... That's almost an admission of guilt... they screwed up with the rain and knew it... and that was the way to make it right... I can't say I wouldn't have done it myself... but at that point, you toss the fuel mileage part of the game for everyone, and allow everyone to refuel, change tires, etc... By allowing the fueling and sending the guys to the back who fixed them, they screwed the guys twice, once with the rain wrecking their stuff, and then by giving those who were not in the wreck and extra advantage. Its all or nothing... the half and half doesn't work... as it we can all see! And finally to the fun part... Matt's tirade and suspension... Now. I dont think a single one of us can say Matt wasn't right for being pissed... and I don;t think any of can say he wasn't singled out of the unhappy crowd of drivers either... But truth be told.. he did verbally abuse an official... and on video worse than the others at least (I wasn't there to see if anyone was as bad... tho I have heard some were!)... Its harsh, heavy handed and definitely sour grapes for the amount of money he walked out of there with... but at the end of the day... some sort of a penalty is warranted... Right or Wrong you just can't do it like that... and judging from Matt's facebook post about it, he knows it too... Personally, telling him not to come back is a bad look... Me... I'm old school... I'd get even by making his life hell when he comes back versus the bad press of telling him not to come back... Id be breaking out the rubber gloves in tech for the full body cavity search... and it servers 2 purposes... A.. Hes going to be 100% legal before taking any more of your money... and B.. If he's not.. you get to make him look bad versus making yourself look bad.... but hey, what do I know?
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