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  1. ALERT: POSITIVE FONDA SPEEDWAY TOPIC! Just wanted to personally thank everyone involved in raising over $1500 for the Northeastern New York Epilepsy Foundation, which will be donated in my 5 year old daughter's name. This was the second annual event and was amazing to see such awesome support. Special thanks to the organizers of the event: Ashley Abeling, Barb Clouthier (my mother), Cara Clouthier (my sister), and Tara Kenney (my wife.) Thanks to the drivers who participated in the dunking booth. Who got soaked by fans and put smiles on the faces of many little kids. Thanks to Chad Edwards, Korey Wilder, Jeremy Wilder, Cousin Luke Horning, Happy Harry Shaffer, and Rocky Warner. Thanks to all the drivers who went through the stands during intermission and did a helmet collection. Too many drivers list. I tried to personally thank all of them at the track. Thanks again! Thanks to my friends and family in attendance. Also Randy Colgrove for adding a special touch which purple balloons. Also thanks to anyone who donated and participated! You guys rock! Finally, a huge thank you to Pete and Matt D for opening your track up to such an amazing event. You touched my heart last night. Thanks to Dtd for giving me a place to thank everyone and if I forgot anyone, I sincerely apologize. Chris Schaffer, sportsman driver #34c
  2. I drive the 34c. So I'll answer that question. I attended the driver's/owners meeting back in January at the winner's circle restaurant. At that meeting the rev box setting was discussed and decided on 6200 rpm at both tracks. Apparently sometime between that meeting and tonight's race the rule was changed to 6000 rpm at Fonda. I never saw any Facebook posts, boards at the track, or heard any announcement of the change. I ran 6200 rpm on the rev box tonight. I know that negligence of the law is no excuse, however making drivers fully of the rule change should be a high priority. It was a simple miscommunication of the rules. THAT'S IT! when I left the track tonight, I was told not DQ'ED, but fix it. Trust me, I would never knowingly cheat. I was misinformed. I'll adjust the box for next weekend. Not a big deal! I'm sure I wasn't the only driver still thinking it was 6200 rpm. Chris Schaffer Ps: I'm not going to turn this into a big debate or fight. Just clearing my name
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the 2nd time he's been light at the scales at Fonda. Damn, he must hate those scales! He looked pretty good running with the 3 big names at the front of the field though!
  4. Why do I need popcorn for a 53 second video? It took me longer to make my popcorn than to watch the video!
  5. your a rookie? Better yet Jake, the ad is looking for a mechanic! Brian, you're a mechanic? I thought Cliff and Mikey did all the work?
  6. "Riding the Cushion" just shared a video on Facebook that shows the entire wreck. A car spins on the front stretch just before the entrance to Turn 1. He sits there stopped for a few seconds before the 1st car came in Full Throttle and railed him sending the 2nd car flipping. A 3rd, 4th, and 5th car come in seconds later including Laubach and CVD. In my opinion, dust was definitely a factor. There was lots of time in between cars piling in and poor visibility would be a logical explanation.
  7. I'm interested as to what was said also. I couldn't make the meeting due to family commitments. So what's up?
  8. Any Dzus style covers are illegal now. Only foam or the bolt on.
  9. Congrats Jeff! Awesome job! Your victory lane speech was worth the cost of admission alone
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