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  1. dan dan, Outlaw Speedway has run on this same date for the last 5 years for their Fall Nationals.
  2. sprintdaddy

    Brett Hearn

    Hearn changed tires
  3. 101 Sportsman, 40 Pro Stocks
  4. Mr. Larsen, I was involved in racing promotions for 13 years. I hired my officials to run the races each week. I never once changed a call that any of them ever made { right, wrong or indifference }.. If it was a call that I didn't think was right we would talk about it after the races and their calls stood 100% of the time..
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    Bob, I had the chance to speak to your mom last night and she said you need to start listening to her lol...Get well soon.
  6. Outlaw is also giving regular points for all classes. They are using the handicap system.